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    1. Inception.

      by , 06-01-2012 at 04:37 AM (My Dream Records)
      This is not an entry to all who is reading this. This is more of an update so to speak. The dream i had last night........just left me very unsure about how to take things around me at the moment. Lets just say it was a conclusion to the last dream i had the night before.

      Im wondering now if that guy that i met was truly a actual person, as he wants me to continue to teach in my dreams. I never had a back to back dream with a actual person before and being lucid at that.

      But for personal reasons i will not post that dream i had last night, seeing as how the guy explained to me to keep it discreet to a select few. So, im going to do things a little different now. I am starting a dream experiment with a few people i have met in the dreams, who want me to recruit more people who have a strong curiosity for seeking the true truth, and nothing but, THE TRUTH.

      I will continue to post dreams, just not the dreams i have been having lately so to speak. So...the question Is this, is Inception real??? Certainly it is more real then you can imagine.

      And to those i have been so fortunate to share dreams with on here? This is only the beginning my friends.

      Remember, dreams are meant to be used to create ideas. And hopefully, to plant the seed of this idea to another. Which will help build, a very powerful nation.