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    Up, Up, and away...

    by , 06-16-2013 at 04:50 AM (1496 Views)

    Advanced Task ii - Find an ocean and go parasailing.

    I was attempting to V-WILD when everything started to spin. It felt like I was on a roller-coaster! It felt like my body floated up to my ceiling and then was crashing down into my bed. This went on for a few minutes when it finally stopped and I found myself climbing a tree. I didn't even realize I was climbing a tree until a branch cracked and I fell to the bottom. Ow..I definitely felt pain.

    It took me a moment, but I realized I must be dreaming. I remembered trying to V-WILD, the spinning, and I somehow ended up here. I did a reality check and confirmed that I was dreaming. I looked around and saw an array of pine trees spreading in every direction I looked. My goal was to go parasailing and that's what I was going to do! I assumed I was on an island and expected if I kept walking I would run into the ocean.

    Sure enough, a couple minutes later I saw a small, dirt beach with the waves crashing against it. The ocean was not a natural color. It was a BRIGHT, bright Turquoise/Cyan. I saw a couple boats floating about and teleported to one. The driver fell out of his chair and looked at me like: xD

    "Let's go parasailing!" I said

    The driver pulled out a parasail and hooked everything up. It could fit two people but none of the other two passengers wanted to come. I sat down and strapped myself in. Then the boat just went full speed and I shot into the air. You know that feeling when you're in an airplane with the engine running loudly and then it becomes a little quieter and you have a sudden feeling you are going to fall? That's exactly how I felt strapped into the parasail. It somehow managed to stay flying and the wind was rushing in my face.

    I kept rising higher and higher. The boat looked like an ant to me and as I looked up I could see a puffy cloud about a foot away from my face. I reached out to touch it and it was surprisingly warm. Someone touches my shoulder and I quickly look to the left to see fucking Edward Scissorhands grinning at me. My dreams sometimes... He bends over and slashes the rope tying us to the boat. The parasail stops going forwards and starts to rise up like a balloon!

    We rise into space and by the moon I can see Saturn. I tell Edward to get us over there and he somehow steers the parasail (if you can even call it that anymore ) to the rings. Basically we start go-karting on the rings of Saturn xD.

    Anywho, the dream goes on for quit a while after this but I don't feel like typing it all up. Quick summary: we end up finding life on Saturn (even though it's a gas giant in real life, it wasn't in my dream), turn into wizards, and use magic to add more life on Saturn. We create a forest and basically build a whole bunch of homes up in the trees where the people of Saturn could live and that's about it!
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      That's absolutely crazy