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    CHiLLEN's Dream Journal

    1. Ronda Attraction (14.8.15)

      by , 08-14-2015 at 01:50 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Ronda Attraction
      I'm at a basketball stadium and I'm sitting on one side of the caught and
      some other girl is on the other side talking to someone. I begin playing basketball with a football. Ronda joins in with a young kid. We're taking it in turns, but I'm getting skipped quite a bit. I throw a bit of banter at Ronda. She's not the best at shooting a football through a hoop. I feel there's attraction and sexual tension between us. I look at the game getting played next to us. They have swags and back packs on their backs as they're playing. I think it's a theme game or something. I tell Ronda that they're swags and she says "as they?"

      I'm at my house I just bought and I show Ronda the swag that they may be using. I get another rush of attraction towards us. I'm a little shy, as i don't like to make the first step. The house is near blacksland. I see a dog that is the same breed as REX. I think to myself maybe REX followed me somehow. I go outside, it's like in in a camping area. The dog comes over to me and I don't think it's REX. It looks too skinny. I think maybe he's just lost at lot of weight trying to find me. I put my arms around it a bit and it starts biting my arm. I think to myself that it's probably a feral dog, and may have rabies or something. The dog bite itself didn't hurt though, even while it was biting me. It was more the shock of it biting me. I think about putting urine on it to heal it.

      I'm near some kind of device that does something amazing. Its got a lot of meaning behind it. I try attaching a light on it, but it won't stick too well.
      Some people come over and rearrange things. I can't seem to il find the device.

      I see Jane eating at a table. I hear her offer a chip. At first I think she's talking to me, but soon realized, it was probably to who she was eating with. I walk inside and see a few chips on the bench. Jane mentions something about maybe having some Distilled water.

      Dream Fragment
      I'm at home and I'm with dad and bro. Dad says something about not watching shit on TV, and only watching cooking and something else.

      I see a scene of a mother cat sitting on a couch, watching their kittens play. One of the mothers is purring. There's a cat freaking out over a lead on the ground.
    2. Hired Trailer (25.7.14)

      by , 07-25-2014 at 01:11 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Recorded at 9.00am

      I'm at old house with Dad, Jane and Tim. A TV infomercial is on TV. It's explaining about water distillers, but not getting into the proper benefits that'll catch your attention. Either Jane or Tim look as if they're intrigued on what they just saw on the infomercial and wanted and dialled some numbers on their phone. As they're dialling the number, they change the channel on the TV to horse racing. I then realise that they were calling up to put some bets on the horses.

      I'm with Dad and we're being chased my being with guns. I think I start to shoot back and forth with the enemies. I shoot someone near the stairs on the map with the tall wires above the map.

      Dad and myself are near the bottle-o near the settlement.

      We must have hired a trailer to transport something. It was a strange set up. Dad had to sign some documents for for trailer. I was after some water for my veggie shake and didn't really want to request distilled water in particular as not everyone drinks it. Dad speaks up for me and says that he only drinks distilled water. One of the men says he's we have rain water and goes off and fetches it for me. I'm stoked that he has some rain water but start to think about it's purity and how long it's been sitting there. There's also a huge tub of rain water sitting in the garden. It doesn't look the freshest as it looked to have a whiteness to the surface. The man hands me a small bucket of his freshest water which looked clear. My cut up veggies fall into the garden and I pick them out and put them back In my blender cup. I worry that the veggies would be extremely dirty but i put them in anyways. I pour the water into the cup and fill it up to much. I see the man come over and put a container of water back inside a container of water. I try to do the same as i finish doing what I was doing and feel a little confused and clumsy trying to do what he did.

      I walk over to the table and see that Dad who looks like I Sabrina from the talent show The Voice (Australia). I notice that he's done about half of the form. The form was like a rating system but was a little strange they way it was set out.

      Dad must have been upset when asked to come back down to the office to go over some final things to do with the trailer. He didn't do it and just wanted to go. The men were not happy about this and I think we started getting chased again like earlier (or what happened earlier with the gun fighting was actually this, not sure).

      Dream Fragment:
      A little girl shows me her phone and what she had just searched for on safari. I show her my phone browser, which has the exact same thing she searched for. She become a little upset thinking that I checked her phone without asking for her permission. I felt as if I had a 3rd eye moment.

      Side Notes:
      I need remember to take my time and think about the dream I just had for more then 10-15 seconds. I usually just fall back asleep expecting that I won't remember it.