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    Memorable Dreams

    1. 2 Cool Looking Rabbits/Girl Of My Dreams (22.8.15)

      by , 08-22-2015 at 12:03 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      2 Cool Looking Rabbits/Girl Of My Dreams
      I'm across the road of my old house, sitting down. A rabbit which is red comes up to me. It looks beautiful. It's red that is blended in with the original color. I see another rabbit, which is purple, and just as beautiful. The rabbits are inseparable. They follow one another by the looks of it. They go onto the middle of the road. I begin to worry, as I can hear a car coming from around the corner. The car goes over them, and I'm uncertain if any have been ran over. The man stops his car to check something, maybe he knew he almost ran over rabbits. He drives off and both rabbits are ok. Close call, I'm relieved.

      I'm sitting on the grass out front of my house, and the rabbits jump over the fence. I feel like it may not come back and feel sad. I look over the fence where the palm tree is, and I see REX, but he doesn't see me. I move out of sight before he sees me, as I didn't want him to get excited from seeing me. Moments later the red rabbit comes running over to me from out of a bushes. Im happy to see it and pat it. The purple rabbit comes over also. Soon after, they both leave back over the fence.

      I'm in a house and one of the rabbits comes to the backdoor. It wants to come inside, so I allow it in. Moments later, the other rabbit wants to come in also. I open the door, but it seems to not be open wide enough for it. It stands up like a human and turns itself sideways, and squeezes easily through the gap. There's people I know here as well, and I'm happy they got a chance to see the rabbits.

      I'm with a girl that's my partner. She's beautiful. I feel extremely lucky to have this girl, and feel I'm punching above my weight for sure. I'm in the backyard, under the veranda in my home. I come up behind her as she's sitting on a chair and hug her. She feels around and notices my penis is half effect. I'm pretty aroused right now. I look at old photos of her and appreciate on how lucky I am to have her. There's something about the way she looks, that I really like.

      We're in the bathroom, and my girlfriend and Brooke Ky are dressed to impress in their sexy get up. My girlfriend looks to have a bit of weight on, more then I expected. Brooke's ass looks more impressive, as I see them both pose. They begin interlocking there bodies and get a bit of pussy on pussy action happening.

      I'm standing outside and there is a cooking competition going on with some people I know. A judge is about to try the first recipe, which is a multi colored drink. They called it the crazy drink or something similar to that. As the judge poured it into a bowl, the mixture was quite thick and had a awesome color to it. The different colors looked like a multi layered gob stopper, if I was to cut it in half. I see some motorbikes go passed in the distance. It was the contestants. I see Jon Rick preparing his meal in front of me. The judge is combining everything together for the crazy drink, and I bit falls onto the ground. I pick it up and try it. It's pretty good. I wasn't sure if it was Jon's or the Crazy drink.

      I'm in a room which has been decked out for the contestants. It's like a big brother finale moment, where they have to sit In front of a screen and talk to the host etc.
    2. Break In Distiller (16.8.15)

      by , 08-16-2015 at 02:09 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Break In Distiller
      I arrive at a house with REX and Bro. I sneak in the backyard and notice there's another dog. Both dogs are friendly to one another. I worry that i will lose sight of REX due to it being night time. I let both dogs out the front. REX is runs up the tree like a cat. I climb up and ladder to the top of a look out, which is near the tree, If not, the tree itself I'm worried about Rex getting down, so I unzip my jacket and zip it back up, this time with Rex under my jacket. I test the waters and see if I'll be able to get down backwards. It seems pretty sketchy due to the ladder not welded to the lookout. I fear the ladder will fall forward as I try and get onto it.
      I see the other dog, it's pretty overweight. It walks off out of my sight. Im worried that I have probably lost someone's pet. I look into the distance and see the beautiful city lights. I think I can see crown from here. I seem to think I'm in Nat's area code.

      I'm in the backyard and set up my water Distiller.

      I get inside the house, and I assume people are asleep. I'm trying to be quiet due to not wanting to get busted trespassing. I go inside and bedroom and look around.

      I see the family that lives their get up. I think they spot me outside, not realizing I had broke into their house. I'm in the kitchen with them. I can hear the Distiller going in the backyard, and worry that they may hear it. The wife goes through the bedroom that I was in earlier, and notices that something's have changed, but not enough to suspect anything.

      I'm packing up the distiller quietly, due to the backdoor being open and I can see the son of the family. He has a beard. I thought he may have caught me sneaking the distiller out of the backyard. I hide it under a car out of front. I'm looking at where I stashed it from a distance, and notice that one of the parts of the distiller is designed like a smiley face.

      I go back inside and I think the wife has realized I broke in or something. I make up an excuse that I'm homeless.
    3. Josh May Have Fallen To His Death, Arcade Zone (8.11.15)

      by , 08-10-2015 at 11:58 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Josh May Have Fallen To His Death
      I'm with Josh and Dave at a house. People start rocking up, including my cousin Jon, Ben, Tommo. They have all bought Find Surfboards. I go check out Tommo's first, it's huge. It's a different sign to mine, from whah I can see on the packaging. The tail looks different and the logo itself. Once we take it out of box, I realize how big it is. It's absolutely massive, at least 12+ foot. I guess it makes sense as Tommo is a tall dude. The design kinda sucks, due to having his discount printed on the board. I rub my hand over it to see if the discount print is a sticker, but it's not. It's in yellow writing and it's up the middle of the board.
      I go into the other room and see that Ben has a box. I figure it's his surfboard ad help him unpack. I soon realize it's a side table for your bed. I didn't realize that Find did these.

      Im outside and I can see some surf. It's in a weird location. The waves are breaking cleanly and are a decent size. I imagine myself getting a few of the waves. I see a snowboarder in the distance, drop from the top of the wave, which is up on a mountain. The wave is elevated off the ground. The snowboarder hits the ground nicely.
      I'm walk towards Josh's car and he seems to be on a phone call with Rach. They must be fighting, because I hear the door lock. I'm sitting in another car, next to Josh's. I can hear his convocation, and it's about Centrelink payments. I wind down the window and Josh gives me the phone to explain. I can't figure out the paperwork u need to send it to get paid, but it comes to mind sooner or later. I send Rach a picture of what it's called. I can now hear Dad coughing in another car. It sounds pretty bad. Rach seems to have hung up. I think maybe because I was texting her while, instead of talking. A solid Arab guy comes up to the car and says goodbye. I get really good vibes from this dude. I shake his hand. A few people I know come up to him and give him a hug. I get out of car and think about doing the same thing. We begin to move on and I'm walking with the solid guy, I put my arm on his neck and massage if a bit. I ask if he gets massages much, due to him being such a giving guy. We are walking into a work sight. It's a bit dusty and can see machinery and steel structure. Im with Josh and both are looking for Ben, he's working here. I'm following Josh and he jumps straight off a vertical drop. I watch him fall at last 50 ft. I'm helpless and feeling terrified. I expect the worse. I try and get down somehow, but can't find a way. I begin feeling calm and carefree almost, which is odd considering my friends either dead or in terrible shape. I look closely around every corner, incase it has a drop like the other. Some do.

      Arcade Zone
      I'm tying to get home and am feeling a little lost. I look around and it feels familiar, I think I'm at down Germain's Court. Things look different
      I do a RC and it semi passes (nose plug), they Seem quite enhanced. I walk passed Shonnie's and he's on the steps with a women, which is probably Claudia. I hear him say that might be David, but I ignore and keep walking. I see cars at the end the court with people around. It's night time so, it's hard to see who's who . I reach a undercover area and see that my brother is talking to some girl that looks familiar to me. Looks like the girl that I went to school with. I tap my brother on the shoulder and he looks surprised to see me, as if he has been sprung cheating. I look closer at my brother and it's not him. I tell him I've got the wrong bloke. He's all cool with it, and she's I look like someone he knows too. As I am walking away, I see my brother and that girl, near the mistaken identity. Brother walks off shortly after. I get really excited and have a burst of energy. I run down which looks like a shopping centre. I begin yelling out.

      I'm at a house now, and I see Dennis.
      We're talking about something. He seems very relaxed. I'm sitting down next to Eddy, watching Bro on a car simulator. He's waiting for his Shot, as there's an elderly couple playing. Eventually bro gets a chance.
      He takes his time setting things up.

      Bro and I are in an arcade centre. There's machines everywhere. I do a RC again by trying to put thumb through hand, which passed again. I stop at an arcade game and try to see if it works without credits. It works. The game has a ski handle that u hold onto and u shoot water at the screen, it's a strange combo. Devin walks behind me and starts encouraging me. I show off and shoot the screen that's not meant to be sprayed. There's people rock climbing close by, and someone looks to be in trouble. They're trying to rescue them. There talking about noises of hitting the ground or bouncing against the wall when falling. The guy doesn't like the sounds if they were to happen. I look up and can't find the guy in trouble, but can see others.

      Dream Fragment
      I remember betting on Dad's horse he thought would win the Melbourne Cup. Josh asks me to put some money on for him, I'm unsure if I placed the bet or not. I use the money that's in my online account. I don't think I place a bet for myself, as I only have bros money in my account. The horse wins the Melbourne Cup at odds of around 13/1. The return of my bet would be around $1000+. I think to myself that I should ask Josh if he did in fact wanted me to put the $50 bet. I was eager to let bro know that he won.

      Side Notes
      Almost become lucid but failed both RC. Need to be more thorough with my RC.
    4. Assistant Kitchen Hand, Scared Of The Track People (10.8.15)

      by , 08-10-2015 at 02:06 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Assistant Kitchen Hand
      I'm at the pools, and I'm seeing some people that I'm with.

      I'm in a house now and see some people I know. I open the door for people. One of them is Sira Hunt. I'm sitting down on a couch and people are talking about meditation. I ask her how she meditates with the issues she has. She says it's hard but gets it done. I try to get more information out of her. I sit next to the girl and we start talking lucid dreaming. I ask her if she has had DEILD's before and that I use that method. She breaks down because she misses lucid dreaming so much and can't seem to have them anymore.

      I'm in a toilet doing something. A few people try to use it, but realize I'm using it. I'm pissing where I'm not supposed to, but can't find the bowl.

      Im in a kitchen and there's a guy cooking. I'm assisting him, but a little confused. He asks me to chop up some things. I can only see butter knifes laying around the kitchen. I wait for him to finish using the sharp one. He gives me the knife and i ask him what to do again.
      Later on he hands me a massive knife which is like a magnet. It sticks to food. He demonstrates on a piece of metal, which makes me feel gitty due to the sound.
      He tells me he bought it online and myself and another girl get into a debate over the pros cons of buying items online. The scene changes to outside as we continue convocation. I see Daryl and tell them that Dazza bought flights online. The guy cooking says he did too, it was a trip to Japan. The girl thinks it's silly what we have done.

      A lot more people begin arriving and it looks as if we're about to do group performances. I see a group come out doing dancing. It's looking like they're lip synching.

      I'm becoming confused about how to unlock my phone. I try the passcode that I'm sure is right, but it gets denied. I turn phone off and on which does the trick for allowing more chances at guessing the passcode. I was worried that I would puck my phone. I notice that upon restarting phone, that the phone itself is unlocked. Later on I figure out my code.

      Scared Of The Track People
      I'm riding my bike down the side shortcut that gets u to my high school (beside the highway) it's very dark and can't see too well as I'm riding. I see a muddy section up ahead and decide to power through it. I see some cars parked down the side of where I'm riding. I come to a stop because I see a group of people at the end of the track. I have a bad feeling about going through, so I turn back. I reach to the start of where I came from and need to get my bike in my car somehow or figure something else out. The car is In between a few trees which make me nervous about getting it out. I think to maybe roll my car out, but decide to get it out normally I think. I park it next to a big motor home. I felt that I was getting very close to it and would hit it if I'm not being careful. I begin walking back to where my bike is and I see a lady in her house. She looks to be meditating while standing next to a bar. She spots me and stops what she was doing. I notice that she has a family also, they're at the kitchen table. I'm near my bike and I need a piss. I check a spot out that's looking into a bedroom. I take the risk and just as I undo my buckle I see a girl walk into the room. I try to play it cool and wave to her and walk away.
      All the people that were down the end of the track are going back to their cars etc. They're older men, which seem pretty harmless. They ask why I don't fish down there, and I respond by telling them that the area is known for trouble and decided to steer clear.
      Tags: food, passcode, pool
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Marleigh & Steve Show Love, Keeping It In The Family (9.8.15)

      by , 08-09-2015 at 01:38 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Marleigh & Steve Show Love
      I'm watching the cricket and we r looking like we are going to lose. I see a message from Daryl with some dates and photos. 1 of the dates is an old dooms day date. So I figure he's meaning that there's a dooms day coming. I see a game which looks similar COC. The elixir storage looks like a asteroid impact. I see Mum around the house. I think we fight back in the cricket and it gets rained off. It's a relief as I thought we would lose for sure. I begin seeing a scene of Marleigh and Steven having interment Moments in the bed room. Marleigh looks pregnant and has put on a lot of excess weight. Steven is trying to move her onto of him. The other scene is of Steven putting his dick in her. He's dick looks a bit soft and fat. The videos are for anyone to watch as they show it as a sign of love, not fucking.

      Keeping It In The Family
      I'm in a swimming facility, and I see a amputee swimming. Dana White encouraging the kid. Somehow they're creating waves in the pool, allowing the kid to catch a wave for a brief moment. He wasn't able to swim in a straight line. He kept moving into other lanes. There's another guy that catches a wave all the way to the other end. At first I though was going to catch it all the way into the wall. I see that there's some dogs in the pool, and One of the dogs is unsure of the water. It's making odd noises, which is getting the attention of one of the other dogs. It might have been its mother or father, cause it was looking concerned. The dog looked to be walking on water, but was walking on the lane rope instead. The dog walks towards me and is still walking on water. I think to myself that the dog would have to sink sooner or later. The dog ends up looking more and more comfortable in the water.

      I get into the water and I swim over to my cousin Rach, who I'm dating. I feel a bit awkward due to others reactions. I swim over to Kayley and Daniel. I bring up that i don't care what other people think about me dating my cousin. Daniel asks me a question which finishes early, so I don't fully understand what he's saying. I ask him again what he meant.

      I walk outside and Mum is waiting for me to pick me up. She's in the XR6.

      Dream fragment
      Cousin Rach asks me if I still do Lem sip. I tell her I do and haven't been sick in a year and a half
    6. Dug Out The Bear, Triggers Surgery (28.7.15)

      by , 07-28-2015 at 01:52 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dug Out The Bear
      I'm near a tree where a bear had been dug up. It's happy towards the policemen for saving it. I stay overnight in a tent and my dogs are there. I lose trigger due to it raining and was probably scared. Stressing out. Walk to shop. Dave gets pizza or something. Walking down blaxland and trying to find trig. I see another dog at entrance. Dads walking REX at night.

      Triggers Surgery
      I'm outside in the backyard of my old house. Trigger is about to get operated on by a female surgeon. She inserts the long needle into his neck which will soon put him asleep. I pat trigger as he gets drowsy and drowsier. The surgeon slices trigger down the stomach. It sicks me out and I expect to smell something rotten, but I don't. The surgeon slices me from the armpit down to the bottom of my rib cage. I don't feel any pain as I walk around a little. I worry that maybe an organ will fall out if I'm not careful. I start to think that maybe trigger will die in surgery, due to his age.
    7. High School Reunion, A Different Looking YCW (19.7.15)

      by , 07-19-2015 at 02:36 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      High School Reunion
      I'm watching some massive waves coming through. I'm unsure if I'm in the water or just a spectator.

      I'm at a shopping centre and I see a few people from my school. I think there's meant to be a high school reunion.

      I'm at a water slide and there's a lot of people waiting. I feel as if it's going to be a while before I get to go down. I see my brother. He goes down with 6 others in short breaks between sliders. There's a baby that goes down. He grips to the slide a bit, but eventually gets going down the slide. I'm in the slide somehow, maybe to help the baby go down the slide. I try to climb back up the slide and struggle doing so, but get to the top eventually. I sit back in line for my shot.

      Im at a pub drinking with some of the guys from high school.

      A Different Looking YCW
      I'm at YCW surf beach but it looks different. Everyone is instructed to get out of water and move to the other beach which is only about 20 meters away on the opposite side of the sand. The waves are big and thick. They're breaking instantly. The waves are are forming from a man made wall that's keeping the water in. The water is rebounded off of it and instantly forming a big wave and breaking. I see a lot of young kids sitting under the wave, letting it break on top of them. I find this crazy. I figure it out after a few waves that it's fake. The whole wave is like a hologram, and the scene changes still has the wave and kids. I see the waves in the distance, they're coming from different angles then normal.

      Dave and maybe Josh are have found a frisbee and are throwing it to one another. We're not the best at throwing. We can't seem to find the right amount of power in our throws. The scene changes to my house. They're in my bedroom throwing the frisbee. Dave throws it and it goes into the laundry. I struggle finding it and eventually find that it went under the door and is outside. I bring it back in and throw the frisbee to Dave, who is on the bed.

      I'm in the water with Josh and Daryl, and it looks to be getting dark. I see a guy in the distance swimming.

      I'm on dry land now and Daryl wants to buy some weed. I tell him that it's a silly idea considering that he hasn't smoked in over a month due to having to get a medical for work soon. He tells me he has passed it before and will pass it again. I tell him it's not worth the risk because of the situation his in with money, and really needs the job. Daryl seems to be getting a bit pissed off, but I continue giving him the tough love. Also it surprised me that Josh wasn't backing me up and he was almost giving him suggestions on how to get some weed.

      We're now walking in a strange area, which looks similar to terminator 2 scene where they're getting chased by the truck through the sewer. I'm walking up top on a small ledge and the others are on down below. They seem to be thinking the way I'm going will be blocked by something. I
      noticed that it's a clear path for me, and that it had been removed. I get to a end and look down. There's a way of getting down but it's tricky. I see lines appear, showing me the way. It feels like I'm in a video game. Without any logical thinking, I jump and try and land on one of the safe spots. As I'm floating down, it feels like gravity isn't normal, as I seem to have more time to try land correctly.
      I'm now a video character, a small red looking creature I think. I land in a good spot, but the danger isn't over. I've got to continue find safe spots which confuses me, as I feel rushed and don't exactly know where to jump to. I feel as if I'm getting close to end but get stuck. My health starts depleting and I'm not looking too good. I still feel I'm able to make it, but end up dying.

      I wake up in a small room. There's a radio in the room with someone talking. Im imprisioned. A man comes into the room but unsure what he said or did. I look outside and notice there is a path of water drops on the balcony. One of the other characters must have reached the Safe zone and left the evidence behind.
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      non-lucid , memorable
    8. Body Surfing In Thailand (18.7.15)

      by , 07-18-2015 at 11:19 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Body Surfing In Thailand
      I'm with Daryl in Thailand. We're on a beach and its night time. I see a car in the parking lot and some dude is fucking some Asian girl. He is having sex with her while standing up. I walk towards the water and see Shonnie and his partner. It's not his real partner. This girl is a pretty Asian. I hear her say that the water is a bit cold as she goes deeper. I get in and check for myself. I'm surprised she thought it was cold because I was loving it. We decide to go out deeper. Daryl is with us as we swim out. Daryl says there's a bit set coming through. I swim towards the shore to try and catch one of the waves. I begin body surfing the wave with Daryl. It feels awesome. It has a different feel to it, so smooth. I thought I was going to collide with Daryl but I Maneuvered out of his way. The wave takes me all the way onto the shore. I eject off the wave onto the sand in a standing position. I tell Daryl that I body surfed it all the way to shore, but he doesn't believe me.

      I have a small Asian girl with me and we're standing at a deli looking for some food to buy. The girl starts touching the glass, which the girl behind the counter didn't like. I put the Asian girl on my shoulders. I feel a bit uncomfortable due to this girls age. I feel that they're thinking I'm a pedophile or something. I order quite a bit of food, which all looks good. I think at some point I feel as if I'm dreaming and it didn't matter what I ate, but don't take advantage of the thought, and continue the dream as normal. I order a few things multiple times.

      Im in a room just off the beach. A competition just finished, which was of women's surfing. There were 2 rival girls who were not too fond on each other. I see Germain and I have a chat with him. I ask how footy is going. He says that his teams not playing the best. I say that he's team won the flag last year right? He replies with a yes. I have a feeling Germain doesn't really want to talk much.

      Scores from the women's competition are being read out and it's very tight. It looks as if the girl I'm not wanting to win is going to win. To my surprise the last judge gave a great score to the one I wanted to win, which got her the victory. The loser is upset and has sour grapes. I see 2 posters on the wall and the loser writes her thoughts on he decision down on the poster. I feel like it's bad sportsmanship. I feel like writing something under her text.
    9. Casey's Here, Off To A Bad Start (17.7.15)

      by , 07-17-2015 at 01:16 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Casey's Here
      I'm in my bedroom at my house, but it's my old bedroom. I think I was sleeping when Megan came in. Megan says I should get up or something. It felt rude. She says that her old friend was over. Megan leaves the room. I take a massive drink from my water jug, finishing about 80% of it. I'm disappointed that I finished that much, as that needed to last my the whole day. I begin getting ready and try some clothes on. I try a heavy brown jumper on. I quite like it, but it's a tad big maybe. I go through a lot of clothes, with a lot being ugly or too big etc. I think one of them is dads. Daryl comes Into the room with a massive plastic water container, which he places on my bed. I hear Casey's voice in the house. I anticipate Jane or someone coming in to get me to come out and socialize. As I come out, the guests have left. I sit on the couch eating a small tub of coleslaw. Jane walks in and asks if I'm ready for a bike ride. I'm not sure if I'm keen at first, but decide I probably should. Jane shows us some food that we can have, which was a sourdough roll. I get up and walk over to the bench. Daryl is telling me that this place really brings out his beautiful eyes. I examine them closely and see that they're light blue mostly. They seem to be still changing as its a bit patchy.

      Off To A Bad Start
      I'm at a house and there seems to be a bit of a gathering going on. I'm on the toilet which is in a bedroom. I have the runs. It doesn't have a pleasant smell to it. I wipe my ass and get shit on my jumper or something. It drips onto the floor and leaves a stain. I'm not feeling too good about that, and try to see if I can rub it out, or blend it in with the carpet somehow. I try to find some more toilet paper, eventually finding some near the toilet itself. My brother is now using the toilet, and he realizes I still need to use it. He grabs the toilet bowl and moves it closer to him. Im a bit shocked with what I just saw. He is pissing into the bowl and almost filling it to the top. The toilet bowl falls over and piss goes everywhere. I feel a little better about myself that I'm not the only one that made a mess in the bedroom. A bit of piss gets onto the side of the bed. I smell the sheets to see if it reeks of piss. It doesn't.

      I'm in the kitchen and there are people at the table. I decide to play a game where I have to sell product to them. I see 3 vita biscuits on a plate. I pick up the plate and tell them my pitch, which goes a bit like this.
      "Ok I have these rare biscuits here. The reason they're rare is due to the ingredients and the culture of them. You know how normal flour is used for making biscuits? Well this isn't normal flour. This is MOON DUST Aka Moon Flour. Also If you look at the 3 biscuits, they have a different color to them. I call this the multicultural biscuits. One is dark, other is medium and last is lightest of the colors."
      I had a black hooded jacket on, with the hood over my head when doing the pitch. I really put some professionalism into the pitch, even put on the goofy fake voice they do. As I finished, I continued my act and walked out like I was overly cocky with what I had achieved. I feel a bit embarrassed with what had just happened.

      I'm outside and there's an announcement of a man performing a triple backflip on a BMX and eventually landed it after many tries in practice. I think to myself that someone recently performed a quadruple backflip on BMX and that this may have been the one he was talking about. It's night time and I see the set up for the show. It looks like nitro circus which is sponsored by red bull. I see a man go down a big ramp, he's connected to a metal chariot. The horse is made out of metal also. He's flying around the track and notice that he's in a wheel chair. He disconnects from the chariot and flys across what looks to be water. He doesn't make it all the wave and falls off the side of the narrow path.

      The scene changes and I'm seeing Daryl run from a girl. Everyone is playing hide and seek. I decide to join in and hide behind these thick trees. There are a lot of trees near one another. Daryl climbs the tree and is hesitant to go any higher. I think that's the right option as there isn't much to hold onto, apart from the trunk. I keep an eye on Daryl incase he falls onto me. I imagine if I was up there and fell, would anyone catch me? And if they did, would it work out ok. I see the girl coming my way. I decide to run to the side of her, hoping to be covered by the trees. She spots me and I run quickly towards a safe zone. I reach the safe zone, but the hole to enter it is too small. I think I try another hut which allows me in. The roof is cut off the hut. Me and the other guy in there are poking our heads out. We're talking about Julian Wilson the pro surfer.

      I meet up with some people from the gathering. I don't feel too comfortable due to drinking the night before. I see my cousin Trev. He's sitting in a covered area. There's a lot of cars on top of the small hill. I see Trev's dad, and give him a wave. My dad is walking towards me also. I'm a bit shocked to see him come to something like this.
    10. The Slaughtering Factory, Dance Like No Ones Watching (5.7.15)

      by , 07-05-2015 at 12:42 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      The Slaughtering Factory
      I'm at a slaughtering factory and I'm watching the process of how it works. They're using chickens and cats, it's fucken sickening. I love animals so much, I can't understand how someone could do this job for a living. There's 2 guys on a production line, where the Animals come from. There's holes where they throw the Animals down to there death I'm guessing.

      There's a live cat and they pore petrol over it and then let it roam. This starts to effects the cat and makes it weak and looking as if it's eventually going to die. Someone tells me that it's had a tablet and it'll die.

      Dance Like No Ones Watching
      I'm outside a house and I'm with 2 others. I see some of my close family on other side of road. I stand with a lite kid about 30 meters away from my family, and we communicate that way. The kid talks for a while and I compliment him saying that he speaks better then I do. I remember seeing the ground look like burned rubber. I'm inside the house now and someone said they laughed at what we said around the side of house.

      I'm at a petrol station with Marleigh and a few others that I recognize. We all start dancing and looking like idiots, but we continue dancing. I begin thinking about how we look silly but don't want that to stop me, and that I shouldn't feel silly, I'm joking around having fun. I begin pretending to rap silently but move my mouth and hands as if I was really doing so.
    11. It's Tradition to Dress Like a Women, My First Pump at Shelly's (29.6.15)

      by , 06-29-2015 at 12:13 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      It's Tradition to Dress Like a Women
      I'm with Daryl and I think Ben. We're in South Africa and decide to visit a infamous spot. As we enter the restaurant, I wait for my turn to get given women's cloths to wear. She gives me a Red and Black flannelette and denim genes. I don't mind the outfit, it could have been a lot worse. I'm a bit hesitant to grab them off the counter because I didn't want to get in the way of the employer. I think I put them on. I see Daryl in the distance, sitting at a table with Ben. He is starting to look impatience, as he waits for his food. I think this place does homemade cookies or something.

      I'm now sitting down next to Luke Ray, and we're talking about the tradition of this place, of how you have to wear ur women's cloths for a whole day and night, sleeping with them on and all. That convocation moves onto me talking about how Kayley's pension got cut. Luke gets up and has to do something for the moment.

      I head over to Daryl and Ben, and I notice that Luke is still not back to his original spot where we were sitting. I get up and head over to the counter where you order your food. I felt I needed to order now because it's taking a long time to get it once served, so Everyone is going to have to wait for me now, which sucks. I double check Daryl and Bens order. The employer repeats it too me in a odd way. Talking slow and long. I struggle to remember what he is saying, and was hoping to relay it back to Daryl and Ben. As she's telling me, I'm pulling cards out of my wallet, it has symbols written on them, and the lady is telling me about them. It's pretty much explaining what they ordered. One of the cards was my pension card. I look over to what's cooking and notice all the food. I think I might have a chance of getting my food on time, as its a new batch that has just been cooked. I second guess myself.

      Luke and I are sitting back where we were earlier, talking about the fact that smoking is banned. Either myself or Luke sides with it being wrong, due to it being a tradition in this part of the world. Employers come to the table and they seem to be angry or threatening toward me. I feel as if I'm about to get robbed. I try to figure out if I have my wallet in my pockets, without checking. I replay the scene to see if they were coming off that way.
      I see a block of cheese in its wrapper. As if unwraps, I'm either saying or hearing someone say it's falling to the sky or something.

      My First Pump at Shelly's
      I was Shelly beach. I catch a nice size wave and surf it with ease. As I'm surfing the wave, I decide to do something I don't usually do, and that's to pump down the wave. I notice the wave beginning to close out, but squeeze every bit of surfing out of it. I was a little cautious about surfing it to the shore line, due to the shallow reef. As I paddle back out, I'm feeling pretty stoked with the wave and how I surfed it. I was excited to tell Josh what happened if he hadn't seen the wave. I see 2 surfers in front of me, kinda in my way, so I weave my way through them. I think I end up telling Josh and I think another guy about what happened.

      Dream Fragment
      I notice that Claire must have slept with Chris Brown. I was thinking about how she could take that dick.

      Side Notes: EFT seemed to work well. Will continue with same phrases.
    12. Escaping The Theme Park (26.6.15)

      by , 06-25-2015 at 11:21 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Escaping The Theme Park
      I was at a theme park which has a water slide. I was going down it with friends and we would escape the guards often, Running through a lobby. It was like a cinema style lobby, with the same doors and all. It kept getting a lil harder each time, sometimes. I saw motivation guy. He was in character and was playing a hick looking bloke. He lost a tooth and would tap on his teeth and more would appear. He said if u tap too much you'll lose more, like he did. I think I noticed this at the back of cranny shops. Not long after I see a scene of Sam Newman getting flashed down a toilet. He was slowly getting plunged down. They were portable toilets, which turned into a water slide, which lead to the theme park.

      I was now Sam I think, as I was continuing going along the water slide. It was now just a rapid and would take u around the park. Others were on the slide too. I was trying to figure out how to get out of theme park, because they were more guarded and switched on to catch people like myself. I decided to go for another escape. I begin running through the hall but end up getting chased by a women. I lose track of where I'm going and end up in a public shower room. I hide up on top of showers, watching her every move. I feel I'm easily visible if she was to glance up, which she eventually does. Im unsure what happens after this. I think I outrun her.

      Im now walking around the park trying to figure out and remember which way I was meant to go, to get out into the safe zone, so I could be with the rest of my friends.

      I'm outside my house and it's night time. There's s device which is like a sling shot. U can get into it and play around with it. I start to shoot an apple into the sky and Daryl tries to catch it on the way down. I was making it hard for him by pulling the apple down in flight, which would make it come down a lot quicker. I could see Daryl getting frustrated. I see Gary Ablett Jr. He's in his Gold Coast Suns jersey. I get his attention, So I can get him to try and catch the apple. If anymore could get it, Gary could. I can't launch the apple near him cause of where i am standing. I signal him where to stand, but he eventually just leaves.
      I leave and end up in a room with a lot of people at my school? It's like an assembly. We're all sitting down. They announce that it's an awards night. I think to myself that I shouldn't be here because I won't be getting an award, but decide to stay anyways.

      Side Notes: Did some EFT with the proper approach imo. So good so far.

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    13. The Death of My Brother (7.6.15)

      by , 06-07-2015 at 12:36 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      The Death of My Brother
      I am with my Dad, sitting in a car. He shows me a text from my brother, which says something like ''In car wreck''. Dad goes on to say he's dead, the car is wrapped around a pole and went up in flames. I didn't believe him at first, but soon after the shock set in that he was probably telling the truth. I begin to think that I'll be the only one alive in my bloodline in the future. I start to think about the responsibilities that will be left for me as they pass, and feel it will be too much for me. The scene shifts to where an ambulance is. I see my brother on a trolley bed. There's a clear sheet over him. I have a slight feeling that he is OK, but soon realize that he had passed away. He looks a little disfigured which disturbed me. I only had a quick glance at him, so I wouldn't be too upset. Dad reassures that my brother is dead, by saying ''That's dead for ya''.

      I'm now in a car with my Russ. He is in the backseat and I'm in the front. I ease into the news about my brother. I ask him if he heard the news about my brother. He says he didn't know a thing. I try telling him about it, without getting emotional. We both well up a bit as I tell him. He starts to make a list of people on his phone, to who he needs to contact about the news of my brother. I take his phone and check the list. There's quite a few people, some of who I don't know well, or at all. I step up and tell him that I will do the calling for him. I feel quite nervous about doing it.

      I'm at a house playing cricket. I am the bowler, and I'm using a small bit of sliced cheese, that I have rolled up as the ball. I think I see or hear my brother in a garage. I see him and have a sigh of relief that he isn't dead. A guy that's with him was the donor that saved his life. My Dad is with me and he sprays some kind of smoke on to himself, due to the man that saved my brothers life must have been sensitive to the environment. The man was overweight.

      I come running out of the garage, naked, running around the corner where I was bowling from earlier. I try and put my underwear on, and end up putting them on, inside out. I do this with the pants also.
      There's guy in his 20's that's near me. I have to decide to vote for him or Redfoo to be on the next show of XFactor. I tell the man that I will vote for him. The scene changes but the scenario is the same. I'm now at my house and I'm unsure on who I want to vote for. I think I tell Redfoo that I will vote for him also. I tell everyone that I'm voting. So I raise my hand and sway them back and forth towards the guys I'm needing to vote for/against. The man is giving Redfoo props on how good of a person etc he is. I believe it's a tactic to make him come across as a genuine nice person, which would lead for people to vote for him. Redfoo isn't too confident at this point and decides to walk into my room. I end up voting for Redfoo.
      I run outside into the backyard to tell the other judges what the end voting was. I tell them that Redfoo won, which is a lie. I see Ronan Keating, and he doesn't believe me.

      Side Notes
      I woke up from this dream feeling pretty emotional. I was second guessing if something was going to happen to my brother, due to some of my dreams coming true in the passed. I do a bit of EFT to take the edge off.
    14. Drugged Up Police Chase, Familiar Faces (19.9.14)

      by , 09-20-2014 at 12:57 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm with Josh and I have some pre-workout. I meet up with Daryl and he seems to be excited that I have taken some pre-workout. He opens up a wrapper which has some kind of narcotic in it. I seem pretty amped up from the pre-workout and go straight in for a dip of speed.

      We're now driving and a police car begins chasing us. Daryl is driving and he doesn't stop for the cop, instead he tries to flee. I tell him he's an idiot and that he should stop the car. There's a few times where we almost get captured but we seem to get away each time. I recognize the street we're driving down, which is where my Auntie Rita lives.

      Eventually we get caught and end up in some kind of venue. I think it's a TAB (Betting Place). There's cops around us and we try to swindle a deal so we can get off the charges. The charges consist of illegal betting and driving offenses. We pay back the TAB what we took from them, and ask how much extra do they want to drop the charges. I think we're looking at 1,200 or maybe a bit more. We agree with the price. There's two cops which seem to be corrupt, definitely one of them for sure. He's bald. We can see a bowl of cocaine which belongs to the police officer, and Josh decides to have a dip. The corrupt cops tells Josh that it's baking soda or something and laughs. I think he was having us on, and that it was actually cocaine.

      I remember seeing a scene of the cop being behind a door. The door timber looks brittle and myself and the cop are ripping the timber off of it.

      I'm now at some other house, doing something. I can see a kid.

      Another scene of being at a house. I can see the same kid as before. I see a scene of a mansion and a guy inside it. He's the owner of the house. I move closer to the scene and notice the guy in a bed with multiple females. The whole bed is plain white. The man is under the covers with one of the females. They seem to be hugging one another, while the rest of the females are getting pedicures while browsing on a laptop. The pedicure is being done by some type of machine, which runs automatically.

      The scene begins to fly through the house into the backyard. The backyard has lots of people and looks lavish. I can see some weird stuff. There's a few toilets which are lined up next to each other. They move back and forth across the garden.
      I walk over to a track that long jumpers run down to perform their leap. There's a car that looks similar to a remote controlled car. It's going back and forth on the track. At first I thought it was going to run straight into me, but stops just in time.

      Dream 2

      I'm at a beach and I can see Daryl, Thomo and some other person. They're near a volleyball net. I can see a group of people coming towards me in the distance. They look familiar. I remember that Thomo is having his bucks party and that I can't attend. I think about what I can say to him, and feel I should tell him I can't afford it. The group of people arrive where I am, and I'm greeted by most of them. One of them looks like Jamie Smyth and he is so happy to see me. We hug one another.

      I'm now at the local football oval, standing where you sit to watch it. I see the group that I saw earlier here. They're heading to a beach. A name is announced, and that person is the first to go in the water. It ends up being a kid. He doesn't want to be the first one to go in.
      I grab a cup and piss in it. I walk with the cup over towards some people. I pretend to drink it to gross them out.

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    15. Mir Destroys Cormier, Naked Bike Rider, The Apprentice (17.9.14)

      by , 09-17-2014 at 02:25 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm watching an MMA fight against Frank Mir and Daniel Cormier. It's not in an octagon like majority of MMA, but in a boxing ring instead. Frank Mir doesn't look 100% like him. To my surprise, Frank is beating Daniel up. Daniel isn't looking right, he's turtling up as if he has stomach cramps. Frank feels like he's given enough punishment to Daniel and is looking confused on why they're still fighting due to Daniel not looking as if he wants to fight. Frank turns his back to him to allow the ref to stop it. I see a scene replay a few times of someone turning their back and then throwing a spinning back kick to the opponent to surprise them. I think to myself that maybe Daniel will attack Frank as he turns his back, but he doesn't end up doing so.

      I'm now at my old house and I decide to rewind the fight and see exactly what happened to Daniel to make him react in such a way. I find the part im looking for and see that Frank hits Daniel with a devastating blow to the body. I see my brother come into the lounge room and I try and talk to him, but I sound as if I have severe brain damage (errrrghhghgh) lol. Dad is with me and we talk about something.

      Dream 2

      I'm riding my bike through a park. As I turn into a street I realize that my shorts and underwear are down to my knees. I try and pull them up while still riding. I find this difficult to do.
      I hear voices of someone saying that they're going to sue me due to riding around naked. They said there family, including kids and grand parents saw me. I reach the park again and I see a man
      running across the park straight towards me. He's wearing what looks like a Nike T-Shirt that Josh wears to the gym. He's running very fast. I make a get away on my bike, feeling worried
      that I will ride into a dead end, giving him a chance to catch me. My thoughts race again, I'm now thinking about if I was to reach a mans house for hiding that if I was to lie to him
      and tell him I lived at shore street, that maybe the guy who was chasing me would ask where I lived, going there and realising its a false address. I was worried that the man might take it out on the guy helping me.

      Dream 3

      I'm outside in an open area with huge tree's near me. I am being trained for something. My master jumps up into the big tree and purposely disturbs the birds. A whole lot of cocktails are now coming our way. Master tells me to run, so I head towards some kind of underground hide out. It's sticking outside the ground a bit, allowing you to enter through the small opening. I reach the hideout and have a look behind me and can see the birds coming towards me, but I wait for the last few seconds before they approach before I enter the hide out. I enter the hideout through a hole. It's like a drain hole. I try to put the lid on the hole but struggle for a few moments before eventually getting it on. I'm now inside the hideout, looking at a few doors. I think about going into one of them but decide not to.

      I'm now in a lounge room with some people. I think my master is here, and he's looking at a phone of mine. He tells me it's the enemies and I explain that I defeated him and decided to make it mine. Master tells me that he was dumb founded when he first saw the number come up on his phone. Master decides to hack the phone to try and get some information off of it. He plugs a lead into where you charge the iPhone. The phone begins going through the hacking process and I can see paper coming out the back of the phone, as if i was typing out on a type writer. I can see pictures of everything I've done on the phone, from seeing the volume go up and down etc. I begin to worry about pictures i don't want him to see. Mostly the pictures of my dick. The pictures are coming and going very quickly, but you can still make out what they are. I see a picture of someone holding their dick. There's multiple pictures so it's easily seen by master. I can now see pictures of me having sex with someone. The phone that's been hacked, now belongs to some female. Her boyfriend of husband, who's an AFL player, has seen the photos. He pushs her and is upset at her. I know it's my phone but I don't own up to it.

      Dream Fragment

      I can see the X Factor judges sitting at their judging spots. Dannii Minogue has a King Charles Cavalier dog in her lap. The dog was very good looking for that breed. I think to myself how much of a cutie Dannii is and that it made sense that she was
      holding a cute dog. Redfoo calling her as another name, I think to myself that it doesn't sound anything like Dannii and that maybe she has changed her name due to having a more appealing name.
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