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    The second time I lived

    by , 05-25-2012 at 09:37 PM (1117 Views)
    This was a very interesting dream. I was suddenly convinced during the dream that my whole life was a reincarnation of a previous self. I suddenly became aware of what felt like whole years of childhood memory's that were altered from my own, then years of teenaged memory's, I was fascinated by these memory's. Then I saw a death, I had died. I then started seeing my own childhood memory's into adulthood. It was as tho I lived twice during the dream it's self, the dream felt quite too long for a dream, sense of time during dreams can be quite altered in the right mind state. It was absolutely mind blowing and beyond deep. Wish I was better at going into details this paragraph does not do this dream justice.
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    1. gab's Avatar
      Fascinating! Did you ask maybe to be shown your previous incarnations?
    2. pointofbeing's Avatar
      I was shown my previous incarnation during the dream, it was me, but with the memories altered.