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    Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World

    Hi everyone!!!
    Welcome to my Dream Journal which was started on 7/7/11. Here I will post any dreams that I have and pictures to go with them! I have been having a lot of lucid dreams lately so stay tuned!

    Don't be surprised if owls tend to pop into my dreams alot.

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    1. Hogwarts Hufflepuff Challenge! 8-29-11

      by , 09-28-2011 at 01:09 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      Hi everyone! I haven't been posting in my DJ for a LOOOOONG time, and feel really bad. I got out of it, and need to get back in. I will be starting again today (Permanently this time!)

      I woke up around 4 AM and attempted a WILD. I got into SP and saw HI of floating door handles around me. I used VILD to get me right into a dream outside of Hogwarts.

      It was early morning outside at Hogwarts, around 6 AM. I could feel the crisp, cold air on my skin. It felt nice. I looked around, and noticed this dream was extremely vivid. I noticed tiny things like bugs flying around, the texture of every little thing, and all the vivid colors.

      I started to walk towards the entrance to Hogwarts. I pushed the large, wooden door open and stepped inside. A few people were walking down the halls. They all looked like they were in a hurry for something.

      I looked down at myself, and noticed I was wearing a bright orange robe. My skin was very tan, and I felt very short. I quickly changed into a Hufflepuff robe with a flick of my wand.

      My wand was a dark green color, and was mossy. It had many details, and tiny bumps on it. I walked down a white marble hallway, and decided to complete the "Learn and perform Alohomora on a locked door" task.

      I summoned a short person, who looked like a wise elf. I always imagine the best teachers to look like elves. I told him I would like to know how to perform Alohomora.

      His eyes were twinkling (literally), and he told me to draw the shape of a key in the air with my wand, and then point it at any locked door and say "Alohomora!". He grabbed my arm, and we flashed into a dark blue room filled with wooden doors. He told me to choose a door, and then he disappeared.

      I looked around, and one particular door caught my eye. It had an engraving of an owl on it. The owl was moving, just like most pictures in Hogwarts. I went over to it and drew a key into the air. I could see the outline of it. I pointed my wand at the door, and the outline of the key started moving towards it. The owl caught the outline and the door slowly creaked open.

      There was nothing on the other side! I slowly walked into it, and started to feel a pins and needles sensation all around my body. The next thing I knew, I was standing in a tall room filled with owls. There were all kinds of owls. Barn owls, great horned owls, snowy owls, etc.

      A barn owl gracefully landed on my shoulder, and whispered to me "Look up, you will find all the ingredients to create an aging potion, on that platform with a cauldron." I thanked the owl, and looked up. There was a floating platform in the middle of the air about 80 feet up.

      I super jumped onto the platform and could feel a cold wind blowing in my face. On the platform I saw an eyeball, a book, and a green marker. I picked up the book, but it was blank. I slowly dropped it into the black cauldron. White smoke came out of it, and I heard a banging noise. I picked up all the other items and put it in the cauldron.

      When I was done putting the last ingredient in, a cup appeared in front of it, filled with green liquid. I picked it up, and slowly brought it to my lips. It tasted like a sour green apple! I loved it! I drank as much as I could, but I forgot it was an aging potion!

      My legs started to feel weak, and I could see a white beard growing out of my chin. I started to look exactly like Dumbledore! A cane appeared by my feet, but when I bent down to get it, I fell! Oh my god I hate being old I said to myself.

      I used my wand to make me look and feel young again. The transformation to become young was slow, but felt good. Owls were still flying all around me.

      I couldn't remember if there was any more Hufflepuff tasks but I did remember one Universal task! I held out my wand and said "Accio...broomstick!" I felt cold wind all around me and a broomstick flew into my hand.

      I cautiously got onto it. It was little bigger than I expected (width wise). Right when I sat down it zoomed forward, and I had a hard time controlling it and hanging on! All the owls looked up and surrounded me. They grew hands and guided me to safety.

      Once I got to the ground I decided to try it again. I got on it, and nothing happened. I pointed it up, and it shot up! When I pointed it right, it went right and when I pointed it left it zoomed left! I looked for any windows or doors to fly out of, but couldn't find any. Just this long room filled with owls. It didn't occur to me I could just teleport out since it was a dream.

      I flew around the room for a couple minutes, when I fell of the broomstick! It was so unexpected, I just fell and hit the ground fast!
      I woke up, and could see that someone turned on my fan in the middle of the night.
    2. 8/15/11 Hogwarts House Challenge

      by , 08-24-2011 at 07:36 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      V-WILD'd successfully! Sorry I haven't posted a DJ entry in a while...will try to start getting back into it.

      I was standing outside the Hogwarts Castle, by a brick wall. I stabilized the dream, and everything became clearer. The wall felt rough, and faded when I rubbed it.

      Behind the wall, was a entrance to Hogwarts. It was a mossy green circular door, that seemed about 15 feet high. I walked through the tall grass towards the door and pushed it open.

      Inside, was a royal looking hallway fllled with candles everywhere. It was crowded and people were staring at me. curiously. I smiled at them.

      I saw a very small door to my left, and walked past it. Suddenly, a random guy stopped me in the hallway and said that the door lead to the sorting hat, and I needed to be sorted. I said it was a dream, and I would just find a taller door and the sorting hat would be there for me. He seemed persistent, and said I HAD to shrink down and go through that particular door.

      So I shrunk down slowly, and pushed open the door. There was a small, wooden table right in the center of the room with the sorting hat sitting on the middle of it. There was no other furniture in the room. The walls seemed to be made of some type of fur.

      I picked up the hat, put it on. It seemed to melt into my head, and I asked it what house I would be in. After about 10 seconds, it shouted: "HUFFLEPUFF!" I was happy, since this is the house I wanted!

      I said thank you to the hat, and stepped out of the room. I was trying to remember any of the Hufflepuff tasks, but I couldn't. I grew back up, and started to walk around the castle.

      I decided to start talking to random people passing me. I stopped a really tall, bright-oranged haired girl, and asked her how she was doing.

      She replied, "Fine and dandy, just like a pencil!"

      She randomly touched my arm, and her finger melted in it. When she pulled her hand out of my arm, her finger was missing. I looked down, and saw my veins popping out. They were a magenta color. It freaked me out, so I looked away quickly.

      I continued to walk down the hall, and noticed an abstract painting. I can't remember the details of it, but I got so absorbed in it..I forgot I was dreaming .

      Thank you for reading