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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Fish/Underwater Maze, Roger/My Old House, and Wanting Coffee At the Mall

      by , 09-30-2014 at 02:08 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in some maze-type thing with some other people, I think my husband was one of them. It was like an underwater/fish theme. When you'd go down a new passageway, it would change the "story" or whatever was going on. If you went back, the story would change back.

      I was then sleeping on the ground somewhere. I had fallen asleep with the TV on (which took up an entire wall; it was like a projector) showing colorful fish and underwater stuff. It was some kind of documentary or something. I woke up and it was still on. I thought about how Dallas had left it on, but I actually liked that he did; I seemed to sleep well with it on.


      I was with a lot of people, many were guys. We were outside. We were about to star going back to high school. I was really focused on one in particular named Roger (no one I know IWL). He was tall and thin with light brown hair that came about his shoulders. I was watching him interacting with someone else. He then came up to me and we started to talk. I felt an intense connection with him. I wouldn't say I had a crush on him, but the feeling was similar, only it was a deep friendship kind of feeling. We would hold hands and stuff, but it was just because we were so close to one another. He did tell me that he had had a crush on me before. I don't remember my response. I remember us interlocking our pinkies. I think we even pinky promised something.

      I then was walking with him in the courtyard from my high school. We were holding hands and I was telling him that I was supposed to start my senior year, but I didn't have to because I'd already been a senior once before so I probably wasn't going to. He was supposed to be a senior as well.

      Then, I was somewhere else. I believe Roger was still there with me. There were many people around. Connie, a lady I used to work with was also there. I was seeing what was happening from an angled above view. Connie said she felt like she was going to throw up, and then walked a little towards her right and out of my line of sight. I heard her vomiting. She then was saying she liked her brand, new empty salon. As I was thinking "All except for the puke", someone else said the same thing.

      I was then in a house that I lived in when I was 4-5 years old. It was a huge wooden house. We, for some reason, still had some of our furniture in there. In the foyer, there was a huge, elegant dresser with a huge mirror. It was mine, but we had had no place to move it because it was so big, so we left it. I made a comment about it and looked in the mirror at myself. The mirror was so big it was like a full length, and I could see my whole body in it.

      I was then sitting at a table with my dad and a few people in the family that now owned the house. The people who owned it now were Indian. One, a man, was trying to tell my dad that they were going to charge him this HUGE amount of money, I'm talking thousands, to keep the things in the house.
      "Like always," he said, referring to the fact that that price was normal.
      I then chimed in, because I knew that wasn't right.
      "We used to LIVE here!!" I said in argument; we knew that the price was too high because we ourselves had lived there, and it wasn't that high then.
      The man who had been speaking fell silent. I looked in an entryway in front of me and saw one of their sons, who was a teenager. He was standing in the doorway.


      I was doing something for these two little girls, one older (about 7) and one younger (about 5). Their mother was there. I don't remember what exactly, but I want to say I was decorating a cake. I finished, and then I gave each of them a pair of black panty hose to put on. My fingernail caught on one pair, but I didn't see any damage. They put them on right there (they were wearing short skirts). The older one said hers had a run. I looked and saw a long run behind one of her knees.

      I then was in the mall. Dallas was there, and someone else I believe. I wanted to get a coffee, a particular kind that was unique to the place I wanted to go, and remembered the coffee shop that had been there (that I worked at IWL; a different one than the one I usually am referring to), but it had closed. I then "remembered" that they had reopened it briefly (this is in reference to another dream I had a few years ago about them reopening). But then, I also "remembered" that they had to close again, and now there was an eyebrow waxing place there (true IWL). I made a comment about wanting the coffee drink to Dallas and asked if there were any other coffee places in the mall. I was trying to remember if there were any, but alas, I knew there weren't. Dallas then said that the coffee shop I was thinking about earlier had reopened. I asked him if he was sure it was still there. He said he thought so. I then said I didn't think it was; it was "BrowArt" now.
    2. Brief Lucidity with Nicholas Cage, Dangerous Bakery Maze, and The Angry Jamaican

      by , 09-19-2014 at 02:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in some video game when I became lucid. The lucidity lasted for a bit, but all I can remember from it was asking a Nicholas Cage,
      "Tell me who you really are!"
      He looked at me with a straight face, and responded with something like
      "You don't want to know."
      We talked some more, but I started to feel like I was talking out loud in my sleep.

      I then woke up in another dream, laying on a pull-out couch. I asked whoever else was there, I think it was my brother, if I had been talking in my sleep. He said he didn't hear anything.


      I was at work in the bakery, but, as usual, it looked nothing like the bakery does IWL. We were by a checkout counter. Someone asked me if I would mix the dough. I told them no, I wouldn't, it was too scary. The reason I said that it was scary was because when someone went to mix the dough, they had to go to a different part of the store. They had to travel through dark, creepy, cave/maze-like areas with enemies that would shoot you. You had to be armed and shoot them before they killed you. It was kind of like Doom/Goldeneye 64. The area where you mixed was also threatened by enemies. I told them that last time I did it, I was sitting down, trying not to fall asleep with my shotgun because enemies kept coming. I "remembered" this happening. I didn't want to go through that again. I preferred the safety of the bakery. There was a guy there who had been doing it every day. He held his own pretty well and was much more of an expert on it than me.

      My manager then tried to toss me some frozen dough to take to the mixer. I don't remember what I did or said.

      I then was really close to an enemy, an archer who slightly resembled King Graham from the Kings Quest games. His back was turned to me. I was trying to sneak up on him and throw him in the lava. I was being quiet, until I made a small noise. He heard it and turned around. We fought a little, but I don't remember much about it.

      I then was going through the dark area for some reason. I had the guy in front of me who went all the time. I was shooting at enemies with a laser. I then started to get shot at, and my laser stopped working, so I turned around and ran the other way to get out of the enemy's sight. I looked down at my laser, and it was a Wiimote. When I'd fire it with the A button, the light on the Wiimote would turn red, signaling to me that I was too far away from a Wii for it to work. As I was turning a corner, a bullet grazed me, and it really hurt! That too was part of the reason I didn't like doing the dough; it hurt when you got hit, though if you died, you'd respawn.

      I then saw this open part of the maze to the dough. It was very dark there. There were people there with different colored lights all down the middle of the room to direct us where to go. They also had to defend themselves from the enemies. I saw a top view of this room, and then I was at the beginning of the room. I didn't go to far into the room. I also saw, at some point, a view of a room from some stairs.

      I then was at the checkout again. Someone came and asked if they had different dough runners, and they said yes. I then saw a shelf with bowls of dough on it for each day of the week, each with a different name on it. I really hoped my name wasn't up there. I looked, and didn't see it. I was, for some reason, a little disappointed, even though I didn't really want to do it.


      I was at what was supposed to be my house, but it looked nothing like it. I kept thinking about the weed I had from a while ago that was in the top drawer of this white three drawer organizer I have. I kept thinking about when I was going to smoke it. I was then in my room, which looked like the room of my first apartment. I opened the drawer, and the bag was in there with some weed in it. I "remembered" when I bought it. I had recently smoked, maybe a few weeks prior, so my sobriety was already blown. I didn't want to smoke it inside though because it would smell like weed, and my roommates might not appreciate it. I then thought about how this woman who was living there, an older woman, liked weed, and wondered if I should ask her to smoke with me. She was there currently, the only other one home but me. I didn't ask her.

      I then briefly woke up, still half in the dream world, thinking that I didn't really have any leftover weed. As I eased back into the dream world, I thought that of course I did. I went and checked again, and there it was.

      Then, there was this tall, young black man in our kitchen. He had a Jamaican accent. He was yelling at us about something that we did wrong. It had something to do with work. He was mostly getting mad at two of my roommates who weren't there currently. He was yelling more and more, when finally, I had had enough and chimed in.
      "Shut up! Shut the fuck up!"
      I continued to yell at him, saying other things, throwing around a lot of profanities. He kept yelling also. There was one point where I was standing on a chair in front of him. I grabbed his face in my hands, which somehow corresponded to a TV screen, like this was being recorded or something, and told him that the roommates (who were an FFX character, Lulu, and someone I knew it college) were my friends, and he needed to leave them alone. The chair almost fell backwards at one point. I figured I'd probably get in trouble for this, but I didn't care; this guy was insulting people I loved. I also kept thinking that now since I was so mad I was definitely gonna smoke that weed that day.

      The guy turned around and left, and I was now in the kitchen with Adam, the guy from college who was apparently my roommate, and one of the people the Jamaican man was yelling about. He was doing something by the stove. He was wearing a glittery brown plaid hat. I told him what happened. I then told him I loved his hat.
      "It's so..." I started to say, when he interrupted and said
      "Gay?" (IWL he is gay)
      "You just wear it well!" I said.
      "Thank you," he said.


      It's interesting how after not smoking for almost two years I am still having these dreams about smoking. I guess it was such a huge influence in my life for so long, and well, it's an addiction that I've been battling for 5 years now. I guess the dreams just come with the territory.
    3. Dreaming About Lucid Dreaming: An Underwater Game

      by , 08-11-2014 at 03:12 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at Disney World on my honeymoon, but I wasn't with Dallas, I was with Jake, an ex. We were in this building called DisneyQuest that was not like the real one at all. We were waiting in a crowded waiting area with a long, high top table, and probably other tables as well. Jake and I were sitting at the high top table. Many other people were as well. We were waiting to get in. Somehow, I got in first, and he had to continue to wait. He didn't seem to mind.

      I was then inside. There was this thing you could do in there, some kind of quest (quest was in the name of the activity), where you jumped into this huge underwater area/maze. There were lots of items you could pick up in there, but you could only keep them if you brought them back up before you woke up from your lucid dream. So basically, you were down there lucid dreaming with many other people, racing to get items that you wanted to keep.

      I was then standing in a small cave-like square room with a square hole cut out of the stone floor that had water in it. It was an entrance to the lucid maze. At first, I was hesitant to go down there because I was scared of running out of air. I then "remembered" (again with the "remembering") that there were air pockets I could always swim up to if I needed to; apparently, this is something I had done before. I gathered my courage and was going to dive in, but ended up jumping in feet first instead.

      I was then swimming down underneath the water. There were all these open treasure chest-type things with items in them, and all kinds of different ways you could go. The atmosphere was a bit dark, but not so much so that you would have trouble seeing anything. I was looking for a specific book. It was something I had ordered and forgotten to pick up, so I figured I'd get it here. Many other people were swimming about as well grabbing items. It was like a race/game. I kept swimming and finding more places where items were. One area on the edge looked like an old, broken down temple entrance. It had some chests with items outside of it.

      I was then woken up by my husband's alarm. He put it on snooze. I went back to sleep into the same dream.

      I was still swimming underwater, but it was after everyone had left. The item chests were all empty. It seemed like it was after hours.

      Again, the alarm went off. Woke up, went back to sleep in the same dream.

      I was then going into the waiting area to see if Jake had gotten in yet. I approached him, but did not go too close. He was still sitting at the table. His back was turned to me, and he was drinking a red beverage out of a long, tube-like glass. I figured it was an alcoholic beverage. I decided to leave him be.

      I then was back under the water. The items had been refilled, and more people were swimming about. I kept thinking about my body being asleep up in the cave room with the entrance I started in, and how I'd have to start all over from there, empty handed, if I woke up. I had a lot of items, and it was hard to carry them all. I needed some sort of container for them. I noticed that people had used containers to carry their things if they had a lot. As I was grabbing for an item in a chest, a lady and her small son swam by. The lady was talking to the son about an item that he wanted.

      I was then thinking about the book that I wanted to grab. I thought about how it looked. The cover had a Mii looking character dressed in a funny outfit from Tomodachi Life. I then figured I did not need to grab it, because the hotel had delivered it to my room.

      I then had the feeling that I was going to wake up,
      and I did. To my husband's alarm. Again. Went back to sleep after he turned it off. Same dream.

      I was then going to get Jake so we could leave. I went into the waiting area. We were then in a cab, getting taken back to our hotel. The cab driver was a white middle-aged male. He was talking to us, but I wasn't really listening. I was thinking about all the other parks, but I wanted to continue what I was doing at DisneyQuest. I then looked over at Jake, and he had his dick out. He was playing with it. I was really hoping that the cab driver wouldn't turn around and see, because he'd kick us out. He was slapping it on his stomach, and it was making a wet slap noise. I was afraid he was going to start jacking off. I felt embarrassed, but at the same time, compassionate for him; I knew he had a problem. I just didn't want the cab driver to notice.

      We were then standing up somewhere outside, and he was talking to I think the cab driver. He had on these short brown cargo shorts, and you could clearly see his hard-on bulging beneath them. He turned to the side, and it was so obvious from that angle. At least he was wearing pants now.

      I then started to think that this situation was not right somehow. Wasn't I married to Dallas, not Jake? I'm so happy with Dallas, I want to be with him, not Jake.

      The final alarm then woke me up, and I was awake for good.


      I thought that this was a very interesting concept for a dream. I wouldn't say I was lucid or semi-lucid for any of it, but it was a strange state to be dreaming that I was lucid dreaming within a dream. I also liked how towards the very end of the dream, I noticed things weren't right. Of course, that happened right before my husband's alarm went off for the final time. That would have definitely been my lucid trigger. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed this dream.