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    CHiLLEN's Dream Journal

    1. Stained Carpet (7.8.15)

      by , 08-07-2015 at 03:29 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Stained Carpet
      I'm at my House and I see some footage of Eddie having sex with some girl. Shes above average in looks. Eddies dick looks dark brown and well endowed. Eddy is in Dave's room, which is eddies now. Ed asks for a drink and I go get one for him. I fill it up in a small glass that doesn't fit much in it. Someone is with me helping me through the process. The liquid looks weird, as it's looking like its overlapping each other. I take it to Eddy and notice a bad stain on the carpet. I stress out wondering how to clean it. Someone says to use a method where u clean it from underneath the floor boards. I ask about normal method of just dabbing it with a wet cloth.

      Im at the park in marinda. Im with a group of people that are complaining about the stain. They're looking to take the other person to court over it. I check the stain again and it's fine. The writing near the stain has been modified a little and is off its angle a bit. I change my mind and want to tell them that we should just let it be and not sue. I see a warehouse. I'm trying to find faults in it. I see a tire sticking out a bit and a few bumps in places. Another group is next to us and they are warming up for something by saying chants. I imagine getting out group to do same thing.

      I rock up at a house with brother. See Ron and older gentleman and someone else across the road. They're in garage sitting at a table drinking beverages. I give them a wave. I walk into the house we arrived and see Nat on the couch. Dave tries waking her up, and I join in and tug on her legs. Dave tells me not to do it, as she might get upset. Now Dave talks to one of a girls. I think a lot of these people are gay. I see 2 good looking girls come in, I think they're lesbians. One of the girls asses looked really small. I sit down on couch with my bro and the others. Bro tells me that we'll go soon due to thinking that I wouldn't want to be there due to everyone being gay. I say I'm cool with that, as I'm not anti gay. A guy sits next to me and pushes me into my chair a little. I say I recognize him. He tells me that he knows I recognize him because I wanted to beat him at anything. He's wearing a suit and looks important. Except his head looks a little big. He offers to challenge me at something. He explains the first step that is 5 draw poker. He says he's really good at poker. I feel I'm weak at anything that's not hold em poker. I see scene of cards, explaining the game

      Dream Fragment
      I'm sitting down at a school desk and Jane is the teacher. I think there's only myself and 1 other. I see text in my vision. It's got a few fruit emojis in the text. The emojis are spaced out oddly, so I correct them. Jane give a lecture on the reason why middle age women are not able to fall pregnant. She explains that it's in the mind and that young women don't seem to have that problem.
    2. Forgetting A Necklace (24.8.14)

      by , 08-24-2014 at 03:56 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream - 9:30AM

      I'm at Stone Hill house with Josh and Brother. I'm having some pre-drinks before heading out. Brother offers Josh a beer, but he declines. He say's that he doesn't want to wake up with a hangover and that he will drop $20 on drinks as soon as he gets there.

      I'm now sitting in the backseat of a car. Daryl is driving, Josh is in passenger seat and Brother is sitting in the back with me. We're driving down the road where epilepsy OP shop is when my Brother realizes he has left his necklace at home. We insist that we will drive back and get it, but Brother say's no due to being a hassle. Daryl looks to second guess himself a couple times, missing the turn off each time. Eventually he pulls into the turn off and begin to head back to get the necklace. I tell my Brother that he was using reverse psychology
      I begin to think if I have left anything at home as well. I see a checklist of things that pop up in my vision. Some of the text is different colors. Designer underwear isn't checked, so I must be wearing normal underwear.

      Dream Fragments


      1. Jail

      2. I see a picture of a famous person being used for a meme

      3. Talking to Josh about leg size decrease due to not training for a month

      Side Notes

      Head had larger amount of pressure last night due to big day and cheating on my diet

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    3. C4 Assassins, In Pour Taste, Pallet Life, Antics Before School, Paranoid (23.7.14)

      by , 07-23-2014 at 02:36 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Recorded at 3:30am

      I'm in the game of Battlefield 4. I check the score board and I notice that it's 5 vs 0. I decide to change teams with another player. We're in a tank together and we're getting snuck up on by the enemy which are trying to use C4 to send us to the heavens. I see them on a pile of rubble and hit the gas and make a successful get away.

      I'm walking down a street where the Beavers live and I see a scene of a person acting like they're a bouncy ball. They are bouncing back and forth through a tight spaced area. It seems as if it keeps going through a cycle.

      Dream 2
      Recorded at 7:44am

      Im walking with Germain Ivanks and maybe his brother. Germain brings up convocation about Lachlan and that he is getting kicked out of his own house that he built due to being behind in payments. The building company will take money out of his house until he pays. He is going to be moving in with his parents again. Germain also mentions that his Bungalow isn't finished which I thought is where he would be staying [It has been built IRL].

      Germain talks about Hayley Ball and that she looks amazing since losing weight. I agree with him and mention she's pretty smokin' these days. I tell him that we use to talk to one another in Facebook now and then but eventually I started ignoring her.

      We're now in front of an open fridge.I see a Facebook comment area in my vision and notice that Germain has uploaded 2 photos. 1 of a minor trophy and the other a major trophy. Meaning that Hayley has upgraded from minor to major. I pour myself a shot of something. I put in which looks like dirty water with a shot of spirits. I take a sip and it tastes like absolute shit.. I scrunch my face up to it. I let the other fellas try and their reactions are pretty similar.

      Dream 3
      Recorded at 7:44am

      Im working at my old job at Hafele. I'm looking at a pallet of goods. I see some eye glasses which don't have any lenses in them. The pallet looks pretty heavy and I'm worried it may be over the weight limit. I see a truck pull up which confirms that it doesn't matter too much about the weight as it's going via truck and not van.

      Dream 4
      Recorded at 9:00am

      I'm at my house sitting in my Dads lounge room with him. Someone is on the computer across from the lounge room.

      I see Luke Brea come through the garage entrance and we have a little chat. He walks over to the computer and talks to whoever is on it [think it may have been my brother sitting at the PC]. Luke says he's going now which was strange considering he had only just got here. I thought maybe it was because Josh wasn't here yet and didn't want to be here without him. Josh arrives shortly after and I mention to him about Luke making a brief appearance. [I think we're all meeting up before school starts].

      I'm now in a shopping centre in my home town. Im with a few people. Josh and maybe Dave Clarke are the only ones I remember. We are playing around and doing some silly moves to the music in the background, outside a cafe. I break out into a "what I think of" as a bit of a stylish dance. A couple of girls in the background which are sitting at a table smile and laugh at me. I feel happy that I made them laugh. There is 2 girls, 1 with blonde and other with ?brown hair?. The blonde hair girl looked like a mans.

      As we're sitting down chatting, I see Eddy Ivanks. I think that we may be late to school and see that it's almost 9.00am. I'm drinking bottled water the whole time I was sitting down.

      Not to far away from where we just were, is where you buy frozen ice blokes, which are in all different shapes and sizes. We all line up in a single line with the rest of the crowd. I remember that I've been drinking un-distilled water and feel not too happy about it. And to make things worse, I forget to bring it to school with me.

      I see Jordan Chichi near us and we greet him. I think Ben Forskin mentions his old nick name to him as he greets him. It brings back memories and I think it's great and laugh.

      As we leave the area I see a small shop selling food. Inside the shop is some kind of stage play going on. It's pretty high class stage show they're putting on. The food they're selling is only a small range. It's set up similar to sushi and I see a savoury piece with orange stuff in the Center of the savoury shell.

      As I'm about to leave the area I see Dave Clarke come by and he's wearing one of the most coolest suits. It really suits him, perfectly fitted. Dave's waiting at the small shop and he mentions about him being in a good head space and I agree with him and that I've noticed it in his persona and to continue doing what he's doing.

      As we all leave the area we're all feeling pretty hip and cool. Kind of have a certain swagger to ourselves. Those two girls from earlier are chasing Dave. They look as if they're in love with him and won't leave him alone. Dave doesn't want a bar of it and tells them to go away as he's not interested. I walk up to the girls and talk to them. They actually look a lot better then I first thought when seeing them earlier. I tell both girls, especially the blonde one that they both have majestic looking eyes, which they did, they really stood out, and that I wasn't trying to cut in on Dave but just had to let them know not too feel too bad about Dave as they could get a lot of guys no problems.

      We continue walking and reach a crowded area and have to stop. I continue talking to the girls and I feel quite small and hunched over for some reason. I hear about a fight break out in the distance and try and get a look but I'm too short to see over everyone. I catch a small glimpse of who was fighting.

      Dream 5

      I'm in court/street where Germain lives. I'm on the lawn of where we used to kick the light post. I have some devices set up on the lawn and using the power from the house without the owner knowing. I think I have a couple girls with me, or they're just observing. I start to feel a bit paranoid about the owner knowing what I was doing, as I am pretty close to the window. I see the certain's move as if someone is taking a little peak out the sides of the certain's. This makes me even more worried. I can now see the blinds nearest to be open up. I'm convinced they might be able to see me and decide to pack my stuff up in a tightly together and hope that they don't see it.

      Side Notes

      Pretty happy with my motivation last night. Coming off a poor night the night before last, I've now recorded the most dreams in one night since getting back into lucid dreaming.