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    Haleakala Volcano (The Warriors of Dreamviews)

    by , 05-31-2012 at 12:29 AM (1374 Views)
    Hey, everyone! Summer is here which means I have more time to post more dreams!

    For all of you reading this that haven't heard of the Warriors of Dreamviews click here.

    About the volcano: "Haleakala Volcano: Our troops were attracted to some powerful source of energy located inside the Haleakala Volcano area, it turns out though that it was a large trap and now we have many high ranking officials trapped. Our forces there are outnumbered 50-175 and we are in dire need of weapons. Id suggest you save the supply truck in the grand canyon before going here."

    I decided to go to the volcano first anyway.

    Method: WILD
    Location: Base Outside Volcano

    I was laying in the middle of a dirt street, right by a large, white tent. I knew that this was the recruitment office and the dream warrior base close to the Haleakala. I walked inside the tent and saw a small hole in the ground with a ladder leading me down. I went down and found myself standing in front of a wooden desk.

    A tall man with long brown hair looked up at me. He was wearing a blue robe that reminded me of a snuggie. He asked if I was interested in joining the war. I told him that I would love to join. He gave me a form to sign. All the words on the page didn't make any sense, but I signed it anyway. He told me that if I signed that form with bad intentions, I would have died right then. That was how they kept spies out of the base. He said several spies have tried to get in already. He then said his name was Bryan and told me it was time for me to duel in a spar. They wanted to see how good of a fighter I was. If I won, I joined.

    Bryan led me deeper into the base until we reached a shiny, metallic door. It opened automatically after a few seconds and we walked in. The room was fairly large, made almost all of metal, except for the middle. There was a square area in the middle area made out of dirt. I went up to it but something kept me from walking in. Bryan told me this is where I was going to spar and that invisible walls were keeping me out until I was ready to fight.

    Bryan took out a small device and started to type something on it. I heard a buzzing noise and saw myself in the arena. He told me that I had to duel my doppelganger. The only rules of the spar was that we didn't kill eachother. The first person to knock the other out won. The doppelganger didn't move and started to creep me out. I told him I was ready....

    He gave me a sign and I walked into the arena. This time the invisible walls let me go. The dirt had heat radiating from it. 1...2...3...GO! The doppelganger charged at me. I had a weird feeling he would try to knock me off my feet first. Sure enough, he came sliding trying to kick my feet. I jumped up and landed on his back before he reached me. I grabbed his back and a bright white light emitted from my hands. We were both shot back against the invisible walls and he was already knocked out!

    I looked over at Bryan and he looked shocked. He asked how I managed to emit a white light from my hands. I told him that it was a lucid dream and you could do anything. He still looked confused. (He is a DREAM warrior. He should know this stuff >.<) Bryan led me out of the room and said they were planning a raid on the volcano in an hour and to meet at the top of the ladder then.

    I roamed around the base and found some other warriors. I asked them about the mysterious energy source inside the volcano that drew the others in. They told me they figured out there was a sort of "second sun" inside the center of the volcano. The sun is where the Drottnar was getting their energy. It put you in a trance if you don't have the right protection. It would draw you in and you would need high willpower to overcome it. They told me that tonight the energy would be lower and we would be able to raid. I don't remember them telling me why it would be lower. I then asked about the shortages of weapons and they told me they managed to make some of their own but still didn't have a lot. I told them I would just use some of my dream powers to help. Just like Bryan, they looked confused. After that, they gave me a small sword.

    The warriors told me it was time to go. I followed them up the ladder. About 50 soldiers were all gathered at the top. One handed me a small orb and told me it would make me invisible, which is how we would sneak up on them. I touched the orb and felt a pulse go through my body. Everyone else was gone. So we took off and stealthy ran across the green field towards the volcano. As we got closer the suns energy started to pull us in. I snapped out of it, but a couple people went absolutely crazy. They dropped their orbs and ran at full speed into the volcano while yelling. Crap.

    Some Drottnar saw the unmasked ones coming up and alerted everyone else. Right before we were about to raid about 140 Drottnar came out. They had a dark red aura all around them and were pale as vampires. A feeling of cold swept over me. I had my sword and we all charged. The enemies didn't even look intimidated. They walked slowly towards us. I saw the Drottnar putting their hands on the dream warriors. A red glow lit up their bodies and the dream warriors were turning into Drottnar....

    Warriors everywhere we dropping. There was only about ten of us left and I was warding everyone off with my sword. When I cut them with the sword, they started to heal at a fast rate. It looked like we were loosing. I could still feel a pull of energy on my body kind of dragging me along.

    Screw the sword. There was water nearby and I decided to try my favorite dream power, water bending. I put my hands out and moved the water through the air towards me. It surrounded me, forming a large sphere. I told what was left of the dream warriors to come inside and stay close to me. I let the water build up and suddenly let it shoot away with full force. Most of the Drottnar slipped and fell down the volcano. I noticed when water touched them the red aura suddenly vanished. The pulling sensation from the "second sun" got weaker. Much weaker. There was a loud bang and they were all gone.

    The other dream warriors and I went back to base, and figured out that the water did something to the Drottnar. It might help us greatly in future battles. We believe there are still Drottnar in the volcano and their plan is to turn the lucid dreamers into them. After that, I woke up.

    This dream probably lasted around 40 minutes and was very long and realistic. It had to be one of my favorite dreams I have put on DV yet! I wish I could somehow take a video of my dream and show it to you guys! Maybe sometime in the future...

    Thanks Suck4luck! I hope more people join the battle.

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      Nice job remembering so much!