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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Find the Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present and Future and experience what they have to show you.

      by , 12-11-2012 at 04:15 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      December 2012 TOTM
      Advanced Task ii - COMPLETED!

      Method: V-WILD

      I was standing in the middle of an icy, frozen tundra. Nobody was around me. I could fill the chill of the air all over my body. The sky was a vivid gray. It was glowing and seemed to light everything around me. This scene was so vivid, I almost forgot I was dreaming. I stood there staring at everything in awe for a good minute before I remembered what I wanted to do. The Task of the Month. Find the Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present and Future and experience what they have to show you.

      "Show me the ghost of Christmas's Past." I said.

      Fog shot across the tundra, rolling rapidly toward my feet. A woman appeared next to me. She had a long, white dress that flowed into the breeze. Her eyes were a stunning violet.

      Prom and this girl...-1010873_1286602709176.75res_356_400.jpg

      "Are you the Ghost of Christmas Past?"
      "No. I am simply here to summon him."

      She pulls this HUGE black cauldron out of her small pocket and climbs inside. I hear a sizzling sound coming from it and I looked inside. She pulls me in and I am suddenly standing inside of my old house in California. There is a big Christmas tree in the middle of the room. My parents are standing off to one side, my brother + sister on another, and baby me is in the middle. I look happier than the happiest person on Earth. I don't look entirely the same like I did back then, my face is a little deformed. The lady seems to be gone and next to me is this green ball of energy. I assumed that this was the Ghost of Christmas Past.

      The current gift baby-me is opening is glowing. The top explodes and out of nowhere comes my old friends from California.


      The tree is gone but the presents remain. Baby-me is way more distorted now. If I remember correctly, I had three legs. My parents look up and glare at the current me. They mumbled words that I could not understand. Baby-me was acting possessed and the whole dream was turning into a crazy nightmare. I ripped a hole in the air and teleported myself back to the tundra.

      The lady was staring at me. She did not say a word. Two dots appeared on her forehead. She told me to touch them. Her skin was ice cold. I was standing in my best friend's house. She was crying and her mom was yelling at her telling her how ugly she was. Her mom was obviously drunk and was forcing her own insecurities on my best friend. This time a blue ball of energy was next to me. It told me that I had the power to change what was going on. I told my best friend I would take her to her dream cruise in the Bahama's. I touched her arm and we teleported on this cruise ship. In front of us was a big pool and waterslide. Everyone looked like they were having a great time. My best friend looked much happier now.

      The blue ball of energy shaped itself into a chair. It mentally told me to sit on it. I did and I was blasted into the water. In front of me was a door. When I entered it I found myself in a dark room stacked with boxes. Each box was marked 'choice'. I opened one and There was a stack of candy canes in it. In another, watermelons. They were all different types of food but didn't seem to have any real significance.

      I found ice skates laying off to the side and swam back to the cruise ship. I was at the very top of the ship and made the whole ocean freeze. I summoned a box of ice skates and told everyone there would be an ice skating contest. I probably jumped 100 feet off the ship onto the ice and started ice skating. XD. I noticed one person was literally using two other people as ice skates. The Ghost of the Present was ice skating. After a few minutes of this I teleported myself back to the tundra.

      A helicopter was waiting for me. Inside was a red ball of energy with a glowing yellow center. We took off and the pilot handed me a backback with a string coming out the side. He told me it was a parachute. We were skydiving! I looked over the edge. We were right above New York City. The helicopter was about as tall as the Empire State Building. I jumped out and felt like a leaf blowing through the wind. It wasn't a fast fall but a slow and gentle one. I landed on the roof of a hospital.

      Someone who looked pretty similar to me was standing in front of me. He told me to follow him. He led me to an Operating Room and I watched him do an open heart surgery on a baby boy. The heart looked extremely realistic. This was my dream job. After what seemed like 5 or 10 minutes the red ball of energy nudged me and I was taken back to the tundra.

      The lady looked at me and touched my face. I was on the moon, I think. My grave was in front of me. There were no words on it I could understand. They were all blurry. Out of nowhere I was thrown to the ground and as I looked up the lady was driving full speed at me with a go kart. What the hell?

      Prom and this girl...-konzept01-s71-39868-lm-u-mondauto-lrv-neben-blauem-berg-blauer-himmel.jpg

      I got in it with her and I started driving. She was earthbending the moon and made a big ramp for me to dive off of. I could see Saturn in the distance and jumped from the moon to it. The kart started to fall REALLY fast and everything got super blurry until I woke up.

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    2. Haleakala Volcano (The Warriors of Dreamviews)

      by , 05-31-2012 at 12:29 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      Hey, everyone! Summer is here which means I have more time to post more dreams!

      For all of you reading this that haven't heard of the Warriors of Dreamviews click here.

      About the volcano: "Haleakala Volcano: Our troops were attracted to some powerful source of energy located inside the Haleakala Volcano area, it turns out though that it was a large trap and now we have many high ranking officials trapped. Our forces there are outnumbered 50-175 and we are in dire need of weapons. Id suggest you save the supply truck in the grand canyon before going here."

      I decided to go to the volcano first anyway.

      Method: WILD
      Location: Base Outside Volcano

      I was laying in the middle of a dirt street, right by a large, white tent. I knew that this was the recruitment office and the dream warrior base close to the Haleakala. I walked inside the tent and saw a small hole in the ground with a ladder leading me down. I went down and found myself standing in front of a wooden desk.

      A tall man with long brown hair looked up at me. He was wearing a blue robe that reminded me of a snuggie. He asked if I was interested in joining the war. I told him that I would love to join. He gave me a form to sign. All the words on the page didn't make any sense, but I signed it anyway. He told me that if I signed that form with bad intentions, I would have died right then. That was how they kept spies out of the base. He said several spies have tried to get in already. He then said his name was Bryan and told me it was time for me to duel in a spar. They wanted to see how good of a fighter I was. If I won, I joined.

      Bryan led me deeper into the base until we reached a shiny, metallic door. It opened automatically after a few seconds and we walked in. The room was fairly large, made almost all of metal, except for the middle. There was a square area in the middle area made out of dirt. I went up to it but something kept me from walking in. Bryan told me this is where I was going to spar and that invisible walls were keeping me out until I was ready to fight.

      Bryan took out a small device and started to type something on it. I heard a buzzing noise and saw myself in the arena. He told me that I had to duel my doppelganger. The only rules of the spar was that we didn't kill eachother. The first person to knock the other out won. The doppelganger didn't move and started to creep me out. I told him I was ready....

      He gave me a sign and I walked into the arena. This time the invisible walls let me go. The dirt had heat radiating from it. 1...2...3...GO! The doppelganger charged at me. I had a weird feeling he would try to knock me off my feet first. Sure enough, he came sliding trying to kick my feet. I jumped up and landed on his back before he reached me. I grabbed his back and a bright white light emitted from my hands. We were both shot back against the invisible walls and he was already knocked out!

      I looked over at Bryan and he looked shocked. He asked how I managed to emit a white light from my hands. I told him that it was a lucid dream and you could do anything. He still looked confused. (He is a DREAM warrior. He should know this stuff >.<) Bryan led me out of the room and said they were planning a raid on the volcano in an hour and to meet at the top of the ladder then.

      I roamed around the base and found some other warriors. I asked them about the mysterious energy source inside the volcano that drew the others in. They told me they figured out there was a sort of "second sun" inside the center of the volcano. The sun is where the Drottnar was getting their energy. It put you in a trance if you don't have the right protection. It would draw you in and you would need high willpower to overcome it. They told me that tonight the energy would be lower and we would be able to raid. I don't remember them telling me why it would be lower. I then asked about the shortages of weapons and they told me they managed to make some of their own but still didn't have a lot. I told them I would just use some of my dream powers to help. Just like Bryan, they looked confused. After that, they gave me a small sword.

      The warriors told me it was time to go. I followed them up the ladder. About 50 soldiers were all gathered at the top. One handed me a small orb and told me it would make me invisible, which is how we would sneak up on them. I touched the orb and felt a pulse go through my body. Everyone else was gone. So we took off and stealthy ran across the green field towards the volcano. As we got closer the suns energy started to pull us in. I snapped out of it, but a couple people went absolutely crazy. They dropped their orbs and ran at full speed into the volcano while yelling. Crap.

      Some Drottnar saw the unmasked ones coming up and alerted everyone else. Right before we were about to raid about 140 Drottnar came out. They had a dark red aura all around them and were pale as vampires. A feeling of cold swept over me. I had my sword and we all charged. The enemies didn't even look intimidated. They walked slowly towards us. I saw the Drottnar putting their hands on the dream warriors. A red glow lit up their bodies and the dream warriors were turning into Drottnar....

      Warriors everywhere we dropping. There was only about ten of us left and I was warding everyone off with my sword. When I cut them with the sword, they started to heal at a fast rate. It looked like we were loosing. I could still feel a pull of energy on my body kind of dragging me along.

      Screw the sword. There was water nearby and I decided to try my favorite dream power, water bending. I put my hands out and moved the water through the air towards me. It surrounded me, forming a large sphere. I told what was left of the dream warriors to come inside and stay close to me. I let the water build up and suddenly let it shoot away with full force. Most of the Drottnar slipped and fell down the volcano. I noticed when water touched them the red aura suddenly vanished. The pulling sensation from the "second sun" got weaker. Much weaker. There was a loud bang and they were all gone.

      The other dream warriors and I went back to base, and figured out that the water did something to the Drottnar. It might help us greatly in future battles. We believe there are still Drottnar in the volcano and their plan is to turn the lucid dreamers into them. After that, I woke up.

      This dream probably lasted around 40 minutes and was very long and realistic. It had to be one of my favorite dreams I have put on DV yet! I wish I could somehow take a video of my dream and show it to you guys! Maybe sometime in the future...

      Thanks Suck4luck! I hope more people join the battle.
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    3. Hogwarts Hufflepuff Challenge! 8-29-11

      by , 09-28-2011 at 01:09 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      Hi everyone! I haven't been posting in my DJ for a LOOOOONG time, and feel really bad. I got out of it, and need to get back in. I will be starting again today (Permanently this time!)

      I woke up around 4 AM and attempted a WILD. I got into SP and saw HI of floating door handles around me. I used VILD to get me right into a dream outside of Hogwarts.

      It was early morning outside at Hogwarts, around 6 AM. I could feel the crisp, cold air on my skin. It felt nice. I looked around, and noticed this dream was extremely vivid. I noticed tiny things like bugs flying around, the texture of every little thing, and all the vivid colors.

      I started to walk towards the entrance to Hogwarts. I pushed the large, wooden door open and stepped inside. A few people were walking down the halls. They all looked like they were in a hurry for something.

      I looked down at myself, and noticed I was wearing a bright orange robe. My skin was very tan, and I felt very short. I quickly changed into a Hufflepuff robe with a flick of my wand.

      My wand was a dark green color, and was mossy. It had many details, and tiny bumps on it. I walked down a white marble hallway, and decided to complete the "Learn and perform Alohomora on a locked door" task.

      I summoned a short person, who looked like a wise elf. I always imagine the best teachers to look like elves. I told him I would like to know how to perform Alohomora.

      His eyes were twinkling (literally), and he told me to draw the shape of a key in the air with my wand, and then point it at any locked door and say "Alohomora!". He grabbed my arm, and we flashed into a dark blue room filled with wooden doors. He told me to choose a door, and then he disappeared.

      I looked around, and one particular door caught my eye. It had an engraving of an owl on it. The owl was moving, just like most pictures in Hogwarts. I went over to it and drew a key into the air. I could see the outline of it. I pointed my wand at the door, and the outline of the key started moving towards it. The owl caught the outline and the door slowly creaked open.

      There was nothing on the other side! I slowly walked into it, and started to feel a pins and needles sensation all around my body. The next thing I knew, I was standing in a tall room filled with owls. There were all kinds of owls. Barn owls, great horned owls, snowy owls, etc.

      A barn owl gracefully landed on my shoulder, and whispered to me "Look up, you will find all the ingredients to create an aging potion, on that platform with a cauldron." I thanked the owl, and looked up. There was a floating platform in the middle of the air about 80 feet up.

      I super jumped onto the platform and could feel a cold wind blowing in my face. On the platform I saw an eyeball, a book, and a green marker. I picked up the book, but it was blank. I slowly dropped it into the black cauldron. White smoke came out of it, and I heard a banging noise. I picked up all the other items and put it in the cauldron.

      When I was done putting the last ingredient in, a cup appeared in front of it, filled with green liquid. I picked it up, and slowly brought it to my lips. It tasted like a sour green apple! I loved it! I drank as much as I could, but I forgot it was an aging potion!

      My legs started to feel weak, and I could see a white beard growing out of my chin. I started to look exactly like Dumbledore! A cane appeared by my feet, but when I bent down to get it, I fell! Oh my god I hate being old I said to myself.

      I used my wand to make me look and feel young again. The transformation to become young was slow, but felt good. Owls were still flying all around me.

      I couldn't remember if there was any more Hufflepuff tasks but I did remember one Universal task! I held out my wand and said "Accio...broomstick!" I felt cold wind all around me and a broomstick flew into my hand.

      I cautiously got onto it. It was little bigger than I expected (width wise). Right when I sat down it zoomed forward, and I had a hard time controlling it and hanging on! All the owls looked up and surrounded me. They grew hands and guided me to safety.

      Once I got to the ground I decided to try it again. I got on it, and nothing happened. I pointed it up, and it shot up! When I pointed it right, it went right and when I pointed it left it zoomed left! I looked for any windows or doors to fly out of, but couldn't find any. Just this long room filled with owls. It didn't occur to me I could just teleport out since it was a dream.

      I flew around the room for a couple minutes, when I fell of the broomstick! It was so unexpected, I just fell and hit the ground fast!
      I woke up, and could see that someone turned on my fan in the middle of the night.
    4. Samurai Fight! Lucid 7/12/2011

      by , 07-12-2011 at 08:53 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      Hydronic, Noctemconartist, and I had all planned to have a lucid the same night about the same thing and report our different version of it. THe plan was to fight samurai warriors at a Japanese palace. Unfortunately, Hydronic and Noctempconartist didn't have a lucid last night so I was the only was with a version of the story to report. Here it is:

      I was talking to one of my friends and decided to do a random reality check. I imagine gravity lifting me up and all of a sudden I shot up! This was a dream!

      The first thing I thought of was the plan that Hydronic, Noctempconartist, and I had thought of.

      Since I has just done a Flying Tutorial I decided I would fly to the palace. I wanted to try a different version of flying I had just thought of yesterday. I looked outside of the house I was in and stepped into a pond. I imagined the water shaping around me and it shot me up into the sky! I flew straight and started seeing cherry trees everywhere. I imagine the Palace to be just over the hill in the distance and it was!

      I landed by a huge cherry tree by the palace and saw how I imagined hydronic and Noctempconartist. Someone else was standing there too.

      Hydronic had brown hair and dark blue eyes. He was wearing a dark green shirt and pants that blended in with the environment. He was fairly tall and skinny.

      Noctempconartist had bright red hair and Highheels on with a knife tip so she could kick people. She was short but fast.

      The other guy, i'll call him Charles, had yellow wristbands everywhere. He wore a yellow shirt, and bright yellow pants.

      I had a bright orange top hat on and a suit. I looked down at my hands and my fingers were unusually long.

      I laughed. "Are you guys ready to fight the Samurais and get that magical amulet that will let us rule the world?"

      Hydronic stared at me blankly, "Toddlers cannot roll in lava you know."

      I looked at him and said "Umm..In dreams they can. Come on lets go!"

      We headed towards the palace and an alarm went of. Hundreds of Samurai Warriors started marching towards us. I drew my electric blue sword.

      I charged forward and jumped up so high, I was higher then the palace. I came slamming down into the ground with so much force I could see tons of the samurai's loosing balance and falling. Everyone else jumped right before I hit so they wouldn't fall. I picked up random samurais and started to throw them into the cherry tree. They disappeared when they hit the tree.

      I looked over and saw Noctempconartist floating in the air and her high heels were in her hands. She threw the high heels at incoming samurai's and when the heel made contact with them, they disappeared. She was teleporting all over the place randomly appearing behind different samurai's stunning them.

      Hydronic had a green light coming from his hands and little spears came out of the light. The spears had an electric volt going through them and shocked whoever it touched until death. He was doing all kinds of crazy flips and tricks.

      Charles had pencils that he was throwing accurately at every samurai that came near him. The pencil were very sharp and has a poisonous tip.

      I noticed a wishing well in the distance. I remembered one of my goals was to waterbend in a dream. I summoned the water and a huge amount came shooting towards me. I balanced it in the air until more and more water joined it. There was so much water floating above us, it could fill the palace. I let go of my hold on the water, and quickly made force fields that wrapped around Hydronic, Noctempconartist, Charles, and I. The water came crashing down and all the samurais were washed away.

      We headed towards the place and saw an amulet sitting upon a glowing white rock. I picked it up and now could control any part of the world I wanted. I passed it around to everyone.

      "Now what?" I said.

      "We find the trees that make us orange" Noctempconartist said in a confused voice.

      "Um...Okay. Lead the way" I told her.
      She disappeared along with everyone else. I walked along the ocean shore for a minute until the I woke up from the dream.

      Thanks for reading! For anyone wondering, this was NOT a shared dream. We just wanted to see the different versions of the adventure we had planned out and I have to say, mine turned out pretty good!

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