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    A new assignment classified...TOP SECRET.

    by , 05-30-2012 at 10:19 PM (1425 Views)
    Black means non lucid
    Orange means semi lucid
    Blue means lucid
    Red means dream characters talking
    Purple means possible shared dreaming person
    Green means notes

    Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.

    Ok, now it seems that i've gotten back into the swing of things with this dream of mine. Although, if i get called on a new job opportunity soon, that may reduce my chances of dreaming like i use too. Soo, what i am going to do is, try and do weekend dreaming.

    I'll just save my dreams onto my computer file, and post them whenever i can. Been doing more reality checks with my totem too, so it has appeared quite a few times in my dream i had. Looks like im back on board...for now that is.

    Lol, ok enough talking..here are my dreams!

    Dream #1 Making moves.

    Spoiler for Theme Of The Dream:

    Im in my 2nd home packing up some items in my suitcase. I notice that i see my hawk coin totem on the kitchen counter and put it in my pocket. (What a missed reality check there) I go to the den and start putting some clothes in the suitcase, and trying to hurry up. I go back into my room and my celphone rings and its Natalia. She tells me..

    (Natalia talking)

    "Don't forget to stop at your 1st home, we need those files."
    I tell her ok, and start looking around to see if im forgetting anything. I hear a cab blowing outside of my house, and head out the door with my suitcase.

    Dream #2 How to take care of business.

    Im in a hotel projected as Natalie Raitano for some reason. Its night time, and im holding a guy off of the edge of a balcony telling him to give me all of the information, or else i will drop him. The guy is screaming and yelling as im holding him by his ankles. I notice Blaze is with me too. She says something about we can always moniter his calls or something like that.

    "Oh yea, that is true huh?"
    We pull the man up and i grab him by his collar and tell him to make the call now. He starts calling someone, and thats all i remember there.

    Dream #3 Getting closer.

    Im still projected as Natalie Raitano, and im creeping thru a long hallway.

    There are corners that i stop at, and peep around while holding a silencer. I see a few men waiting by different doors and i shoot at each one of them. I now make my way thru one of the doors, and find a huge table with a list of names on it. I become lucid right here though only briefly, a man enters the door and asks me if i can help him search for someone. I told him who was it, and he mentioned his daughter. I leave the room and ended up walking with this old man, and started losing lucidity here. The man starts talking about how he wishes he could go fishing, or some shit like that..and i ended up waking up because of that.

    Dream #4 Top Secret.

    Im in a room with this dude in a dim lit room, and he starts telling me stuff about the goverment is out to get him. I try and tell him to relax and not be so paranoid, but he says that it is true and wants to show me something. We head downstairs to this basement and there are a bunch of people in capsules, and people hooked up to machines and shit.
    I become lucid seeing all of this, and reach in my pocket staring at everthing and rubbing my hawk coin totem. I asked the guy what was his name and he told me he wishes to remain anonymous due to potential possiblities of him being watched or something like that. I then ask him..

    "So how did we find eachother?"

    "Na bro, you found me!"
    I start becoming even more lucid to the point i began talking with him about stuff like wars, and poverty, and religion. He starts telling me that its all a set up from the jump or something like that, and that he only wishes that more people would wake up. I asked him how can i find him again and he says..

    "Shit, you the dream navigator. I don't know how to navigate dreams like that man."
    "How did you know that about me?"
    "Cause they told me about you."

    The door upstairs is kicked in and he starts talking to me in code, and giving me certain numbers if i ever need to look for him again or something like that. I try and repeat the numbers, but he insists that we will meet again. He tells me to keep teaching people thru their dreams so we can build our nation back to the way it use to be and to be safe. He sits in a chair, and straps himself in with a device hooked up to him, and dissapears.
    I hear men upstairs talking and footsteps coming towards the upstairs basement door.
    I start running thru the basement looking for a way out, but find no exit. I decide to fall backwards.

    False awakening

    I wake up in my 2nd home on the basement couch, and trying to remember the last dream i had. It hits me..I don't live here anymore, ans i better wake up before i forget the rest of the dream. I wake up for real, and record the dream.

    Final dream. Building a team.

    Im in my 2nd home in the basement talking to a bunch of different people about dreams. (Don't become semi lucid or lucid) I start handed out totems to everybody and giving each of them a homework assignment on reality checks with their totems. Thats all i remember and wake up.

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    1. dreamman9380's Avatar
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    2. littlezoe's Avatar
      Ooh... that lucid is really interesting... Hmmm

      Smart DCs like that sometimes make me question whether there is something much more important in the dreamworld than just projections of our mind

      Btw, i had 2 lucids today, but i was so tired that i fell back asleep before writing them down... i don't remember much of them, but i know that i didn't find you :s
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    3. Mydera's Avatar
      It's awesome how you dream your a woman sometimes. And always a badass woman at that! Dream # 4 hits so close to conspiracy theories. It kind of shakes me just a bit I've had a couple of experiences last year where I've had a dream that felt important, typed it up and saved it both on my computer and my flash drive, just to have it completely disappear by the end of the day. In trying to figure out what happened to them some sort of dream conspiracy crossed my mind, but I ended up settling on the fact that I tend to screw up electronics and I probably did something to mess it up without realizing it.

      I start becoming even more lucid to the point i began talking with him about stuff like wars, and poverty, and religion. He starts telling me that its all a set up from the jump or something like that, and that he only wishes that more people would wake up. I asked him how can i find him again and he says..
      This reminds me of a video I watched once, I think it was called zeitgeist the movie or something. It's a conspiracy theory type film though, not something most mainstream people would watch.

      The last dream is pretty cool. I wonder if these people your teaching are really real? That would be really cool! My first experiences with lucid dreaming came from a dream character telling me I was dreaming and telling me to question why I am dreaming things the way they are. I've also read several dreams where people dream they are in a class learning about lucid dreaming. What if when people dream of teaching lucid classes and people dream of attending lucid classes, sometimes they overlap? People could be sharing dreams without even realizing it, and probably never figuring it out because so there are so many people who dream of being the teachers and so many people who dream of being the students, the chances of them meting in waking life or online is so slim it's almost impossible.
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    4. Dreamprofesser's Avatar
      Thanks Dreamman, Littlezoe, and Mydera for all of your comments.

      @Littlezoe: I certainly believe that we are allowed access to another persons mind. It is like a third party, or interception you know? It is quite possible to do this when we are more lucid, and know truly who or what we are looking for.

      And don't worry, we will meet up soon.

      @ Mydera: Yea, my subconscious always tends to have me as a bad ass female for some reason. Lol, i don't mind, but i guess part of me finds comfort in being disguised that way for certain missions.

      And yea, i definitely know what you mean about that fourth dream. Im always on youtube watching videos on certain information about that type of stuff. Its really interesting, and not alot of people tend to search for that information..but yet its there. Im sure you already know what im talking about, and you seem wise to know what is already happening. Its good to know a few peoples eyes are wide open, though it is a scary feeling to know that these things exist.

      Most of my dreams are actually watered down believe it or not. I really don't want to post the more confidential dreams due to possiblities of it being erased or somehow lost somewhere. I will be glad to send anyone here some of my top secret dream records for you private readings. Just send me a PM and im on it. =) Thank you for your comments everyone, it really means alot to me to know you all enjoy reading my dreams. :')
    5. ty4TheAdventure's Avatar
      Wow this sounds pretty cool and intense. I wonder what else the guy knows. This is getting really interesting. hahaha.