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    1. japanese doll; alex' friend dies; haunted bathroom; cemetery drive; chicken mouth; old co-worker

      by , 11-23-2011 at 04:19 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was walking through the hallways of a school, possibly walking faster than usual. I headed into one classroom, off to my right. The classroom was big and bright, partly with morning light and partly with fluorescent ceiling lights.

      The front half of the classroom seemed empty of desks. But right at the front were three microphones, spaced about two meters apart from each other.

      One or two girls, maybe around twelve years old, may have been standing at the microphones. The girls may have been dressed very primly.

      The girls were going to give some kind of presentation for this class, which was a Japanese class. The presentation would be some kind of recital, maybe even a mini-concert.

      One of the girls may have asked me about my presentation. I realized I had to give one, too, even though I probably wasn't prepared.

      I was now "upstairs," in some room with my sister. The room had furnishings in it like might be found in a bedroom or living room. My sister may even have thought of this room as her bedroom.

      My sister was getting ready to go "downstairs" to school. She was going to bring a baby doll to Japanese class, as a kind of show and tell project.

      My sister had the baby doll sat up on the floor. The doll's legs were stretched out in front of it. My sister put a diaper on the baby doll. But the diaper was huge on the doll -- so huge that only the doll's head poked out.

      I didn't want to make my sister feel bad. I wanted her to feel like she'd done a good job of putting a diaper on the doll. But I may have made some joke about how the doll looked.

      I may then have told my sister that she should use a smaller diaper on the baby doll. But I couldn't think of what kind of diaper would be appropriate.

      Dream #2

      An episode of the 1980s TV show Family Ties. Alex Keaton was in the kitchen. He'd just heard that one of his best friends had died, right after leaving Alex' house. Alex was upset. He made some kind of sarcastic comment in a shaky voice.

      Alex was about to leave the house, either to go to the hospital or to go to the funeral. But his family stopped him. Alex' mom Diane told Alex that the family would leave the house together. Diane told Alex he wasn't to blame for his friends death. So he should just relax and go with his family.

      Everybody in the family left the house. They were all -- including Alex -- wearing hooded sweatshirts or hooded parkas. The hoodies were all in pale or pastel colors.

      The family was now in front of a door to what looked like another suburban house. I knew this wasn't the hospital or the friend's funeral. I was wondering if Alex' family wasn't purposely trying to keep him from going to his friend's funeral.

      Diane again, while waiting for the door to be answered, reminded Alex that it wasn't his fault his friend had died. So, she told him, he should just relax and take his time in getting to the funeral.

      The family all now walked in through what looked like a mix between a fancy restaurant and a living room, lit by natural light coming in through a big window at the back of the room. They all sat down -- probably at a couple different tables.

      The family was waiting for some kind of social engagement, possibly having to do with someone who would give the family money. I knew this had nothing to do with Alex going to see his dead friend at the hospital or funeral.

      Dream #3

      I walked into a school bathroom. The walls were a brown-painted concrete, and the walls were of glossy, pale-tan, wide bricks. The light was a greenish fluorescent. I had to walk through a tiny passage to get to the main area of the bathroom.

      I felt like I was all alone. But then I heard somebody's voice. It sounded like the person was annoyed that I was in the bathroom, so they were trying sigh and breathe out loudly to make me feel bad for being around.

      Out of nowhere some faucet on the wall to my right sprayed me with a bunch of water. It only hit the outside of my right leg. And it was only on for a second. But the force of the water was so strong that my pant leg was soaked.

      I was a little afraid. I didn't know how the water could have turned on and off, all by itself. For some reason, I assumed that only a poltergeist could have done something like that. (???) So I now thought the bathroom was haunted.

      I walked back into the main area of the bathroom. There were toilet stalls on the back wall, to my right, and either urinals or sinks on front wall, to my left.

      I heard the man's voice sighing, like the person was annoyed that I was here. Suddenly one of the bathroom stall doors slammed violently shut. I had been looking toward the urinals or sink. When I looked at the bathroom stall doors, they all looked equally shut.

      The slam of the stall door, though, had been so violent that I was sure the person wasn't just annoyed, but was really angry that I was around. I was pretty sure I was going to get attacked. I thought the person had hid in one of the stalls so that when I went to a stall, I would get surprise-attacked.

      I looked under the doors of the stalls from a distance. But I didn't see any feet. I thought the person may be hiding from view by standing on the toilet seat. But I suddenly felt like there really wasn't anybody here after all.

      I thought I would use the bathroom. But I felt like if I went to the urinal, I would get surprise-attacked while my back was turned. So I just decided to leave the bathroom.

      I walked into a school hallway. I was walking really fast. My pants leg was still wet from the faucet spraying on me. I didn't want to be seen like this. I wanted to get to wherever I was supposed to be, so I could just sit down and hide my leg.

      A black man, who I guessed was a teacher, came walking down the hallway. He was a bit taller than me, skinny, with long dredds covered in a hat and wearing a white t-shirt. As I walked past him in the hallway he seemed to try to indimidate me in some way or another.

      I got toward the end of the hallway. There were a couple of fat, black women, who I also thought of as teachers, gabbing with each other in the hallway. They saw me and seemed to peer at me, as if they were thinking of some way to bother me.

      A really pretty black woman, also a teacher, I thought, in a purple tank-top and tight blue jeans, walked down the hall. She got directly in my way, so I moved all the way to the right, out of her way.

      But she got back in my way. I walked really fast, figuring I'd just have to bump into her if she didn't move. But she got out of the way just in time so that we only brushed against each other.

      I was kind of turned on by how smooth, and slightly muscular, the woman's arm was. But the woman only seemed to be annoyed that I didn't try to get even further out of her way. I had been right up against the wall as it was!

      Dream #4

      I was in a National Park with my family. We were at the visitor's center, which was a complex of one-story buildings and a long, narrow-parking lot surrounded by a Southwestern kind of forest of pine trees. It may have been late afternoon -- the sky was dim and silvery grey-blue.

      My mom's old boyfriend, N, oversaw this park. He was, apparently, going to be busy doing some stuff with my mom and the rest of my family, like showing them around the park. So either he or my mom asked me to take care of something for him.

      My job was to take an urn with the ashes of somebody who had just died to a cemetery in the park. The person who had just died may have been a friend of N. But it may have been N himself. (???)

      So I took either the park-owned pickup truck or N's personal pickup truck and drove it down some wide path in the park to get to the cemetery.

      The pickup truck was really big. But the path was wide enough to accommodate two of these trucks, like a two-lane road. I kept to the right side of the road, as if I were driving on a regular road in the US.

      The path was asphalt, but it also had a coppery, gravel- or cinder-strewn look to it. On either side of the path were dense stands of tall, leafy shrubs.

      A white mother, tall, blonde, and pretty, though with a kind of worn-looking face, was walking back down the path, back toward the visitor's center.

      The mother's little girl, maybe two or three years old, had come toddling up ahead of her. The little girl wore a black dress that didn't go much farther down than her waist, and exposed a big diaper. The girl's blonde hair was done up in a top-knot, or a ponytail on the very crown of her head.

      I had to brake fast to avoid hitting the little girl. But I stopped in time. The little girl ran off to the left side of the road. The mother called to the little girl and seemed grateful that I politely stopped and didn't make a big deal about the little girl running all over the road.

      I drove on a bit more without encountering anybody else. I was proud of myself (???) for not having hit the little girl. But suddenly a gnawing suspicion came into my mind. What if I'd actually hit tons of little girls with the pickup truck so far -- but the truck had been so big, and the girls so little, that I hadn't even noticed?

      I now came on a group of black people, mostly fat women. They were spread all over the road, talking and laughing with each other. I kept to the right side of the road. But now they all veered over into the way of my truck!

      I pulled as far over as I could -- there was now a shoulder of grass to the side of the road, and I was trying not to hit that. But the women seemed to be trying to "spook" me into driving into it, by getting in my way.

      I decided to just stop the truck altogether until the women passed. As I did, I twisted the truck (or else the truck slid as it braked) so that it took up half the road.

      The women saw that I wasn't going anywhere. So they'd either have to walk onto the grassy shoulder or move over to the left side of the road. They all moved out of the way of the truck. I started driving again. But as the women passed me, they all gave me the evil eye.

      I drove on a bit more. I was now kind of worried that those women would sic some men on me to "pay me back" for having made them move.

      I just wanted to get to the cemetery and take care of my job. But I realized that I didn't really know where the cemetery was. I hoped it was close. But I didn't know if it was going to be far down the path, deep into the forest.

      And, I thought, once I got to the cemetery -- if I were even able to spot it -- what would I do there? Would someone be waiting to take the urn from me? What was I supposed to do with the urn?

      I thought I might even have to "bury the body" myself. I imagined myself having to dig a six-foot-deep grave. But then I imagined that there was already a hole dug in the ground for me, and that all I'd have to do was fill it after I'd put the "body" inside.

      I came up to a fenced-off area to my right. I could tell this was the cemetery. I stopped the truck on the side of the road.

      I looked at the cemetery through the pickup truck's window. The area was a well-groomed lawn about the size of a football field. Through the middle of it ran a concrete path, about the size of an average sidewalk. In the center of the cemetery was a huge, concrete column. The lawn was dotted with flat, plaque-like grave-markers, most with colorful bouquets placed on them

      I opened the car door, as if I were getting out to go into the cemetery.

      Dream #5

      I was somewhere -- possibly in bed! -- eating a chicken drumstick. I was eating it in some weird way, like taking swiping bites off of it, so that I'd bite down at the tip of the meaty part and then tear down all the way to the bony tip.

      But in one bite I'd rubbed the greasy joint of the bony tip against the left corner of my mouth. I was disgusted. I could feel that the corner of my mouth and a good section around it were now all gross and greasy.

      I got really panicky and decided I needed to go wash my face off right away. I couldn't seem to get enough motion into my body, though, to do this, and I just got more and more panicked.

      Suddenly I "woke up." I sat up in bed in the dark. I knew the whole "chicken leg" scene had just been a dream. But I still felt really gross, and I still wanted to go wash my face.

      But all I could manage to do was thrash around in bed, going from a sitting position to one where I was half-crawling and half-laying, facing the bed.

      I somehow managed to look at my alarm clock. I saw that it was only 2:37 AM. I told myself I should really be getting back to sleep.

      Dream #6

      A view of my old co-worker, DC, possibly as he stood over me while I sat at a desk.
    2. sketching notes; stretching girl; sharing book

      by , 11-02-2011 at 02:03 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was sketching out notes on a piece of notebook paper for some blog entry I was getting ready to write. I had a few odd lines scribbled out, and some scratched out lines. I either wrote down or had already written down the letter "W," and put a circle around it.

      Dream #2

      I was out on some concrete walkway in front of a building like a college dorm. It was daytime. A girl who I probably looked up to and had a crush on was in front of me, doing some stretching exercises.

      The girl had dyed-auburn hair and slightly tan, really smooth skin. She was fit, but not skinny, with full, smooth arms. She wore a pink and blue exercise shirt and grey, tight exercise pants.

      The girl went into a low lunge, with her left leg stretched way back behind her and her right knee tucked under her chest. But then she did some weird kind of twisting motion with her torso so that her left (?) arm was stretched out forward and flat on the ground, and her head was twisted so that the right side of her face rested on her left arm.

      As the girl was doing this, she was telling me how she was thinking of quitting the pilates lessons she was either giving or taking. She was giving me some reasons for this. It may have had to do with money. She was telling me all this as if I were kind of a little kid.

      Dream #3

      I was in an apartment. All the lights were off, except in the bathroom. The bathroom light shone into the otherwise dark living room, where I was sitting.

      I must have walked into the bathroom. There was a woman in there who was somebody like a fast food worker. I was going to ask her for some kind of help. But an Asian guy butted in front of me and started asking for stuff.

      I pushed past the Asian guy, trying to knock him over to let him know I was mad at him just butting in front of me. In the living room there was now a counter, like for a coffee shop. I knew the woman would eventually come back to the counter. So I just sat on the counter, waiting to be helped.

      I was then sitting in something like an elementary school desk. There may have been a book and backpack on the desk. I appeared to be studying.

      The Asian guy walked up to the desk. He took a look at the book I had on the desk. It was some kind of paperback of an Arthur C. Clarke novel. The cover art was of a dragon, with a red and a blue wizard on either side of the dragon, probably in a forest.

      I told the Asian guy that the book was by Arthur C. Clarke, and that the guy could read the book if he wanted. The guy looked a little shocked at my kindness. I told him that he could read any of the books I had. My bookshelf was right in the living room.

      But as I said this, the guy just grunted at me like I was an idiot and walked back into the bathroom.
    3. beat up in apartment; cannibal hamburgers

      by , 04-18-2011 at 11:42 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in the hallway of my apartment buidling. I was at the other end of the hallway from my apartment. There were two black boys, one kind of tall, both probably in their early to mid teens. One of the boys saw me and wanted to do something disrespectful to me, so he spit in the hallway, near the top of the stairwell going down.

      I was now in my doorway, yelling at a few adults, who were also all black. I asked why people needed to keep doing this kind of stuff, not only to me, but to the whole apartment.

      Somehow a really big, thuggish-looking adult possibly dressed in a red hooded sweatshirt, black bubble vest, backwards cap, and slightly tinted eyeglasses began to beat me up. He pounded and pounded on me until I was lying on the floor. Something may have been really wrong with my left shoulder, as if the man had almost torn it off.

      But I may possibly still have stood up after this to run after one or two of the adults who were now walking away, down the hallway. I told them that I wasn't going to stop complaining just because of what they'd done to me.

      Dream #2

      I was out on some lawn which may have been surrounded by some kind of small building, like a wide villa. It was a kind of pale, slightly overcast day.

      I had possibly done something bad, and now some woman possibly wanted to get me in trouble for it. The woman may have been a few years older than I, with a kind of thin, rough-looking face, pale blue eyes, and very short, red hair.

      The woman was really taunting me. I finally felt so threatened that I grabbed the woman by her ankles, swung her around, and threw her up in the air. She went pretty high, then she landed. She seemed injured. But now I just wanted to kill her. So I lifted her back up, spun her around, and slammed her back down to the ground. I did this a few times, until the woman had been smashed so much that she was finally dead.

      During the last few throws, I saw that there were two men watching me from a porch. On the woman's last fall, her body bounced up onto the porch, then actually tumbled down into a smallish, plastic cooler that was full of ice and sodas. I slammed the lid down on the cooler.

      The guys were still staring at me. One was younger. The other was very old. They both looked kind of grizzled and wore worn old clothes and cowboy hats.

      I thought I'd impress them somehow, so I opened up the cooler and pulled out a Dr. Pepper. I sat it on the porch and made some weird comment about how the woman's body had become a Dr. Pepper and how it would taste so great to drink because of that.

      The men "told" me that I had killed the woman because I didn't want her to tell on me and get me in trouble, but that now the police knew the woman had been killed, and I'd be getting in even more trouble. I should probably get out of here before the police came around.

      I agreed. I started taking body parts out of the cooler. But the body parts, mostly just a bunch of shapeless chunks of meat, were all inside of white paper bags from Wendy's. I sat the bags up on the porch. I asked the men if they would hide the body parts for me, so that the police wouldn't find them.

      I was now leaving. The two men were sitting in a room back from the porch. The room was dim. The two men sat side by side, with their backs to the wall opposite the doorway. As I walked away, on the lawn, I asked the men if we would still be able to cook the woman's body parts and eat them like a hamburger. The men said that we would be able to do it.

      "In fact," the older man said, "You've already eaten a hamburger made out of humans."

      I thought back and realized, with surprise, that the man was right. There was a man just a while back. His body had been turned into a hamburger, and I had been fed his meat without even knowing it! I had been tricked into cannibalism!

      I was now in some bathroom that looked like an outhouse or a bathroom that you might see at a camp in the woods. I was in a stall. I kept coughing and pulling meat out of my mouth. The meat was yellowish and looked kind of like fish or curried chicken. It had the texture of fish. I had apparently not yet swallowed any of this meat. I hadn't even chewed it very much.
    4. construction project; poor neighborhoods; shaving instructions

      by , 04-06-2011 at 11:40 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was walking through some park with my mother. It was daytime, and the sunlight was kind of pale. My mom and I were walking along some kind of concrete walkway and up a slight slope. At the top of the slope and off a little to the left, my old friend D sat on a concrete staircase.

      My friend D wore a brown, button-up shirt, not tucked in, and light brown, casual pants. His hair was a little long and paler than usual. D looked depressed. When I first saw him, I wondered how I might be able to avoid him. But when I saw how depressed he looked, I figured I should talk to him.

      D told us that he knew I hadn't wanted to talk to him. He was only here at the same time as I out of coincidence. He was actually with some group of people working on some kind of volunteer project. D was actually on a break at the moment.

      D took me to where the volunteers were. The project was all about pouring concrete for something I may have thought of as an ice skating rink. D showed me that first, people lay down wooden shipping pallettes, so that the slats of each pallette made some kind of checkerboard pattern. Then concrete was poured over the pallettes. The pallettes were supposed to hold the concrete in place.

      But I realized that the concrete was supposed to go much higher than that. I asked D how the rest of the concrete was supposed to stay in place. D said that other pallettes were added to the first layer of pallettes, stacked one on the other. But the checkerboard pattern was alternated.

      At some point, D may have tried to illustrated what he'd meant. But he may have been required to "go outside" with us, as if the construction project had been inside the whole time. He may have taken me and my mom outside. Then he may have asked more personal questions about our friendship, which I felt bad about.

      Dream #2

      Some kind of documentary about poor neighborhoods. The neighborhoods looked really torn down and destroyed. For some reason I felt bad about not living in these ruined neighborhoods myself.

      I was now flying through some neighborhood that looked like the neighborhood where my family had lived while I was in high school. It felt empty and desolate. It was daytime, and it may have been winter. I feel like there was snow everywhere.

      I flew over a lot of backyards. All the backyards were strewn with junk. I finally came to my family's old backyard. I landed on the top of a wooden fence and looked into the yard. This backyard was filled with somethink that looked like old cloths or tarps. The tarps appeared to have been frozen by the cold.

      Dream #3

      I had bought a new razor. There had been a lot of talk about my razor with a few friends of mine who work in the deli in my office building. I kept shaving and looking at my razor and the other razors I could have bought, as if the bathroom I was shaving in was somehow mixed with the store I'd bought the razors from.

      At some point, one of the deli workers slapped me on the back in a friendly way and told me to shave in an upward direction. He then said something about how I was going to have a good shave. That was apparently the same thing as saying I was a good guy.

      I was apparently shaving off my mustache. I wondered if that was a good idea.
    5. Nbathroom stalls and Herzog catalog

      by , 03-14-2011 at 11:43 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I needed to go to the bathroom really bad. I was running into a public restroom. Some woman, possibly a pretty, young woman and possibly my mother, was using the first stall I saw.

      I was apparently wearing a pair of pink panties under my pants, and I didn't want there to be any chance of the woman in the stall seeing me. So I ran to a set of stalls at the far end of the restroom.

      Two stalls were inside a larger, stall-like area. One of the stalls didn't have any lock, or even a handle, on its door. I had gone inside it, but now I ran out. I ran to the next stall. The lock on this stall's door was really loose. But I decided it was good enough. If somebody tried to push it open, I'd have enough time to reach up and push the door closed.

      I sat down on the toilet and started peeing (?). Before my eyes I now saw a list of films by Werner Herzog. They all seemed to star Claudia Cardinale, as if she were Herzog's main actor. Each film would have a description below it. The descrption was in a thin column. Some descriptions were just a small paragraph. Others were almost a page long.

      I caught sight of a few descriptions of some films. The films all had a theme of a woman sinning or doing something to betray somebody, usually a man, and then having to go through retribution for all this, apparently from fate, by being put through all kinds of weird, embarrassing, or painful situations.

      I couldn't quite remember what the Herzog films were which I'd seen starring Claudia Cardinale. But it didn't seem like this was the theme of those films at all. So I scanned through the list (how? It seems now like the list was just some image scrolling in the air before my eyes), looking for the films I was familiar with.

      Something I read said that Herzog's later films with Cardinale got weirder and weirder, and that the women characters kept being put through more and more absurd situations. I saw some later films, some as late as 1986. But then I saw "one of Herzog's first films" listed. It was called Yvonne Rainier, and it was from 1910.

      Apparently this film had something to do with a nun who'd betrayed a man, probably a priest, and the trials she'd had to go through as "fate's retribution" after this.

      I now had a vision of a black and white film, almost as if I were watching from some place within the film. There was possibly some old, small chapel that had something of a medieval style to it. Some nuns were standing outside the church, talking to each other. The film was a sound film, and it seemed like the setting was America in the 1950s.

      There was a nun in white. She was the main character. Now a couple of priest-like men walked past the nuns with a group of schoolchildren. The group walked into a spacious, lawny cemetery that was right next to the chapel.

      The priests stopped the students in front of what was an apparently important grave. The grave had some kind of tall, church-shaped marker. Before the marker were two rows of small, stone markers.
    6. mining town; nose hairs

      by , 02-24-2011 at 12:42 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was driving through a town. I was probably in the car with my family, and my mother may have been driving.

      The town was centered somehow around some kind of mining operations, or else it had been in the past. I may have had some "memories" of looking at photos of the town or watching a video about the town.

      At some point we drove past a young man in a business suit. The man was white, very tall, and very thin, with hair down to about his jaw line. He looked very professional, but also very haggard and tired, almost to the point of a nervous breakdown.

      My mom drove the car into a parking lot for an apartment complex. As we drove into the lot, I commented how nice and clean this town seemed, but how it had such a lonely, spooky quality, like in a ghost story.

      Dream #2

      I had just finished some kind of task with a group of people. The people were all at the other end of a huge, fenced in field, like a lawn for a number of soccer fields. It was a sunny day.

      I may have been walking away from the field. But I got distracted. I noticed that I had a bunch of humongous hairs in my nose. I began pulling them out. But there were so many.

      I walked back into the field and frantically began pulling the hairs out of my nose. A man who looked, and wore clothes, like Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean was nearby. I didn't want him to see me pulling all these hairs out of my nose. So I walked between two stone walls, like the walls for outdoor racquetball courts.

      The Orlando Bloom guy followed me. So I hurriedly walked away from the stone walls. I gifigured I would just leave the field altogether.

      I was still pulling hairs out of my nose. I had a handful of hairs. They were all about 4cm long.

      As I approached the gate, the Orlando Bloom guy came up behind me and said he needed to talk to me. He said he was having the same trouble I was, and that he was going to "contact the lady" about it. Apparently the lady had told the guy she could solve his problem. But she hadn't solved it yet.

      I knew that everything the guy had just spoken about was in regards to the long hairs growing out of my nose.

      I went into a park bathroom, possibly to was my hands. I was now exiting the bathroom. The bathroom was big, made out of concrete and cinder blocks, and had dimmish, fluorescent lighting.

      As I approached the door, I could hear the guy talking to somebody on the phone. I could tell from the guy's voice that he was no longer Orlando Bloom, but some guy I had known in college, JP.

      The guy was telling the person, who I knew was a pretty, blonde girl, that his cover had almost been blown. It turned out the guy had been at the field either to follow me or to keep me out of the way while something bad happened. But since I had put the guy in a position where he'd had to talk to me, the position had been messed up. Somehow all of this was the woman's fault.

      I stood before the door, not yet opening it. I felt betrayed by the guy. I thought he'd been trying to sympathize with me or be my friend.

      I lifted my hands up before my face. The backs of my hands were cracked in a few small places. In the cracks was a hard, ambery and red substance, which I took to be scabs.

      I went to open the door. But the guy, having finished his phone conversation, pushed open the door, almost knocking me over. He now definitely looked like JP. He was tall, with pale olive skin and short, slightly spiky hair.

      The guy was slightly surprised by having run into me, but he greeted me kindly, in a way I now understood as being completely fake. I greeted him in a fake-friend way too, just wanting to get out of thr bathroom and away from the guy altogether.
    7. tourists, food court, and zombie vehicles; friend's sexy girlfriend; misplaced drugs; surprise snow

      by , 01-24-2011 at 01:29 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I walked into a museum with a tourist family. Almost directly after the entrance there was a long, wide staircase made of pale, white stone. The family walked down the staircasw ahead of me, talking about how they had to meet another group of people. Once at the bottom of the staircase, the children (a boy and a girl?) sat on a step while the parents made a phone call to the other group.

      As I reached the bottom of the steps, the family had ascertained that the other group wasn't coming until later. Either the mom or dad said, "Well, that gives us some time to do a few extra things first."

      The family walked into the gift shop, which was a huge, open area in front of the staircase. The gift shop sold all kinds of things like toothpaste, shampoo, etc. I actually picked up some toothpaste and a toothbrush.

      I was now in a big mall with my grandmother and some kids (my nephews?). The mall had highb ceilings of glass which revealed the deep blue night sky above. The mall was empty and half-lit, as if it were closed. At some point, we walked past what looked like a closed down, miniature amusement park. I may have seen a ferris wheel and some kind of structure of plastic tubing for kids to climb through.

      Later, almost as if we were on a second visit to the mall, we all sat at a table in the food court. Down the corridor to my right I may have seen the mini amusement park, in shadoe. Another group of people sat a couple tables away from us. They spoke as if this mall's food court wasn't very good compared to another mall's food court.

      I felt kind of ashamed at that remark, and I was trying to convince myself that I actually was in that other food court.

      I was now out carrying logs in the snow. It was a sunny, cold day. The snow was deep, and it was hard to carry the logs. A little while later, I saw things from a third person view. A young boy was working really fast, in an almost cartoony way, carrying logs away from a pile in a shady area near a house into a sunny area. The boy didn't think anybody would ever believe he'd carried all these logs.

      The boy dropped a couple smallish, wide logs into the snow. One of the logs was coated in ice. The boy then managed to move two 2-meter-long logs out into the snow. They looked like they were from a beech tree: they had smooth, silvery bark. They lay parallel to each other, a little sunk in the snow.

      I now saw from the first person view again. I thought, looking at the two logs, of making some kind of Flintstones car, using the logs as wheels. I stood up onto the logs and tried to roll them with my feet, shouting, "Yabba-dabba-doo!" at the same time. But I probably realized that this wouldn't work, and I figured I needed a motor.

      I was now standing on some long, pale-sea-green painted, sheet metal structure that looked like a mix between a gas powered generator and a wood chipper. I thought this would be a perfect engine for the Flintstones car I was making.

      Just then, a blue-skinned zombie, possibly in a business suit, came growling and reaching at me. I was really scared. I jumped off the generator and ran toward the logs. I thought to myself, Why is that guy here? Is he being used for some kind of zombie-powered car?

      I now had a vision of a commercial, apparently for a zombie car. But the imagery was just a black screen with a bunch of colored lettering advertising some law office. The commercial may have been targeting people who needed legal counsel following problems they may have had with their zombie cars.

      The names of the lawyers were all really weird. One lawyer was named Technical Gee, as in Technical Genius. Another was named Society's Destruction. I was bemused, but not terribly shocked, that professionals were getting away with naming themselves things like this.

      The final screen of the commercial stayed up, as if someone had just forgotten to turn it off. I now heard one of the lawyers talking about a presentation he was going to give at a conference. He told two other lawyers, in a Slim Shady kind of voice, "You know how I don't usually collaborate with you guys after this point. I just do me. But I got a surprise for you guys this time. This conference presentation, we're doing together."

      Dream #2

      I had just come from some bedroom, possibly in the house of a good friend of mine. I walked into the kitchen. I sat at the kitchen table.

      My friend was taking a shower or something. His girlfriend stood at the counter, posing and mugging in a sexy way before a small mirror on the counter. The girl was really sexy, Asian, with long hair. She wore a little linen outfit that looked like a mix between some kind of lingerie and a baby's overalls-onesie outfit. The shoulder straps were foldy-ruffly. The outfit's bottom was enbroidered with purple roses, intertwined with green vines and leafs.

      The girl was obviously posing to turn me on. It was working. But I didn't want to react, because I didn't want to betray my friend. But the girl really seemed to want me. It was exciting.

      The girl, not getting a reaction, walked over to another mirror on the counter and began posing again. I walked up to her and said, "What's wrong?" The girl just gave me a pouty face in the mirror. I sat back down and said, "Are you worried that you're ugly? Well, you aren't. You're very pretty."

      I thought for sure the girl would think I was into her. I thought shed'd come over and seduce me. I figured that that would be okay. Apparently, if the girl seduced me, the situation wouldn't involve any betrayal against my friend. I still felt a little nervous about the whole thing. But I figured if the girl seduced me, I wouldn't resist.

      Dream #3

      I was in the bathroom at my mom's ex-boyfriend's house. I was getting ready to take a shower. I was pulling stuff out of my backpack. I found some pot and some other drug that looked like a D-cell battery.

      It suddenly occurred to me that someone, possibly my brother-in-law, had put drugs in my backpack. It wasn't good for me to have drugs in my backpack while I was visiting my family. If my brother-in-law got caught with any drugs near him, he'd be sent straight to jail.

      It occurred to me that my brother-in-law had hid his own drugs on me while I was in town. I was mad. I didn't want to get in trouble just so he could avoid trouble. But I was also worried. I was wondering where the heck I could throw all this stuff away.

      Dream #4

      Some very professional looking man was outside on a snowy night. He may have been a weatherman addressing a TV camera. But he also may have been a co-worker of mine, talking to me on a cell phone.

      The man was completely surprised that it was snowing. When someone told him the snow wouldn't stop for a while, he was even more surprised. He also seemed to be surprised that it would also be cold for a while after it stopped snowing.