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    CHiLLEN's Dream Journal

    1. Break In Distiller (16.8.15)

      by , 08-16-2015 at 02:09 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Break In Distiller
      I arrive at a house with REX and Bro. I sneak in the backyard and notice there's another dog. Both dogs are friendly to one another. I worry that i will lose sight of REX due to it being night time. I let both dogs out the front. REX is runs up the tree like a cat. I climb up and ladder to the top of a look out, which is near the tree, If not, the tree itself I'm worried about Rex getting down, so I unzip my jacket and zip it back up, this time with Rex under my jacket. I test the waters and see if I'll be able to get down backwards. It seems pretty sketchy due to the ladder not welded to the lookout. I fear the ladder will fall forward as I try and get onto it.
      I see the other dog, it's pretty overweight. It walks off out of my sight. Im worried that I have probably lost someone's pet. I look into the distance and see the beautiful city lights. I think I can see crown from here. I seem to think I'm in Nat's area code.

      I'm in the backyard and set up my water Distiller.

      I get inside the house, and I assume people are asleep. I'm trying to be quiet due to not wanting to get busted trespassing. I go inside and bedroom and look around.

      I see the family that lives their get up. I think they spot me outside, not realizing I had broke into their house. I'm in the kitchen with them. I can hear the Distiller going in the backyard, and worry that they may hear it. The wife goes through the bedroom that I was in earlier, and notices that something's have changed, but not enough to suspect anything.

      I'm packing up the distiller quietly, due to the backdoor being open and I can see the son of the family. He has a beard. I thought he may have caught me sneaking the distiller out of the backyard. I hide it under a car out of front. I'm looking at where I stashed it from a distance, and notice that one of the parts of the distiller is designed like a smiley face.

      I go back inside and I think the wife has realized I broke in or something. I make up an excuse that I'm homeless.
    2. Dance Competition (9.10.13)

      by , 10-12-2013 at 10:47 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I break in or break out of a house? I was with someone. We either got caught or told the owners of the house what had happened.

      I see a car pull up into the drive way next to us. There was some females and males in the car that were probably around my age (26). We all greeted each other, and one of the girls found me attractive, and asked if I had a twin. At first I thought she was talking about the cat I had, that I was holding onto.

      It starts to feel like it a party or a dancing competition, and I wasn't holding myself back from getting down and dancing. I was pulling off all the moves, feeling great.
      I started to act drunk as I was doing a strange dance, where I would be dragging my head against the pavement.

      I'm now in a dark room which had a DJ that has to pick out the best dancer here. I think I'm one of the finalists. I continue to dance and try taking this competition to another level. I'm feeling like the best dancer here, if not most flamboyant lol.

      I'm in another room where I see an ex girlfriends friend (Jess K), and a female DJ. I hear Jess say something about nik fish (DJ Nik Fish), that was getting played in the room. I look towards where the DJ is, and have a peak at her monitor, as I haven't heard nik fish's music in quite some time. The DJ notices me peeking at her monitor and hands me something.

      Nik Fish (Hardstyle Techno)

      I awaken.

      Dream fragment;
      I have Izzy and Charlie (My cats) with me, so they could help me with something.

      Charlie was out the backyard of my old house in blacks land, sleeping in a kennel.