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    1. Fearless Hitman, TOTM, And Showdown at Xiaoyu's.

      by , 05-05-2012 at 08:52 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now enjoy my dreams, and make yourself comfortable.

      Dream #1 Fearless Hitman.

      Im sitting around a round table with a group of mafioso bosses. One of the men Who looks like Steven Seagal, ask me if im willing to take out the biggest known crime syndicate in town. I tell them sure i can take care of that problem for them.

      Im now on some rooftop looking thru a scope of a sniper rifle. The sun is shining and it is a calm afternoon. I spot a man walking out of a hotel He looks like he is some italian dude. He is heavy set and wearing a white suit, with 4 henchmen walking on the side of him there is a limo he is walking to. I squeeze the trigger hitting the man with right between the eyes. The men look around, but i am smooth and walk away off of the rooftop down some stairs and change my all black gear that i had on, including black gloves, black skull cap you name it. I stuff it all in a dumpster.

      I am now wearing baggy blue jeans, a white t shirt, white sneakers my hair is down and i put a white baseball cap on, and put my glasses on. I get to a payphone and make the call to my boss and tell him..
      "Looks like he is gonna be gone for a looong time."
      The man laughs on the other end, and the dream fades and i wake up.

      4:30 - 4:40 Am. Did plenty of intense subconscious training, and went back to bed.

      Dream #2 Such a beautiful body. (TOTM)

      Im in a mall walking around and notice a white lady who looked to be, 30 or 40 years old. She looked very attractive, reminded me of Julia Roberts. I sat down at the bench next to her, And reached in my pocket to grab my hawk coin totem. Im rubbing and playing with it thru my knuckles and say..
      "Such a beautiful body you have."
      I smile thinking about the TOTM. I open my arms and let my self emerge with her.
      "Wha..what are you doin!?"
      "Sssh, hush now. This real be quick and painless i assure you sweetheart."

      I feel myself emerged with hers and feel a slight tingle thruout my entire midsection. I laugh and look on the ground to notice my hawk coin totem has dropped on the ground. I walk hearing my heels tap against the floor as it echoes when i walk. I pick it up, and begin flipping my hawk coin totem in the air, whistling the entire time.

      Grow Juggernault grow! (TOTM)

      Im still walking thru the mall, and try and find my favorite childhood toy. I stop around and look for a toy store, and find nothing. I grow impatient and decide to summon my favorite childhood toy. I take both my hands and use my mental strength to summon a toy Juggernault. Nothing. I begin getting frustrated and finally yell..

      look around and see nothing. Im walking around looking and notice a toy Juggernault standing right in the center of the mall. I smile and command that Juggernault grow, raising both my arms up as i say.

      "Grow Juggernault grow, grow Juggernault grow!"
      It did not grow until i begin stomping my heels on the ground. Noticing, each time i did so..it grew. I continued stomping on the floor as the Juggernault toy grew in size. I laughed said..
      "Grow bigger Juggernault, and do thy bidding!"
      The toy Juggernault grew to an incredible stature, And it begin crushing stores and everything begin to become chaotic!

      I noticed that the dream started to look a bit unstable and i was looking for my hawk coin totem to rub, and decided to try and rub my hands but the dream had already begin to fade, and i woke up.

      6:27 - 6:45 Am. Did a alot of reality checks with my totem. And plenty of subconscious training.

      Dream #3 Showdown at Xiaoyu's.

      Im at a chinese restaurant. And there is this black dude there causing some problems to this asian lady.
      (The black man talking)


      (The asian lady talking)

      "I DON'T KNOW!"

      I stare at the man from my table, looking at him making sure he does not threaten the woman. he starts to pound at a nearby table, and gets mad breaking it as he pounds it.
      I stand up and say something simiar to Bruce lee's quote from enter the dragon.
      "The table, does not strike back."
      (The black man talking)

      "What!? What did you just say!?"

      "Only a fool such as yourself, thinks he is stronger than any and everyone he threatens.
      Well fight me."
      The man looks at me with a shocked look and takes up my challenge.
      I tell him let us fight outside in the back alley, he agrees. I take off a white suit shirt i was wearing and take my glasses off and give them to one of the asian women who watched nearby. I am now bare chested and wearing black dress pants and some black shiny dress shoes.

      I get in my stance, and so does the black dude who is wearing a black dojo karate uniform. He makes his 1st move and i counter every strike that he throws in my direction.
      To make it quick, i glow gold and take both my fist and strike directly toward the guys forehead. He falls backwards and looks knocked outcold. Everybody cheers and i end up the hero. They end up calling the cops on the man and a ambulance.

      Meanwhile im putting my shirt on, and noticing a beautiful Asian chic approaching me.
      (Asian girl talking)

      "Heres your shirt and glasses."


      "Im Xiaoyu."

      "Ah, so your the young lady that man has been looking for. You mind telling me why he was looking for you?"

      "Its a looong story."

      She laughs, and i laugh then i wake up.

      Notes: Glad i got a good amount of sleep to finally complete both TOTM. My recall has been great so far, gonna try and keep my sleep pattern the same over the next few days.
    2. Deep within my subconscious (old dream) 03/12/11/

      by , 04-20-2012 at 07:27 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dream person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now, as always take a seat and enjoy!

      Dream #1 Place your bets.

      Im in some arena watching two Thai women kick box and spar with eachother. One has half her hair dyed red and has a mohawk, and the other has a couple of tattoos all around her body with her hair tied back in a ponytail. I placed my bet on the chic with her hair dyed red with mohawk, because she looks bad ass! Unfortuntely she loses the fight and i curse an scream and walk out the arena broke.

      Dream #2 Felicia.

      Im in a carnival with a lovely looking young lady. She looks mixed, or could possibly be native american or a latin woman. She has her arm wrapped around my arm, and her head rested on my shoulder. "You want to head home or you want to walk around for a bit"?
      "Na its cool babe, i love spending time with you."
      I smile its nighttime and you can hear all the game sounds and people interacting with one another. After some hours of spending time with one another, we finally head back to her place.
      "You want to come in"?
      Uh, sure long as its ok with you.
      (She laughs)
      "Of course I want you to come in silly"!
      We enter her home. Its very nicely decorated, and smells like jasmine and vanilla. She turns her lights on. The home was medium big, and was decorated white with nice tiger print, and snow leopard rugs on the floor.

      "Sit down and make yourself comfortably".
      Mkay. I have a seat on the couch, and she walks over with two glasses of wine. She is wearing a very nicely fitted dress, it was dark purple colour to compliment her lovely pair of dark polished toes. she slipped off her heels and bending her knees on the couch facing towards me.
      "So, tell me. Why have you waited this long to come and see me hm?"
      Uh..to be honest, im always being pulled away, and can never seem to find a way to see you.
      "There are ways, you know how to find me". If i did something to cause you to go away, then please tell me!
      No no noo, its not you! Don't ever think that ok!? I love you Felicia, and will ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!
      (This causes her to tear up)
      "I love you too Q"!
      We hug and kiss, and i tell her i will see her again soon. (dream fades and i wake up)

      WBTB-5:30 am -Did plenty of subconscious training and reality checks with my totem-5:50 am

      Dream #3 Mirrors and my subconscious experiments

      I wake up in my 2nd home from my bed. I head in the bathroom I look in the mirror and dive thru it. I end up somewhere in possibly Paris? I now walk around observing all of my projections. I find the most interesting subject. A french woman wearing navy blue shorts and is roller blading. She was average height and wore a white tank top and had sandy brown hair. She was listening to some music on her headphones, I stop her. "Excuse me, you mind if i have a little bit of your time?
      "Sure whats up?"
      We have a seat at a local cafe. I sit and talk with her about dreams and different projections here.
      "I would love for you to come with me to my place of work, so we can conduct experiments together". do you think this is something you would be interested in?
      "Um, sure i guess".
      "Now i need you to be all the way in on this type of thing if your interested ok"?

      (Dream switches here)

      Im not real???

      We end up at my basement where im taking out different files and records.
      "What are those"?
      "My dream records. They help me to keep track of where i been, or to let me know in advanced where i will be headed.
      "Oh i see." Can you track down people with those records?
      Depends on who im sharing the dream with.
      "I see". So is it possible to share dreams with people you never met before?
      "Yes it is".
      "How long hve you been doing this"?
      "For quite some time". In fact, your not real.
      "Im not"? No, no no way...you are not REAL!!!
      "Relax"! relax please ok?
      (My memory gets a bit foggy here as i believe she stormed out of my 2nd home and i woke up)

      Final dream the usage of totems.

      Im in a school in a hallway waiting on a someone. This little girl who looked arab or indian.
      She runs up to me and gives me a hug. She looked to be 7 or 8 and wore a pink short sleeve shirt, blue jeans, pink and white converse shoes, and she had two long black ponytails, and had a pink dora the explorer book bag.
      "Im so glad that you came to see me"! Look what i got!
      She shows me one of my hawk coin totems. Ah, i see you kept it.
      "Mmhm". Come, i want to show you something!
      We get to the back of the school yard on the playground. She sets her book bag down, and sits down cross legged on the grass. All of a sudden she starts glowing purple and she started floated in mid air and doin all kinds of flips and holding both her hands out shooting out purple and blue projectile beams at the ground. I sat there amazed nodding my head, holding my totem rubbing it stabilizing the dream more. She landed back on the ground and bowed her head to me and was smiling.
      "Aww, Samina (I called her) that was really good im really proud of you!

      "Thank you Dreamprofesser". You taught me those things and i kept practicing, until i became really good".
      "Well you know what"?
      "I am goin to grade you a A+. I take out my dream records and begin grading her.
      "Wow really?" Awesome!
      Yea. Now remember Samina, i want you to keep doin those reality checks with your totem like i showed you ok?
      "Ok Dreamprofesser".
      She waves to me as she heads for a neon coloured car. I wave bye to her one final time, and i wakeup to record the dream.

      Notes: I was very pleased with my results from this older dream. As i conducted experiments to become lucid, and find a dream character and check their status and ranking in my dream.
      This dream, character Samina showed very great potential, I am hoping to train many more of my dream characters in the future.
    3. The Vanessa Hudgens experiment (old dream) 02/26/11/

      by , 04-14-2012 at 04:52 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Red means dream characters
      Blue means lucid
      Purple means possible shared dream person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! now as always, sit back relax, kick off your shoes, grab a snack or something and enjoy dreams!

      Dream #1 The Vanessa Hudgens experiment part 1 (Rated PG 13)

      Im in my old 2nd home watching something on t.v, when i hear a woman in the bathroom singing??? i ignore it and decide to fall asleep on the couch. I now awaken in a abandoned old shack, dusty old furniture and mices and rats crawling all over the place. I get up dust myself off, and head outside where it is night time, to notice this black bald headed dude (who looks like R.kelly) having sex with some woman against a car. I decide to not become a peeping tom, well because that would just be considered weird. I now walk to a apartment complex where there are two mexican men talking about something i forget what it was.

      Dream #2 The Vanessa Hudgens experiment part 2 ( Rated PG 13)

      Im now in a backyard it is sunny out and there is a party or something. there is a different mixture of people and everbody is having a good time. I reach in my pocket to grab my hawk coin totem and reality check with it, wait a min...how did i end up here??? Fully aware and lucid im walking around looking for dreamman9380. I grab my celphone and call him, great no answer. I over two guys talking about they hid something in a room, my curiousity grew and i walked closer to the guys they were two hispanic males sitting on a apartment balcony. They both looked at me and i walked a different direction pretending to head somewhere else but i stayed nearby. These guys seem suspicious and i sensed that they had something to do with my friend dreamman9380. I decided to take measures into my own hands, I overheard Vanessa Hudgens voice somewhere and teleported there immediately. She was in a recording studio singing. I looked at her and said let us become one and the same..(that last quote echoed) and my energy emerged with hers. I was now projected as Vanessa Hudgens.

      I felt the dream fading and rubbed my hands together and looked at my surroundings focusing on all the little things around me. I was wearing some black heels a black dress and my hair was down straight. Still projected as her i decided to teleport back to that previous location seduce one of the guys into that room where something was hidden. I walked up to them twirling my hair chewing some gum, and said...you fellas in for a little fun? they looked at eachother and nodded. We now enter the inside of the house and i notice there is door with a lock on it. The men look at me and say.. there ain't nothing in there for you sweetheart. Well can you show me whats in there??? exposing a little skin i got his attention. Ok but just a peep thats it. Wow...what do you keep in here? A little bit of everything mostly guns he whispers. Ooh, can you show me where you keep them?
      Uhhh, i don't think thats a good idea, pleeeease? I notice his partner heading towards a bathroom and shuts the door. Ok ok, but im just gonna let you see it thats all. He reachesin this drawer and pulls out a variety of different toys. This gun here is called a 9MM this gun is called a revolver, and this one is called..do you have any silencers? Uhh yea yea i got one right here. Can i see how it feels? Now i can't let you hold it sweetheart because its loaded, and well..Turn the safety on. He gives me a look like he is almost afraid to do it, Your not afraid of litte ol me now are you? walking closer to him leaning up against him. He presses his lips together and makes his final decision. Alright, but no funny shit! He puts the safety on. I hold the silencer in my hands, wow...this feels really good. You know, you look really sexy with that gun in your hands you know that? I strike poses for him. I point it at him POW! I pretend to shoot him. He jumps, and i giggle. Ok real funny k give it back now. Aww you afraid im gonna shoot you? i turn the safety off. Where is it? Where is what i i i don't know what your talking about? The file, WHERE THE FUCK IS THE FILE!? In there! He points to a nearby dresser i walk sideways still aiming the gun in his direction. I dig thru the files looking up at him in here? Mmhmm. Come over here and get it. (He looks down afraid to look at me) I SAID GET THE FUCK OVER HERE AND COME GET IT!!! Ok ok ok! And hurry up, i don't have all day!

      Here its all there. I grab it then hear the bathroom door opening. This better be it! I look at it and see my friends name on it. Yep thats him alright. I run out the back door and immediately start running down the fire escape. there are a bunch of spiral stairs and some intense action music is playing ih the background. I hear the men yelling and run down a nearby alley, I stop and take off the heels as they are hurting my feet. i leave them by a green dumpster and continue running until i notice my friend dreamman9380!
      Hey over here i yell! he stops and turns around walks up to me, we are on a sidewalk somewhere. Whoa wait a min..your Vanessa Hudgens right??? I give him a confused look forgetting im still projected as her. Hang on....(i project back as my normal self) Whoa...Q??? How the hell you just do that? I hand him his file, i can't exlain right now. I make a portal, head somewhere safe and lock that up ok? I don't understand? I can't explain just GO!! (i push him thru the portal) I dive thru with him as we end up at some building.

      Where are we? I don't know, but you better hide that file somewhere. Thanks Q. No problem man, you just make sure you put that file up somewhere A.S.A.P. Ok, i will. I nod my head and get a good look at everything around me. the dream fades, and i wake up

      My friend Dreamman9380 had problems remembering his dreams over the past few years. During 2011, I made a promise to him that i will do my best to help him remember his dreams more. I often share dreams with him and a few others, but this was the 1st time i helped him recover from a long dry spell. What was in that file? To this day im still wondering myself, and perhaps it holds the key, to him remembering his dreams.