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    CHiLLEN's Dream Journal

    1. Stained Carpet (7.8.15)

      by , 08-07-2015 at 03:29 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Stained Carpet
      I'm at my House and I see some footage of Eddie having sex with some girl. Shes above average in looks. Eddies dick looks dark brown and well endowed. Eddy is in Dave's room, which is eddies now. Ed asks for a drink and I go get one for him. I fill it up in a small glass that doesn't fit much in it. Someone is with me helping me through the process. The liquid looks weird, as it's looking like its overlapping each other. I take it to Eddy and notice a bad stain on the carpet. I stress out wondering how to clean it. Someone says to use a method where u clean it from underneath the floor boards. I ask about normal method of just dabbing it with a wet cloth.

      Im at the park in marinda. Im with a group of people that are complaining about the stain. They're looking to take the other person to court over it. I check the stain again and it's fine. The writing near the stain has been modified a little and is off its angle a bit. I change my mind and want to tell them that we should just let it be and not sue. I see a warehouse. I'm trying to find faults in it. I see a tire sticking out a bit and a few bumps in places. Another group is next to us and they are warming up for something by saying chants. I imagine getting out group to do same thing.

      I rock up at a house with brother. See Ron and older gentleman and someone else across the road. They're in garage sitting at a table drinking beverages. I give them a wave. I walk into the house we arrived and see Nat on the couch. Dave tries waking her up, and I join in and tug on her legs. Dave tells me not to do it, as she might get upset. Now Dave talks to one of a girls. I think a lot of these people are gay. I see 2 good looking girls come in, I think they're lesbians. One of the girls asses looked really small. I sit down on couch with my bro and the others. Bro tells me that we'll go soon due to thinking that I wouldn't want to be there due to everyone being gay. I say I'm cool with that, as I'm not anti gay. A guy sits next to me and pushes me into my chair a little. I say I recognize him. He tells me that he knows I recognize him because I wanted to beat him at anything. He's wearing a suit and looks important. Except his head looks a little big. He offers to challenge me at something. He explains the first step that is 5 draw poker. He says he's really good at poker. I feel I'm weak at anything that's not hold em poker. I see scene of cards, explaining the game

      Dream Fragment
      I'm sitting down at a school desk and Jane is the teacher. I think there's only myself and 1 other. I see text in my vision. It's got a few fruit emojis in the text. The emojis are spaced out oddly, so I correct them. Jane give a lecture on the reason why middle age women are not able to fall pregnant. She explains that it's in the mind and that young women don't seem to have that problem.
    2. Ape Territory, Blinded Kick, Dead Mans Letter (11.8.14)

      by , 08-11-2014 at 04:31 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - 3:45 am

      I'm in a car with friends driving through a rocky area, which has at least 50+ apes on the side of the road. They look a decent size and pretty muscular. I mention to my friends about the muscularity of them.

      We're walking up a narrow path when I see man on a Harley Davidson. His back wheel seems to be a lot smaller in size but makes up for if in width. It's very thick compared to the front wheel. I tell my friends that the fire looks weird and they pretty much tell me what I thought about the width, thickness.

      We reach the top of the path which has a lot of trees and more paths. I begin to follow Daryl and Germain as we move through the Forrest. I keep losing them as I reach a cross roads and have to figure out the correct direction by feel and logic. This happens a few times.

      We're now inside a toilet which looks upper class and doesn't have a toilet type of feel to it. I see a container with food in front of me and I roll some up and put it in my mouth. It looks strange, I don't know what it was. I think it was Germain's food. I yell out to Germain who is still in the cubicle about how they kept getting too far out in front and that I had to guess the direction. Germain doesn't answer back and I assume he didn't hear me. The food now looks like mince meat. I ask Daryl if he had eaten and he says yes. Germain leaves the cubical and starts explaining the track so i wouldn't get lost again. He says there's only one more left turn to do.

      I see my cousin David in the toilet and he's near the long seats. He wants myself and Germain to sign a card which will confirm that we're going to my other cousins wedding in SA. It's $300 accommodation if we attend. Germain signs his name in big writing. I follow suit and sign and leave a xox at the bottom.

      Friends and I are now in a car waiting for something. I see a car with no roof in front of us. It's got people in it from my AFL team that I follow. The scene is still. One of the players that I remember is Goldsack. I tell the fellas to check out who's in the car in front of us.

      I see a scene of another player, Steel Sidebottom. He's in the same car but has 2 Chinese women in the front seats. Both women have funky colors in their hair. He is in the headlines at the moment due to getting caught getting a head job off the girls.

      I see a few team members in a musical singing.

      Dream 2 - 7:45 am

      I'm at a school with my brother and few other people I know. My brother seems to be drunk and begins to start intimidating a guy I know Daniel Jons. Brother eggs on Daniel by telling him to come on and gets into a fighting stance. They're now face to face with brothers back to the wall, when Daniel performs a high kick to my brothers head. It almost knocks my brother out and he's very unsteady on his feet. I get up and try and calm everyone down. Brother can't see and he's eyes look messed up. He has 2 different colored eyes and has darkish bags under his eyes as if he was extra tired.

      We walk David home. On the way home we go through the car park at the parkway shopping center. I remember seeing Daniel drive down our estate where we live. He was driving a black lambo. I tell my brother that we may see Daniel again while walking home.

      We're looking for a bin for some reason and are walking in the middle of the road. I see a car come towards us which has something long connected to the back of the car, like a trailer. It comes pretty close to us when driving passed. I check the map to see if there's any sign of a bin close by. I couldn't anything that indicates a bin being close by. I bail on the fellas and head home.'

      I'm at my old house and I hear my brother explaining what happened to him to our Dad. He gives the wrong story of what happened and I but in and explain what really happened, explaining that he was drunk and started the trouble.

      Dream 3 - 8:50 am

      I'm outside trying to 1x scope with the sniper. I'm sneaking passed and up to certain enemies.

      I'm now walking around a building in a narrow area. It's a shaded area with trees in my view. I see an enemy with his back to me. I think he's trying to fix his gun. I line my gun up at him and try and focus the red laser dot on his head, but it seems rather faint and i can't really see it. Even know I'm only a few meters away i don't trust my aiming without the aid of the laser. The enemy begins to turn around and I quickly bail around the corner but thought he may have heard the noise I made of my feet rustling on the ground as I quickly moved around the corner. I brace myself for the enemy to come around the corner and ready to fire if I have to. I see the enemy come into scene and I shoot him 3 times hip firing, killing him. I see that the enemy has some paper scrunched up in his hand. I'm worried if I open his hand up and grab the paper that I will leave finger prints or some kind of evidence against me at the site. I think I open his hands up and get the paper out of his hands. I begin to realize this is weird and has to be a dream or it seemed very dream like but I wake up before I figure it out.

      Dream Fragment:

      people are trying to figure out why something is happening or why they're not having the right results. They think it may due to the filthy bed. The stains on the mattress.
    3. Drug Smuggler

      by , 10-04-2013 at 12:46 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I love messed up dreams like this.

      I remember seeing a scene where there was people doing psychedelics in a rest room. All they had to do was stand in a puddle outside of a cubical and that would give them the tripping sensation.

      I was trying to smuggle drugs into a school for a group of people. I made my way through my home town, remembering walking up to at least the paint shop.

      I reached the school and made my way to the toilets. I went inside the cubical and a guy was in there with me. He was explaining to me what was going to happen when it came to the drugs. He explained that we needed to have certain coloured poo in the toilet bowl, all from light to dark poo. I think I had already had a poo in the toilet earlier. I don't remember seeing other people have a poo in the toilet, but there was now 5 poo's. The guy was explaining to me about how we got the different coloured poo. He said something about being active in sports? I looked into the bowl and noticed that the 5 poo's mostly looked different, some not so different.

      I think the door was open the whole time, and I bought out the drugs that were in my pocket, and placed it on top of the toilet, near the flush buttons. A guy that was involved with us, was standing outside the cubical, gave me a look of disbelief. He couldn't believe I would pull drugs out, so anyone who walked passed could see what we were doing (I think I recognised him, Ash R's mate?).
      Someone must have alerted authorities about the drug use, and we were tipped off. I was told that we were probably going to be patted down as we left the building, so I put the drugs down near my ass. I could feel it there, and thought it may have been sticking out a bit.

      As I was leaving with someone, we were confronted with doors. As I went through the door, it was a similar area to where I had just come from. It was as if we were in a maze and had to choose correctly to leave the area.
      I remember a Chinese guy, he was quite tall and had the look of a mob boss. I think he may have been after the drugs?

      I reached stairs, that were very steep. As I worked my way down them, I noticed police man on both sides. There was 3 police man on my side and I had a problem passing them. I think they were willing to let me passed.

      Dream fragment:
      I saw an Echidna laying on it's back. I could see it's stomach, as it was trying to get upright.
      Bet NONE of YOU have ever done this!!!!  =P-echidna.jpg
      Echidna - I don't think I ever remember seeing an Echidna on it's back, but it was very similar to the second picture.
    4. The Chase

      by , 09-25-2013 at 08:24 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was at range bank school, and I saw 2 famous people which were doing a comedy act on the basketball court. I think one of the guys was topless, holding a guitar. I was lining up with other people, trying to get out of the school. We were all shoulder to shoulder.

      Night time.
      I eventually got out of school, and looked to see where my Mum was parked, to take me home. I saw Luke B, and figured that Mum could take him home as well. He ended up leaving me and went across the oval. I started to walk back, thinking that I may have missed her car, as it was dark.

      Scene changed.

      I was trying to get out of a place and was faced with a large ramp, which was about 50 metres high. I pressed the button and it fell backwards on top of me. I crawled out from under it, I was pretty scared of what just happened.

      There was two guys which saw what had happened and figured they would take advantage of me. They started to chase me on their bikes, so I made a run for it. I think I had a bag on my back and a wallet in my pocket. I reached outside, which was the car park of the main shopping centre in my home town. I saw people in the distance and ran towards them hoping they could help me out. The path I was running on looked strange looking. Luckily, the bystanders helped me out, and chased away the thugs.

      I saw the ramp in front of me again, and tried to figure out how to bring it down, without falling on me. I had to figure it out quickly, as the thugs were in the distance and noticed me and headed in my direction. I heard a voice telling me how to do it. I was nervous to try out the controls, but took the gamble and it worked.

      The thugs were very close to me and I had to run to a safe location. I reached a petrol station and noticed I was naked and had only my back pack on.