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    1. Dreamland: Help Wrapping

      by , 12-26-2011 at 01:32 PM
      Dream #1: My GF and I were leaving my house. We were sitting in my car in the drive way and she had presents for everyone. She told me that she still needed to wrap more, and wanted to put a red ribbon on some of them. I looked around my block and noticed most of the houses had long bright red ribbons out front. I had the "brillant" idea: "Why don't we let my next door neighbor wrap your presents!" (In real life I've done nothing but exchange awkward waves with him.)

      Stationed in his driveway was a heavy looking sewing machine from the 50's, for some reason I felt it could be of use (with the ribbons?)...

      Note: My next door neighbor has not taken down his Christmas tree since he put it up before Christmas 2010. I have joked about this a number of times with my GF, and I have lucidly entered his house at least once (see Blackbird Flying. I also caught a reflection of myself in his front window in the lucid dream: Cloud Form)

      Dream #2: I was laying in bed when Fred walked over and laid down in my usual spot. He told me he had been working hard on the computer and his neck was hurting. So he needed to lay down in a special way using my pillow.

      Note: This is the second dream I have recalled in which Fred was in my bedroom as if he lived here. I also recently posted a dream in which I was in his and Katie's room (Stealing Mexican Food)
    2. Red Shirt Dreams = Reality

      by , 02-24-2011 at 12:54 PM
      Note: The past two nights I've had dreams about red shirts. My old job dream two entries ago, I was wearing one particular red shirt I own. Tonight, and after I recorded this entry, my girlfriend came over. She brought with her the very shirt I had dreamed about. I had no idea she had taken in it, or that it wasn't in my laundry basket.

      It's possible, even likely in this instance, that subconsciously I was aware it was missing.

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    3. Blond and a Fireplace

      by , 02-23-2011 at 11:55 PM
      Sadly only the last fragment was recalled despite the same efforts as the night before...

      I saw a blond sitting on a gray shag carpet in front of a fireplace. She was wearing a bright red shirt and her legs were tan and beautiful. Out of the fireplace was pouring thick dark smoke that was moving straight up in a column. No fire was visible. She was posed elegantly and I had the impression this was a photo shoot.
    4. Car vs. House

      by , 02-17-2011 at 02:42 PM
      I was moving up the main cross street to my house. The hill gets very steep at one point, and this is a point I'm very familiar with and had many dreams near in the past. As I reached the stop sign, I noticed a car spinning out of control two houses down on a cross street. It slammed into a house and destroyed the front of it with a crashing noise.

      I (oddly) immediately went looking for people walking nearby to show what happened. I assembled a small group, all within about 50-ft. I insisted they come take a look at what happened. When we passed the steep part of the street, I noticed it was no longer a street. It was painted red and not wide enough to fit cars. I brushed off the weirdness of that - and walked to the location of the accident. There instead, was a showroom with an awesome looking gray sports car. Press agents were around it taking pictures.

      One of the people in my crowd, a blond woman says (in a frustrated tone) "Hey, I thought you said there was an accident!?" To which I replied: "I guess it was a dream."

      Another throw away dream but again displays my newly fragmented dreamscape...
    5. World Reality Merging

      by , 11-17-2010 at 10:10 AM
      The past two nights I've had complicated lucid dreams, that I only remember in fragments. I'm not remembering to remain motionless when I wake up, and every move I make weakens my memory of the dreams. They are very weirdly disjointed dreams that possibly mark different brain modes and rhythms. Or possibly just minor adjustments of my head while asleep?

      I was in a multi-storied apartment building crossed with a community center. It had vibrant red checkered floors and lots of friendly people. I was with ex-girlfriends off and on. And I was also with a group of friends and family. At some point I was lucid and started to fly. I vaguely remember a flying Disneyland style tea cup! I was using it to fly others around with me. I also remember passing through "a rip in the dreamscape."

      To my horror, I remember very little about the events leading up to the fantastic conclusion:

      I was standing in front of my Mother and Ex-girlfriend. I was holding a cylindrical rod in my hands. I asked them in a somewhat smug tone: "Do you like how I merged the dream world with the real world, permanently?"

      I remember they were reclined with drinks, looking very comfortable in the luxury high rise apartment I was standing in. I remember reviewing in my mind the portals that merged the "two worlds." The rod was about 1-ft long, made of fine grain wood, and had two silvery caps on each end. Similar in shape to a pipe bomb.