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    CHiLLEN's Dream Journal

    1. Marleigh & Steve Show Love, Keeping It In The Family (9.8.15)

      by , 08-09-2015 at 01:38 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Marleigh & Steve Show Love
      I'm watching the cricket and we r looking like we are going to lose. I see a message from Daryl with some dates and photos. 1 of the dates is an old dooms day date. So I figure he's meaning that there's a dooms day coming. I see a game which looks similar COC. The elixir storage looks like a asteroid impact. I see Mum around the house. I think we fight back in the cricket and it gets rained off. It's a relief as I thought we would lose for sure. I begin seeing a scene of Marleigh and Steven having interment Moments in the bed room. Marleigh looks pregnant and has put on a lot of excess weight. Steven is trying to move her onto of him. The other scene is of Steven putting his dick in her. He's dick looks a bit soft and fat. The videos are for anyone to watch as they show it as a sign of love, not fucking.

      Keeping It In The Family
      I'm in a swimming facility, and I see a amputee swimming. Dana White encouraging the kid. Somehow they're creating waves in the pool, allowing the kid to catch a wave for a brief moment. He wasn't able to swim in a straight line. He kept moving into other lanes. There's another guy that catches a wave all the way to the other end. At first I though was going to catch it all the way into the wall. I see that there's some dogs in the pool, and One of the dogs is unsure of the water. It's making odd noises, which is getting the attention of one of the other dogs. It might have been its mother or father, cause it was looking concerned. The dog looked to be walking on water, but was walking on the lane rope instead. The dog walks towards me and is still walking on water. I think to myself that the dog would have to sink sooner or later. The dog ends up looking more and more comfortable in the water.

      I get into the water and I swim over to my cousin Rach, who I'm dating. I feel a bit awkward due to others reactions. I swim over to Kayley and Daniel. I bring up that i don't care what other people think about me dating my cousin. Daniel asks me a question which finishes early, so I don't fully understand what he's saying. I ask him again what he meant.

      I walk outside and Mum is waiting for me to pick me up. She's in the XR6.

      Dream fragment
      Cousin Rach asks me if I still do Lem sip. I tell her I do and haven't been sick in a year and a half
    2. Body Surfing In Thailand (18.7.15)

      by , 07-18-2015 at 11:19 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Body Surfing In Thailand
      I'm with Daryl in Thailand. We're on a beach and its night time. I see a car in the parking lot and some dude is fucking some Asian girl. He is having sex with her while standing up. I walk towards the water and see Shonnie and his partner. It's not his real partner. This girl is a pretty Asian. I hear her say that the water is a bit cold as she goes deeper. I get in and check for myself. I'm surprised she thought it was cold because I was loving it. We decide to go out deeper. Daryl is with us as we swim out. Daryl says there's a bit set coming through. I swim towards the shore to try and catch one of the waves. I begin body surfing the wave with Daryl. It feels awesome. It has a different feel to it, so smooth. I thought I was going to collide with Daryl but I Maneuvered out of his way. The wave takes me all the way onto the shore. I eject off the wave onto the sand in a standing position. I tell Daryl that I body surfed it all the way to shore, but he doesn't believe me.

      I have a small Asian girl with me and we're standing at a deli looking for some food to buy. The girl starts touching the glass, which the girl behind the counter didn't like. I put the Asian girl on my shoulders. I feel a bit uncomfortable due to this girls age. I feel that they're thinking I'm a pedophile or something. I order quite a bit of food, which all looks good. I think at some point I feel as if I'm dreaming and it didn't matter what I ate, but don't take advantage of the thought, and continue the dream as normal. I order a few things multiple times.

      Im in a room just off the beach. A competition just finished, which was of women's surfing. There were 2 rival girls who were not too fond on each other. I see Germain and I have a chat with him. I ask how footy is going. He says that his teams not playing the best. I say that he's team won the flag last year right? He replies with a yes. I have a feeling Germain doesn't really want to talk much.

      Scores from the women's competition are being read out and it's very tight. It looks as if the girl I'm not wanting to win is going to win. To my surprise the last judge gave a great score to the one I wanted to win, which got her the victory. The loser is upset and has sour grapes. I see 2 posters on the wall and the loser writes her thoughts on he decision down on the poster. I feel like it's bad sportsmanship. I feel like writing something under her text.
    3. Party In Franga (15.09.14)

      by , 09-15-2014 at 07:50 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I'm at my old house in Franga. There seems to be a party going on and Jamie Lenton is chasing me around the house, throwing some kind of discs at me. One of them hits me in the back and I feel a bit of pain, but I over exaggerate the pain, and act as if he got me good so he would stop throwing them. I start chasing him now and throwing them at him.
      I walk into a bedroom looking for him, and find that he's on the bed with 2 others. The 2 others looked as if they had just finished having sex. The girl looked like the type that would sleep with you at a drop of a hat. They all leave the room and I sit on the bed and talk to a female for a few moments before walking towards the door to leave. I have a balloon in my hand and let the air out as I leave, making a noise with it. I find this funny.

      I walk into another area of the house and see that Josh is with a blonde female. They seem to be sucking helium balloons. I walk passed them and see that there's some balloons hanging from the shelf above the heater. Some are deflated and others are still blown up.

      I'm now outside and I see some people going on a over sized bike, which seats 3 people. It's a 3 wheeler. I see a gate that's blocking my path, and I make my way through the door. I see Jamie again and he's a bit hypo. Jamie throws a bomb towards me, and he expects it to be too heavy for me to catch. I know it's light and catch it with ease. Jamie now has an even bigger bomb in his hand, and I realize that it's too big to handle and I make a run for it. I make my way onto the side of the road. I brace myself for an explosion, and know the radius of the explosion so I gather I'll be safe. It explodes and a few people are caught in the explosion. They get flung a couple meters backwards, but I think they'll be OK. I look into the sky and see a massive cloud which the bomb has produced. Around the boarder of the cloud, there looks to be intense burning going on, as if it's burning through the ozone layer. There's a guy beside me and I complain to him about what's going on, and say that Jamie's going to fuck this planet up with shit like this. I figure that it might produce a black hole and will suck us all into it. I tell the guy we need to do something about it, like ban him. The guy agrees with me.

      I'm now walking towards my old house and I see Daryl Grandmother walking back towards the taxi which is parked out the front of the house. I run towards her but she doesn't recognize who I am and thinks I may have bad intentions. She kind of rushes towards the drivers side door. There was no driver in the taxi, she must have been driving.

      Dream Fragment

      I'm in a public toilet. I see a TV screen which is showing Ash Mcgril under water with some of her friends. One of her boobs fully comes out of her bikini. Her boob looked perfect. I begin looking for the computer so I can get rip that video of Ash onto a computer. I figure i'll need to use Maxthon browser to do so. I walk into another area in the toilet. I almost slip over due to the floor being slippery. I see a computer in the room. It's monitor is the size of a plasma TV, which is mounted on the wall. On the screen is a game I usually play called Heroes of might and magic V. I see a disc on top of the computer tower, it's the game heroes of might and magic. I hear Daryl in one of the cubicals.
    4. Sex Crazed Maniac (Semi Lucid), House of Holes (1.8.14)

      by , 08-01-2014 at 01:37 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      (Not sure if this is a new dream or linked to the 2nd dream)
      Im outside with Josh and we're watching the neighbour do some yard work. I can see an excavator in the yard also. Josh mentions about the man not doing much of a good job and that the girl with him has a weird nose. I can now see 2 girls in the distance, who're wearing work clothes. I can now see one of the girls up close. I notice the nose of the girl which is like a shrek nose but still not bad looking. I start to feel sharp stomach pain which transitions from waking life into the dream.

      I'm in a house and I become semi lucid. I turn into a sex crazed maniac... Ugh, and can't control myself to stop and become proper lucid so I can try different things for a chance rather then chase some tail.. I see a women running away from me (don't blame her) and she's nude. I have intentions to have sex with her. I chase her down and wrap my arms around her from behind and start to feel her breasts. She has small cupped breasts and rub them and squeeze them. She isn't relaxing and still trying to break free but I am physically too strong for her. I man handle her and start to fuck her from behind. It feels little odd, as if I was too high up on her back and needed to find the right angle for penetration. It lasts for what feels like maybe 30 seconds before I wake up.

      Dream 2

      I'm with Daryl and Josh. We're walking through an area with a lot of people and someone throws a piece of tissue or rubbish at me. I pick if and throw if back as a joke. I think I throw if at a guy that didn't throw it at me for starters. I get a reaction from a group of the guys once I threw it. One of them chanted something similar to "ceiling to ground". They come towards me and pick me up and throw me to towards the ceiling and catch me as I come down. They repeat this process for about 10 seconds. This was all in fun.

      I leave the area and reach Daryl and Josh. They're in what looks likes a house or a restaurant. They're eating their dinners which is steak and veggies. I ask them about something to do with how I'll be able to get my food. Daryl gets up from the table and says that he's done eating. Im surprised due to the fact that Daryl truly loves his food and never leaves a scrap IRL. I ask him is that all you're going to eat? He gets my drift and says I could have it. Now a older lady comes over with her and offers hers. I feel like a burden now that everyone is sacrificing their food for me. Daryl's steak looked as if it hadn't been touch and was perfect looking in shape and colour.

      I'm outside with my brother and he goes over to next door to offer to fix things. He's knocking but getting no answer. I somehow make a noise or hear a noise which tricks my brother into thinking it's coming from inside the house. There's a large women in the garden and she spots me and asks what I'm doing. I feel as if she is suspicious of me and I tell her I'm looking to do some repairs on the house. She starts to get angry and points at the tool I have in my hand, when is an old looking chisel. She keeps insisting that what I have in my hand is going to be used for other purposes. I insist that it's for fixing things. I start feeling pretty defenceless in the convocation.

      I think the lady tries to catch me out as if she knew I was bullshitting to her, and invites me inside to have a look at things. I walk inside and it's very dark. I see a light from a smart phone around a corner where a man around my age is laying in bed looking at his phone. I greet him and he thinks I've said something different to what I said and repeats it to me in a confused manner. Moments later he clicks on what I really said and greeted me back. As I look around the room I see major holes in the whole, some small and some big. A few of the holes were shape a human body as if someone had walked through it. It was a perfectly shaped hole of a human.

      I sit down on the couch with my brother and the man on the phone. The light are turned on now and I can see peoples faces properly. Myself and the man gets into a convocation. He looks to have long hair and some facial piercings. I get a feeling as if the man is maybe gay and attracted to me or maybe just wanted to be my friend. I tell him that I live next door and if he ever wanted to hang out to just come over.

      As we're leaving my brother kisses the man on the lips. I'm confused on how to approach this goodbye and go in for a hug. As I hug him he doesn't hug me back but instead shakes my hand as I'm hugging him. It's an all time award moment.

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    5. The Night Club (21.9.13)

      by , 09-22-2013 at 01:31 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was at Burger King but it was a night club. I was with a Ashman, Sugar Sisters(SS) and Mikkayla.
      I was waiting at the bar and the SS gave me a condom. They offered to put it on with their mouth. I don't remember putting it on, but I know that I was embarrassed for them to put it on me in case I got on an erection . I was standing at the peeing tray having a piss, and I noticed that the condom was on my penis. I saw others standing next to me having a piss also.
      I saw the the SS come in with a guy, they must have offered to put the condom on him. They went into a cubical and I peaked through the open door and noticed the guy have sex (Doggy Style), with one of the SS (Katie). The other sister (Lucy) was a bit embarrassed because we had seen what was going on in the cubical.
      One closer step to lifes meening?-sugar-sisters.jpg
      Big Brother - Sugar Sisters - Katie & Lucy
      One closer step to lifes meening?-mikkayla.jpg
      Big Brother - Mikkayla

      As I left the toilets, I noticed that the dance floor was empty and I wanted to get this party back up and running. I started jumping around and having a good time, to hopefully get others to join in. It worked, a lot of people gradually started coming onto the dance floor. I remember seeing Luke B.

      I noticed a couple workers, cleaning and packing up the area which sold food.

      We all had to leave due to the place shutting down for good. I was bummed out because it was close to home, and could get home easier. I heard that there was going to be a club taking over, except it would hold R&B nights. There was have a sign saying ''RB Nights''.

      I was now with Ben F, and a few others. We were headed home, and I offered to walk home because it wasn't too far away. They insisted to take my home but I wouldn't let them.

      Dream ended.
    6. I encounted my first Hypnagogic Hallucinations experience, and achieved my first DEILD. (4.9.2013)

      by , 09-07-2013 at 02:29 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      HH Experience.

      I woke up and I heard foot steps on the floor boards as if there was another dog in the house. It was walking up the passage way towards my bed room. I'm not too sure If I did this during or after the HH, but I put my hands under the blanket to see if my Dog was there, and he was. I was tripping out a little, not realising that this was a HH experience. I felt something jump onto my bed, and walk towards my back (Sleeping on my side). I was thinking to myself WTF? is this a ghost or something. I thought maybe it was my dog which passed away earlier this year, and that it may have been his spirit going through the house. I didn't even check if this had been a false awakening or if I could move at all. I was just observing what was happening and staying calm. I think I had drifted off to sleep not long after.

      DEILD (7.00 am)

      Time Lucid - 3 to 4 minuets
      Non lucid - grey text
      Semi Lucid - red text
      Lucid - blue text

      I had been training myself through mantras to stay still and keep my eyes closed for a few days. I was successful in doing this and focused for the DEILD attempt. I didn't really do much, except do nothing and wait. I could now see a scene of my bed room, as if I was seeing through my eyes. I knew that I wasn't awake due to the fact I had my sleeping mask on. The scene was vivid and had little speckles flouting through out my scene. I figured it was time to try and enter the scene. I tried to get my body up out of bed and did it!

      I didn't get too excited. I checked to see if I was dreaming and checked my hands (Had 6 fingers on each hand). Lucid! I left my bedroom and walked down the passage way and tried to turn the light on so that I could observe my house easier. To my surprise the light switch didn't work, which gave me even more confidence that I was dreaming.

      I went back towards my room and expected a girl in my bed room (Yes, my penis has got the better of me, once again.) I expected a girl called Tahan, she is a Big Brother Australia contestant. I looked around and noticed that the blanket was risen as if there was a body under there. I got under the blankets and felt a body. I grabbed a hold of her body and started to have sex with her. I couldn't see her face, as it was dark. I was having sex in a awkward position and for some reason, and didn't want to move too much, thinking that I may wake up.. My dog Rex tried jumping on top of the bed, so I pushed him down and continued having sex. I decided to do a couple reality checks that I wanted to test out. I tried pushing my tongue through the roof of my mouth, which didn't work. I heard of this reality check not long too long ago, where you block off your nasal passages so you can't breath. It worked! I will definitely add that to my hidden reality checks.
      I lent backwards so that Tahan could get into a better position, but unfortunately I woke up before I could finish.

      What. A. Night!