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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Work Dreams and Too Small Cages for Too Many Chinchillas

      by , 10-24-2014 at 01:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work. Everything seemed quite dark. It was very early in the morning. I was working with this guy that came from another department to learn the bakery IWL. I was filling all these drawers that filled up this tall cabinet-looking thing with things we would need for the day. I was trying to go fast because I had a certain amount of time to be finished with it.

      I then had to take a break. I went and laid down in a bed for my break. I think I was talking to the guy who was still working as I was falling asleep.

      I looked at the clock to check the time, and break was about over. I got out of the bed and continued what I was doing. I then had to go do something else, so the other guy had to take over.
      "You know what to do, right?" I asked.
      He nodded a yes in response. I hoped he wasn't insulted by my question. I then "remembered" that he did that all the time, so of course he knew how.

      I woke up and it was weird; I didn't feel like I had fallen asleep at all. It was only an hour or so later than when I went to bed. I was burning up, so I turned the heat down and went back to sleep.


      I was in this area, I believe it was a basement, that had these small cages filled with, what I called, "chinchillas", though they looked more like small white mice. There was also one with white cats in it. The chinchillas and the cats were all different sizes; some were big, others were quite small.

      I saw that a medium-sized chinchilla had escaped. I went to scoop her up to put her back in the cage. She bit my palm pretty hard, and it hurt! I carried her over the the cages regardless. I then noticed how small the cages really were; they were small and narrow, and the chinchillas were shoved in there so crowded up. There were two cage doors that would slide open and closed, one on each side of the cage. The chinchillas in the cage were trying to escape by sliding the doors open. I put the one back that I had gotten back inside the cage. The others kept trying to escape. I didn't blame them, but I didn't want them to die out there either. I thought about using different primary colored wooden building blocks (ones I had when I was young IWL) to build on some more room. I laid down a few blocks for a foundation when I noticed that another had escaped, this time a much smaller one. I couldn't find where she went, but then, I saw that a medium-sized white cat had also escaped. She was stretching, as cats do. I hoped that the cat didn't eat the chinchilla.


      I was getting up for work. I was in my room in the house I grew up in. Ugh so early...

      I was then at work. I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to be helping with. Shannon was there, this other woman, a tall, kind of fat Indian woman, was also there; she was also supposed to be a manager. Christian was there as well, an assistant manager from another store. There were also a couple of regular employees there as well. I knew there was this new thing where I was supposed to move these racks over to this certain area for the managers to transport to another store via driving this weird, short truck. I moved the things that needed to be moved.

      I then realized I really needed to pee. There was a bathroom "stall" that looked like the tall racks, only hollow on the inside with a toilet. You could see right into the stall. Ugh...I really needed to go. I made sure no one was paying attention, and I went into the stall. It was very small and cramped, and I could see outside (it was like looking through open blinds). I then saw Christian was there. I quickly pulled up my pants and exited the stall so he wouldn't see. I talked to him for a bit. He was about to drive one of those weird trucks. I had a nervous feeling while talking to him (he is actually pretty attractive IWL [yes I know I'm married; I have no intentions of getting with him], and I can tell he finds me attractive too). He then got in his short little truck and started to drive away. I waved, and another man in another similar looking truck that looked like it had a green interstate sign for the side of the truck waved back. I waved again as Christian's truck went by.

      Then, Shannon and the Indian woman pulled up slowly in their truck, very close to me, then drove away. The Indian woman looked at me as they went.

      I then wanted to try to pee again. There was this box next to the rack/bathroom stall that looked a little bigger than the rack/stall. I had a feeling you were supposed to push it in there when you wanted to use the bathroom, because then, no one could see you. Someone had already done that, I think it was Nicky. They were in the now covered stall. I still had to pee.
    2. The Tower, Posing For Provocative Pictures, and Trying to Avoid Work

      by , 10-20-2014 at 01:50 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was going to get married to my high school boyfriend, Brett. His mom was talking to me about it; she was really excited. I kept thinking that I would rather be with Dallas, but for some reason, I agreed to marry Brett.

      We were then in the building we were getting married in. It was a tower. The room we were in was very large and had tall ceilings. There was a very large, almost floor-to-ceiling window to the right. There were very few people there, only immediate family. We were up at the front, about to get married. All the sudden, we heard thunder. We went to look out the window. It was nighttime, and you could see many other towers outside the window, as if we were in a city. There was then a very large bolt of lightning. The thunder coincided with it, however, it struck a tower that was in front of us, and the thunder just...stopped. It was like it hitting the building muted it. I think it had something to do with the sound barrier. The tower that was hit started to crumble. It then started to collapse. It was hitting a tower directly beside it as well, which was making it fall too. One of the towers then started to lean towards our window! I thought for sure we were done for; this was the end. My mom started to yell
      "We're gonna die! We're gonna die!"
      The top of the tower then came crashing through the large window we were observing from. I noticed my brother was in the path of it, and I tackled him out of the way. The tower crashed down inside the building, crushing Brett and his family, but my mom, brother, a random guy, and I were all safe.

      I then replayed this scene over again for some reason. I already knew what was going to happen the second time around. Nothing changed except for the fact that I already knew what was going to happen.

      This dream was very intense and vivid. The feeling of being scared, about to die and accepting it is really powerful. As soon as I woke up, I had the urge to wake my husband up and tell him about it, but I let him sleep.


      I was in this area that was just a lot of rooms. It's like the rooms were many room-sized stalls lined up. They didn't have a ceiling. In my room, I was getting provocative pictures taken of me by a young, blonde female photographer. I believe it was nighttime. We took a break from it, and I left my room and saw that next door, Ceejay, this girl I used to work with at Kohl's, was also getting provocative pictures taken of her. She was naked and sitting on the floor. There was a huge glob of yellow-tinted (I assumed it was used) lube sitting on a pillow next to her. She was talking to me, and I kept looking at the gross lube.

      Then, this tall, sturdily built blonde woman who was supposed to be my mom, looked into my room and saw the photographer and all the equipment. She was a very conservative woman, so I knew she'd be pissed. After a few minutes, I ran into her, and she told me that she told the photographer to go home. She said other things, but I can't remember. She was stern about it. I'm sure at some point she told me not to do that, blah blah blah whatever.

      So anyway, she left, and I saw my photographer walking by. I wanted to stop her and tell her to stay. I don't think I did. I then was thinking about how I didn't normally like to get my picture taken, but if it was a provocative photo, I enjoyed it.


      Dallas and I had just gotten back from being out all day. It was my day off. I was playing some game though I don't remember much about it. I was then thinking about how I had picked up a shift at work that night. Why had I agreed to do that? I then couldn't remember what time I had agreed to. Was it 5? 6? 7? I then saw it written down on a piece of paper. I still couldn't tell if it was 5, 6, or 7. I looked at the clock and it was past 5, but I was then pretty sure it was 6. Boo that.

      I then was in this hospital room with Dallas. It was a very large hospital room with many beds lined up. The lights were half off and no one was in the room but us. I walked down to the 4th bed down and started telling Dallas about how I was in that bed one night when I was having very bad stomach pains. The doctors checked me out and I was fine, so they sent me home. I "remembered" a guy being in the bed to my right.

      I then was at the bakery with Dallas. I wasn't on the clock; I was honestly hoping that they would forget that I agreed to come in that night. The manager, Shannon, was there by herself. We got to talking. She was being very nice to me. I then made a comment about her being there all the time. She then said something about me being there all the time.
      "The kids would like it if you were here all the time," she said.
      It made me really happy to hear her say that. I must be good at talking to the kids who come up wanting free cookies.

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    3. Married to Two People, Decorating a Huge Cake, and Confusion About Quitting My Job

      by , 10-13-2014 at 02:15 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was living in a house with Dallas, Rachel, and her husband, Chad (who looked nothing like his IWL counterpart). Also, I was married to both Rachel and Dallas. I was trying to explain this to someone in the dream how that worked. It was like I wasn't married to Chad, but Chad was married to Rachel. It was interesting. Also, dream Chad had a little above shoulder length curly brown hair, and he really annoyed me. I remember talking to him while he was sitting down. I don't remember what we talked about, but I was annoyed (IWL Chad doesn't annoy me at all).

      Someone then came over with a little boy. He was probably about 4 or 5. I was talking to him. When I first started to talk to him, I felt apprehensive, because I never know what to say to children. However, I discovered that it wasn't so bad after all. I don't remember much else about this part.

      Then, something about us all going on a trip to Japan, or maybe it was just me going on the trip, I'm not sure. I didn't actually go in the dream, but it was a plan. I was thinking about if I had enough money, or how I had saved the money up in the first place.


      I was helping to decorate this huge vanilla cake. It was carved to be someone's head/torso with some cake bordered around it, carved to be circles that I was decorating however I wanted. It was for someone's birthday, though I wasn't sure if it was a child's or adult's birthday. I don't remember how I decorated the circles; I do remember on one that I sketched a person, however.

      Then, C, the customer service assistant manager, came up and started to take over the decorating. It kind of irritated me, but it wasn't that much. She sketched a woman holding a young boy in her arms. I now really couldn't figure out if this cake was for a child or an adult.


      I was working in the bakery, but, of course, it looked different. I'm not sure how long I was there, but it felt like awhile. My manager wasn't there either; I'm not sure where she was.

      I went over to a file folder and stuck my two week's notice in with some of her other papers. I tried to keep everything in order, making sure that my notice was the last thing in the stack. I "remembered" that she really liked everything to be in order. I had put on the notice that my last day was October 1st.

      I then got a call from Shannon asking me about my work schedule the next couple of weeks. She named off some shifts and asked if it was ok. I said it was, and hung up. I then was thinking about what day it was that day. Today was actually the 1st, and I just agreed to shifts beyond my two week's notice.

      I then went to go get my notice to change the date to the 10th instead so I could work the shifts that she wanted me to. I couldn't find it in her stack of papers anymore.

      I then started to gather up some of my things. I started cleaning out my locker. I had some stuffed owl in there among other things. Someone saw me carrying all my things. I don't think they said anything to me.

      I then remembered again that I had agreed to those shifts, and today wasn't my last day after all. I felt so hazy and confused (this feeling permeated the entire dream). Oh well, at least I was getting some things out now.

      I then was walking around, looking at my feet, somewhere completely different. The floors were purple. I realized I was dreaming, and thought to myself how much lucidity I'd had lately. I was thinking I had had some every night. I then started to make this little noise, and I could feel my waking life body breathing out and making the noise also. Oops, making noises in my sleep. I kept on doing it.

      I then had an FA in a different bed. I was back in the two week's notice dream. I don't think much else happened.
    4. Getting a Huge Cake, Swimming Pool With a Stitch Toy, and Trying Cupcakes At Work

      by , 10-12-2014 at 11:13 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I had gotten this huge chocolate sheet cake for opening a bank account. We were putting it on the "decorator's table" at work piece by piece (it was already cut up into pieces).

      I then was talking to Dallas about playing some Mario game that I had played with him, and I had beat him. I told him I had also beat Bowser at the game, and I had told Bowser "Sorry baby, I mean Bowser!". I thought maybe Dallas would get irritated that I had called Bowser "baby". At this point I think Dallas and I were in the car in a parking lot at nighttime.


      I was in this indoor swimming pool. I had this toy that was this electronic Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. He was in some sort of small pod. The toy was then at the bottom of the pool, and they were going to clean the pool, so everyone had to get out. I got out, and it looked like they were going to put this vacuum cleaner thing in the water. I told them I needed my toy. I don't remember who got it for me or if I got it, but I had it again. The toy then asked me
      "Are you Nicky (last name here)? Or are you Tidy S________ (some weird, long last name)?"
      I told it no. I don't recall any more about it.

      I then was outside somewhere. We were close to the beach. I told whoever I was with that I wanted to go for a walk on the beach because I love the beach. I was "remembering" where the beaches were in the area and thinking about what they looked like. I saw a hotel that we used to stay at a lot when we'd go on vacation when I was a kid. I wondered if we could walk on the beach there. I then thought about starting at the beach that was at this little seaside community and walk to the part of the beach by the hotel from there. It would be a long walk. I wondered if there were any obstacles.


      I was at work at the bakery. There was this cupcake tower with mini strawberry cupcakes and then a jumbo icing filled strawberry cupcake in the center. It was on display on the floor. I tried some of it, a mini cupcake and a piece of the jumbo, before we opened, but then thought that I would probably get in trouble for it, because it was messed up now. I was trying to imagine the tower not being messed up and seeing if that made it not messed up. I went back to it and it was all fake, plastic cupcakes and didn't seem messed up anymore. I also tried a pumpkin cupcake at some point.

      I then was behind the counter at work on the decorator's side. Something about some guy that worked there. It had to do with toys. A lady then came up and was asking if we had any more small blue number 1's we could put on the cupcake tower. She said she had the cupcake tower but she lost the 1. Apparently, this happened often, because it was a question that I had definitely had to say no to before. I asked the decorators, and they said no, just as I thought they would.
    5. Work at the Bakery AND Coffee Shop, Getting Shot, Starcraft, and More

      by , 10-06-2014 at 02:43 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work talking to Taylor about going to Oregon together on a trip.

      I then remember being in an apartment with him at night and seeing what looked like a small tornado hit the glass on the floor-to-ceiling window.
      "Take cover! It's a tornado!" I said as the thing pounded on the window once before disappearing.
      It left an indentation in the glass and some debris behind that stuck to the window. It looked like machine parts. I then felt silly for freaking out about it because it apparently wasn't a tornado. Something about a stag and these waves of dirt on the Earth that had to do with the stag.


      I was working in the coffee shop again. It was under new management like it is IWL and was inside of an apartment instead of a shop. It was really slow, as you would imagine business would be. I knew it was only a matter of time before the shop went under. I didn't understand why they would do this when they had had a perfectly good shop in the first place. I was talking to someone about this.

      I then noticed that there was more room towards the back for people to sit down in, a little area with tables and chairs. Maybe this place wasn't so small and insignificant after all.

      It was then liked I was in the bakery, and we had to make all these special orders for people. There was one for a therapist that I stopped seeing awhile ago. I didn't recognize that at first until I saw her. I hoped she didn't see me, but too late, she did. She said
      "You need to come back and see me!" in a cheerful tone.
      I didn't respond.
      I was then preparing these cupcakes/brownies with cookies on top. Shannon showed me how to put the cookies on top. I started to put one cookie on some and three on others, but decided that two was the best choice to make them all even. I fixed the ones with one and that had one and three and made them all have two. I then came out with an extra cupcake/brownie thing and had to cut it and the edges to make it the same size as the others. I clipped the edges off the way I thought they looked best. I wasn't sure at first if I was doing it right, but I compared it with the others and thought it looked passable.

      I was then outside. There were chairs, tables, and umbrellas. It was sunny and daytime out. I knew what was going to happen next: Someone was about to open fire on the coffee shop and go on a shooting spree. I even knew there would be some people who wouldn't make it. Then, a man's voice yelled
      I dropped to the sidewalk, and other people there did as well. I was underneath a table and heard the gun going and going and going. It just kept shooting. I was afraid for my life.

      The shots then ended and I got up. Inside at a table there were some dead people, some black men that were from Africa. I walked around a little and started to notice a wet feeling on the back of my neck. I then saw blood dripping down my leg. I had been shot in the back of the neck! I needed help before I lost too much blood. A man found me, I think it was Keith, one of the previous owners of the shop. He was so upset that I had gotten hurt. He helped me to a hospital. At some point, I saw blood dripping onto the floor. At another point, I saw the wound after the bullet was taken out. It was quite small and looked to be scabbed over already.

      At another point, I felt that this wasn't real, and I became lucid. There was a guy with me who looked like my husband's best friend, and I said
      "This is a dream!"
      He was quite close to my face and he just looked at me. I then woke up.


      I was at work at the bakery. It was nighttime. I was working with Taylor and Kaitlin. I was supposed to get off of work at 9, but we were so slow and caught up that I clocked out at almost 8 o'clock. As I was leaving, I saw Taylor and Kaitlin working on something. I hoped that they didn't need my help. I had to be at work by 6am the next day anyway. I was thinking about how Shannon would probably be mad at me for leaving early, but oh well, too late now.

      I then briefly woke up and thought that that had really happened. I then went back to sleep.

      I was back at work, and the computer screen there was a buttery yellow color. I had left it that way; I was supposed to clean it off before I left. There was a note typed up in the top left corner of the screen with some quote about cleanliness from the assistant CS manager. I started to scrape the yellow stuff off with my fingernail.


      Again, I was working at the coffee shop, though it looked different. Two girls came in, one about 12, the other a teen, and ordered some drinks, a cafe' au lait for the older one, and some kind of latte for the younger one. I realized that we had no milk. We also had these weird milk steamers that were hand-held. I looked in vain for milk. I remember seeing some black coffee that looked steamed and bubbly. I felt bad for making the girls wait. What kind of coffee shop runs out of milk?? I had to apologize for the wait to the girls. The younger girl then changed her order to an amaretto latte. I then ran to another coffee shop to borrow milk. I told the guy working that I needed enough milk for a cafe' au lait and a latte. He poured some milk into a steaming pitcher for me and gave it to me. I looked inside the pitcher, and it didn't look like there was barely any milk, and it looked like it was separated; the white part was on the bottom, and on the top it looked like water. Ok...weird...

      I then was back in the coffee shop and looked in the pitcher again and saw that it was full of orange juice! What...the heck. I didn't want to make these girls wait any longer, so I decided to change the OJ into milk by thinking about it. I realized I was dreaming for a split second while doing this, but quickly faded back into the NLD. I was kind of succeeding at the beverage change. I eventually steamed it, which I remembered how to do surprisingly well. It now definitely looked like milk. I gave them the drinks. I couldn't remember exactly what the younger girl had said she wanted in her latte. She then went over to a self-serve area and put some kind of amaretto powder into her drink. Alright, whatever!


      I was in the library in college. I was getting on a computer. Jason was next to me on a computer. He was playing Starcraft. I then also started to play. My base was right next to his. We were both playing as the Zerg race. I was literally trying to build on his land. I built some kind of something, honestly I don't remember what it was, I think it was to make the most basic attack Zergs (can't recall what they're called). His drones started to attack them. I then started to try building a base around his, but he kept attacking me as I was doing so. I would succeed, but his drones would kill off any progress I was making. I decided to quit because I didn't think we were supposed to be playing Starcraft on the library computers anyway. It then showed a screen that had the word FEMALE on it inside of a bar and the bar filled up almost all the way in a lime green color. It was a bonus for being one of the few female Starcraft players. I went on there again and immediately got attacked by more advanced Zerg fighters. I quickly quit again, this time receiving no bonus.
    6. Anti-Rape Movement, Tornado at Disney (Lucid), and Zoning Out at Work

      by , 10-03-2014 at 02:21 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was outside somewhere in a parking lot. I noticed a car with lots of little signs propped up on the hood that said things like "Blow me!" and other similar statements. Upon further examination, I noticed it was an anti-rape thing that people did. It was like you'd put all these vulgar statements about oral sex on your car while it was parked, and it was supposed to be an anti-rape thing.

      The things were then on my car, though in the dream, I had a mini-van or an SUV, not the car I currently have IWL. Dallas didn't like it at all. It made him mad. At one point, I believe he was taking the signs off the car.

      Then, we were inside a mall. There was a table that had all the signs on it. For some reason, I went to go pick the signs off, and noticed there was a necklace at each place. I started to pick up all the necklaces. Some were gold, some silver. I particularly liked one with a large elephant pendant on it, but I knew it would be way too long on me. I then noticed that the table was set for a dinner that was going to take place that had something to do with the anti-rape thing. The necklaces were gifts. I started trying to put all the necklaces back.


      I was at Disney World at Hollywood Studios, though it didn't look like it at all. I was with my mom. We were walking when I looked behind us and saw that The Tower of Terror was collapsing! I also saw other tall buildings collapsing. I thought maybe it was a tornado. I then saw one off the the right destroying more buildings. At this point, I started to question where we were. Was it Disney? It must be. My mom and I started to run the other direction, and I was thinking to myself that you probably shouldn't try to outrun a tornado. We then came across some tall grass and somehow figured that was the best place to go.

      I then was walking towards the ruined Tower of Terror, thinking about how many people had died in the tornado, when I figured out I was dreaming. I did some finger counts, and only came up with 6 once. The rest of the times I came up with 5. I also noticed that my nails were painted. I then tried to stick my finger through my palm, and it went through.

      I knew I didn't have much time left for this dream, so I decided to fly a little. I was right next to the ruined Tower. I was jumping, trying to get into the air. I then remembered to just let myself float, and it worked. I floated effortlessly into the air. I didn't go very high, but I wasn't trying to. I did let myself float a tad higher, and would start slowly sinking down again, so I'd have to do the floating thing again to gain my height back. I floated into the ruins of the tower; it was literally just the base that was left and nothing more, not even a ton of rubble or anything.

      I then couldn't think of what else to do. I decided to talk to my mom, whom I suppose was nearby somewhere, though I didn't see her. I said
      "Hey, you know I'm lucid dreaming, right?"
      She said
      "Yes, but only for like 5 more minutes!"
      "Less than that!" I said back.

      Nothing else exciting happened. A few minutes later,
      I woke up.


      I was walking through a mall, looking for a particular clothing store. I walking through this laser tag place where kids were running around. One little boy was trying to shoot me. I don't even have a vest on, I thought to myself. I then walked out of it and back into the mall. I was at a dead end. I felt as if this is where the store should be, but it was the same stores that I had already passed. I felt silly for going in circles.


      I was at the bakery. Barry, an older man who works there, was in the freezer getting something. I was standing in there as well in front of the open door. I was messing with my phone and just plain zoning out. I then walked out of the freezer and Barry followed. He was carrying a box. Had he needed to get out of there this whole time? I then wondered how long I had been standing there. He hadn't said anything to me about moving, though.

      I then was in a room that doesn't exist IWL. It was dark in the room, but only the colors of everything around me; there was enough lighting in there. There was a chair in the middle of the room. On it, there was a box of what looked like donut holes. It should have been in the freezer. I picked it up, and it was room temp. Wow, it had been out for awhile! I went up to Barry to ask him if I should put them back or what he was doing with them. He told me he was going to eat them. When he said this, along his bottom teeth, I could see this whitish cream that I could only assume was the filling of the donut holes.

      Shannon, my manager, was then there talking to someone, telling a story, but then she switched her attention to telling the story to me. I couldn't really hear her or understand what she was saying, but she was smiling, so I assumed it was a funny story. She then pulled her phone out to show me something on there. I wasn't sure whether I should just go with it, or tell her that I couldn't hear her.

      I then was out in front of the counter. There were these velvet line dividers up like you see at the movie theater that were leading up to the bakery. These two teenage/early 20s guys came up and were asking me something about getting hired, but I couldn't understand them either. I said
      "I'm sorry, what? I can't hear very well."
      They smiled, and I then quickly added,
      "But you don't have to yell." to make sure they weren't going to start talking too loud. My hearing isn't THAT bad.
      They started to speak again, and I still couldn't understand a word they were saying, though I could hear them. I just felt so zoned out. So, logically, to escape the situation, I just fell onto the floor, knowing that it would actually work and I would be somewhere else. I somehow had an inkling that this wasn't reality, but I wouldn't say I was lucid.

      I then woke up.
    7. Insight About Love and Sadness, Work Crap, Grandpa's Death, and More

      by , 09-27-2014 at 02:09 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Lindsay M., a lady who frequented the coffee shop I used to work at IWL, was telling me about love. She talked about how she didn't just love in a romantic sense. She also said she used to hate love.


      I was working in the bakery, but it was different, more spacious. I think I was there early in the morning. This guy who recently got promoted IWL, Jo, was there with me. He was suspicious of me. He said
      "I know you're smart, but there's something off about you..."
      I didn't feel welcome.

      There was more to this one, but I can't remember.


      I was at my grandparents' old house with Dallas, my grandma, and my grandpa. We were all sitting in the living room talking. My grandpa was sitting in a chair in front of the fireplace. I was glad Dallas was able to meet both my grandparents. I then remembered that my grandpa was dead, and I saw that his head started to look kind of see through, like he was a hologram or a ghost. I figured my grandma was somehow keeping him so alive in her memory that he was appearing here. Hard to explain.

      He was then gone. Grandma then said she needed to go to bed before she noticed that he was gone. I remember seeing her laying in bed. I then was out in the living room again. I saw, sitting on a small table, a shirt of my grandpa's that he wore all the time. It was just a t-shirt folded once longways. I didn't touch it. I thought to myself that the smell of my grandpa was probably almost gone from it by now.

      I then started to channel the spirit of my grandpa. I asked him about my grandma's sadness. He said
      "Sadness is disillusion."
      His voice was strong and confident, and sounded much younger that he was when he died. I asked him more questions about sadness, and about how to make grandma feel better. He actually gave me some very insightful answers, but, of course, I can't remember them.


      I was working at Kohl's, though it looked different. I looked outside and saw that there were some weird looking, low dark clouds moving around in the sky. It looked like we may get a tornado. So logically, I went outside. Others were there with me as well. This big gust of wind picked up and blew this white powder all over us. I saw others covered in it, and then, saw myself in third person. I also was covered in it. We were then inside and looked at the weather channel on a TV. There was a map of the United States with some dark storm cloud areas over our part of the country, some with lightning bolts in them, and then out west there were some more dark clouds as well. There was a man on the screen talking about the weather. There were no tornado warnings or anything. Odd.

      I was then walking around the store when I remembered I was supposed to be at my grandpa's funeral! I kept checking my analog watch, which was saying it was around 4 something, and the time was way earlier on it than the actual time, which was about 7pm. My watch had slowed down. Great. Ugh. I frantically talked to David, a supervisor, about having to leave early. I don't remember what he said, but I think he gave me the go-ahead to leave.

      I then was getting ready for the funeral. I was then thinking that I had already been to the funeral, but I had actually already been to the memorial. I was at the funeral home and saw that not everyone was seated yet. I was actually early, and I thought I had missed it all.


      I was at work at the bakery once again. The lighting was dark for some reason. I was working with Nicky. She was working on decorating some things. There were also these Japanese themed cakes laying about, a bunch being on a high shelf. One of the cakes was sitting on the front counter. Nicky told me to watch it, because it would change. I didn't see it physically change, but I saw that it was a slightly different shape than it was a second ago. Interesting. I asked Nicky about all the Japanese-themed cakes, something about if they were the new theme right now. She said they were.

      Then we were talking about cleaning. Nicky was telling me we had to get everything cleaned up perfectly, or the people coming to do the "medical inspection" wouldn't do it. Apparently, this "medical inspection" was a big deal, and they were going to come the next day, so we had to make the place look perfect. I thought about how difficult that would be since we kept getting customers.

      Then, this couple came up to the counter, a guy in his 20's and a girl of the same age. They were picking out this cream cheese iced coffee cake square when the girl suddenly shot back and was on the floor some feet away. The guy was looking at her. I could have sworn I heard her saying
      "Why did you punch me?? Why did you do that?"
      but he hadn't laid a hand on her. I saw the whole thing. She did it to herself. I then started to think, for some reason, that I had imagined that she was yelling that at him. It was like I had tuned out and replaced the reality of what happened, which I have no idea what it was, with what was going on in my head.

      A girl I used to work with at the coffee shop, Leslie, then came up to the counter with some other people. She came behind the counter to get what she wanted. She got these small brownie/cake squares and put some icing on them. She was in a hurry and was working/talking quickly.

      Then, on the other side of the counter, another lady came up wanting 17 of the small cake squares. She wanted all chocolate and no vanilla. There weren't 17 chocolates in the case, so I had to go grab some more. There was a pan of them that I had decorated. The each had a small colored flower with small green leaves coming off either side.The first ones looked pretty good, but I had started to rush towards the middle of the job, and the leaves were long and janky-looking. I think Nicky and I gave her a couple of those. I don't quite recall how that one ended up.

      Nicky then took a look at my decoration mess and said it looked good. What? The first ones, maybe, but the last ones? No way. They looked horrible. I saw Nicky carrying them off and the leaves looked like they were sticking up past the flowers. Ugly.

      I then was opening wooden drawers on the decorators' side, and came across unsliced, unbagged loaves of bread. Bread drawers. Interesting. I then started to think about how the decorators must have gotten new storage back there because all these drawers and such looked new.


      I was swimming in the ocean. There were other people there, but only a few in the ocean. I saw an area in the waves that looked like it had a strong undertow. I swam too close to it and got sucked under. I struggled to get back up, but I was being held underwater. I was still pretty close to the surface, but it was just out of hand's reach. I accepted that I was probably going to drown and tried to let myself ride the panic.

      I then had an FA, though I remember nothing about it.


      I was working at JC Penny's for some reason. I stated that I was going to take a break, though I had no idea what their break policy was, if I got a 10 or 15 minute break or whatever. I started walking around the back trying to find the entrance to the break room. I noticed I was wearing a maxi skirt. I also needed to use the restroom. I saw the entrance to the restroom from the back. Two girls were walking down the hallway to get there. I saw something about a family restroom.

      I then was all the way in the back again, and saw these computers along the wall where you could apply for a job at Penny's. I only saw 2 initially, but noticed there were 4-5 total. They looked like arcade games kind of, and were quite big. I then looked down at my clothes and noticed that I was wearing the apron I wear at the bakery that has the name of the bakery on it. Hmm...did Penny's have a bakery?


      I went to use the bathroom in our apartment. When I got to the toilet, two big pieces of crap gurgled out of the drain, as if they hadn't flushed all the way. Must have been Dallas. I flushed it, and noticed as they swirled around the bowl that both pieces of crap were much bigger than they looked.


      I've been noticing lately that many details of these dreams are evading me, but I am remembering substantially more dreams per night. I also could have sworn I had an FA at some point during the night, but I can't remember it now.

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    8. Playing a Weird Guitar, Funny Sims Editing, A Little Lucidity, and More

      by , 09-26-2014 at 02:32 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was holding a guitar. Dallas was teaching me how to play it. I had my fingers on the strings, which were going both vertical and horitzontal, like a tic-tac-toe board. He was teaching me how to put my hands on the strings and only strum one at a time, not hitting any others at the same time. I wasn't sure how that was possible, but I did it. I moved my other hand on the neck to produce different notes. It actually sounded good! I played a couple of scales, making the end of the last legato on the last few notes.

      I then was approached by a little boy. He was this girl I knew in high school's son, John. He gave me a hug, then, very articulately and adult-like, started to tell me about this video game he played called "Kingdom Health"; I assumed it was more of a Christian version of Kingdom Hearts. He then was telling me how much he loved my recording of Moonlight Sonata Movement III. He said he really liked the one that I had that played backwards. I was thinking about the recordings, and how they weren't that good since I'm not really that good at playing that song all together, only certain sections of it. I was thinking about how the backwards recording sounded, however, and it was quite smooth.


      I was pushing around these three infants in a shopping cart. I was in a building, though I'm not sure what it was. They were wrapped in blankets. One was a boy and two were girls. I kept thinking about how I needed to change their diapers, particularly the boy's, but I hadn't yet. I reached down to touch the boy's face to make sure he was even still alive. His eyes opened so I knew he was. The weird thing about the babies was they were like "training" babies; it was like a sim game of taking care of babies. I knew they weren't "real", but at the same time, they were.

      I kept thinking about this the whole dream, but never doing it. Someone else, a girl, was with me at some point. Also at some point, I was in an arcade.

      There was then a point where I didn't know where the babies were anymore. They were gone. I figured they had gotten taken away from me.


      I was at Dallas and I's wedding, though it was taking place in a beautiful church rather than the place we really did get married. There were many people there. I remember the atmosphere being fun.

      At one point, I heard my old friend Josh on speaker phone with my friend Caitlin. He sounded like the Josh I remember (haven't spoken to or seen him in ages IWL). The phone looked more like a small radio than a phone. I then announced to him
      "You know you're on speaker phone, right?"
      His voice was then replaced with another guy's voice. I don't remember what he said, but he was talking directly to me. I do know it was because Josh didn't want anything to do with me anymore.

      A bit later, I thought I spotted Josh at the wedding, but upon further examination, it was an older man. Of course Josh hadn't come for the wedding.

      I then was having a good time in the sanctuary of the church with my family and friends, and I became lucid. I started to walk to the side of a table, like the gravity was switched and I was standing up sideways, but I quickly woke up right after. -_-;


      I was with my friends Rachel and Chad, a married couple. They were playing piano duets, Chad playing the left hand part and Rachel playing the right. I didn't even know they knew how to play piano! I saw the music going by as they were playing. The right hand looked complicated. The song was in a minor key. I think I wanted Dallas and I to be able to do it too.

      Then it was like I was controlling a Sims game. I made my character have this glitched black doberman looking dog. He kept getting bigger and bigger. I then put my character in fish net tights, a shirt, and I think a skirt? And my character was a middle-aged balding guy. I made his thighs get bigger too. He looked ridiculous.

      I was making my character walk around at night outside. The viewpoint was not a traditional Sims overhead view, but a closer view similar to that of many FPS games. There was an NPC at the backdoor of a building trying to deliver a package. I made my character go up to him to tell him he had to go around front. He did just that.

      I then wanted to take my character downtown to go party all night. I looked at his needs bars, and saw that all but one were completely full and green, with the one not being completely full just a tad bit drained. I just had wanted to make sure his energy was up, but since I had just created him he was full. I then made him start to run through some grass towards downtown. The character was taking huge steps because he had long legs. I then was the character, and I felt myself running and taking these giant steps.


      I was at work at the bakery. A girl I used to work with at the coffee shop, Virginia, was working on the decorator's side. She was helping a customer with something. I was feeling very lightheaded and tired. I walked around to the back. I think I was eating something and trying not to get seen. I then was trying to exit the dish washing area, and I started to feel so tired and lightheaded I fell to the floor. Wow, why was I feeling so off?

      I then realized that I was dreaming. The tiles on the floor instantly became more vivid, being a light olive green color and a light pink color. Almost as quickly as it came, however, I felt it fading. I rubbed my hand across the tiles to stabalize the dream. They felt quite real. I then started to run my hand over the wall, and it felt like only pressure on my hand. I got up off of the floor and started touching everything I came across. There was some black metal grating over this small electronic thing that looked like a digital thermostat or something. I ran my hands over it and felt how realistic it was. I then reached into the grating and pushed a button on the thing. It was locked with a code, and the small screen said something like "Cal9". I thought about how dream text constantly changes.

      Spoiler for Explicit content:


      My sleep was fragmented last night, so I don't feel like I remember as much as I could have. I know there was more to all of these dreams except the last one, but I can't recall too many details, only generalities. I have been quite stressed lately, so I'm guessing that has something to do with it.

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    9. Rollerblading and Putting Away My Manager's Electronics

      by , 09-25-2014 at 11:17 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work at what appeared to be the check out, and this older guy was telling me something about something that he wanted. It may have been a cake, but I'm not entirely positive.

      Then, I was in what appeared to be some virtual reality thing, but it was actually real. This street in a town appeared in front of me and many others, and we were rollerblading down the street! There were people that were coming towards us who were also rollerblading. There were all kinds of different people blading: Kids, adults, black people, white people. At first I didn't go as fast, but then, I really remembered how to roller blade and went really fast, blading like a pro. I was avoiding hitting anyone coming towards me.

      I then felt as if I was going too fast, so fast in fact that I felt that my blades were almost not touching the ground. I was going way too fast, so to slow down, I sat down on the ground. My butt lightly scraped the ground, but it didn't hurt at all.

      I then was in some weird area, again, it was like virtual reality. It was like I was in some training area for a new person who was blading. It was dark with a blue floor that was slightly raised in a square shape in the middle that had two circles on it, one for me to stand on and one for the new guy to stand on. I didn't think I'd have to go through it with him, but I did. It was telling me to stand on a certain circle on the floor. This part felt like it was in third person. I went and stood on the circle.

      Then the area turned into Shannon's, my manager's, house. I was in her living room, which looked small and a little cluttered with all the tables, but nice. The light was kind of dim. She also had many candles lit. She gave me a cart that had a bunch of appliances on it, speakers and other electronics, to set up in her living room. This was something that other people had done before as well. I went through, going as fast as I could putting things away in what I hoped was the right spot. When I finished, Shannon went and checked my work. Things were in the right spots, but the cords were hanging out everywhere, not how she liked it to be. She was tucking a speaker cord in that was hanging off a table, and told me I was disorganized. She kept messing with all the cords. There was one point where she had a power strip and was messing with the cords on there. She was messing with a power wrench that looked like an electrical plug, doing something to whatever was on the power strip.
    10. Camping In the Snow, Do I Have a Fever?, and Riding a Push Lawn Mower

      by , 09-24-2014 at 02:16 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I wrote down the words "Texas toast" and "3 sisters" in the middle of the night, but I remember nothing about it.


      I was on a trip with my family and some extended family. I was sitting on a couch in a room. An ex-cousin (he was the son of my uncle's ex-wife) who in IWL was really mean to me when we were kids was there. I had a feeling he wanted to tell me he liked me and that he could now that we weren't family anymore, but I don't remember if he did or not. I was hoping he wouldn't.

      Then, we were going to go somewhere in Oregon that had a warm beach (I don't think there's a warm beach anywhere in Oregon), but we had to camp in really cold and snowy parts of California to get there. I remember my brother being there with me. We were in the snow, and night was falling. You weren't supposed to be out of your tent at nightfall because it was dangerous, and because it would get way too cold. There were other people around camping as well. I believe everyone had separate tents. I was thinking about how it would get so cold, you'd have to really bundle up in layers before you got in your sleeping bag for the night. It's like there was a special way you were supposed to dress to sleep so you'd be warm enough.

      We accidentally stayed out after dark. We were by an extinguished camp fire. All the sudden, this huge beast came out of nowhere and started to eat people out of their tents! The beast reminded me of Nunu from League of Legends (of course there's a League reference here ). My brother and I thought we were screwed; there was no way that beast wouldn't approach and eat us too. He then calmed down, though, and went into a tent to sleep. This was our chance to safely enter our tents without waking the beast. I grabbed mine and picked it up and started to carry it to a location further away from the beast. The beast then came out of the tent again. A speech thing appeared above his head that said "I'm starving!!!". He grabbed the person out of the tent next to him and ate him all in one bite. He then went back into his tent. Hopefully, we were safe now.


      I was on break at work. I was taking my temperature with a digital thermometer. I put it in my mouth, highly doubting that I had a fever. I walked around and did a couple things while taking my temp. It beeped and I took it out to look at the screen. Wow! It said 111.12. Well, I guess I did have a fever after all. I touched my forehead and it was quite warm. I wasn't supposed to be working with a fever, but I didn't tell anyone yet.

      I was then clocked back in at work. I was talking to someone else who worked there, a guy, who, when I think about it now, seems familiar but I can't remember who it is, about my fever. He then asked me which thermometer I used. There were 2 or 3 digital thermometers lying about, and one old school glass thermometer. I picked up one of the digital ones and gave it to him. He put it in his mouth to take his temperature. He put it under his tongue weird though, so I wasn't sure how accurate his would be. He was looking at my calendar that is on my wall IWL while he waited.

      He then finished and gave the thermometer back to me. I took my temperature again. This time, I took it out, and it said 3.35. What? Maybe I didn't have a fever. Maybe I had been standing too close to the oven when I took my temperature before. Hmm...

      I was then in the back with an old friend, Dakota. He was washing dishes. There were three different 3 compartment dish sinks back there, each used to wash a certain type of dish. I knew the deli used one as well. I don't remember the type of dish he was washing; it was some kind of white container-looking thing, and there were a lot of them. He was showing me how to do it, when to move it to another sink, etc. I wondered which one was the deli sink.


      I was riding around on this red push lawnmower by holding onto the handle and standing on another part of the handle. I was outside of an apartment complex. I remember passing a black man whom I think also mowed the lawn before. I was going around the parking lot. I then went to the side of the building and pushed the mower into these long, clear plastic boxes that had plants around the outside of them. When I pushed the mower in, the plants would instantly become shorter and trimmed. Nothing fell off of the plants; it's like I would take the mower out, there'd be a short delay, and then part of the top of the plant would be gone. I kept doing in again and again in one box, making sure I got all the plants. I don't remember if I moved on to another box or not.
    11. Change in Earth's Rotation, Work/Recess/Paper Praise, and Open-World Gaming

      by , 09-21-2014 at 11:25 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was watching something play out about this teenage boy who was going to have a meeting at his house about a change happening with the planet's rotation. There was someone, an adult woman, who was trying to stop him from having the meeting. He did finally have the meeting, and I saw this really cool holographic image of what I guess was the Earth spinning with some gold trail coming off of it when it spun.


      I was at work, but it was outside in this big field. It was still the bakery; there was an open building in the middle of the field. I saw Brittany, a girl I worked with at another job, shopping. Others saw her too and said hello, saying she didn't even look like she had had a baby (she had a baby a few years ago IWL). She then started to work there. I guess she worked at another store. I "remembered" that she sometimes came and worked at our store. I also saw my brother there, talking on the phone. I tried to get his attention to talk to him, but he was ignoring me. Was he mad at me for some reason?

      I then walked out of the bakery and into the field. There were many people there, all outside for a very big recess. There was a school nearby. I ran into my first real boyfriend from high school, B, and someone else, a girl. They were smoking this huge, weird, skinny pipe that had traditional wooden yellow pencils sticking out from it all over the place. B asked me if I wanted to smoke. I took the weird pencil pipe and wasn't sure which side I was even supposed to smoke out of. There was smoke coming out of it, and it smelled horrible. I asked what they were even smoking, and B said it was weed and something else, can't remember what. I thought about taking a hit and being high, which would break my sobriety. It would also impair my thinking, so I decided against it. Besides, with all the smoke billowing out of that thing, I'm sure I got some sort of second-hand hit without meaning to.

      I then was inside the school in a classroom. I was there with only a few others, and the light was off in the room. We had written these papers about what we wanted to do with our lives, and we would actually get to spend some time doing a sort of internship having to do with the subject of our paper. I had written about wanting to help disabled children. The teacher had already read the papers. She then told me that mine was outstanding and really praised me for it. I thought about an internship and spending a lot of time with children. I was nervous, because I really haven't spent time with little kids since I was a kid. I saw a group of people walking towards me. There were kids, adults, and what looked like a League of Legends character, Fizz I think is his name.


      I was playing this open-world online game where you could pick your character. I was some small either blue or purple fox-like character playing with another one that was either blue or purple, whichever color I wasn't. We were running around in this field, doing some platforming and stuff. We did this for quite awhile. My character would sometimes say something in a feminine voice, like gameplay tips or something.

      We then were in this boss room that we didn't mean to go into. It was a circular room with another, smaller glassed-in room in the middle. All these guys started to come out. The person I was with was now my friend Caitlin, though she was still the fox in-game. I heard her voice say something about the boss in a panic, but I can't remember what. We ran into the glassed-in room for safety, and watched more and more guys come out. We needed to get out of there somehow without getting hit. We eventually made a run for it and got out of the boss room and were in another weird-looking dark room. It was creepy because I didn't know if enemies would come out, but they didn't.

      I was outside again, but this time, with a different character, a more humanoid one this time. More running around and platforming. There was a point where I was alone and platforming, and my character gave me a tip about gliding. I then was in first person, and felt like I was actually the character in the air mid-glide.

      I then kept waking up every few minutes and going back to sleep briefly and entering the dream again, knowing that I had to be up for work soon. I kept seeing different, later times in the dream than it was IWL, andI'd wake up and look at the clock, only to see a few minutes had passed.
    12. Brief Lucidity with Nicholas Cage, Dangerous Bakery Maze, and The Angry Jamaican

      by , 09-19-2014 at 02:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in some video game when I became lucid. The lucidity lasted for a bit, but all I can remember from it was asking a Nicholas Cage,
      "Tell me who you really are!"
      He looked at me with a straight face, and responded with something like
      "You don't want to know."
      We talked some more, but I started to feel like I was talking out loud in my sleep.

      I then woke up in another dream, laying on a pull-out couch. I asked whoever else was there, I think it was my brother, if I had been talking in my sleep. He said he didn't hear anything.


      I was at work in the bakery, but, as usual, it looked nothing like the bakery does IWL. We were by a checkout counter. Someone asked me if I would mix the dough. I told them no, I wouldn't, it was too scary. The reason I said that it was scary was because when someone went to mix the dough, they had to go to a different part of the store. They had to travel through dark, creepy, cave/maze-like areas with enemies that would shoot you. You had to be armed and shoot them before they killed you. It was kind of like Doom/Goldeneye 64. The area where you mixed was also threatened by enemies. I told them that last time I did it, I was sitting down, trying not to fall asleep with my shotgun because enemies kept coming. I "remembered" this happening. I didn't want to go through that again. I preferred the safety of the bakery. There was a guy there who had been doing it every day. He held his own pretty well and was much more of an expert on it than me.

      My manager then tried to toss me some frozen dough to take to the mixer. I don't remember what I did or said.

      I then was really close to an enemy, an archer who slightly resembled King Graham from the Kings Quest games. His back was turned to me. I was trying to sneak up on him and throw him in the lava. I was being quiet, until I made a small noise. He heard it and turned around. We fought a little, but I don't remember much about it.

      I then was going through the dark area for some reason. I had the guy in front of me who went all the time. I was shooting at enemies with a laser. I then started to get shot at, and my laser stopped working, so I turned around and ran the other way to get out of the enemy's sight. I looked down at my laser, and it was a Wiimote. When I'd fire it with the A button, the light on the Wiimote would turn red, signaling to me that I was too far away from a Wii for it to work. As I was turning a corner, a bullet grazed me, and it really hurt! That too was part of the reason I didn't like doing the dough; it hurt when you got hit, though if you died, you'd respawn.

      I then saw this open part of the maze to the dough. It was very dark there. There were people there with different colored lights all down the middle of the room to direct us where to go. They also had to defend themselves from the enemies. I saw a top view of this room, and then I was at the beginning of the room. I didn't go to far into the room. I also saw, at some point, a view of a room from some stairs.

      I then was at the checkout again. Someone came and asked if they had different dough runners, and they said yes. I then saw a shelf with bowls of dough on it for each day of the week, each with a different name on it. I really hoped my name wasn't up there. I looked, and didn't see it. I was, for some reason, a little disappointed, even though I didn't really want to do it.


      I was at what was supposed to be my house, but it looked nothing like it. I kept thinking about the weed I had from a while ago that was in the top drawer of this white three drawer organizer I have. I kept thinking about when I was going to smoke it. I was then in my room, which looked like the room of my first apartment. I opened the drawer, and the bag was in there with some weed in it. I "remembered" when I bought it. I had recently smoked, maybe a few weeks prior, so my sobriety was already blown. I didn't want to smoke it inside though because it would smell like weed, and my roommates might not appreciate it. I then thought about how this woman who was living there, an older woman, liked weed, and wondered if I should ask her to smoke with me. She was there currently, the only other one home but me. I didn't ask her.

      I then briefly woke up, still half in the dream world, thinking that I didn't really have any leftover weed. As I eased back into the dream world, I thought that of course I did. I went and checked again, and there it was.

      Then, there was this tall, young black man in our kitchen. He had a Jamaican accent. He was yelling at us about something that we did wrong. It had something to do with work. He was mostly getting mad at two of my roommates who weren't there currently. He was yelling more and more, when finally, I had had enough and chimed in.
      "Shut up! Shut the fuck up!"
      I continued to yell at him, saying other things, throwing around a lot of profanities. He kept yelling also. There was one point where I was standing on a chair in front of him. I grabbed his face in my hands, which somehow corresponded to a TV screen, like this was being recorded or something, and told him that the roommates (who were an FFX character, Lulu, and someone I knew it college) were my friends, and he needed to leave them alone. The chair almost fell backwards at one point. I figured I'd probably get in trouble for this, but I didn't care; this guy was insulting people I loved. I also kept thinking that now since I was so mad I was definitely gonna smoke that weed that day.

      The guy turned around and left, and I was now in the kitchen with Adam, the guy from college who was apparently my roommate, and one of the people the Jamaican man was yelling about. He was doing something by the stove. He was wearing a glittery brown plaid hat. I told him what happened. I then told him I loved his hat.
      "It's so..." I started to say, when he interrupted and said
      "Gay?" (IWL he is gay)
      "You just wear it well!" I said.
      "Thank you," he said.


      It's interesting how after not smoking for almost two years I am still having these dreams about smoking. I guess it was such a huge influence in my life for so long, and well, it's an addiction that I've been battling for 5 years now. I guess the dreams just come with the territory.
    13. Working at Unscheduled Times, My 91-Year-Old Grandma Working, and a Weird Garden Experiment

      by , 09-13-2014 at 03:19 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was working at Target (never worked there IWL). It was a HUGE Target. I was walking around the store when a young lady stopped me and asked me if we had this one belt in her size, which was a weird size, a 70/30. She pointed to a big but short rectangular black belt that had holes down the middle. It was hanging up with a bunch of other belts that were all mixed up. It was the only belt of its kind that I could see. It looked like it wouldn't even fit around most people's waists because it was so short. Maybe it stretched. Anyway, I told her I didn't think we did, but I'd go check. I went to the front of the store and entered an office where a manager, a female, was standing up at a computer and working. I asked her if they had any more of that particular belt in a 70/30. She looked up the inventory on the computer and came up with nothing. Just as I thought, that was the only belt of that kind we had. I went back to find the lady; the store was so big and had so many shelves and aisles, it was like a maze. I found her looking at some dresses that were hung up on shelving instead of on fixtures. I told her we didn't have her size, a 70/30. She then said her size was a 30/70. I guess I had mixed it up, but regardless, we had no more belts like that. She then took a long, flowy, almost prom-like light blue dress from where it was hung up on the shelf. She was going to ask me if we had it in her size, but she then said
      "Oh, it's dirty!" I looked at it to see if it was, and did see a dirty spot. She proceeded to throw the dress on the floor.
      She asked if we had any more and I said no, we didn't. I looked at the other dresses that were hung up, and there weren't very many, but they were mixed up like the belts were. She started to complain about the store, all while smiling.

      Then, there was something about a video game, an online one that had to do with the store, though the content of the game had nothing to do with Target. It was more like an open-world RPG. I was playing and noticed parts of it were closed. I think there was some kind of maintenance or update that was going on. I was then at the store in an office with many other employees where the managers were having a meeting with us about it. I don't remember the meeting or what was said, but after that, I kept coming into work and clocking in when I wasn't scheduled. I'd stay for a few hours, walk around, play the game, or help the bakery (waking life work coming in here), and then clock out. No one had said anything to me about it, and I thought it was ok because I thought others were doing it as well.

      Then, I was clocked in not at my scheduled time. I was in the bakery. It was nighttime. I was thinking that maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. I then started to think about if I had worked too many hours and I as going to hit overtime. I was also trying to justify myself coming in not on my scheduled time, thinking that at least this time I was helping out and not wandering around the store for no reason. A manager then came up, the assistant store manager. He was telling Taylor and whoever else was scheduled to work something about staying late or leaving early or helping someone else out. I can't recall. But he didn't address me. I figured it was because I wasn't really scheduled to be there.

      It was then 9:30 pm and the lights in the bakery all went out. We were closed for the night, even though it was a bit early for that. I guess they wanted to bakery to close early for some reason.


      I was in the bakery again. It was nighttime again also. It felt a little like my last dream, but I can't recall if the scheduling thing carried over or not. I was about to leave when my grandma walked into the back. Her hair was up in a bunch of tiny buns, and it was blonder and thicker than it is IWL. Wow, she was working at 91 years old! Impressive! I think I "remembered" something about her having worked there for years and years. She wasn't working as a baker or anything though. She was actually working in the meat department. She got out her equipment, a knife and so forth, and started to cut some raw meat off the bone. Her hands were shaking as she did it because of her age, but she kept up. I wondered how the other employees felt about her being there for so many years. Everyone must know who she is, the 91-year-old woman still working in the meat department. I was now standing a few feet away from her. She was stooped over the sink area working. I then noticed she cut her hand a little; I saw her bleeding, but she'd just wipe it off and keep going. I asked her if she cut herself, and she said yes, but didn't stop what she was doing. Maybe she was used to it; maybe it happened all the time.

      Then, I was in the bakery again on a different day. I asked someone I was working with, who was working on something on a back counter, if they knew Helen. They said yes. I told them she was my grandma. I don't remember what they said. I asked someone else this as well, and told them that she was my grandma.


      I was with Dallas at our apartment. I was planting a bunch of vegetable seeds...in my nose. Yes, in my nose. I think Dallas planted some things in his nose as well. I had also planted some in a roll of paper towels in the bathroom, and had planted some in some cardboard or in some other substance in the living room. It was some sort of experiment we were doing on how different conditions affected the growth of the plants. I planted carrots in the left nostril and lots of tomatoes in the right nostril. I also was planting some tomatoes and possibly other veggies in the cardboard/whatever it was in the living room, and watching as sprouts would come up almost immediately after I would plant them. It was really cool to see! I saw a timer at one point that started at zero and as the plant was sprouting, it would gradually increase. I knew I needed to water them and take care of them. I knew the ones in the bathroom would be ok because of the moisture and humidity from the shower when we showered. I was thinking about watering the ones planted in the living room. I was also thinking about how in the world the ones in my nose were going to survive at all.

      My nose felt runny and full from the growing vegetables. I even looked in the mirror at one point and saw some weird vegetable growing out of my nose. It looked nothing like any vegetable I know of IWL. It was long and skinny at the top, getting fatter at the bottom. The top was white, and the bottom was brown.

      I then had an idea of another place to plant the vegetables, which made a lot more sense than any of the other places I had planted them. I had some white, square dinner plates on the living room floor lined up in an upside down "L" shape. I couldn't plant the seeds directly on the plates, obviously. I needed some soil. Dallas was going out somewhere, so I asked him to get some soil while he was out. I looked at him, and noticed that he was wearing a red and white vertical striped button up with a red emblem on my right (his left) upper side, on his chest, but it was unbuttoned. He had a shirt on underneath it. IWL, he would not wear anything like this; it isn't his style at all, so I was surprised to see him dressed like that. He looked skinnier than he does IWL and younger too. He had no facial hair and a few freckles on his face. In fact, in a way, his clothing reminded me of something Ryan, a guy I dated over 3 years ago, would wear. His looks kind of did too, but not a whole lot.
      "You look good!" I said to him.
      He really did. He looked very polished and cleaned up.

      I was bent over the living room garden when something fell out of my nose. I was surprised at first, and I took a look at it. It was a large, weird looking carrot! It was orange and very fat on the top, getting skinnier towards the bottom, as carrots do, but it looked more "fake", cartoonish or something; it was very smooth. It had some leaves on the top, but not many. It was also slimy from being in my nose. I held it in my hand and examined it. I then exclaimed to Dallas
      "THIS came out of my nose! THIS!!"
      I was so shocked that something so big could come out of my nose!

      I then had another carrot, one from the living room garden. It looked quite similar to the nose carrot, but looked more "real"; it was more rough to the touch than the nose carrot, and also wasn't slimy from the mucus. It looked healthier to me. I was thinking about why that was. I thought about sunlight and water. I think I went to wash the nose carrot off to see if that made a difference, but it still felt smooth to touch. It still didn't seem as healthy as the living room carrot.


      That last dream was quite vivid, especially when I was looking at my husband while he was dressed in the red and white shirt. Really, all the dreams were pretty vivid last night, I'm guessing because I was so tired and didn't sleep much the night before. All in all, a great night of interesting NLDs.
    14. Powerpuff Girls Frag, Unstable Lucidity, and Work Stress

      by , 09-07-2014 at 03:18 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was on a huge ship sailing on the ocean. It was nighttime. Something about a shower. The Powerpuff Girls were there. Bubbles broke off from the other girls for awhile because she believed a problem that was going on had no resolution, but towards the end of the dream, it got resolved. I was kind of disappointed that it got resolved for some reason. But what did I expect? The Powerpuff Girls TV show always had a resolution.


      I felt myself falling back asleep after being awake for 4 hours. -_-' But anyway. I was lucid sitting up in my bed, but everything was so dim. I looked at my hands, trying to examine them and make the dream brighter and more stable, but it wasn't really working. I floated into the other room where my husband was sleeping (he got home at almost 5am IWL so he went to sleep in the other room so as not to wake me or keep me up). I started trying to talk to him. He started to get out of bed as I was doing so.
      "Dallas," I rasped. It was surprisingly difficult to talk right now. I kept on anyway.
      "I'm lucid reaming," I said, either I said that or something similar.
      I started to undo his pants,
      but I woke up.

      Similar scenarios kept happening over and over again. I'd feel myself going back to sleep, I'd enter a dream where I'd be in my bedroom, I'd sit up out of my body, but everything would be dim. I'd try to examine my hands to induce clarity, but it wouldn't work. I'd go try to have sex with my husband, but everything would always black out, and I'd start the whole damn cycle over again. Sometimes, I wouldn't even get as far as approaching my husband before I'd wake. I just kept thinking to myself every time before I'd black out that I must not be in a deep enough sleep.

      There was one where I was looking at my hands, and imagining that they were burned or dismembered. Some of my fingers would then look weird and grown together, but that's about it.


      I was in my apartment in my kitchen, which had a brighter, more fluorescent lighting to it than IWL. A short black girl was living with me; she was my new roommate. We were talking about something else too, and I knew she'd be a great roommate.
      "We're going to get along just fine," I said, but she was on the phone. She acknowledged what I said, however, by looking at me and smiling while she was on the phone.
      She then started to tell me why she used a Keurig to make her coffee. I then saw an orange Keurig on the counter making a cup of coffee. I thought about how Dallas and I had gotten an off-brand one-cup coffee maker as a wedding gift, but we still hadn't opened it. I guess there was no use for it now.

      The Keurig then started to malfunction. Water was going everywhere out of the top of it. I was trying to hold the water back. I then noticed how clear and vivid all of this was, and more water started to come out. I realized I was dreaming,
      but woke soon after.


      I had just gotten to work. It was my last week there. Kaitlin was going home for the day; it was two o'clock, and I was coming in to relieve her. I then was by myself, and was trying to think of why I quit, and how I wouldn't be rehiriable. I started to regret my decision. I couldn't go back to Kohl's, and now I couldn't go back here. What had I done? I actually really like this job. Where would I go now? I had no back-up plan.

      I then had a customer who wanted a deli sandwich. I went to the sandwich bar and got some bread. The deli was on the opposite side of the bakery than it usually is. I also had never made a deli sandwich before, but the person working at the deli was already helping another customer. The customer, a female, was telling me what she wanted on the sandwich. I was having a hard time remembering what she was saying. I was also waiting for the sandwich bar to clear up so I'd have room; there were a couple of deli employees there already making sandwiches for customers. I put her sandwich on the end of the bar. I then saw Judy, a lady I used to work with at Kohl's, run up to the sandwich bar to help the deli really quick. I don't recall what else happened with that customer.

      I then had another customer, a younger man, probably in his 30's or so. He ordered some "garlic cheesy bread". I had never done this before, so I tried to repeat his order back to him so I knew I was going to give him the right thing. I had thought he said he wanted a lot of garlic, and I picked up a shaker of garlic salt. I asked him if he wanted lots of garlic, and he said no. So I put a moderate amount on there, and asked if that was ok. He said
      "It's fine," but he didn't seem happy that I had put any garlic on there at all.
      I don't remember anything else about this encounter.

      A lady then came to the counter and asked if Kaitlin was working. I said no, she left at 2.

      I then was cleaning up a mess on the floor. It looked like some small sprinkles of flour had gotten on the floor. There was water all over the floor for me to squeegee up, but there were a couple of long rugs on the ground as well. I kept trying to not get the rugs wet, but I'd always accidentally dip the squeegee into a puddle and it would soak the rug. I was trying to squeegee all the spots of flour up, but I was having a hard time with the rugs and all. I then noticed that water was now pouring all over the floor. I looked over and saw that the clear hose that drained water from something that ran the mixer into the drain was dislodged from the drain and getting water all over the floor. Ugh. I went over and lodged the hose back into the drain. I let it go, and saw it move a little, and thought it may come back out. I tried to adjust it a bit more. I then left it alone. Water and bread dough then sputtered out of something in the mixer as the hose started to function normally again.

      I then started to feel how full my belly was. I had eaten a big breakfast. I burped and puked a little bit in my mouth. Instead of swallowing it though, it came out of my mouth as little red, chunky-looking salsa bits. They landed on the ground, only about three or four of them though. I had eaten some kind of Spanish omlette with salsa for breakfast. I kept going on as if nothing happened; I didn't think any customers saw me, even though there were a lot by the sandwich bar. I then saw someone walk away from the bar who hadn't been helped yet. I guess maybe they had seen the vomit.


      Just a side note...IWL I have not quit my bakery job. I haven't even considered it. This is the second dream I've had about it, however, the other one being a couple of nights ago.
    15. Annoying Classmate, Neighbor's House, and Feeling Useless at Work

      by , 09-06-2014 at 02:43 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was sitting in a classroom, trying to do some work. I sat down in the front row, and this black guy who resembled someone I went to elementary school with who was sitting next to me kept bugging me. I kept telling him to stop. I'd get up and move down a seat, but he'd keep bugging me. I was getting frustrated.


      I was at my childhood neighbor's house. They have a very big family IWL (they have 4 kids; 3 boys and a girl) but now, there were even more people there. There were two other little girls there as well besides their daughter, who was having a birthday that day, her 15th. Wow, I couldn't believe she was already 15.

      The two other little girls, though, there was something different about them. They looked normal enough, but they were made in a Sim game; they were real, but they weren't. It's hard to explain. I don't even really understand it.

      Anyway, I was going to spend the night there. I remember one of the other little girls, a girl of probably 10 or 11 with blonde hair was there. I think I was playing with her or talking to her. I knew how much the dad loved her. I couldn't imagine how terrible it would be if something happened to her. I don't really know why I was thinking about that.

      At some point, I saw my dad walking around looking at something. I saw him and then I saw my mom. My parents were here! I was so happy to see them! They had not told me that they were going to be in town, but oh well. I was just happy that they were there.


      I was working at the bakery. I had just gotten there. It was evening time, and I was supposed to get off at 8pm. All the lights were off for some reason; I couldn't even hear the humming of the cases or any kind of electrical appliance. Yet we were still open. Weird. I thought about how that had happened before.

      I was working with Kaitlin, a girl that works there IWL. She had broken up this big sugar cookie that had M&Ms in it and put it in large sample cups, but kept it behind the counter. I thought maybe she wanted to eat it. I then saw that she had found all these cake orders somewhere, but I had no idea where they had come from. One was a box of all these different slices of different cakes. It was a "variety cake box" that someone had ordered. The box it was in was colorful and advertised the fact that it was a "variety cake box". There were two of these sitting up on the counter. I saw some cakes in plastic packaging on the floor behind the counter as well.

      I then was by myself for a little bit because Kaitlin went to lunch. I kept going out from the back and picking up another sample thing of those cookies to eat. I was also trying to help customers, but I didn't feel like I was doing a good job. I then was on the phone, which was on the right side of the wall as opposed to the left, and it was an older guy asking me if there were any locations in Nashville. I told him I didn't think so, but I'd check. Normally, there is a laminated list of store names, numbers, locations, and phone numbers on the wall by the phone for reference. I was looking for it, but some new lists had gotten put up, though I don't remember what they were. They looked shiny and new though, very white with a fresh coat of laminate. I finally found the list, thinking that maybe there was an Antioch location, but alas, there wasn't. I got back on the phone with him to tell him there wasn't. He asked if I knew when there would be one built, and I told him I wasn't sure.
      "Oh ok..." he said.
      I then had an idea.
      "Sir, what's your phone number? I can call you when I know one is going to be built." I knew this may be quite a long time from now, or never, but I offered anyway.
      "Oh, thank you, sweety." he said, but his tone made it sound like he didn't want me to call.

      I couldn't decide whether or not to ask him to clarify whether or not he wanted me to call, but I felt like if I did, I'd be annoying him, so I didn't say anything. I didn't hear anything on the other line, so I guess that was him saying goodbye. I hung up the phone.

      I then heard a lady out by the counter saying that she was from somewhere I can't remember right now and that she was just looking. I was really tired at this point for some reason. I went out there and she was looking at the decorated cake book. She was a short, older black woman wearing a red vest like they do at Walgreens. Maybe she was a Walgreen's employee. I don't think I ended up helping her. I think Kaitlin was back now and she was helping her instead. I felt even more useless now.

      I then was at Subway for a short 10 minute break. I realized that I was not on my lunch, but was still on the clock, and I had left the store. Oops. I saw Taylor, a guy I work with. He was there as well on his lunch. I told him I felt like I just had to get out of the store for a little bit.

      Then, I was back at the bakery, and Patti, one of the decorators, was coming in. I asked her what she was doing. She said she was working 7-close. She didn't seem happy about it. I recalled a conversation I had with her about the new scheduling system and how it was going to interfere with her watching her grandkids in the evening (I really did have this conversation with her IWL). I thought to myself the nightmare is coming true.

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