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    1. The Death of My Brother (7.6.15)

      by , 06-07-2015 at 12:36 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      The Death of My Brother
      I am with my Dad, sitting in a car. He shows me a text from my brother, which says something like ''In car wreck''. Dad goes on to say he's dead, the car is wrapped around a pole and went up in flames. I didn't believe him at first, but soon after the shock set in that he was probably telling the truth. I begin to think that I'll be the only one alive in my bloodline in the future. I start to think about the responsibilities that will be left for me as they pass, and feel it will be too much for me. The scene shifts to where an ambulance is. I see my brother on a trolley bed. There's a clear sheet over him. I have a slight feeling that he is OK, but soon realize that he had passed away. He looks a little disfigured which disturbed me. I only had a quick glance at him, so I wouldn't be too upset. Dad reassures that my brother is dead, by saying ''That's dead for ya''.

      I'm now in a car with my Russ. He is in the backseat and I'm in the front. I ease into the news about my brother. I ask him if he heard the news about my brother. He says he didn't know a thing. I try telling him about it, without getting emotional. We both well up a bit as I tell him. He starts to make a list of people on his phone, to who he needs to contact about the news of my brother. I take his phone and check the list. There's quite a few people, some of who I don't know well, or at all. I step up and tell him that I will do the calling for him. I feel quite nervous about doing it.

      I'm at a house playing cricket. I am the bowler, and I'm using a small bit of sliced cheese, that I have rolled up as the ball. I think I see or hear my brother in a garage. I see him and have a sigh of relief that he isn't dead. A guy that's with him was the donor that saved his life. My Dad is with me and he sprays some kind of smoke on to himself, due to the man that saved my brothers life must have been sensitive to the environment. The man was overweight.

      I come running out of the garage, naked, running around the corner where I was bowling from earlier. I try and put my underwear on, and end up putting them on, inside out. I do this with the pants also.
      There's guy in his 20's that's near me. I have to decide to vote for him or Redfoo to be on the next show of XFactor. I tell the man that I will vote for him. The scene changes but the scenario is the same. I'm now at my house and I'm unsure on who I want to vote for. I think I tell Redfoo that I will vote for him also. I tell everyone that I'm voting. So I raise my hand and sway them back and forth towards the guys I'm needing to vote for/against. The man is giving Redfoo props on how good of a person etc he is. I believe it's a tactic to make him come across as a genuine nice person, which would lead for people to vote for him. Redfoo isn't too confident at this point and decides to walk into my room. I end up voting for Redfoo.
      I run outside into the backyard to tell the other judges what the end voting was. I tell them that Redfoo won, which is a lie. I see Ronan Keating, and he doesn't believe me.

      Side Notes
      I woke up from this dream feeling pretty emotional. I was second guessing if something was going to happen to my brother, due to some of my dreams coming true in the passed. I do a bit of EFT to take the edge off.
    2. Graveyard Class Room (19.8.14)

      by , 08-19-2014 at 03:26 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream - 7:40AM

      I'm on the basketball court at Range bank. I see the ball go over the small fence and decide to chase it down. I hurdle over the fence and start running at full pace. I see two DC's in the distance. I don't retrieve the ball and begin to make my way back to somewhere. The journey back is a strange one. I'm walking on a tight and narrow path, which is 2 - 3 meters off of the ground. I walk through an area which has grave stones.

      I reach where I was destined to go, which was a class room. I see people around me and a teacher at the front of class, next to a whiteboard. The location changes to where the grave stones were, but we're still continuing what we were doing. I see the DC from earlier when I was chasing the ball. I call him out and ask if that was him I saw. The teacher says it was.
      The convocation turns to spiritual and god. I take charge of the convocation and debate a few things, explaining something about out of body experiences. I was going to mention that I have had them before but never get around to it. Instead of talking, I'm explaining some things via text which is coming up on the whiteboard. I have a mind blank after a paragraph of writing and struggle to think about what to type next. I can see people getting angry due to waiting for me to finish writing. They're expressing their anger through a chat box which is under what I was writing.

      False Awakening: (MISSED)

      I'm recording my previous dream in a dream. I'm underneath the covers, trying to keep my eyes from seeing too much light as I may wake myself up too much to get back to sleep. I'm using my phone?? as a recorder. I play it back to myself and it definitely sounds like me. I expected it to not record too well, due to whispering into the device. At one point I move the device away from my house and down towards my hips. While still listening to my recording I can see myself on the screen, as if it was a video recording, not a voice recording. I waited for the moment where I moved the device away from my mouth to see if I could still be heard. I could still hear myself, except there was a few silent moments due to thinking of what to say next.

      Surprised I missed my chance, as I've been performing RC's upon awakening majority of the times.

      Dream Fragments:

      Spoiler for Mature Content :
    3. Jason The Biker (26.7.14)

      by , 07-26-2014 at 03:58 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Recorded at 8.00am

      I'm at Daryl's old house with Dianne and Kayley. We're sitting in the lounge room and talking about movies. Dianne mentions about owning all the need for speed movies and that she kept them all tucked away under the TV in the unit. I have a look and notice that she had about 3-4 movies of need for speed [there's only 1 need for speed movie IRL. I figure she meant the Fasf and Furious movies]. Dianne mentions about putting on the movie Gladiator. I get excited and tell them that it's my favourite movie. I see a scene of Russell Crowe in the battle arena. He's angry and starts to attack the enemies. He lunches and stabs the man in the throat. It looks pretty gruesome and real.

      I'm now sitting down on the floor in a room full or people. People are introducing themselves by saying their name. I tell everyone I'm a faggot. Most people have a laugh and some are rather confused at why i randomly said that. I think quick of an explanation on why I said that and mention to the people sitting in front of me that they should probably move away from me and give me front row view. We must have been watching something for me to say that.

      Im with Josh and we are inside a pub. We're purchasing tickets for something.

      I walk towards the entrance of my primary school and just hands me a ticket with a envelope. The envelope has the ticket number written on it in blue texture.

      We make our way back into the pub and I give them my tickets. They tell me it's invalid and I cannot use it. I check my pockets for another ticket in case I grabbed the wrong one, but couldn't find anything. I start to feel a sense of danger and quickly grab a few things off the bar and leave the pub, leaving my wallet behind.

      I'm thinking about Jason, the nemesis of Freddy Krueger. I see him coming my way and I try and hide by walking around the medical clinic as he walks around if also. Keeping out of his sight. I'm now about 100m up from the clinic and I see Jason coming my way on a motorbike. He doesn't look as big and scary as the real Jason but similar. He is quite slow at trying to grab me and I keep pushing him away as he gets closer on his bike. Eventually he gets a hold of my arms and he seems pretty strong. I pull free and grab a nice sized stick that's not too far away. I begin hit Jason with it, over and over again. It doesn't do enough damage as I was intending too.

      I'm now in the clinic of pub and I ask for my wallet that I see on the counter. They mention about my invalid ticket and give me a refund, and tell me it may have been due to me not showing my concession card. I tell them I didn't show my concession card as I only thought I had to if I get asked. They tell me that I was lucky not to get a $50 fine also.

      Side Notes:
      Reminder to add an alarm which turns itself off after a couple seconds.
    4. Defending the house from the bad guys

      by , 09-16-2013 at 02:58 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was at my old house in blacks land. A delivery man had come to the door, and I could see his yellow uniform through the hazy glass. I opened the door and he was there with a parcel for me. I said if I paid him some money for the parcel, he could give me it, if not I would have to collect it from the post office. I opened the door, and as I did, I felt a sense of danger, as if he was a scammer and wanted to get inside my house. I quickly closed the door and locked it.
      this is all wrong!!!!!-delivery-man.jpg
      Delivery man.

      I saw someone trying to get into inside through the back door, but it was locked. I was positive that something bad was going to happen if I allowed them inside. I picked up the phone and went to dial 000 for the police. The numbers on the phone were weird, it had like options for calling 00, 0, 0000, and a few other crazy combinations.. but not 000! I was struggling to figure out how to call the police. Eventually It started ringing, waiting for someone to answer. I was getting nervous as I didn't know what to say, I was a bit confused.

      The man that tried to get through the back door was now there again, but this time he had been able to open one of the doors. He couldn't open the next door though (Wire Door).

      I went outside into the backyard. To my surprise, I saw the man that was trying to get in through the back door. He looked very tall and solid. He reminded me of someone from my previous job. He was a delivery driver. I was pretty close to him the man at one point. I saw Mum open the back door and pop her head out. I quickly ran back inside and locked the back door before the man reached it.

      I tried calling the police again but it was engaged. I thought maybe, that they had cut the phone line. I looked out the front window and saw a police car, but it looked like a American cop car, not an Australian one. I figured this was the scammers up to there tricks, trying to pose as policeman.
      I looked out of the kitchen window and saw another cop car, it was driving over the hood of another car.
      this is all wrong!!!!!-police-car-comparison.jpg
      American police car (left) - Australian police car (right)

      Mum went outside to see what was happening. I thought this was a bad move, because scammers were probably hoping to lure someone out, so they could get inside. I was about to tell Mum to get back inside quickly, but there plan worked, the big man from earlier was now inside the house. I was thinking about what I was going to do to the man, and I pictured myself hitting him.

      Dream ended.