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    CHiLLEN's Dream Journal

    1. Assistant Kitchen Hand, Scared Of The Track People (10.8.15)

      by , 08-10-2015 at 02:06 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Assistant Kitchen Hand
      I'm at the pools, and I'm seeing some people that I'm with.

      I'm in a house now and see some people I know. I open the door for people. One of them is Sira Hunt. I'm sitting down on a couch and people are talking about meditation. I ask her how she meditates with the issues she has. She says it's hard but gets it done. I try to get more information out of her. I sit next to the girl and we start talking lucid dreaming. I ask her if she has had DEILD's before and that I use that method. She breaks down because she misses lucid dreaming so much and can't seem to have them anymore.

      I'm in a toilet doing something. A few people try to use it, but realize I'm using it. I'm pissing where I'm not supposed to, but can't find the bowl.

      Im in a kitchen and there's a guy cooking. I'm assisting him, but a little confused. He asks me to chop up some things. I can only see butter knifes laying around the kitchen. I wait for him to finish using the sharp one. He gives me the knife and i ask him what to do again.
      Later on he hands me a massive knife which is like a magnet. It sticks to food. He demonstrates on a piece of metal, which makes me feel gitty due to the sound.
      He tells me he bought it online and myself and another girl get into a debate over the pros cons of buying items online. The scene changes to outside as we continue convocation. I see Daryl and tell them that Dazza bought flights online. The guy cooking says he did too, it was a trip to Japan. The girl thinks it's silly what we have done.

      A lot more people begin arriving and it looks as if we're about to do group performances. I see a group come out doing dancing. It's looking like they're lip synching.

      I'm becoming confused about how to unlock my phone. I try the passcode that I'm sure is right, but it gets denied. I turn phone off and on which does the trick for allowing more chances at guessing the passcode. I was worried that I would puck my phone. I notice that upon restarting phone, that the phone itself is unlocked. Later on I figure out my code.

      Scared Of The Track People
      I'm riding my bike down the side shortcut that gets u to my high school (beside the highway) it's very dark and can't see too well as I'm riding. I see a muddy section up ahead and decide to power through it. I see some cars parked down the side of where I'm riding. I come to a stop because I see a group of people at the end of the track. I have a bad feeling about going through, so I turn back. I reach to the start of where I came from and need to get my bike in my car somehow or figure something else out. The car is In between a few trees which make me nervous about getting it out. I think to maybe roll my car out, but decide to get it out normally I think. I park it next to a big motor home. I felt that I was getting very close to it and would hit it if I'm not being careful. I begin walking back to where my bike is and I see a lady in her house. She looks to be meditating while standing next to a bar. She spots me and stops what she was doing. I notice that she has a family also, they're at the kitchen table. I'm near my bike and I need a piss. I check a spot out that's looking into a bedroom. I take the risk and just as I undo my buckle I see a girl walk into the room. I try to play it cool and wave to her and walk away.
      All the people that were down the end of the track are going back to their cars etc. They're older men, which seem pretty harmless. They ask why I don't fish down there, and I respond by telling them that the area is known for trouble and decided to steer clear.
      Tags: food, passcode, pool
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Marleigh & Steve Show Love, Keeping It In The Family (9.8.15)

      by , 08-09-2015 at 01:38 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Marleigh & Steve Show Love
      I'm watching the cricket and we r looking like we are going to lose. I see a message from Daryl with some dates and photos. 1 of the dates is an old dooms day date. So I figure he's meaning that there's a dooms day coming. I see a game which looks similar COC. The elixir storage looks like a asteroid impact. I see Mum around the house. I think we fight back in the cricket and it gets rained off. It's a relief as I thought we would lose for sure. I begin seeing a scene of Marleigh and Steven having interment Moments in the bed room. Marleigh looks pregnant and has put on a lot of excess weight. Steven is trying to move her onto of him. The other scene is of Steven putting his dick in her. He's dick looks a bit soft and fat. The videos are for anyone to watch as they show it as a sign of love, not fucking.

      Keeping It In The Family
      I'm in a swimming facility, and I see a amputee swimming. Dana White encouraging the kid. Somehow they're creating waves in the pool, allowing the kid to catch a wave for a brief moment. He wasn't able to swim in a straight line. He kept moving into other lanes. There's another guy that catches a wave all the way to the other end. At first I though was going to catch it all the way into the wall. I see that there's some dogs in the pool, and One of the dogs is unsure of the water. It's making odd noises, which is getting the attention of one of the other dogs. It might have been its mother or father, cause it was looking concerned. The dog looked to be walking on water, but was walking on the lane rope instead. The dog walks towards me and is still walking on water. I think to myself that the dog would have to sink sooner or later. The dog ends up looking more and more comfortable in the water.

      I get into the water and I swim over to my cousin Rach, who I'm dating. I feel a bit awkward due to others reactions. I swim over to Kayley and Daniel. I bring up that i don't care what other people think about me dating my cousin. Daniel asks me a question which finishes early, so I don't fully understand what he's saying. I ask him again what he meant.

      I walk outside and Mum is waiting for me to pick me up. She's in the XR6.

      Dream fragment
      Cousin Rach asks me if I still do Lem sip. I tell her I do and haven't been sick in a year and a half
    3. Caught With My Pants Down (28.10.13)

      by , 10-29-2013 at 03:22 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I'm at a random house which is suppose to be my Uncle and Auntie B&R's house. I've moved in and living with them.

      I'm at the table and I feel a touch from someone around my crouch area. I look under the table and that someone is playing footsies with me. I don't know who is doing it, but it's a turn on. I think it's someones mother that is doing it?[/B] [B]I think to myself, this is definitely flirting and I want to capsulize on it. I don't see anyone around so I pull my cock out of my pants and start to imagine her pulling me off. I'm full blown horny around this point. I look through a window and notice a man looking slightly to the side of me. He's wearing glasses, which makes it hard to tell if he was looking in my direction. I feel embarrassed that he probably caught me pulling. I now see another man looking through another window, staring right at me. He's also wearing glasses, which are aviators.

      R&B are back from shopping. I head back outside and I see a massive pool which is filled with ducks and birds. I have food with me, and throw them pieces of carrot. The ducks go straight for the carrot but as they try it, they quickly spit it out. I see a duck which is bigger than a normal duck. It's looking a little deformed, as it's laying on its back, looking like it's doing a sit up. I knew about a turtle which was in the pool and I see it coming towards my way at a decent speed. It launches itself out of the pool not too far from me. It doesn't look like a turtle, it looks like a small similar to an elephant but deformed looking. I see loose skin drooping down from it's chin area. It walks towards me and throws me in the pool, taking me for a ride at high speeds. It doesn't take long to get to the other side of the pool. He drops me off beside the pool.

      I'm back inside the house and I tell my brother and R&B about my experience in the pool.

      Bruce asks me if I'm able to purchase another news paper each day, because he keeps forgetting to take it with him when he goes out, and want's one that stays in the car at all times. I tell him it's a waste of money and to try and remember to bring it with him. I start to think to myself, how much a paper is. I think it's over $2 but then remember it's like $1.80. I walk over to an oven where Rita is cooking something. Someone offers me some food, and I check the label for gluten. It's peanuts which don't have gluten in them, but this brand did.
    4. A Sick Mother/Tour De France

      by , 09-16-2013 at 04:22 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Semi Lucid - red text

      I was with my Mum. She was recovering from a heart attack and was still affected by the attack. I had noticed that her speech, motor skills, and her memory were below average. Mum wanted to play some pool. She hit a pool ball off the table. The table wasn't meant for pool and had no pockets or walls to keep balls in play. I said to her this isn't a pool table, how about we play on the actual pool table next to it. Mum was getting a bit angry at herself, that she was confused and still sick.

      I was in another room. Mum and myself were up inside a air duct or something similar to it. I saw a scene in front of me, showing what had happened in this exact spot before. It had left shadows behind. The shadows looked liked a MMA fight, where another man was kicking the other man. I could now see Chris Weidman, he was also a UFC fighter. He was trying to levitate or lift himself up out of an awkward position. He was really trying hard to do so.
      Time traveling-chris-weidman.jpg
      Chris Weidman.

      [Scene changed]

      I could see a scene of people riding in the Tour de France. It was a slippery track, as some riders were falling off their bikes. Some riders fell, got back up and fell not long after.

      I was now in the scene, riding in the race. I was a bit behind. I think I had fell earlier also. I heard some commentary being played, explaining why no one takes the short cut exit up ahead. They said it was more difficult then going through the normal track. I had to take a gamble and decided to take the short cut. The short cut looked as if it was a jumping castle. I rode around a couple corners, and was now faced with a tight gap. The gap couldn't fit a bike, so I had to slide down it with my body only. It was starting to become tighter and tighter as I was getting claustrophobic. I felt semi-lucid at this point, knowing that it was just a dream and I could end it at any point if things got too much for me. I felt the scene about to fade and was ready to DEILD, but I gave up after such a short period. I wanted to write this strange story down instead.
    5. Allan's complex

      by , 09-08-2013 at 04:01 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      It was daytime.

      I was indoors, and saw a little pool. It was double the size of a little kiddies pool. It was filled with spring water to treat people with Eczema (I saw a story on the news a few nights ago about this).

      I think this place was owned by UFC fighter Allan Belcher. I was looking to go to the toilet and I saw a few cubicles to choose from. I sat down on the toilet and was having a shit. The toilet I was sitting on did not have any walls around it, so anyone could see me. A friend of mine was in front of me, looking on his phone. There was also a guy to the side of me. He was showing me how to set your iPhone to low power, and set the right settings for me. I handed the phone to Josh, because it was his phone.

      I think this was a dream I previously had during the night, and remembered it while trying to remember the dream I had just woken up from.