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    1. The second time I lived

      by , 05-25-2012 at 09:37 PM
      This was a very interesting dream. I was suddenly convinced during the dream that my whole life was a reincarnation of a previous self. I suddenly became aware of what felt like whole years of childhood memory's that were altered from my own, then years of teenaged memory's, I was fascinated by these memory's. Then I saw a death, I had died. I then started seeing my own childhood memory's into adulthood. It was as tho I lived twice during the dream it's self, the dream felt quite too long for a dream, sense of time during dreams can be quite altered in the right mind state. It was absolutely mind blowing and beyond deep. Wish I was better at going into details this paragraph does not do this dream justice.
    2. Earthquake in Norristown

      by , 01-29-2012 at 08:56 AM
      Yes, some dreams are just like movies. One such dream last night saw an magnitude 8.0 earthquake hit the northeast with my hometown getting the worst. I could feel the gravity shift as this earthquake hit. Norristown Transportation Center Station was more like a movie set of a horror show. With riots, derailed trains, and general chaos. People were being crushed by giant falling structures and out of control trains (very graphically) One man screamed in such blood curdling agony as the last of the out of control trains mowed him down, with a "proper" sound for head crushing pooping noises. It was gross, and unexpected. I nauseatingly inspected for survivors and just felt sick. I sat there for a while and thought what do we do now? A reporter asked me if I thought the north east would be remembered for rebuilding , and I said I hope so. When I woke up, I thought darn, as unsettling as that was, it was entirely entertaining.
    3. Scariest dream event in my whole life. This is one I will never forget.

      by , 01-27-2012 at 07:13 AM
      Last night my dreams were realistic plentiful, but just completely boring job dreams. Then while going to my car to go home, I am hit by a car. My leg was crushed and bent backwards with a fiendishly realistic sensation of broken bones and pain. Suddenly I realize I cant be at work because I recently saw it was dark outside, but now it's bright and sunny. I was never ever so glad to realize I was dreaming, I decided very quickly right then and there to end the dream. I did everything I could think of that would probably end the dream and I was never so relived to go back to my cozy sleep paralyses ridden body. But here is where the nightmare began, an unbelievable thing happened. I could clearly feel my real body going through sleep paralyses while, and I still can't believe this really happened: The *beep* sensation of a broken bent backwards leg (pain and all) followed me from the dreamworld! It was as tho the dream body and real body were one sensation scrambled together in my mind. I was absolutely 110% convinced at the time that I had fallen off my bed and really had done this to my leg. So I tried to move my leg and it was moving with a sensation that it was bending around an impossible angle, with an unreal sensation of all these broken bones and pain (no words can describe how real it was). Sleep paralyses was weaning down, but my foot still felt as it was. I began to feel absolute panic, thinking am I going to walk again ect, then a shift happened, I felt a split. And two separate body's one where my leg was horrifically painful and one where it felt no pain. I knew one of these leg's has to become less real and vanish. And so the painful leg slowly became the less real of the two right leg's until my body with just a memory of sleep paralyses felt no pain. Yes as my title suggests this is one I will never forget. Afterward I walked around my room and pondered for hours about how realistic dreams can truly become, I didn't dare go back to sleep to fade the dreams freshness. I also thought about what Aron Lee Ralston (read 127hours) had to go through, I can't imagine the courage to do what he had to do. All in all tho the experience was humbling and rewarding. Never forget your dreams, even the bad ones.

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