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    Mzzkc's Mind Games

    Hiya! Welcome to my inner sanctum. You'll find snacks and cookies on the left; the bathroom is on your right. Upstairs is where the scary things live. Don't go up there; I already called dibs.

    1. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 10-23-2010 at 11:09 PM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Familiar Places (DEILD)


      It's 1:30PM. I make a mental note of it before I start my session.

      WILD: Misfire
      A WILD puts me back in my house, though I'm far from home. Outside, several people are partaking in odd sporting activities. A young girl, for instance, is trying to playful blast her older brother with a Kamehameha. Attempting to intercept her translucent beam with my own, fiery and blue, I screw up and partially fry her head. Everybody goes back inside as things suddenly get very dark. . .

      DEILD: Creeper Teacher
      After waking, a DEILD tosses me into my room, and I'm confronted with an overbearing teacher at the foot of my bed, telling me what I can and can't do. Turns out she's a demon that wants to drag me to hell. I show her what's what, making use of my Katana and Super Strength, tying her in literal knots. After lugging her downstairs, in an effort to take her into the hot infernos, I wake.

      DEILD: Threads
      Another DEILD and I'm by my front door. I just lie there, surprised by my fortune, but something disrupts my zen moment as me and my dog, who was nuzzling me, get violently dragged across the floor. For some reason, there's a network of criss crossing strings scattered about my house, leading out the front door, where anyone can pull them. I cut the threads at their source, making note of the birthday decorations around my house's glass outer-door. It's still dark outside, so I venture into my court, touching our flag as I do. Without warning, a dark red, tricked-out car tries to run me over, but I jump on the roof and hitch a ride.

      Bored with the scene, still on the car, I start up a long range teleport and am soon thrust into a CoH club-like setting wherein I'm standing on a table, just like in the game. Reorienting myself, I discover this is a pumpkin smashing event a friend of mine is running. Not that interested, I leave, exiting into a dorm hallway. From there, I find Raven's room (because she obviously lives in this dorm), but it's occupied by a group of people playing Madden or some other football game, and I get escorted out by a half naked Aunt.

      Making my way through the building, looking for a good design on a wall or pillar to facilitate a portal, I come across my family who is on a tour of the area. Deciding to join them, we quickly end up in a place where a bunch of old Sci-Fi memorabilia is being showcased. William Shatner is there, too, and so is a “Time Machine” I could probably use to port out of there. I convince him to give us a test run of the contraption, but things go horribly, horribly wrong and Shatner is soon sprawled on the ground with several limbs missing. . .

      DEILD: Second Life
      Shatner is still here, along with C3PO, both limbless, comforting each other before their inevitable demise, as a group of “fans” looks on in awe. Reluctantly taking matters into my own hands, I heal them both with green energy, from said hands. Shatner is so overjoyed by my act of kindness that he takes me on a romp through the resort to a table where hundreds of sweets and pastries are laid out for my consumption. I spend the rest of the dream shoving as many delightful snacks into my mouth as I can muster.

      DEILD: Sharks? I'll Pass, Thanks
      The next one takes me into the back of some kinda Pizza Hut style restaurant. I break the large glass windows lining the walls to get outside, and quickly run into a blue haired girl that interests me. She's trying to avoid me, but I keep up with her using various travel powers. Noticing my abilities, as we walk along a busy boardwalk, she strikes up a conversation which is rudely interrupted by two heavy-set brothers. They have a bone to pick with me.

      I try not to fight them, I really do, but when they start to pick me up, in order to throw me into the shark infested water, I protest, utterly decimating them with my fists and feet. The final blows, which send them spiraling into the air, I follow with a large energy blast to make sure they won't bother us again. They don't, but neither do I get much time to chat with the girl. . .

      DEILD: Pocket Sized Adventures
      Pizza Hut again. Grabbing some grease laden pizza on my way out, I realize I'm in the same environment as last time. Maybe that girl is still hanging around. Exploring the green, partially industrialized, area, I eventually come across a different girl, much younger than the first, who wonders why I don't have a Pokemon adventure with my lucids. Letting her know I think it's an excellent idea, I toss out a Squirtle, my very first Pokemon.

      I contemplate doing everything from Squirtle's perspective, as I switch between his and mine, but decide against it. One of the girl's friends comes over and shows us her Fearow, which she uses to fly us all to a town hidden amongst the trees, of which I can't recall the name. Not that it matters; I wake up before we can land.

      Rubbing my temples, I look at the clock: 2:58PM.

      I need food. . .

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    2. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 03:10 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Something completely different.

      Still Holding On (Non-lucid)

      Placing the last bit of childhood memorabilia on the metal shelf, my assignment complete, I walked away fearing the worst. If the rumors were true, then the very essence of my childhood would soon be set ablaze by my platoon's sergeant. As the last of us finished up neatly arranging their most cherished possessions, the sergeant pulled out his flask of whiskey and began drenching the rows of precious memories with alcohol. When it ran out, he whipped out a lighter, lit it, and dropped it onto a nearby rack. A hot inferno shot up viciously and began to spread, consuming everything in its path.

      My fellow soldiers passively watched the blaze, but I wasn't going to have it. "Those Pokemon cards are worth money gorrammit!" With that, a commotion ensued. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to my cards through the throng of moving people and the fire, so I did the next best thing: pull them to me with TK. Reaching out my hand, I focused on the boxes of cards, trying to bring them to me. But it isn't until someone knocked into the shelf that I was able to free them from the fire, unscathed, using only the power of my mind.

      "Private! What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

      "Saving money!" I shouted back, disrespectfully.

      I ran off as everyone left the large, curved, window-lined, modern building. I'll show them. I'll meet them at the rendezvous point whether they like it or not.

      Exiting from the entrance, my view split off and I saw everyone else had already left in a small yacht. I took to to the air. My flight controls were slightly awkward, but I couldn't help thinking how impressed everyone would be once they saw I could fly.

      Making my way to the cylindrical tech station in the middle of the lake, I flexed my flight skills, showing off to no one in particular. When I did eventually reach the station, the sergeant proved speechless when confronted with my newfound abilities. Unfortunately, I screw it all up when I get too close to the water, hit it, and am unable to get back out.
    3. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 03:07 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Helping Out: It's What I Do (DILD)

      Flying toward my house, I spot Champion Cynthia, hovering over my court on a magic carpet. In the court itself are a myriad of Pokemon. High in the air I spotted a Lugia, Ho-oh, Flygon, and some others. The ones on the ground were less distinct, as were the ones at a slightly lower altitude. For some reason, I got the impression that I needed to help exterminate all of them.

      With a joyful glint in my eye, I shoot across the sky, spawning a variety of sharp metallic weaponry in my curled hands. As I pass Ho-oh, I release a volley of kunai and throwing stars into it. Its body evaporates into nothingness. Still darting overhead, I quickly spawn a new set of weapons in my hands. Just as soon as they form, I launch them into Lugia and the Flygon, ending their existence in much the same fashion.

      Still thinking I'm helping, I fly down to the other Pokemon floating in the air. Putting my hands behind me, I pull from DBZ archetypes and create two small energy balls in my hands. I toss the one in my left hand at a nearby Pokemon, causing it to explode in a bright flash of yellow light. I throw the other at two a ways below me. The blast spirals slowly on its way to its target, but that's not good enough for me. I swing my arms in front of me and shout, releasing a wave of invisible energy that propels the ball forward at ten times the speed. Even so, the Pokemon dodge my attack. Unfortunately for them, they were unable to avoid the gigantic explosion as the blast hit the ground below, taking out half the court.

      Despite the devastation, a few Pokemon remain alive. I speedily charge up a powerful Kamehameha and fire it off, vaporizing those Pokemon directly in its path. The resultant blast of energy as the Wave hit the ground wiped out any that survived the initial burst. My job was done.
    4. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 03:02 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      It's Weird How Things Tend to Work Out (Non-lucid)

      "The hell?"

      I gazed in confusion as a blue sedan proceeded to crash into the cars in my neighbor's driveway. Oddly, unlike the SUV and the compact, the sedan suffered no damage. What is going on? I thought to myself as the sleek blue car pulled out and positioned itself at the bottom of another neighbor's driveway where one car was parked. The maniac accelerated.

      The ensuing crunching sounds reached me behind the front window of my house. And, to my horror, the still unscathed sedan was almost immediately set up in front of my driveway. Oh, as if I'm going to let that happen! I rush to the door only to hear that I was too late. My view shifted to the third person and panned outside. Each car in my driveway, including the precious Maxima, had been totaled in one fell swoop. I was distraught, befuddled, and enraged.

      I have to make them pay.

      The dream starts to fade. No not yet. With gusto, I summon a sword, but not in my usual way.

      Probably not my best move.

      Still upset, I awaken. But all is not lost! Focusing on the dream, I manage to slip back into it, sans lucidity.

      Dashing across my driveway, I attempt to catch up with the car that's already speeding away. Somehow, I'm actually closing ground. Seeing this, the two garishly dressed occupants bail out and flee on foot. The chase takes us into a cricket field. Not wanting to disrupt the game, I wait for an opportune moment to dash across the field.

      Then some weird crap happens, I get a Blastoise to join up with me, and I discover that the main perpetrators are Jesse, from the Pokemon Anime, and her. . . kid? Oh, and then a Rocket Grunt reclaims the Blastoise, which was apparently his, as the three of them make their getaway on a flying tower.

      Yeeeaah. . .

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    5. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:42 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Here's another "short" part of the long LD. I might do another one later too. Try to guess which one of the ones I posted happened first. XD

      A Dark Reality (DILD)

      The following excerpt comes from an hour+ long LD.

      Is that. . ? A Mew?

      "Mew!" the pink Pokemon coos as it floats about in the air before me. It's stylized, exactly as it would be in the anime or a drawing. It seems like it wants me to follow it. Sure enough, it starts zipping away through the brightly, and naturally, lit building motioning for me with its tail.

      I take off at a run, but it just isn't fast enough. Fly gets toggled on, but I'm still only barely able to keep up as it darts over and around various beams and corners. Before long, I lose track of it. Not giving up, I go the direction I think it went, which leads me outside to. . . my court?

      There's the Mew, hovering high above my driveway. Dropping to the ground, I follow it to the street in the middle of the culdesac. The cloudless blue sky shone brightly and clearly, and to my surprise many more small airborne Pokemon scattered the sky around my neighborhood. I felt oddly at peace.

      The Mew, still in the air, motions to the street below. Particularly, it motions to a strange portal. The portal looks almost like an old oil spill: A shiny, dark, blue, film-like, center with moving wavy gold loops along the outside. The whole thing is sparking visible bolts of electricity all around the inside. I couldn't make out what was on the other side. I didn't know what the Mew wanted me to do. I figure jumping through it wouldn't hurt. Maybe someone I know will be on the other side? I take the plunge.

      The oddest feeling rushes over me as I quickly slide into the opening. I don't have time to savor it as I'm spat out into a brand new world that is. . . also my court? Weird. Weirder still is the blood red, black streaked, sky above me. It is unsettling. I don't have time to take that in either, because before I know it some humanoid creatures start to approach me. They look mostly human, but their features are augmented by spiky jaws, white bony skin, and claw like fingers. At least they're wearing clothes.

      "Git 'im." One of them says to the other. It try to pull out my Katana, but they're on me too fast. One gets my arms into a lock behind my head, while the other subdues my feet. Things are looking really bad. What the hell was I supposed to do now?

      Fire! Instinct takes over and large jets of molten hot fire shoot out of the ground around me in an large Area of Effect. This feat startles the creatures into loosening their grip on me. Instead of simply breaking free, however, I take control of the very earth itself, forcing huge jagged spikes to jut out of the ground. The creatures are killed instantaneously. Their bodies and clothes are rent to shreds, freeing me from their grasps.

      I think I'm free and clear, but almost right away I see there are more of them coming for me. One of them has a really long Katana. I reach down to my side and quickly pull out my sword. It's not nearly long enough. Before I can use a finger trick to extend it the guy with the Katana attacks me. It's all I can do to block it in time.

      The others start to surround me. There's around five or six of them, all with similar features to the last two guys. They're grinning widely, some of them let out a sinister chuckle. I'm freaking out. I keep my stance, but back up as to not let any of them behind me. An almost paralyzing fear and worry gripped me. What had I gotten myself into? Everything was so nice and peaceful before. . .

      Regardless, I had a battle to fight. I strike out at the guy with the Katana. My cut only goes skin deep. He looks down at it and laughs maniacally, mockingly, violently swatting my blade out of his skin with his own. He swings at me again. I block, backing up even further, now entering my garage. I perform a quick volley of assaults, faster than the average eye could follow. All of them hit their mark, but again, all of them only pierce the topmost layer of skin.

      I was getting nervous. It had to be my blade. I needed a new one. How about his? Instinctively, I pull on all my archetypes that involve severing limbs. I ended up focusing on the Monty Python and The Holy Grail scene in which King Arthur fights the Black Knight. I swat down at his arm sloppily, I don't need to actually cut it. Sure enough, his arm plops off nice and cleanly.

      Their smiles turn to displeased grimaces as I grab the long blade from the air before gravity could take hold of it, throwing my old one to the side. "What the hell?" the now armless creature bellows. I proceed to quickly sever the right arms of all the creatures in the same manner, lightly and sloppily 'pushing' on their shoulder socket with the tip of my new sword. "Aww, that's just fucking idiotic," says the guy who had previously owned the Katana.

      Suddenly, they all look out to the distance. What's going on? Is something happening out there? The same one speaks again: "You all go and take care of it. This kid ain't got nothin'. I'll deal with him myself." He regenerates his arm and sword as the others take off into the darkness outside. I'm still slowly backing up, on my garage stairs now.

      My opponent gives me a smirk. Sensing my continued fear. We're at the top of the stairs. He rushes at me, I quickly open the door and step to the left, parrying as I did so. Before he could recover, I whipped myself and my Katana around severing his blade arm in a downward thrust. I follow that up with a swift kick to his side, knocking him clumsily into the house. Before he can come back out, I sever his other arm and close the door on him. I focus on the lock and do something to it so it can't be opened from the inside.

      After a moment of waiting, I realize I'm home free. I discard my blade and head out to the street. What was this place? Could Raven be here by chance. . ?
    6. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:05 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Bleh (Non-lucid)

      A restless night with a few fragments I don't remember, and a long ass dream involving. . .

      The Harry Potter universe, the sacrifice of three good friends in order to ensure an end to the evil that plagued us, going back in time involuntarily to make amends and try to save those friends, shirking my responsibilities in order to play Guitar Hero, characters from the Pokemon universe and their Pokemon coming to our aid, and standing my ground, alone, against an endless horde of undead.

      It wasn't as exciting as it sounds, and I don't have time to write about it anyways, so this will just have to be enough for me to recall the whole thing.
    7. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 12:25 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Baseball, Dances, and Math (Non-lucid)

      It's the top of the ninth, the score is 0-0. Two outs already on the board. I'm up to bat in a game and field that seems reminiscent of my old middle school. I start out swinging lefty, but miss the first ball. I remember that I'm a righty and step into the other box. Another swing and a miss. It's at this point I realize the bat itself has a large chunk of it broken off. I step out of the box, intending to fix this problem. I must have at some level realized I was dreaming, because all it took was a little will power and running my hands along the bat to fill in the rather large spot where the break was.

      Immediately, I felt the difference in the weight of the bat. I stepped back into the batter's box. I mention that, with these new repairs, I'm 2/3 more likely to hit the ball. The pitcher, feeling my intent to knock it out of the park, walked me to first. The next batter hit a line drive through second which the second baseman missed. I somehow managed to make a run on that play. The next batter hit a home run, putting us up by three. Then we switched sides. I have no idea who got out, but w/e. They managed to get one controversial run that evoked an argument among the players and caused the game to be shut down by the person moderating it. After that, it was off to the dance.

      I hate dances, so it makes sense that this next part was relatively short.

      I go to the dance and enter the only open bathroom, with a classmate, at the end of the hall. Freshening up involves shaving, and dabbing my rampaging acne with a wet paper towel. When I'm done, I make my way through the throng of people. The dark atmosphere and hairdos reminded me of the late 90's. However, it isn't long before I recall I have a math quiz to get to.

      The quiz is in a room from my old high school. I take a seat. And grab the stack of papers sitting there, thinking them to be the quiz. They were, but these quizes were already graded. I noticed a few hundreds, so I figured that despite my lack of studying I would be fine. I give papers back to the teacher and somehow procure a blank quiz. Let's just say when you combine simple Calculus concepts with Discrete Math concepts, and more advanced Calculus concepts, and horribly impossible questions that have no way to be solved, you get one bitch of a quiz. It didn't help that the teacher was standing over me half the time. I'm really self conscious about my Math. . .

      The dream ended before I could finish the quiz.

      My next dream involved some crazy mixture of Pokemon, Phantasy Star Online, traditional Japanese RPGs, and platforming. Much of it was pretty abstract, convoluted, and would be difficult to write about. So, I'm not going to.


      Action Fragments (Non-lucid)

      A lot of action dreams. I can't remember many of the details unfortunately. I'm pretty sure there were swords involved.