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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Husband Has an Accident, and Out of Body: Seeing Heaven and Hell

      by , 10-23-2014 at 02:17 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I just recalled a bit of something...another dream about not attending a class that I was enrolled in. I think it was math again. I only remember this detail, all others are very vague pictures. Some kind of ceremony, I think? Maybe graduation? Not entirely sure.


      I'm not sure where I was, but it was daytime. Dallas was texting me. He was in Oregon. He was saying he may fall down this huge hill. I guess he was hiking and close to a steep hill/ledge. I was worried for him; I hoped he didn't fall. For awhile, I was then not getting any responses from him, and when I'd text him, it would have trouble going through. He must be in a bad reception area. I then tried to call, and it wouldn't go through. I was really starting to get concerned.

      I was then in the car, sitting on the passenger's side. Dallas was in the driver's seat, but there was no wheel on his side. I guess I was driving. Anyway, Dallas was sitting there completely naked. He had fallen down the steep hill/ledge. His body was turned in a way where I couldn't see any of his junk. I looked at him, and he looked relatively normal, aside from his front teeth looking like they got banged up, his lip was half normal colored and half a little dark. I was talking to him about us taking him to the hospital, letting his mom know, etc. I also commented on how quickly he got from Oregon to here (it's literally across the country!); I said something about it taking him an hour.

      He then told me he didn't think I could handle seeing his injuries. I was talking to him about something when he said this. He turned his body all the way around and...his penis and testicles were completely gone. I tried to keep talking and ignore it, but I couldn't. I was then thinking about some IWL conversations we had about penectomies and how Dallas would fall into a huge depression if that happened. He was telling me it got cut off in the fall, but he couldn't go back and get it. He seemed to be in shock about the whole thing right now, like it wasn't affecting him that badly. I was wondering what they could do for him at the hospital.

      I then saw him again at some point, a side view, and it looked like his penis was there after all. It was a very brief view though. I think we were in the hospital.


      I was going down through the floor, down, down, down into darkness. I realized this wasn't waking life, but it didn't feel like a lucid dream, it honestly felt more like an OBE (for convenience purposes, I'm going to use the color code for my LDs, even though I genuinely do not believe it was a regular LD). I decided that I wanted to see what Hell looked like (I do not believe that heaven and hell are real places, but states of mind and being). In a previous experience some years ago, I was going down into the ground in a similar fashion in an LD, but I was too afraid to see hell, so I went back up. This time, I said to myself that I could handle it; I was ready to see it. I was concerned about waking myself up, but I held it together very well. I then looked down at my body and saw I was naked in the darkness as I descended. Interesting.

      I then was in hell. I was in a room where there were these long tables all around the perimeter of the room. There were children who were supposed to be getting their faces painted by adults, but the adults were cutting their faces and painting them with blood. The children were scared and upset. There was a doorway leading into another room. I went into that one. I don't remember what was specifically going on in there, but there were more scared and upset children.

      I then was in blackness again, and this feeling of fear and despair came over me. I knew they were not my own feelings, but the feelings pervading this hell. I saw vague shapes in the blackness.


      I woke up from that last dream and fell asleep again, fully aware that I was going to enter a dream. I was out of my body again. I was in the house I grew up in. I don't remember many details about being in the house, but I then went outside and floated into the air. It was a bright and sunny day. I decided since I had seen hell, it was time to see heaven. I went up, up, up into the air. I then was in this tube that was very vivid. It was covered in light blue squares that had some Disney character's face on them. I went further into the tube and the color changed to yellow with more characters. It kept changing like this until I emerged on the other side.

      I was in what looked like the exact same face painting room from hell, except for this time, the kids were really getting their faces painted. They were not scared or sad, but it was a much more calm atmosphere.

      Unfortunately, I don't remember any more from this experience. I don't think much happened after that.

      I then was back on Earth, outside in the daytime. I was floating, working on the effortless method of just letting it happen, but then I started to go down towards the Earth. I started to make myself float up again, and started to "swim" through the air. I knew that this was not what I had been working on, and it felt like I had more resistance, but it was working. I was swimming upwards and to the left towards the house.

      There was a point where I looked in a mirror slightly above me and at an angle, and wanted to make angel wings appear on my back (something I tried to do in a previous LD not long ago), and lo and behold, there they were on my back. They were white and feathered. I smiled; they were beautiful.


      I was again entering a dream. I felt like I was leaving my body, but appeared in a different room. I saw my sleeping body laying on the bed. It was naked, but in the same position that I fell asleep in. I seemed to be in what looked like a hotel room. Someone else was in there too, though I'm not sure who. They could see me though, which was kind of surprising. I went into the bathroom and floated. Someone else came in, my CS assistant manager, C. She could see me floating in the air! I was surprised that she could see me! I started to do these flips between the walls by the toilet, and she was laughing. I loved it!


      Caved and took a whole Ambien again last night. -_-; I'm going to take a half tonight, otherwise I'll never get off this stuff. Though the experiences I had were very cool. I never felt like I was lucid dreaming; I felt out of body. It really did feel different. It was quite fascinating!

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    2. Lucid Flight Through a Cloud Break, Online Multiplayer Video Games, and More

      by , 10-07-2014 at 03:25 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was staring out the window in a house. It was nighttime outside, but I could see this weird break in the clouds that had a reddish tint to it, as if the sun was setting behind that small break, but it was nighttime. I'm not sure exactly what triggered it, but I figured out I was dreaming! Very cool. I examined my hands to stabalize. Then, just for fun, I did a nose pinch RC, which is something I've been practicing IWL lately, but have never done in a dream. I could breathe! So that's what it feels like.

      I then decided to fly towards the break in the clouds. I phased right through the window, no resistance or anything, which doesn't ever happen to me. I then started to jump to take off to fly, but once again remembered to just let myself float up. I did just that, and it was so easy! When I was in the air, I used this same technique to move to the left or the right. This is one of the first times in a long, long time that I have flown and not started to immediately lose height while in the air.

      As I approached the break in the clouds, it started to look more purple than red. I briefly thought of Dreamer because of the purple. I then went into the break and saw what looked like a Mario Galaxy world with all these giant floating black bombs with faces and red tops among other things I can't recall right now. I feel like I saw them all from a different angle than the one that I entered the break at.


      I felt myself falling asleep and entering the dream. I was with Dallas. I was sitting on the kitchen floor with him in the house I grew up in. There were all these kitchen utensils on the floor scattered about. I told him that since we were dreaming, he could do whatever he wanted to me (I definitely meant sexually ). I was kind of excited so I briefly lost the dream a couple of times, but went right back into it. I took off my pants, which of course made me more excited and once again I briefly lost the dream but went back into it immediately. Dallas then took this long straw-type thing with lube and inserted it into my forearm. Totally NOT what I expected at all, and if felt so weird! He kept sliding it in and out, and I couldn't even look at it because I was afraid to see it.
      "No! Not that! Don't do that!" I said.
      He kept doing it.


      I was at Dakota's apartment. Someone else lived there as well. I hadn't heard from Dakota in years, much less seen him. He was sitting on the couch smiling, but it was a sad smile. I talked to him a little, though I can't remember what it is we talked about. I noticed he was wearing a dark green sweater, and he looked so much thicker than usual. Not fat, just...thick. He had a really thick neck that was as wide as his head.


      I was playing this online multiplayer game where you would get put in a house in one of 8 places. The house would be themed randomly and would have a shop in it for food. The house would be where you "lived" in the game. I got put in one but I don't remember the theme. I went up to the counter in the back to buy something, though I don't remember if I actually did or not.

      I then was doing something else and not paying attention to what was happening in the game. Three girls came into my house. One had a short blue dress on but I don't remember what the others were wearing. They then started to change all my furniture and make all these alterations to the house itself. It then kicked me out of the house, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. Wtf! I was then looking at all the houses in the area from an above view, kind of like The Sims.

      I then somehow got another house. I was then working in the food area, which, in this house, was in the front. I felt as if I was in first person now instead of third person gaming. Other people would come in and buy food from me. I was then making some kind of chicken pita sandwich when a girl came up and was telling me how it would be good if I did it a certain way. I was still doing it my way. I then noticed that the girl looked like one of the girls who kicked me out of my house before; I noticed her blue dress. I asked her if she was, and she said yes, and I cussed her out and she left.

      I then saw some sort of small purple pop up that came up when someone wanted to buy your house. It would give you an option on whether or not to sell it to them for a certain price.

      I then was on a menu area where you could pick a place to visit, one of the 8 places you could be assigned a house. They were represented by little icons. There were 3 areas in the "fun" category, which was off to the left of the screen, separated from the rest, and the rest were in multiple categories, all except the "fun" category. I don't remember anything about what the categories were called. There was a mountains area and a town/village area, but I don't remember any of the others.

      I decided to visit a different area, though I don't recall which. I then was calling a book store inside of the game with my phone outside of the game. Some kid answered and was talking really fast, so I couldn't understand what she was saying. I heard another kid giggling in the background. The girl kept repeating whatever she was saying really fast, so I couldn't understand her. She started to sound impatient. I then figured out she was asking me if I was over 21. I said yes. She then started telling me about a porn book that was on sale and a lesbian book. I turned to the person that was with me (I guess someone was with me now) and said
      "This is an adult bookstore!"
      I was amused, but not interested. I hung up the phone.

      I then visited the town/village area, and heard some music from KQ7 playing, the music from Archduke Fifi la Yipyap's party. There was a stage at the front of the town, which looked 16-bit, that had small flies moving around on it. The area looked quite primitive.


      I was feeling myself fall asleep. I would see images around me that looked like movie screens playing clips of movies. I then was in a dream where it looked as if I was looking through my cupped hands to see what was going on. I don't remember what it was now, but it looked vivid and stable. However, it didn't feel stable. I then woke up.


      I was playing this game, though I was inside of the game playing it. It was like League of Legends, where you pick your player, but it was an open-world game instead of a MOBA. We were underground in an area with lava and some very small erupting volcanoes that separated the sides of the cave. Right before the other side, there was a pool of what was supposed to be hot water. You still had a team. I don't remember who my character was, but Dallas was playing as Captain America, and someone else there was some girl from Captain Planet, the Asian one (was there an Asian girl on that show? I think there was). She had on a white shirt and a short orange skirt and white pants/leggings underneath the skirt. She was hovering around above the ground and shooting around magic spells. I thought that she was the weakest, but whoever was playing her knew how to play her so she wasn't as weak. I only saw her from the back.

      I then saw people from our team walking over the lava to get to the other side and getting hurt, but not dying. Dallas (Captain America) was trying to explain how to do this so you didn't die (you weren't really supposed to walk on the lava at all). He was saying you just had to avoid the small erupting volcanoes and the "magma" (he used the word magma) that was pooled around them. I think I tried it and died. I know someone else did too, someone who had done it without dying before.

      Dallas was then using a bucket to scoop lava out of the lava pools and dumping it in the water to try to make a pathway. The lava just evaporated and disappeared though when he did this. He didn't think it would work (like it does in Minecraft), but it was worth a try.


      I was telling Dallas about my dream and that he was Captain America.
      "How appropriate," he said.
      It made sense why he said this in the dream, but not IWL.
    3. Brief Lucidity, Bed Bug Scare, The Swimming Pool and Robin Williams, and Free Donuts for Roi

      by , 09-14-2014 at 03:20 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I felt myself entering a dream. All around me was this texture that looked like it came out of DK64; it was a light brown bamboo-like texture with some green leaves. I let the dream world finish forming. I then noticed that I could kinda see through the texture that was in front of me; it was like it was a sheet covering a big window. I could see that there were trees outside, and that it was daytime. I pulled the sheet back to reveal the big window, which was looking out onto a landscape with lots of trees. I started to walk through this landscape, and felt that the dream was quite stable, but I guess it wasn't because I woke up with no warning whatsoever.


      I was laying in bed in the morning, and I asked Dallas if he was itchy. He said yes. I hoped we didn't have bed bugs; for some reason, I was afraid that we did. He got up, but I stayed in bed for a minute. I then got up too, and looked at the bed behind me. There were a few of these black/grey ant-looking things up by my pillow. There were about as big as two quarters each. Ugh. Is that what bed bugs look like? I wonder how long they'd been there for? I then thought about how at least now we could save the embarrassment of having to tell the apartment complex that we had them since we lived in a house now (not true IWL).

      I then started to wake up in the middle of the night in our bed. Phew, just a dream, but I better ask Dallas again if he'd itchy just to make sure. I started to tap him with my right hand to wake him up. My touch felt very "muted"; my hand felt kind of numb to me touching him, but I felt the pressure. I assumed it was just because I was just waking up (missed dream sign D: ). I asked him if he was itchy, and he said yes. Hmm...maybe it wasn't as much of a dream as I had thought it was.

      In the morning, we got up. Again, he was up before me. When I pulled my covers back to get out of bed, I noticed that, on the inside edge of the comforter, there were these tiny black gnat-looking bugs crawling around, and there was also a dead wasp and a dead bee. What the heck? I got out of bed and went to get Dallas to tell/show him. I told him about the dead wasp thing and how weird that was.

      I believe there was more to this one, but I can't recall.


      I was outside in a swimming pool in Oregon. There were many others swimming as well. I was there visiting my parents. It was daytime, and there were many palm trees around, as if I was in Florida or somewhere more tropical. I was thinking about the time of year it was and how in the heck it was still warm enough for swimming. I knew it wouldn't last too much longer.

      I then saw, sitting at the end of the pool on the edge with his feet in the water was Robin Williams. He had a bright smile on his face and seemed to be glowing he was so happy. I swam towards him and we spoke, but I don't remember what we spoke about.

      Dream skip. There was a point where I became lucid. I'm not sure when or what triggered it, but I was lucid. I decided to fly. I took off into the air from wherever I was and was flying quite fast and had a good amount of control of where I was going for the most part. It was evening, I believe, and I was outside. I flew higher until I was above the clouds. I looked down at all the clouds below me. It was very pretty. I started to lose height for a bit until I was below the clouds again. I thought to myself to simply rise up again instead of thinking too hard about it. I gained a bit more height.

      Then, back to the NLD. I was inside somewhere in a small room with white walls, and I figured out that the Robin Williams thing happened awhile ago, and he wanted to meet back up with me, but the day before we were supposed to meet up, he killed himself. I figured it out by looking at his planner and his calendar, which was hanging on the wall; he had written in light orange ink "Krista" on October 3rd (not an accurate date I know but it's a dream). In fact, all of his writing was in light orange.

      I then spent a lot of the dream trying to figure out how to go back in time or how I could meet up with him anyway. I'm honestly not sure if it was one or the other or both, because it feels quite jumbled in my mind. There was a point where I was back in the swimming pool.

      I also feel like there was some more lucidity, but it was very brief.


      I was inside somewhere, preparing donuts for some group thing. I called the person I was going to give free donuts to. I was going to just pick a random person. I picked a person with a very short name, it was something like Roi or something; it seemed, in the dream, that the person I was calling was from a video game, Fire Emblem maybe (I know there is a "Roy" in that game). He answered though, and didn't sound like he had any sort of accent. I was asking him about the donuts and what kinds he wanted and stuff. As I was talking to him, I was in a room where we were getting trays of donuts ready and putting the boxes together and stuff. Others were there as well, I remember Courtney S. being there among them. I then left the room to go do something else, and asked the guy to hold on a second. I was still holding my phone. I was looking for something. It had to do with the donuts, but that's all I remember. I was thinking to myself this guy probably doesn't believe I'm getting ready anymore because all the noise from the other room had stopped. I then got back on the phone with him. Fortunately, he was still there. I was telling him I was doing something that I really wasn't doing, though I don't remember what it was. I was frantically searching for something still.

      Then, we got off the phone. We had everything set up on long white tables; there were many boxes of donuts there, most being all chocolate iced or a combo of half chocolate iced and half glazed. My box for the guy I was on the phone with had lots of different kinds in it. I remember a vanilla iced and a maple iced, and there were some with an orange icing on them. As I was looking at the orange icing, I wondered if it was cheese or icing. The ones with lots of icing had the icing overlapping onto other donuts. It looked kind of messy, but they'd at least taste good. I did wonder, though, if I was supposed to use those kinds of donuts since everyone else seemed to have the same two kinds. Oh well, too late now.

      People started to come in to get their donuts. I was trying to spot my guy, whom I expected to look Asian. He was one of the last ones to come in, however. When I saw him, I was actually sitting on a platform or something a little above everyone's heads. The guy looked like a guy I knew that came into the coffee shop regularly IWL. He was young, about 30 or so, had a small dirty blonde beard/mustache, and light brown hair on his head. He looked up and saw me, and he spoke to me, though I don't remember what he said.

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    4. Semi-Lucid: Dreaming of Sleep Walking, Past and Present Job Dreams, and Pink Hypnotiq Pre-Gaming

      by , 08-25-2014 at 02:23 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I woke up in the middle of the night last night to pee. I got back in bed, laid on my back, and decided to try to LD. I immediately started to fall asleep, and saw many moving pictures before my eyes. They were kind of like movie screens, but shrunken down, surrounded by black. I saw a couple of different scenes with those, though I can't remember exactly what those scenes were. I knew I needed to keep waiting for the dream to fully form, or I'd just wake up. I think I head music as well.

      Finally, I was fully immersed in the dream. I was in the bonus room at my parents' house. It appeared that I had been asleep on the couch. At this point, I would say I was semi-lucid, because I couldn't remember if this is really where I fell asleep or not, but I knew I was dreaming nonetheless. Cherie' was in there too, sleeping on the floor. The light was on.

      I got up and flew into the air. I wanted to try to phase through a wall, but for some reason, the wall was absolutely solid. Instead, I landed on the floor right on my butt. It made a loud thumping noise, as you would expect it to. This woke up Cherie', and she was just staring at me with wide eyes. Now I was really confused. Had she heard me?
      "Can you see me?" I asked.
      She must have said yes, but I can't remember. I then knew I was somehow acting out my lucid dream. Weird. I decided to fly to see how that would play out, since I was apparently acting everything out.
      "Watch this!" I said.
      I flew into the air. I went down the hallway and to the stairs. I was moving my arms as if I was swimming through the air. My mom and maybe someone else were going down the stairs as I was doing this. I wondered how I was doing this IWL since I was flying in my dream.


      I was at work at the bakery with one other person, a girl, though I can't remember exactly who it was. There were many racks of unbaked round bread that needed to go in the oven. I did not know what temp or for how long everything needed to bake, and I knew the girl I was working with needed my help. I asked her if she wanted me to help her bake, and she said yes. I really wanted to help her out, but she was so much more experienced than me. I tried anyway. I put one in, but wasn't sure about anything else. I said something about this to the girl. We both then went to grab a giant stuffed animal to put out on the floor since we had sold the others? She grabbed a giant stuffed zebra, though it didn't look like a zebra, it looked more like a bear, kind of, and told me to do the same. I kinda knew how to do this part, but I let her show me anyway. We filled the holes on the sales floor with the zebras.

      We were then back behind the counter. I noticed that all the racks of bread were gone now. I guess she put them away in the cooler or something.


      I was working in the coffee shop again, but I also had my bakery job. I kept thinking about having two jobs, and how both places thought I had open availability. I thought about how I needed to make a schedule for them both so the jobs wouldn't overlap and I wouldn't have to call out of one of them. I thought about how I had done that at the coffee shop. I was actually surprised I was still working there; I had never really left, I guess. It was a weird feeling, hard to explain.

      I saw a schedule on the wall in a back office. I saw there was another girl named Krista who worked there. It said "Krista G." on the sheet. I "remembered" one of my friends that still worked there after I had left telling me about that. I saw my name on there as well. It said something like "Krista B. Black" or something weird like that. I then thought about how the shop was under new ownership, and it would never be the same as when I worked there before.


      I was at Subway with my mom, ordering a sandwich. I had to go in later to start work there again. I saw that behind the counter, many employees were on computers. I assumed it was for training. I "remembered" having to do that when I worked at Subway before, and thought about how I'd have to do that that night at work. Then, I'd have to clean and close down the store. Again, I thought about having 2 jobs, though I couldn't remember if my second job was the coffee shop or if it was the bakery.

      I watched the employees make my mom's sandwich. She ordered first. I was then ordering mine, but they were putting all the meat and toppings in small paper cups instead of on my bread. I felt as if the employees were annoyed and were rushing me so they could do their training on the computer. After I listed off all the toppings I wanted, I was handed my bread and the cups of toppings. The meat was a bunch of ground beef sitting in grease in the cup. There were minimal toppings in the cup as well, though I saw lots of banana peppers. I got an employee's attention, and asked if they could put the toppings on my sandwich. I also asked for more pickles. I felt like I was imposing on their time by doing this.

      I then was sitting at a table with my mom and Misty, a girl I worked with at the coffee shop. My mom had gotten up to do something, and I was telling Misty about a dream that I had about closing at Subway and the back being all dark and creepy (did have this dream a couple years ago for real). She then started to ask me if it had anything to do with my relationship with "Him" (Him meaning God). She then started to talk about the birth of her twins and quoting a Bible verse from "Dominicus" something or other. She was getting all religious on me. I just listened to her talk. My mom came back.


      I was with Kristen, a girl that I worked with at Kohl's. We were getting ready to go to a party. She poured me this HUGE glass of booze. It was a mixture of hot pink glittery Hypnotiq and some other kind of reddish liquor. I took a sip and it tasted very sweet and fruity, not like alcohol at all. I kept taking drinks of it, doubting that I could finish it all since it was so much. I watched her as she downed a regular-sized wine glass of red wine. Blech. I guess she must be a seasoned drinker. I then noticed that my own huge glass was almost empty. I took the last drink of it.

      We were then parked in a parking lot. It was dusk. There was a building in front of us, a bar or restaurant. I ran up the stairs and on the porch to get behind the building to where the outdoor party was being held. I climbed over things on the porch. There were people sitting at a table there. I climbed on the table, then realized it was a table and quickly got off the table, thinking the men sitting there were probably expecting some kind of table dance.

      I then was off the porch and behind the building in a field. There were cars parked and some of my friends were there. One of them, Rachel I think, asked me if I had driven, and I said yes. She asked me if I should have driven, and I said no, probably not, but I did. I could feel the alcohol at this point. I wandered off towards some other people.
    5. Dying Grandpa, Lava and Pills, Library Lucidity, and More

      by , 07-15-2014 at 03:38 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      My grandpa was still alive, but he knew he didn't have much time left. I was with him, my mom, and my aunt Marge, though I feel as if there were more people there too. They were all very sad about him dying, but he was at peace with it, and was trying to make the most of his last moments.

      I was then somewhere else, though the situation had not changed. I opened a door, and saw my grandpa sitting in a chair at the head of a table. His hair appeared different than it ever was IWL, with streaks of red, some blonde and maybe brown as well, though the red is what I really remember. I then caught a quick glimpse of my mom and aunt, who were sad and not wanting him to go. I feel like they were asking him, pleading with him not to die. He looked at peace.

      My aunt Marge closed to door. I wasn't supposed to be there for some reason.


      I was at my old job, which was a department store. It was nighttime. I was in the building with a few other associates.

      I was over by the women's fitting rooms, when I saw some lava leaking from a crack that it had caused in the wall. I remember going back to it a little later, and more was coming out. I started trying to cover it with clothing, but, of course, the clothing just caught fire and burned up. I felt as if we were trapped.

      I then had another idea. I went to another fitting room with another associate, and we started looking for fire retardant clothing. We looked through lots of packaged pajama sets that normally the store receives around Christmas. I went through lots of red ones. Then, a supervisor, Charles, came up to us.
      "Those aren't going to work," he said.
      I imagined the fitting rooms slowly filling with lava.

      Someone went back in the fitting rooms a little later to get something, and I was surprised when they came back out, because some time had passed, and I figured it was filled with lava by now.

      Then, I was close to the front of the store by the doors, when Ashley, another associate and my IWL friend, came back in. I asked her if there was a way out, and she said no, there wasn't. I imagined it outside, us surrounded by lava or erupting volcanoes. I knew we were doomed to die in the building. We all knew.

      I then approached Jaime, a manager, and asked her if she had anything strong we could take. If we were gonna die slowly, may as well not be able to feel anything. She took a silver package of these big pills out of her purse. They were Percoset, a strong pain killer (never taken them IWL). She gave one to me, one to Ashley, and took one for herself. The pill was wrapped in another piece of plastic besides the silver packaging, but it was supposed to dissolve when you took it. I put it in my mouth to swallow it. It immediately tasted very bitter. I tried to swallow it, but it was such a big pill, it was proving to be difficult. I really wanted the bitter taste out of my mouth. Before I swallowed it, I already started to feel the effects of the pill. I figured it was a fast-acting pill for those who were in major pain. I remember Jaime chewing her pill. I didn't understand how she could stand the bitter taste.

      I woke up for a little bit, then went back to sleep, entering the same dream.

      The pill was in full effect now, and I went to the bathroom to pee. I looked down at the tiled floor, and the designs on the white floor tiles appeared to be oscillating. Yeah, definitely feeling the pill. I stood up, and then, even though I did not feel the need to pee, I kept peeing. I peed a lot.


      I was at the department store I used to work at again, setting up some display on the endcap of a register. It was almost Christmastime. I thought to myself that it seemed so soon for Christmas; it felt as if we had just had it. I remembered the year prior with my husband, who was then my fiance. It seemed like just yesterday.

      Then, Ashley walked by. She was wearing a black maxi skirt that was slightly sheer, but only at the legs, and a black top. She said
      "It's been a year, and I'm going to be possessive of you, _____, and _____." I can't remember what else she said besides me.
      Apparently, Ashley was my wife. She had some issues about Christmas; something about the holiday made her feel insecure. I understood this, and was not upset by it. I just wanted her to be happy. I "remembered" kissing her, and thought about how I never thought I would marry a woman, and how my family never saw it coming either. But I loved Ashley; she was my wife.

      I then "remembered" driving to see her the prior year on Christmas, and taking pictures of the road on my way and sending them to her. I remember one in particular of the interstate in front of me. I was in the far left lane, and there was a metal chain-link fence on the divider. I think a semi-truck was also in the picture.


      I was walking through a city in the daytime. It was sunny out. It reminded me of a video game. I was with my husband, Dallas. The objective of the real-life game was to kill the governor. I had a shotgun on me.

      Dallas and I split up at some point. I was walking the streets alone, searching for the governor. I feel like I encountered some people and talked to them, but I can't quite recall. I noticed my husband's absence, and wondered where he was.

      I then approached a building and entered it. It was a library. I was standing in the huge foyer. There was a service desk in front of me, and behind it, glass windows looking into a room with computers and books. The floors were dark wood, and the lighting was sort of a "mood" lighting, not too dim but just right. Immediately, I recognized this library as one from a dream I had years ago, and knew I was dreaming. The dream quality instantly started to suffer, so I concentrated on my hands so as not to lose lucidity. My hands were changing as I looked at them, turning into baby hands and sprouting extra fingers. I walked as I kept focus on them, and the dream seemed to stabalize.

      I approached a young, tall, skinny girl standing at a podium. She looked to be in her early teens, and had dark hair pulled back into a ponytail.
      "What's your name?" I inquired.
      "Jaime," she responded.
      "Jaime, are you a real person, or are you part of my mind?"
      "Part of your mind," she responded with a smile. As she said this, she stepped out from behind the podium.

      I then went somewhere else, up some stairs I believe, and into a very crowded hallway with a balcony overlooking the foyer. It was circular and stretched around the edges of the room. I approached a blonde boy, probably about the same age as Jaime, and found out his name was Josh. He didn't really seem happy. He reminded me of someone I met IWL at my old job. He had the same name as well. He looked similar too, though much younger. I was having trouble getting him to look at me in the eye. I took his shoulders in my hands and said something to him, though I can't remember what. I was trying to get him to see something.

      I then was not sure what else to do with my lucidity. I didn't feel like I had much more time. I could not remember any goals I had prior to falling asleep. So I decided to do something I actually haven't done in a long time in my dreams: Fly. I took a running start, and people started to look, telling their friends to look because I was going to fly. I ran up and down the hallway a few times before I decided a running start wasn't the best way for me to do this. I leaned over the balcony. I saw all the people across from me on the other side of the hallway, and everyone below me in the foyer. I wasn't sure about this, since I had not done it in so long, but I let myself fall from the balcony. I then flew. Everyone was cheering me on. I was going very fast, however, and felt out of control of my speed, though I could rise and fall when I pleased; when I thought about going higher, I would, and when I thought about going lower, I would. I was just going so fast...

      The cheers then started to slow way down, like when a record is slowed down.
      I had an FA in my bed. I kept my eyes closed for awhile, but finally decided to get up out of bed, because I was hearing what sounded like someone peeing, or water trickling into water. When I went to get up, however, I noticed that my feet were already touching the floor, as if I was half standing, and half laying down in my sleep. I got all the way up and walked down the hallway. I noticed my husband standing in the guest bathroom doorway. The lights were off in there. That's odd, I thought he went to work. I got closer and noticed his shorts were pulled down, and he was peeing. Is he sleep peeing?

      Upon getting closer, I noticed he was peeing in my cat's water dish! My cat, Belle, was just standing there too, watching. I started getting really pissed at him (no pun intended), and yelled at him for doing that. I know that he and my cat don't really get along, but seriously?? I started yelling at him to stop, and asking him how he would feel if someone peed in his water. He said something smart-assy back to me. As I was raging, he started to walk away into the kitchen, which was much, much bigger than our IWL kitchen, which actually brought me to lucidity for a second, but I was so angry that I lost the lucidity in my rage. I noticed that the kitchen had chopped up potatoes all over it; the counters and every surface were covered. I knew he had done this just to spite me. I asked him if he was going to clean it up, and he shook his head no. I was so fucking angry. I went into the guest room, which also looked much different, and tried to slam the door, but the coat rack on the top prevented me from doing so (this does happen IWL). Ugh, I was so angry!

      Then I woke up for real.


      Ugh, I can't believe I couldn't remember what I wanted to do with my lucidity. Maybe another night. I'll just keep incubating my ideas, and hope that they come through into my dreams. Glad for the lucidity though! Woot woot!!

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    6. Ryan and the Strange Suicide, Facial Morphing Lucid, and "Remembering" Sleep Therapy

      by , 10-27-2012 at 04:02 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with Ryan. Apparently, his marriage didn't work out, so he went back to me. I was leaning and cuddling on him.

      We were then watching some news clip I think of a Middle Eastern or maybe a Spanish guy in a bike race. Something happened, and he started shouting in another language, took a gun, and blew his face off. I didn't look at the part where he killed himself.

      His white shirt with various little logos on it was then laid out in front of us. It was clean of any blood, surprisingly. I thought to myself that maybe they washed it. I touched it. I then caught a whiff of sweat. It was from the shirt. I thought about how very hauntingly strange it was that his shirt still smelled like sweat and all that, but he was no longer alive. It was a bit unsettling.

      Then, we were outside this small house, and moving on some sort of train with it. I think we were sitting down. The train then picked up speed, and we were then going so fast, that everything, including us, started to look polygonal; the best thing I can compare it to would be N64 graphics. We just kept going faster and faster.


      I then woke up for a bit, tossed and turned, then, when I got comfy and I got my brain to stop going a mile a minute, I felt the buzzing in my head associated with SP. I knew I was going to be in a dream soon, so I concentrated on staying calm so I wouldn't jar myself out of it.

      I then was sitting in my living room, staring at an orange cat sitting on the floor. It looked like Pounce, a cat we had to put to sleep last year. I thought that was odd...I must be dreaming. To check, I stared at the cat, and concentrated on changing its appearance. It then changed into an orange and white cat that looked like a cat named Kira I looked after one time. Definitely a dream!

      I looked at my hand, and I counted 8 fingers. That's...a lot more extra fingers than I'm used to seeing in dreams. Oh well. My mom then walked quickly by, and down the hallway. I went after her, about to tell her we were in a lucid dream, but I couldn't really talk...it was weird, like something was blocking my voice from coming out.

      I then went into the bathroom instead, and looked in the mirror. My face looked weird and dark at first, and was slightly covered by my hair, so I got closer to the mirror, and...my facial features were all mixed up. As I continued to look, some features disappeared completely, and my face looked almost like a blank sheet of skin. Very, very strange.

      I woke up after that, but kept my eyes closed, and soon enough, I was feeling the buzzing again. I decided to experiment, and tried to concentrate the buzzing to my heart to see what happened. I didn't notice much difference, so I concentrated it to my head instead. I buzzed for awhile, then, I was again in a dream. I don't remember much from this one, except for there was a point that I was outside, flying amongst the green trees in the daytime, little by little gaining height. I still don't think I could talk.


      I then was in a non-lucid. All I can remember from this is that I was "remembering" a dream "memory". As I was "remembering" it, I wondered if it had been real memory or a dream memory, but ultimately decided it was real. I was "remembering" going to an Asian man's house for sleep therapy. He was in his thirties, and had glasses. I "remembered" sitting in a big living area with him on lots of pillows that covered the floor. I then "remembered" sitting on a bed with him, and watching him smoke heroin out of a glass pipe? It was so weird. I did not join him in partaking of the dangerous drug. I don't think I was supposed to tell anyone about him smoking the heroin.

      That's really all I can remember though, is "remembering" going to sleep therapy at this guy's house, and watching him smoke drugs, wondering whether or not it all really happened. I'm sure there was more to it than that, but that's all I can really recall.

      I have had a majorly busy week at this new job. I absolutely love it; I am SO blessed to have this job. It's had to be the first thing on my mind though, so dream recall has had to take the back burner. Next week won't be as busy, so I'll be trying to remember more dreams.

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    7. Lucid: Trouble With Phasing, and a Flyer of Me...Naked?!?

      by , 10-11-2012 at 04:01 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I fell asleep, and knew I was dreaming almost immediately after entering the dream. It felt unstable and dim, as if I was only very lightly asleep. My mom and brother were there in the house as well.

      I wanted to get out of the house. I tried to phase through some things to do so, like the ceiling and the door, but all were solid, and I couldn't get through no matter how hard I intended to (this is something I've done successfully many times in the past; I don't usually have this much trouble phasing through things). I decided to try to phase through a window instead. I went up to it, and slammed my body into it. I didn't phase through, but the window fell out, leaving me an opening. Woohoo! I went outside.

      I was then walking down the road outside my house on a sunny day. My mom and my brother were there too, I think walking a bit in front of me. I, of course, had to fly. I got a running start, hoping this wouldn't turn out like earlier when I was trying to phase through things and having no success. I took off into the air, and was flying! I looked down and saw my mom and brother walking on the road. I was up over my neighborhood, flying over roofs and beautiful green treetops that were starting to turn with the seasons.

      I was then starting to slowly lose height. I tried to think myself back up higher, but it was proving to be difficult. I finally gained a bit more height back, but it wasn't where I wanted to be; I wanted to fly as high as the highest treetops! I kept trying to think myself up there, but I couldn't get any higher than I was. Besides, I was starting to sink again.

      I then briefly thought about myself being so high up, I could see the curve of the Earth; almost up in space! I thought I shouldn't be afraid of this height, because I'm dreaming, and I can't get hurt.

      I then remember being outside someone's house. I decided I wanted to go in and explore. But first, I really needed to RC and make sure I wasn't awake (as if flying wasn't enough). I checked my hand, and I had 5 very short, stubby fingers, which then enlongated a bit, and I had 6. Yeah, definitely a dream.

      I decided to try to phase through into the house. Of course, this wasn't working out too well. I finally got frustrated enough to where I finally phased through, and everything turned black with lots of purple flecks overlaying my vision (a common thing for me to see with my eyes closed anyway IWL). I also felt a very interesting sensation when I phased through, one I can't ever recall feeling before when phasing through things. As soon as I stepped into the door and things went black, I felt this warmth overlaying my body, like a soft, comfy, warm blanket being draped over me. I've felt that when meditating before, but never in dreams.

      Spoiler for Explicit content:


      I was in my room, and so were Blake and my dad. My dad was sitting on my bed by my chest of drawers, and I was standing by my mirror on top of my dresser. I was changing clothes for some reason. I told my brother and dad to close their eyes. I then felt that I wasn't wearing a bra. Weird. I took my shirt off, and put on a light blue bra. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and it almost looked like I still wasn't wearing a bra, but it was just extremely light blue. I felt kinda weird, but I trusted that they weren't looking. I then said
      "Well I guess you can open your eyes now," before I put a shirt on.
      Eh, whatever. They're my family, I doubt they'll look anyway.

      My dad then said something, and I turned around. He had opened up my second drawer in my chest of drawers, and apparently, I had Barbie dolls in there? He was brushing the naked Barbie's blonde hair with a toy brush. I also noticed the top drawer was slightly opened. It had ashes in it from my pipe. I figured if he saw it, he wouldn't really care much, so I stopped worrying about it. He then said something inappropriate about the Barbie, about how he put it back in there.

      I was then looking through one of the windows by the front door, and I saw these flyers, one with Blake's picture on it, and one with mine. It looked as if I was sitting with some friends in an auditorium, and my hair was shorter, like it was when I was younger. I got excited, because we had tried out for something, and we had made it! I called for Blake to come and look.

      We then stepped outside to read the flyers as well. There were two lists posted. I saw Blake's name on the first one, and pointed it out to him. He was doing some technical work for a play or some kind of show. I then looked at the other one, and replacing the picture of me from earlier, was a picture of me naked from the shoulders down. What. The. Fuck. Who got this naked picture of me? Where? WHY?!? I was baffled, confused, and insulted. The picture then started to move, and it changed its angle to being from the bottom, showing my butt and my vag as I walked. Wow. Privacy=violated.

      At any rate, I had made it into the same play or show Blake was doing the technical work for.

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    8. Theme Park Fragment, Lucid Flight: Soaring Above the Clouds, and an Odd Way to Start a Job

      by , 10-10-2012 at 03:42 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at some theme park, looking at a weird ride that just took you around in a big square formation over and over again. All the small, faded yellow seats/carts were separate from one another. There were lots of women on the ride, as if it was maybe a women's club or class of some sort. They were doing something as they sat in their seats, like maybe knitting? I wanted to get on, but it was already moving.

      I came back to the ride later, and it was vacant and unmoving. Apparently, they had moved the class or whatever to another location.

      I also remember riding a roller coaster in this dream. It was mostly just small hills, a few ups and downs, but nothing big, as if it was a child's roller coaster.


      I remember holding a big, beautiful, slightly chipped sand dollar. It had light blue swirled into the off-white base color of its body. I then dropped it or put it down on a table, and a bigger piece chipped off where it had been a little broken before. I was disappointed, but couldn't do anything about it now. I looked inside at the once-living organism, and saw many small pores.


      I was in my house, in between the stairs and the front door, when I realized I was dreaming. I thought about what to do, and about how last time I was lucid, I ended up not doing anything because I thought too much about it. The only thing I could think to do was fly, so I said fuck it and decided to do that.

      But first, I had to get out of the house. I looked at the front door, and saw that behind it were lots of beautiful autumn leaves from overgrown trees. I either could phase through both the door and the leaves, or I could open up the door and go through the leaves. I thought phasing through might wake me up, so I opted to open up the door and walk through the leaves.

      As soon as I was outside, I took off flying. The sky was a faded blue, and below me was green grass dotted with lavender colored wild flowers. I was sinking closer and closer to the ground, so I decided to try to gain some more height. I thought about going higher, and I quickly gained quite a bit of height! I kept going up and up until I was above the layer of clouds covering the sky. Very briefly, I caught a glimpse of the other side of the clouds. There was light blue sky, and I caught a little glare off the sun. I also saw a part of a rainbow. It looked very realistic and beautiful. I then went back down to a little below the clouds, which, oddly enough, now didn't seem so high up, since I could plainly see the grass and flowers below me again. I caught a little glare below me on the ground that also looked like a very small rainbow.


      I was at a restaurant that I had apparently just started working at. It was kinda like a Chili's or an Applebee's. The inside was dim, and the colors were mostly red colors. It was my first shift. But for my first shift, I was sitting in a big booth in the corner with some friends and people who I was now working with by a stage where they had live music.

      A waitress then came up to our table who looked like a girl I know IWL named Chelsea. No one really knew what they wanted, or at least I didn't. I was talking a lot to my friends, and trying to examine the drink menu at the same time. The waitress then came up to me and was very friendly as she told me that I should memorize a certain drink's ingredients, and that maybe I should go to the other restaurant they had in the area to do so. I said I would. She then asked me if "she" (referring to the manager) had taught me how to take orders yet. I said no. I thought about how they never trained anyone there (leaked over from my most recent job experience). Apparently, they were very busy and needed more people to wait tables. She then left.

      I kept looking at the colorful, laminated drink menu at the drink that she wanted me to memorize, but I was having some trouble finding it. When I did find it, I was having trouble concentrating on what the ingredients were. There were only three parts to the drink, but you know how dream text goes; I couldn't hold my focus on it, and I'm sure the words were changing each time I did try to look at them. I then noticed a man with a very deformed jaw that jutted out quite a bit (he looked a bit like Jay Leno, but the jaw feature was very exaggerated) up on the stage playing the piano and singing. He was singing about how he wasn't so different despite his crazy jaw.

      I then decided to go ahead over to the other restaurant and look at the menu there. I was then walking outside and alone; no one was around at all, despite how big the city was that I was in. There were no trees, just concrete and lots of slightly colorful buildings. The sun was also almost all the way set; the horizon was orange. I was thinking as I walked over to the restaurant that maybe I should have done this another time, and not while on my first shift. Oh well, it was too late now. Besides, they seemed busy enough to where they wouldn't even be able to make it to my table for awhile anyway, so maybe they wouldn't notice I was gone. Then I thought back to how I was asked to do this, which made me feel better.

      Also, as I was walking, for part of the time, I was looking at photos of my friend Caitlin in a white wedding dress. There was another friend in one of the pictures, another girl. At first, I was thinking that Caitlin had been married, but I realized she hadn't been. I then thought about "that time when we dressed up in wedding dresses" for fun.

      I then spotted the restaurant, which wasn't far at all from the original location. I walked in, and at first, was a little confused; it was set up more like an office than a restaurant. I walked around a bit, and then, to my left, I saw a glassed-in lobby area where people were standing, sitting in chairs, and, ultimately, waiting. There was a small, older blonde lady at a desk in the middle of the room who I suppose was the person to talk to about getting seated. I walked in and up to the desk. The lady was preoccupied with talking to a man at first, and then, she saw me and asked if she could help me. I asked her how long the wait was, and she said 5 hours O_O. I then explained the situation to her, that I worked at the other location pretty much across the street, and that they told me to come here to learn about a specific drink. She then got up to go get me a menu to study. I followed her to the door, but as soon as she went out into the restaurant area, I couldn't figure out which direction she went in! Outside the door, it was only possible to go left or right. I looked both ways a few times, and had completely lost her. Crap. I figured that I should probably just wait for her in the lobby.

      I was waiting around for the lady to return, when I noticed that underneath one of the two dark red leather chairs sitting in front of the desk, was a small box that had been partially squished underneath one of the chair legs. I got it out from underneath the chair and set it on the desk, feeling awkward, like I was being stared at by the people in there. But, I figured, I work at this restaurant chain now, so I'm just doing my job. I looked at the chair after fetching the box, and the cushions seemed to kind of sink in on the chair a little for some reason.

      The lady then came back with a menu. I took it, and wrote down the list of ingredients for memorization purposes on a small white piece of what looked like receipt paper. The first ingredient was "Ribeye" something, some kind of liquor. It was the only one I could easily memorize for some reason.

      Right after that, I remember being outside again, on the road in one of those red chairs, which, apparently, had wheels on the bottom, because I was being wheeled around by the small desk lady. I was directing her to the restaurant, pointing at streets and buildings and such. I then saw the restaurant and pointed it out to her. She then wheeled me on over.

      We were then walking into the restaurant. A few friends were waiting to meet me. They had apparently moved tables to behind the stage area. I followed them over. It was still a large booth like before, just in a different location. The small lady that was with me was so excited to be there for some reason! We scooted into the booth at opposite ends of the table. She said something, and it was in a high-pitched British, almost Cockney, accent. I scooted by some purses that were sitting in the booth, presumably my friends', and thought about how my friends were going to know she was Cockney. Why that mattered is beyond me.

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    9. Hanging With Caitlin, a Lucid Flight, The Flooded Forest, and Big Thunder the Alligator

      by , 09-28-2012 at 04:03 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was watching my friend, Caitlin, walk in rhythm down a hallway to her singing the words "It won't take me awhile" over and over again in a deep Jamaican accent. She was wearing light blue bermuda shorts.

      We were then sitting on the couch, watching some late-night TV. I'd say it was probably 1 or 2 in the morning, maybe later. I think we were sitting in my living room. It was dark, save for the light from the TV.

      We were then walking into a kitchen that kind of looked like our neighbor's (from yesterday's dream) kitchen. We were in nothing but our underwear. I think we must have lived there, and were roommates again. I was trying to get my panties all the way on over my butt as we were walking. At the far end of the kitchen were some of our friends from high school, Kayla and Maegan are the ones I remember, though there were more. It was kind of embarrassing, but we were still having a good time.

      Then, all the sudden, I was outside on a wooden porch with my best friend MK's older brother, Adam, whom I rarely see or talk to IWL. Everyone else had disappeared. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Adam looked at me and asked
      "Where did everyone go?"
      I responded
      "The dream must be about to end."
      As Adam was agreeing with me that that must be why, I was thinking wait a minute. This is a dream! Sweet!!
      I didn't even do an RC, since I felt so sure already that this was a dream. I was really excited! So excited, that I wanted to fly with Adam! We walked up to the edge of the porch, and Adam started talking. I, however, was too excited to listen (something I desperately need to work on in my LDs -_-). I kept wanting to ask him to fly with me. He finally finished talking, and I asked him
      "Do you practice lucid dreaming?"
      "Yes," he replied.
      I grabbed for his hand.
      "Would you like to fly with me?"
      "Yes!" he replied, taking my hand.
      I felt our fingers intertwine as I took off. He trailed behind a little at first, but was then next to me.

      I felt kind of out of control as we flew for some reason, I think it may have been because I was losing the dream, and was trying to focus on keeping it. I had to fly in these huge circles. We were flying over a field with grass and some desert-looking plant life. I saw a patch of these purple flowers. Very pretty. Adam then separated himself from me and sank down a bit to fly with another girl. I spiraled down in my giant circle, trying to gain height again, but not being able to. In the sky, I then saw the moon rising in fast motion, though it was still daytime (think about when you can see the moon when the sun's still out--that's what it looked like). It was a 3/4 moon.

      Then, when I was close enough to the ground, my friend Raechel's son, Syler, took me by the leg and started to run with me like I was a balloon. I thought this was adorable, and laughed as he did it. I floated in the air, too, as if I really was a balloon. He ran up the stairs to the porch, and inside, where many people were.


      I was with my dad and my brother, I believe, outside in these extensive woods. It was beautiful. The tree roots were huge, and were everywhere on the forest floor. You could tell it was a sunny day, though not much light came in through the blanket of leaves above. Close by was a house, supposedly our house.

      I was really worried about getting close to any water or anything because of alligators. I was afraid I'd get bitten or killed, though the gators around that part weren't that big, they could still deal a pretty nasty bite. Also, apparently, when we were younger, my dad kept one underneath the stairs that went up to the porch of the house. I didn't want to get near that either, thinking the gator must still be there.

      My dad then told me that the gator was dead, that he had been dead for a long time, but, for my brother's sake, they had kept his body underneath the stairs for some time. Apparently, my brother really liked that gator for some reason. He wasn't around when my dad told me that.

      At some point, we were talking to some woman with short hair who was wearing nothing but what appeared to be a white dress/sack, and black knee-high socks. You could see her naked butt peeking out from beneath the dress/sack. We were standing in what looked like a town square. She took off her dress in one swift motion, and was completely naked underneath. I critiqued it as if it was a movie, thinking to myself that the movie makers did a bad job hiding the fact that she was naked underneath the weird dress/sack she was wearing. She then started to show us all her alligator bite scars. She had a ton of them. She was trying to prove a point with her scars, trying to prove how dangerous alligators really were.

      We were then running through the forest, climbing on the tree roots, having an awesome time! But every time we got close to some water, I'd start to get nervous about gators. We even saw one on a shore at some point. I just wanted to get away from there.

      The woods then started to gradually fill with clear, blue water. I was alright with that, actually, since it wasn't the gators' natural environment. We splashed through the water, which hadn't reached too far over the tree roots yet. The water level, however, kept rising. On the forest floor, below the tree roots, it was pretty deep. But on top of the tree roots, it was relatively shallow, reaching our knees.


      I was walking into my brother's room. He wasn't home. On his desk (which he doesn't have anymore IWL) sat this cryogenically frozen alligator kit. It was in a black box. According to my mom, who was in bed in her room, I wasn't supposed to do anything with it yet, not until my brother got home. It was supposed to be a surprise to replace the alligator under the stairs from his youth.

      Of course, being me, I had to push the limit a little. I had a bottle full of hot water. The instructions called for A FEW drops of hot water to unfreeze the kit and the gator. There was emphasis on the "A FEW" part. I dripped a little onto the kit, and the frost started to melt. The whole kit was shortly thawed out, and I opened it up. There was a TINY purple alligator in there. And I mean tiny as in could fit on the tip of a finger! I then proceeded to carry the gator on my right index finger and the kit over to the other side of the room, trying to figure out what to do with him, when he started to float in the air on a string, like a baby spider would. Shit! I had lost him! He was so tiny, it seemed like it would be damn near impossible to ever find him again.

      I then noticed, right in front of me, a medium-sized aquarium tank full of water and little colored pebbles. It was for the baby gator. Shit again! I had been RIGHT THERE. If only I could have made it in time to put the gator inside. Now I was afraid he'd die because he wasn't in the right environment. Plus, someone might squish the poor little guy.

      I told my mom what happened, and of course, she wasn't very happy about it.
      "I told you not to do that!" A typical mom thing to say.

      I was then on a search for the gator, which, somewhere along the way, got named Big Thunder, I think by my dad's disembodied voice (my dad would name a tiny alligator something like that IWL). I was with other people, though I can't remember who right now. We were searching by some rocks and water. It seemed like we were both inside and outside at the same time.

      We then saw Big Thunder (lol this Big Thunder thing was even kind of hilarious in the dream). He had grown quite a bit in the few minutes/hours I had lost him. He was now an orange-red color, was kind of short and stubby for a gator, and had creepy, huge black eyes. He looked less like a gator, and more like something you'd find in the deepest depths of the ocean.
      "Big Thunder!" I exclaimed. I was glad he was alive.
      Apparently, Big Thunder was an aggressive gator. He proceeded to latch onto my leg and bite down. It HURT. Whoever was with me helped me get him off. Damn, fuck, SHIT that hurt! I didn't seem to be bleeding, but you could see red welts where his teeth had been.

      We then wandered and climbed over the big, grey rocks by the water. Something then went to attack Big Thunder, who was kind of following us. We were worried about him, thinking he may not make it through the attack, when a giraffe came and ate the attacker, and at first, we thought he also ate Big Thunder. We didn't watch this happen, but we looked back when the attack was over, and the giraffe had his cheeks full and was chewing. It was kind of cartoonish. It was a big wtf moment.

      We then noticed Big Thunder was alright. That crazy gator and his escapades.

      I was then in my brother's room again, sitting on the floor and working on something, though I'm not sure what, I want to say it was either a cage or an aquarium, when my friend Mike then texted me, warning me he had charged this nitrogen canister bomb and buried it underneath me, and I only had 20 seconds until it detonated, killing me and anyone in the house, which would also be destroyed. The text read kind of smart-assy.

      My view then changed to a sillouhette of Superman with his arm extended going underground. It was me, apparently, and my view changed back as I saw the countdown on the canister. The digital number read at about 14 seconds. I pushed a button on what appeared to be a touch screen that the numbers were also on, and the countdown stopped, displaying a screen in digitized letters that explained how to re-initiate the countdown. I went back up to Blake's room, and called him to ask him what the fuck I should do about the buried canister, whether or not I should retrieve it, or leave it buried, which is what I planned to do. I just worried that the canister would somehow get jossled under there, and the countdown would re-initiate without anyone's knowledge until it was too late. I can't remember what he said. I asked him some other things too, like what do you even buy these things for (they were sold commercially)? Why would you want one? Is the explosion really that powerful? I really can't remember his answers at all.

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    10. OBE/Lucid: Seeing Myself Asleep, Flying With Brett, and a Fragment

      by , 09-18-2012 at 02:54 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I felt myself falling asleep. I sat up out of my body, and went over to the other side of the bed. I looked around my dark bedroom, and then, decided to look at myself. My body was there, on its back (I fell asleep on my back), peacefully asleep, much different from the last time I had one of these experiences (last time my body was tense and afraid, eyes wide open and terrified). My body wasn't under the covers.

      I went up to my body and stroked its hair, and said
      "You are beautiful."

      Then, I was in a room with Brett, my first long-term boyfriend that I dated in high school. I wanted to fly with him, since he was there with me. I grabbed his hand, and he said something, though I can't remember what; something along the lines of "what's going on?" or "where are we going?" I said back to him, trying to carefully choose my words,
      "This is a lucid dream!"
      He responded
      "Oh right, a lucid dream," like he was agreeing with me that it was, indeed, a lucid dream.
      I thought about whether or not he was a DC or an entity, since most of my DCs give me a blank, stupid stare or just outright deny that it's a dream when I call attention to the fact that I'm dreaming.

      We then flew up into the sky, where either the sun was setting or the sky just had those sunsetty colors in it. I remember vividly feeling Brett's hand inside mine. We talked as we flew, but I can't remember what about. I then looked up and saw a starlit night sky and a beautiful, vivid red galaxy. I pointed it out to Brett. I thought about how this was the first time I had been able to fly with anyone hand-in-hand. I've tried before, but the person "weighed" me down, or someone else took me up to fly, and while we were ascending, I'd wake up.


      I was in some mountain river or stream or something. This dream occurred during both the night and the day. This guy I went to high school with, Jason L., kept pushing me down into the flowing body of water, onto the rocks, etc., saying things to me as he did so. I don't remember what it had to do with, but it had some sort of purpose. I then remember seeing a body, not sure if it was mine, his, or someone else's altogether, but he/she busted their head on a rock, and bright red blood started to pour out. I started to freak out.

      I remember talking to Jason L. civilly in this dream, and I remember trying to get out from under some rock and my vision kept shaking, like I was trying to get out from being stuck underneath a block in Minecraft.

      There was a point where I became lucid again during this dream, but I quickly lost it.

      There was more to this dream, but that's all I can really recall.

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    11. Trying To Attain My Lucid Goal

      by , 08-06-2012 at 03:15 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I fell asleep and found myself in a mix between my current house and one I lived in briefly as a child. It was daytime outside according to the lighting in the room. I think I was in my room, but it looked different. I immediately knew I was dreaming. I examined my hands so I wouldn't get too excited and wake up. I then remembered my most recent lucid goal: To confront JP about being in so many of my dreams. I started to call out his name, trying to get him to appear, but he didn't. I kept looking at my hands to keep the dream from fading.

      I kept losing the dream and then going back into it (it's been awhile since I've been lucid), but I regained lucidity each time this happened, and I would remember my goal as well. Every time I'd "wake up" somewhere else in the house, and I'd start to call JP.

      I finally ended up somewhere that didn't look like the house anymore, but I think it was still supposed to be. I was standing in front of some stairs, and I called on JP. A man in a suit then appeared on the stairs, but he didn't look like JP; his skin was a bit darker, and he looked older. He didn't say a word and kept a strange, small smile on his face as he walked up the stairs.

      Regardless of his strange looks, I treated him as if he were JP. I forcefully asked him something along the lines of "what are you doing here?" or "why are you in so many of my dreams?", but he kept on just walking up the stairs with his little smile, staying silent the whole time. Things then started to get blurry, and I tried to examine my hands to keep the dream, but I, again, lost it.

      I then "woke up" somewhere else, I'm not sure where, but wherever I was, I decided to try to fly since its been so long. I took off into a blue sky dotted with clouds. Below me was green grass and trees with lush, green leaves. At a certain height I felt a little resistance, but that's normal for my flying dreams; I was glad to even be flying at all since I haven't had many LDs lately.

      As I was flying, I passed by some kind of tiny flowers, and I reached out to touch them.

      That's all I remember from that one, though I know there was a bit more to it than what I can recall.


      I was in my bedroom, but, of course, it looked different than my actual bedroom. I was talking to someone on the phone, or myself, I'm not sure, but I was worried that the sound would carry through this weird window in my wall that went into the hallway, and my mom would hear my conversation. Later on, she said she didn't hear me, but I knew for a fact that the sound carried extremely well into the hall; I even heard my own voice coming from my room when I was out there.

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    12. In and Out of Lucidity, and Having a Robotic Foot

      by , 12-08-2011 at 01:57 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at my house in the playroom. I was looking at my left foot. I pushed the top middle of it, right under my middle toe, and it opened to show wires and mechanics; my foot was mechanical. (think Will Smith’s arm in I, Robot).

      Apparently, the reason I had a mechanical foot, was because Jason had one. I talked to him on the phone about it at some point. I don’t remember if it was through text or actually talking on the phone.

      I then remember talking to my mom about it. She was asking me if she was sure that was a good idea. And I kept backing it up saying it was a good idea.

      Jason did tell me that he had lost the feeling in his foot after awhile. I noticed that my mechanical foot wasn’t as sensitive as my real foot. I didn’t think it was a huge deal.


      I was watching a movie about a female high school student who posed as a teacher. It was a comedy, kind of like Easy A or something. The girl had straight, short/medium length dark brown hair, and glasses. She had an accomplice, her friend, who was helping her cover it up. I kept seeing them get in the accomplice’s car and go places.

      I think she finally got caught.

      I then remember talking to my mom about the movie. I’m not sure where we were, but we were in a room somewhere. In the middle of talking to her, I had the realization that I was dreaming. I smiled, and looked at my mom and told her this was a dream, and I got the same look most DCs give me when I mention that. I ran past her.

      I examined my hands to keep the dream stable. I also yelled
      “Stabalize!”, which successfully stabilized my dream.

      I went by a dried up potted plant sitting on a counter. I touched the leaf and it felt so real and vivid. I love it when that happens.

      Then, I remember being upstairs. I was in a room that looked similar to the bonus room. I wanted to go somewhere else; to get out of the house and fly outside. I tried to tear up the ceiling, but only saw insulation.

      I then spotted a dark blue wall with I think yellow stars on it; it almost looked like it was wrapped in wrapping paper. I started to tear it up, trying to find something or somewhere new. It came off in big blocky chunks, and just looked the same underneath as it did on the surface.

      I woke up in sleep paralysis. I kept still and let it buzz until I went back into the dream. When my mind was sure I was dreaming, a voice in my head said

      I then effortlessly floated from my body in my bed. I was then close to my body’s head, and looked down and saw my body. It was laying on its back, and its eyes were open wide; it looked so frightened. I gently stroked its head of messy hair. I felt compassion for the body lying there.

      I examined my hand to try to stabilize the dream, and it worked for a second, but I then lost it.

      Again, I woke up in sleep paralysis, and the same scenario repeated, and I again heard

      I then was in a room. I wanted to fly, but it had been so long that it was proving to be difficult; I felt held down by gravity. I fought the heavy feeling in my legs, and took off through the ceiling and into this crazy cloud world. The hues of the clouds were grey and blue, and there were all these colorful floating structures; it reminded me of a Super Mario Galaxy world.

      I was a little unsure of the flying at first, but I then felt like I was riding a current, and it got so much easier. I rushed by all these crazy floating structures, some that were swinging back and forth. I was smiling and laughing, saying
      “I’m dreaming! I’m dreaming!!”
    13. Lucidity on a Star Wars Planet, VIP Party, and Trying to Fly

      by , 11-22-2011 at 05:38 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)

      I was with some people from work. I remember for sure that Bart was there, and so was this guy that works next door at the Music and Arts Center. We were getting ready to go to some water park party thing that was only supposed to be for celebrities. The guy from Music and Arts was supposed to be serving there or something.

      We get into the party and walk around. The park is huge. It was evening. I don’t remember any specific celebs being there, but there were some people there. It wasn’t super crowded.

      As we walked, I remember seeing a tiki hut like structure that we walked under. I also remember approaching and talking to Music and Arts guy as he was working. He was only wearing swimming trunks. I want to say they were red. I remember feeling happy and a little nervous to talk to him, since he's kinda cute.

      We then were about to enter a part of the park where we couldn’t wear clothes, just bathing suits. Bart, some others that I can’t remember, and I found a place where people had set all their personal items and clothing. They were all just sitting on the ground next to beams supporting some structure. I started to take my clothes off, and noticed I was wearing an
      extremely skimpy bikini, which was white with red lining the edges with a red flower on one of the breasts.


      I was seeing an overview what looked like the world where Obi Wan fought Darth Vader in Episode III of Star Wars, though it looked more colorful. I knew they were supposed to battle soon.

      I was then by a building standing on some rock. Jason was with me. It looked like dusk on the planet we were on. There were these machines lifting hot metal beams out of the molten metal covering most of the planet, which was sectioned out into different colors. The colors were darker hues of purple, red, blue, and I think green, though I can’t remember the green for certain. There were small metal platforms where the machines would place the hot metal beams. Jason was standing very close to one, and a machine started to quickly move a metal beam towards it. I told him to watch out, and he ran right before it hit him. That happened again and grazed his head, but nothing more.

      Then, as a big metal box frame was being pulled out, I realized I was dreaming. As I realized this, I knew nothing could hurt either of us. I ran up to Jason, smiling, and wanted to badly to tell him we were dreaming, but for some reason, the words wouldn’t come out. It was like there was some mental block. I had my arms around his neck.

      I then saw some other people, a group of 3 or 4, though I can’t remember who they were specifically. I wanted to tell them it was a dream too, but the same thing happened and I just didn’t do it, though I had run up to them to tell them.

      I then headed towards the molten metal. I knew it wouldn’t hurt me, so I started to wade through it. It just felt kind of lukewarm. It was also pretty shallow, only going up midway past my ankles. I waded into different colors, wondering whether or not they would feel the same or warmer or cooler. I was a little scared of the orangey-red, because I thought it would be the warmest.

      I also dodged some beams while I was in there.

      I was then back where I started with Jason. I told him we were going to go somewhere else. I decided on the beach. I put my arms around his neck and looked at him, and noticed I was looking at myself; like I was seeing myself from his POV or something, because I was seeing me from where he was standing. It was weird. I closed my eyes and thought of the
      beach, only to wake up upon opening them. -_- So much for that.


      I was outside my house in the front yard, and knew I was dreaming immediately. It was nighttime outside. I decided to fly. I flew up into the air, but could only go so high; I was having some trouble. I guess I hadn’t flown in awhile, maybe that had something to do with it. Anyway, I wanted to get on the roof of my house, but I couldn’t get high enough. I remember the house looking a little different, with elegant domes all over the roof.

      I kept almost landing and having to “swim” through the air to get myself up higher. There was always the point, though, where I couldn’t get any higher. Ugh.

      I flew towards the house and tried to grab on to the edge of the roof, but as I did, I woke up.

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    14. Weird Hospital Lucidity

      by , 09-15-2011 at 02:31 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a hospital, though the colors were a little weird for a hospital. Instead of there being white everywhere, there were more earthy tones; I especially remember dark reds and browns.

      I was getting some procedure done to my right eye. I don't remember them putting me under, I just remember being under and in a dream state (within my dream). I said to my mom in the dream state
      "Doing something to my eye freaks me out."
      I tried to feel my physical body to see what they were doing to my eye, but I couldn't. Thank goodness for that...that probably would have really freaked me out.

      I knew I was dreaming now, and decided to fly. I flew up into the clear blue sky, relishing how it felt. I spotted someone hang gliding above me, and wanted to get up to their height. I flew even higher. I remember an old woman being with me.

      I was then freaked out by the extremity of my altitude. I was really close to leaving the atmosphere, which shouldn't have scared me in the dream state, but it did. I thought to myself that I wanted to be back down onto the Earth, and then I was.

      I was then waking up in the hospital. They wanted to draw more blood. I started freaking the fuck out, telling them no over and over and squirming and fighting. All the nurses, who were female, were trying to get me under control. One had this thing that looked like a hole puncher that they were going to use to draw my blood. She threatened to use it on my back. I got up and darted out of the room, tearing through the hospital. I encountered no other people.

      I was then outside, and decided to fly again. I took off, and noticed I was outside my house. I decided to try to do something else. I wanted to see my friend J. I landed on the roof on the side of my house, and composed myself enough to start drawing a portal. I kept whispering, repeating
      "I want to see J, I want to see J..."
      I drew the portal on the roof, and when I felt it was ready, I jumped through. I was then in a dark, damp room. I felt a plant's tendrils all around me. I then saw myself in 3rd person being overcome and entwined with the tendrils.
      I then started to hear the nurses' voices echoing around me. I remember one saying something about bronchitis that wasn't in the lungs.
    15. Dr. House Diagnosis, Lucid Sportscar Transformation, and Being a Scientist

      by , 09-14-2011 at 03:25 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a hospital. Dr. House was there, and told me that my feet weren't getting enough blood, and that's why they hurt a lot (they don't hurt in waking life). He said we should amputate them because they were basically useless, and I said no.

      I then was somewhere else, in a room somewhere, and Dr. House walked in with 2 prosthetic legs that looked completely different from one another. He was still using his cane. He sat down on a chair by the door. The reason both of his legs were prosthetic was because of some mistake made in trying to treat the original blood clot in his thigh.

      Then, I saw a regular customer at the coffee shop I work at sitting in a chair. He too had 2 prosthetic legs.

      I looked down at my own bare feet. The skin looked red, like they were inflamed or something. I still refused to get the surgery. I needed my feet.


      I was somewhere, but I can't remember exactly where. Something did seem a little off, however. I decided to do a reality check. I looked at my hand, and my index finger looked disconnected from my hand. I tried pulling on it, and it stretched kind of like bubble gum. It's a dream!

      This dream already seemed pretty stable, so I didn't do much stabilization. I took off to fly a bit, as per usual. I looked up toward the blue, cloud-spotted sky as I took off, and saw what looked like the tops of telephone poles and wires disconnected from the rest of the poles. It was like they were floating. Weird.

      I was then on the ground, standing in a driveway next to a drab, silver car. I looked away for a second and imagined it being a neon yellow. I looked back, and it had completely transformed into a shiny, sleek, new yellow sports car. I hopped in, and gunned it down the road. I watched my speedometer climb up to 70, and I kept pressing down on the gas. I was going pretty fast, and, it being a dream, didn't have to worry about any cops! I remember passing many cars as I zoomed down the road in my shiny new sports car.

      I remember being back in the driveway, and transforming the car again. This time, it turned green for a second before it turned yellow.

      I also flew again at some point.


      I was on some team that did lots of chemistry and other science experiments. We were outside somewhere, like in a mix between a forest and a cave. I picked up what looked like a small ant farm with no ants in it. It was important for some reason.

      This dream went on for a bit, and I remember trying to get the other scientists to listen to me. That's all I remember, though.

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