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    Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World

    Find the Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present and Future and experience what they have to show you.

    by , 12-11-2012 at 04:15 AM (887 Views)
    December 2012 TOTM
    Advanced Task ii - COMPLETED!

    Method: V-WILD

    I was standing in the middle of an icy, frozen tundra. Nobody was around me. I could fill the chill of the air all over my body. The sky was a vivid gray. It was glowing and seemed to light everything around me. This scene was so vivid, I almost forgot I was dreaming. I stood there staring at everything in awe for a good minute before I remembered what I wanted to do. The Task of the Month. Find the Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present and Future and experience what they have to show you.

    "Show me the ghost of Christmas's Past." I said.

    Fog shot across the tundra, rolling rapidly toward my feet. A woman appeared next to me. She had a long, white dress that flowed into the breeze. Her eyes were a stunning violet.


    "Are you the Ghost of Christmas Past?"
    "No. I am simply here to summon him."

    She pulls this HUGE black cauldron out of her small pocket and climbs inside. I hear a sizzling sound coming from it and I looked inside. She pulls me in and I am suddenly standing inside of my old house in California. There is a big Christmas tree in the middle of the room. My parents are standing off to one side, my brother + sister on another, and baby me is in the middle. I look happier than the happiest person on Earth. I don't look entirely the same like I did back then, my face is a little deformed. The lady seems to be gone and next to me is this green ball of energy. I assumed that this was the Ghost of Christmas Past.

    The current gift baby-me is opening is glowing. The top explodes and out of nowhere comes my old friends from California.


    The tree is gone but the presents remain. Baby-me is way more distorted now. If I remember correctly, I had three legs. My parents look up and glare at the current me. They mumbled words that I could not understand. Baby-me was acting possessed and the whole dream was turning into a crazy nightmare. I ripped a hole in the air and teleported myself back to the tundra.

    The lady was staring at me. She did not say a word. Two dots appeared on her forehead. She told me to touch them. Her skin was ice cold. I was standing in my best friend's house. She was crying and her mom was yelling at her telling her how ugly she was. Her mom was obviously drunk and was forcing her own insecurities on my best friend. This time a blue ball of energy was next to me. It told me that I had the power to change what was going on. I told my best friend I would take her to her dream cruise in the Bahama's. I touched her arm and we teleported on this cruise ship. In front of us was a big pool and waterslide. Everyone looked like they were having a great time. My best friend looked much happier now.

    The blue ball of energy shaped itself into a chair. It mentally told me to sit on it. I did and I was blasted into the water. In front of me was a door. When I entered it I found myself in a dark room stacked with boxes. Each box was marked 'choice'. I opened one and There was a stack of candy canes in it. In another, watermelons. They were all different types of food but didn't seem to have any real significance.

    I found ice skates laying off to the side and swam back to the cruise ship. I was at the very top of the ship and made the whole ocean freeze. I summoned a box of ice skates and told everyone there would be an ice skating contest. I probably jumped 100 feet off the ship onto the ice and started ice skating. XD. I noticed one person was literally using two other people as ice skates. The Ghost of the Present was ice skating. After a few minutes of this I teleported myself back to the tundra.

    A helicopter was waiting for me. Inside was a red ball of energy with a glowing yellow center. We took off and the pilot handed me a backback with a string coming out the side. He told me it was a parachute. We were skydiving! I looked over the edge. We were right above New York City. The helicopter was about as tall as the Empire State Building. I jumped out and felt like a leaf blowing through the wind. It wasn't a fast fall but a slow and gentle one. I landed on the roof of a hospital.

    Someone who looked pretty similar to me was standing in front of me. He told me to follow him. He led me to an Operating Room and I watched him do an open heart surgery on a baby boy. The heart looked extremely realistic. This was my dream job. After what seemed like 5 or 10 minutes the red ball of energy nudged me and I was taken back to the tundra.

    The lady looked at me and touched my face. I was on the moon, I think. My grave was in front of me. There were no words on it I could understand. They were all blurry. Out of nowhere I was thrown to the ground and as I looked up the lady was driving full speed at me with a go kart. What the hell?


    I got in it with her and I started driving. She was earthbending the moon and made a big ramp for me to dive off of. I could see Saturn in the distance and jumped from the moon to it. The kart started to fall REALLY fast and everything got super blurry until I woke up.
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