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    1. Ten Awesome years!

      by , 04-20-2016 at 11:01 PM
      First off, last night is my 10 year anniversary for my first lucid dream. Ten years ago today I joined Dreamviews (4-20-06). Also, something strange: I woke up this morning and looked at the clock at exactly 4:20. Conincidence? I think not.

      I remember a few dreams from last night, though I don't remember a lot of details from each of them. But I want to write them down so I can get back in the habit of recording my dreams every day. Life's better that way.

      Dream 1: I was with my sister getting ready to go in a plane somewhere. I don't remember much of this except her holding my hand in excited anticipation. I don't know where we were heading.

      Dream 2: I was in a car with Daniel, and he was driving way too fast on these crazy windy dirt roads that went along desert clifs and mesas (inspired by a video I watched before bed.)

      Dream 3: I was watching my friends who had taken a houseboat/kayaking trip to Face Canyon without me. They had kayaked to the end and were trying to figure out how to exit the canyon so they could hike. The water level was low. (inspired by a real trip to Face Canyon last year)

      Dream 4: Sex with Jeff
    2. LD: Jumping

      by , 02-24-2016 at 07:09 PM
      Here is the dream from 2 days ago (the first of the three in a row).

      Lucid Dream:

      It was night and I was with Jeff walking on this path up a hill. We were looking for something (a museum, maybe). At one point I remember lifting up my legs (like when you're a kid holding your parents' hands and letting them swing you along). I think this made me go lucid because I was trying to figure out how I could be doing this while only holding one of Jeff's hands.

      We got to the top of the hill. We were on a kind of covered patio. Behind us was a door. In front of us was a rail where we could look down at a large pool of water far below. I could also see a building and a dock by the water.

      Jeff then says to me, "Did you notice how when we move our hair doesn't move in the wind?" I said, "Yeah, I did notice. I think that's because we're lucid." I then said, "I know a good way to find out for sure if we're dreaming. Let's jump off this and down to the water below. If our hair doesn't move, that means were dreaming."

      Jeff agrees to jump with me. We then run to the edge and hop the railing. I didn't even think to try to fly. I feel super heavy and we fall fast. I notice feeling that very real feeling of my stomach lurching as I fall. The fall is long enough that I had the chance to look over at Jeff and see that his hair is perfectly still. I call out to him and point that out.

      Finally we hit the water and sink quickly to the bottom like a heavy rock. I'm a hundred percent positive that this is a dream now, so I don't worry about breathing. In fact, I start to talk to Jeff under the water.

      And that's all I remember.
    3. Long Lucid Dream

      by , 11-13-2015 at 10:28 PM
      So here is a lucid dream from yesterday. It was actually was two dreams. I woke up after the first part and wrote down everything I could remember and then fell asleep and had another one. The first took place during an hour of time. I'm not sure how much of that time I was actually dreaming, but I looked at the clock before I went to sleep and looked at it right as I got up. Almost exactly an hour. I also did this as a WBTB. I went to bed at mindnight, woke up at 5:00, then stayed awake for a while, then let myself go back to sleep.

      Lucid Dream:

      I was in the kitchen and noticed the fish tank had been moved. It was now on the table. It also was very clean. I looked in closer and saw that there were at least five fish in the tank that I had thought were dead. Where had they been hiding all this time? Hhmm. Fish tank moved. Cleaned. Fish back from the dead. Could I be dreaming? Really, there was more of a chance I was dreaming than all that happening.

      So I immediately ran to the steps that lead down to the front door. I ran and dived at the door. As I was sailing down the stairs head first, the thought crossed my mind that if I wasn't dreaming, this would probably hurt...a lot. But I was thankful that when I got to the door, I righted myself and gently landed by the door, which I then opened and flew out into the night.

      As I passed my ficus tree I grabbed a few leaves off of it and told myself that I would eat them with the goal of making them taste like something else, chocolate, perhaps.

      But as I flew higher, I was fascinated by the town falling away below me and being able to see the horizon. I could see the lake out in the distance. I remembered I had wanted to fly over it, skimming the water. So I headed that way. It was going to take a while to get to flying at the speed I was going. I then remembered Oneironaut's dream where he catapulted himself very quickly to his destination. I tried to think about what that would feel like. I finally decided to use the "rockets on my feet" technique that had worked for me in the past. As I was imagining my foot rockets, I looked over and flying right next to me was Oneironaut. He was looking as cool as ever, dressed all in black leather...jacket, pants, gloves, boots, and some sort of head covering. Even though I didn't see his face I knew exactly who that was.

      I could see a white fire shooting out from the soles of his boots. I concentrated and matched his speed. In no time we were to the shore of the lake. I could see some boats at the marina ahead of us. As we got to the boats, Onerionaut dove under one of the boats and continued to swim under water. I didn't want to go under water at this point. I did what I had planned to do--I flew low, right over the surface of the water, skimming it with my hand from time to time.

      I then saw a jet skier out on the water (it was daylight by now). I flew over right next to her. She glanced over at me and kept going. Seriously? What's wrong with all my boring dream characters these days? After getting no reaction at all from her I decided to see what she would do if I yanked her off her jet ski. I grabbed her arm and started to pull. But then I felt bad and stopped. Surely I was better than beating up my DCs for not thinking I was cool.

      So I flew to the shore. I saw that I was suddenly in some sort of mall. I flew around observing what was around me. I saw an escalator. I flew close to it. Riding up the escalator was a guy who looked about 18 years old. He had dark brown hair that was about shoulder length. He looked over at me, and our eyes connected. He gave me a knowing grin--he knew who I was.

      I flew over next to him, keeping even with him as the escalator continued to rise. I put my arm on the back of his head and pulled him to me and kissed him. He seemed to be just fine with that. But then suddenly a wall came between us as the escalator came to the floor that it was going. I knew I could just fly around the wall and meet up with him again, but as I was doing so, I was distracted by a group of younger teenage boys who were watching something on a TV screen.

      I flew up to them, wanting to interact, and asked one the the boys the first thing that popped into my head. I said, "Tell me a story." I wanted to know what my subconscious would come up with. One the the boys decided to take it on. He started by saying, "Well, once there was this lady who was very kind." (Was this the best my mind could come up with?) "She was also very ______________." He said a word I had never heard before. It had multiple prefixes, like meta, trans, para something or other. He then saw my confusion and clarified and said, "She was very unselfish. "

      At that point the boy was distracted and stated looking at the TV again. I also looked at the TV. Perhaps that would be more interesting than the boring start of the story.

      The show they were watching looked like some sort of anime. There were a group of young people all in long white coats-- and all in anime style-- standing in a large lab. Surrounding them were all these very strange plants. They reminded me very much of the types of thing that Dr. Seuss would have drawn. So I thought that the show was an interesting combination of styles.

      At that point a commercial came on. It was dog food commercial. The dogs in the ad were dalmations drawn in a very simple style, almost so you couldn't see an outline for the dogs, but could just see lots of spots and eyes.

      The next ad was about baby clothes. On the clothes were pictures of these same dalmations in the same style. I guess my mind liked the dalmations enough to recycle them.

      I was now satisfied with seeing what was on the TV, so I flew off again.

      Now I'm not sure what happened next. Either I forgot a segment of my dream, or else I just had a transition. Lucidity had faded, for the most part.

      I now found myself in my grandparent's house. There were a lot of extended family around cooking some sort of big dinner. I wandered from the living room into the kitchen I grabbed a handful of cheese and started to put it into my mouth. I then remembered that I wasn't eating any dairy products these days. I needed a place to spit it out and throw the rest of the cheese away. I didn't want to do it in the kitchen in front of everyone. So I went up the hallway and into the bathroom. I dumped the cheese into the trash. At that moment lucidity came back. I was dreaming. It didn't matter what I ate. Awesome.

      I walked back down the hallway again. There was a houseplant on a little table I pulled off some leaves. I had never eaten the leaves I had picked previously, so I could do it now. I wanted to make the leaves taste like chocolate.

      But then I decided to take the easy and sure route. I remembered that my grandma had kept chocolate in a certain cupboard. Surely my mind could recreate this for me.

      I opened that particular cupboard door and, sure enough, there was part of a large Hersey bar there on the lower shelf. I picked it up and unwrapped the last few squares. It looked like it had been melted at one point, but I didn't care, I was going to make this dream chocolate taste great, no matter what.

      I took a bite, and it tasted just like Hershey's milk chocolate. Not my favorite, but it was satisfying, nonetheless. I then looked over at the table nearest the hallway and saw that there was a huge chocolate bar sitting right there waiting for me. This monster bar had to weigh at least ten pounds. It had a white wrapper and on I could see that the bar was divided up into many different flavors. The top corner that I was opening was dark chocolate with fig. Next to it was dark chocolate with pomegranate. This was going to be great. I broke off a large chunk that was mostly fig, but with a little pomegranate. I took a bite and it was wonderful.

      I walked into the living room again and saw my aunt, "Tia," I said, "Tell me something about myself that you think is special." That was the first thing I thought of to ask. I like to get insights from dream characters (my mind) about my good qualities. "Well," she started. "You''ll need to give me a little more time. I'm not good at coming up with things spur of the moment."

      (My subconscious couldn't come up with anything. How sad. ).

      I then decided to move on. I opened the front door and flew outside. I saw that my mom's house was right across the street. I flew over to it and saw my mom standing on the driveway calling for my grandma. I looked around and couldn't see my grandma. But I looked again at my mom and she was so young and thin, just like pictures I had seen from when she was younger. It was fun to see my mom like this. I looked and saw my aunt again next to her. She was also much younger and thinner. I said to her, "Hey I just saw you over in the house." She looked at me and smiled and nodded.

      And that's all I remember from this first part of the dream. I'm happy that I was able to have had such a long dream and remember all that I did. It wasn't the most spectacular lucid dream ever, but every lucid dream is good practice for future lucid dreams that are spectacular.

      Lucid Dream (Part Two):

      I was in an apartment or dorm room. It was full of people. I noticed that on wall had hooks all over it for everyone to hang up their backpacks. I thought that was a good idea since so many people lived here. I saw two girls in the kitchen they looked like twins and were cooking something on the stove.

      I then see Jeff come up to me. He looks younger and has longer hair than in real life and he was super HOT. As I saw him I became lucid. He ginned at me with a seductive smile and I smiled back. The next thing I know is that we are on the floor making out and getting intimate.

      Then there is a transition and I am sitting on the floor and I pull out my phone. I decide to see what I look like, so I take a selfie. I notice that my hair is all messy and curly. I have to remind myself that I always look different in dream mirrors. So I then stand up and see that I am next to a very large mirror. As I look at myself in it, I morph my reflection so I look as gorgeous and sexy as possible.

      I then look over and see that a couple of guys are watching me. I decide to have a little fun. I slowly take off my shirt. But as I look in the mirror, I notice that my body is all clear, as if it were made of glass. That fascinated me even more, so I finish taking off my clothes and just watch my glass body as I dance slowly in front of the mirror.
    4. LD: Bending Skills

      by , 08-06-2015 at 07:28 PM
      I got up at 3:15 and tried for a WILD. I laid there and laid there and felt the time pass and pass...until I finally saw the sky outside my window brighten. I was pretty discouraged. But this was the first morning in a long time where I was going to be able to sleep in. I finally decided that if I kept trying for a WILD, I would just stay awake. So I decided to just get into the most comfortable position and just try to sleep and hope for a DILD. I often have that happen when I can't WILD.

      As I was drifting off, I heard my dog barking. It was making me angry, because I really needed to go to sleep and not be bothered by barking. I finally got up and went outside. I was surprised to see that there were at least 6 other dogs that had gotten into the back yard. No wonder my dog had been barking. But when I looked for him I couldn't see him among the other dogs. Suddenly the yard was full of kids and teenagers. They helped me get the dogs out of the yard and would help me find my dog. As we went down the road I saw the that number of dogs had increased to about a dozen or so.

      Something about this wasn't right. And really, who were these people I was with? Could I be dreaming? It suddenly seemed much more likely that I was dreaming then walking down the road with all these random dogs and people. I took a jump up....and continued to fly.


      I very quickly remembered my goal of practicing all my bending skills. I flew to a big tree and sat on a large branch. I cupped my hands in front of me and concentrated on making fire. At first nothing happened. I wasn't too worried because fire is the easiest one for me, and I have had quite a lot of practice over the years at creating fire. So I continued to concentrate and soon saw little heat waves coming up off my hands. With a little more concentration I saw a little fire form within my cupped hands. That was good enough for me. I wanted to move on to water.

      I looked at my hands. The fire slowly faded away and in it's place I saw that my hands were filled with water. That was easier than I thought it could be. I have only one memory of water bending in all my lucid dreams and that was years ago--and that cup of water had already been on the table. So I was thrilled that the water just came to be. Now for the next part. I concentrated again on the small pool of water in my hands. Soon I saw a section of water start to snake up. I pulled it with my mind and made it twist and turn. I finally made it head to my mouth where I drank it all down (that had been my plan all along--and it was quite satisfying--the more interaction with the water, the better, I say). I then saw Jeff next to me. He said he was hot. I filled my hands with water again, and this time focused on it until it became ice. It was not quite solid, still kind of slushy, but still intact enough for me to pick it up with one hand and give it to Jeff. He seemed happy with it so I moved on.

      I saw that I was in the park next to the airport. I flew over to the fence and saw some small rocks sitting on the fence. I concentrated until those pebbles floated over and into my hands. I then formed a dust devil and those rock went swirling up into the very small dust devil in my hands.

      I felt very satisfied that I had been able to do all four elements.
      At this point I think I had a false awakening. Or I lost lucidity.

      I was in what was supposed to be my backyard. I was looking at my tomato plants. I noticed that I had a lot of ripe tomatoes. Many more than I had remembered seeing before. I then noticed that my squash plants were also covered in these big cool looking squash, some orange and other pink with green on one end. As excited as I felt seeing all the squash, part of me started doubting. Again, I decided that there was more chance of me being in a dream than all these squash suddenly growing in my yard (had I even planted squash this year?). No, I was dreaming again. And that was okay.

      I suddenly thought about all the bending I had just done. I wasn't quite finished. I wanted to make a bigger dust devil. I concentrated on the ground in front of me and made a 6-7 foot dust devil appear. At first it was just made from random dust and debris. But then I wanted to be creative. I used my mind to lift some reddish colored sand at the base of the dust devil. I watched as it started to swirl slowly up the dust devil. It was so fascinating that I did it again with more sand. Then again. The dust devil had all these swirling stripes, spinning and spinning. I focused again and made the patterns even more complex. It was beautiful, intricate, and so symmetrical. I was in awe.

      But then I remembered my next goal which was to summon some new music by Angels and Airwaves. I had been wanting to do this for a while. I hadn't been successful the last time. I hope to be this time. I saw Daniel next to me. I asked him if he had a radio or music player of sorts. He said yes, and pulled out this funny orange and yellow colored box. He pushed a button and music started playing. I told him I needed to hear some Angels and Airwaves...but not just any old Angels and Airwaves, but something new. Something they hadn't created yet. He messed around with it. Several more songs came on, but none of it was what I was looking for.
      Then the dream faded. And I couldn't get back.
    5. LD: Mirror Portal Task of the Month

      by , 03-11-2015 at 06:15 PM
      A WBTB with a DILD.

      I went to bed fairly early (between 10 and 10:30). I slept until 5:00. I remembered that I had wanted to do a WBTB. I wondered if I had waited too long and had gotten too much sleep. But I decided to try anyway. I thought about doing a WILD, but I really felt that if I got to sleep I would have a DILD. And since getting back to sleep was the big issue, I felt trying to fall asleep naturally would be faster than trying to WILD.


      I was at what was supposed to be Disneyland with my mom, sister and Becky. We rode this indoor roller coaster that had these really big hills. I remember it felt so good going down the hills. Then I remember Becky needed to leave. So we all left "Disneyland". As soon as we walked out the gates we could see that it had snowed. The surrounding hills were covered in a light layer of snow. The area looked a lot more like Sedona than Anaheim--but I didn't catch that.

      I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures of the beautiful snow. At one point I tripped and landed on the sidewalk on my stomach and started sliding. I didn't care. With my camera still out I took pictures from the ground as I slid across the icy walk.

      We finally got to a house that we had rented for out trip. The sun had set and it was getting dark. I took a picture of my mom and sister as they walked up the steps to the house. I wondered if the lighting was too low. I wondered if the picture was going to be blurry. I switched my camera to playback mode to check the pictures. The first one to show up was one of my mom and sister standing in the sunlight. That meant that none of the pictures I had taken that evening of the snow had taken at all. I had a second of disappointment before the thought occurred to me that I might be dreaming. Often when I think that I automatically start floating. This time I felt extremely heavy. Still, I felt that there was a good chance I was dreaming. I was NOT going to take a chance and ignore my most common dream sign.

      I was carrying a very heavy purse. I felt that if I set it down I might be light enough to float. But I noticed that there were lots of people surrounding me. Even though I was now about 95% sure I was dreaming I couldn't feel right about just setting my purse down and leaving it. So I tossed it up on the balcony above me. I then grabbed the post and pulled myself up. I knew that I was able to get up to the balcony easier than I would have if it was real life. So now I was quite sure I was dreaming. I looked over at the snow covered hills. Even though it was pretty dark, the glow of the snow lit up the hills. I wanted to fly over to them.

      I looked off the edge of the balcony. The hill sloped steeply down. I still hadn't flown in this dream. I wasn't sure why I was still feeling so heavy. But I figured I would give it a try anyway. If worse came to worse and I wasn't able to fly, I figured I would gently fall to the hillside below. So I ran to the edge of the balcony and jumped off. As I jumped up I was able to catch the wind and felt myself being carried upward. That was a huge relief to go up instead of down.

      I started flying to the hills and finally started thinking about what I wanted to do in this LD. The Mirror! I wanted to do the Mirror Portal Task of the Month. Oh. That meant I really needed to go back to the house and find a mirror.

      So I turned around and started flying back. I flew frustratingly slow. But finally got back to the balcony and walked in the door to the second floor. Inside, I found myself in a large room. On the far wall I saw an orange and white couch that had a very large mirror leaning up against it. The mirror was on its side, covering a good part of the couch. It was about 3.5 feet high and about 6 feet long the way it sat. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to run or walk in the mirror. But I wasn't planning on doing it that way this time. I had had too many failures with running at mirrors. This time I had planned to gently push my way through.

      I sat down next to the mirror.

      I started with my finger. I pressed the first finger of my right hand into the glass. At first all I felt was resistance. But then I could feel it give way and start to push through. This was going to take way too long. So I just decided to push my face through. That way I would be able to get a good look at what was on the other side before my body came all the way through. So I put my forehead up to the glass. It was cool to the touch. I pushed and felt it give way--like a layer of ice melts as you press something hot against it. Slowly I felt my face come out the other side. I looked around anxiously. It was a bit dark. But then things started to focus. I could see something orange....and white. Oh....no....

      I had just come out on the other side of the mirror and now had my face up against the couch on the other side.

      Before I could do anything else. I heard a loud door open and close, which startled me. I pulled my head out of the mirror (it left a nice, neat oval hole). A guy, maybe Jeff, had come though and asked if we had seen a drunk guy that had been wandering the area, that he might have come in the house. I said no. But before I could try the mirror again, I fully woke up.

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    6. Semi-lucids: Naked in the Snow/Free Falling

      by , 02-02-2015 at 06:14 PM
      I had two recent dreams that were almost lucid. Or maybe semi lucid. They were early on in the night so my memory about them is not as vivid. I remember acting like I was lucid but there was no 'Aha...I'm dreaming!" moment. Maybe I will write them up as lucid, but with the explanation here that I'm not entirely sure. I do know that I wasn't lucid enough to decide to do whatever I wanted. I pretty much went along with the existing dream.

      Dream 1:

      I was out in the snow with Jeff. I somehow knew that things weren't real (not sure if I knew I was dreaming or I had control over things). But I suddenly knew that the coldness of the snow wouldn't affect me. I took off my clothes and rolled around in the snow and made snow angels and enjoyed the feeling of the non-cold snow on my skin.

      Dream 2:

      I don't remember the beginning. At some point I knew I had control and could fly (again, not sure if I was completely lucid or not). I was with this guy. I don't remember who he was but we were supposed to be doing something together and he was not happy with me running off. I ran to this tall wall and started climbing it. It was several stories high. When I got to the top I stood there and just let myself fall backwards. When I hit the ground I got up and proceeded to climb the wall again and do the same thing. It seemed that the guy and other people were watching me in disbelief. I found that exciting and wanted to keep doing it.
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    7. LD: Earthquake, Flying, Etc.

      by , 07-06-2013 at 04:15 PM

      Lucid Dream(WBTB):

      I was at my mom's house. The dream was involved, but I no longer remember what we were doing. But I do remember it started getting freaky. I remember passing these human skeletons. Some even had some flesh still onthe bones. One of them was from a murder that had happened not long ago. I thought it was awful that the bones of the lady were still there. (I think these were all outside the house.)

      Then I was in my mom's bedroom when the house started to shake. Something about it seemed way worse than just a normal earthquake which wouldn't have bothered me. I started panicking. I started screaming for my mom.

      Then I realized that it was just a dream. But I was still freaking out as the house continued to shake. The "just a dream" wasn't sinking in fully. I then realized that I had the power to wake up and not have to deal with this any loger. So for the next few moments I was trying with all my might to wake myself up, but getting really frustrated because I didn't seem able to.

      Then lucidity hit me fully.

      I ran to the window and flew out. The shaking slowly stopped. I flew around over buildings and I was suddenly happy again.

      [There is a part here that I feel the need to skip. ]

      Then eventually I must have lost lucidity. I was with Jeff and Jim in this building and we were fixing it up. Jeff was taping the drywall and Jim started painting. I noticed that Jim was painting this really neat mural. I noticed the details and started raving to him about how cool it was.

      Later when we were done and leaving, Jim told me to call him at 7:30 am.
    8. LD: Three Tasks (gibberish, mirror, getting naked)

      by , 06-25-2013 at 07:18 PM
      I finally got lucid and got three tasks done.

      I got up at 5:00 to exercise, but then changed my mind and decided to have a lucid dream. So I laid back down in bed with my head slightly propped up on pillows and willed myself into a dream. It wasn't really a WILD since I don't remember the transition. But I do know that as soon as the dream started I was already lucid.

      I was in an apartment with Jeff. I decided to get started on the tasks right away. I walked up to him and started to speak gibberish. He squinted a little as if trying to figure out what I was doing. I stopped for a second, but he still didn't really react, so I stared right back up with the gibberish. Finally he pulled me to him and started kissing me.

      Nice....speaking gibberish gets me a kiss.

      After the kiss I ran to the bathroom to find a mirror. As I got close to the bathroom I could see in, and I already saw an image of myself in a mirror. I knew I shouldn't have been able to see myself yet since the angle was all wrong. So I went all the way in the bathroom and faced the mirror. As I entered I could see what looked like my true reflection follow me in. The other image was still three doing its own thing. I moved around, and the new reflection did what I did. In both reflections my face was somewhat in the shadows, I was wearing a light orange t-shirt, and my skin was very tan. Often my reflection in dreams is very distorted. But this one was pretty normal (except for the addition of the second reflection).

      At that point I was satisfied that I had done enough to complete that task. So I decided to move on to the next task which was to get naked in front of people. I went to the window. I saw that I was at least 10 stories high. Without hesitating I flew out. Below me I could see people in a large open courtyard area. I flew down and landed next to some older ladies that were sitting on a bench. I briefly told them that I was going to complete a lucid task to get naked and get a reaction from people. I then took off my shirt. One of the ladies had an amused look on her face and said, "Well that should make people smile."

      I then tried to take off my shorts. I got them down over my hips and down my legs, but had trouble getting my feet out of them. I struggled for a minute, then realized that I didn't need to worry anymore about it. I moved on to find more people to get a reaction from (and the shorts were just gone). I saw some men working to move some furniture out of a truck. They glanced up at me and sure enough, they smiled, and then went right back to work. I went up to several more people who were walking by and each of them smiled and then went about their business.

      Hmmm....speaking gibberish get me kissed. Getting naked gets me a glance and a smile.

      I got tired of doing that so I flew back up into the air. I flew up the side of the building that supposedly my apartment was in. The outside was brick with Boston Ivy growing on it. It was very pretty. I got up to about the 9th floor and I suddenly was slowing down. I knew I wouldn't be able to fly any higher. Before I started floating back down to the ground, I saw that the building at the point had metal bars that I could grab ahold of. I knew that my mind had put these here so I could continue to go higher. I started climbing up these bars like a ladder using only my arms. I climbed to where my window was and then jumped out and started flying again. The flying felt really good. I paid a lot of attention to the way the wind felt on my face and the sound of it rushing by my ears. After a minute or so of this I started to get dizzy. I knew the dream was fading, and I figured it was okay since I had accomplished so much.
    9. Baby Stealing and Stressful Wedding

      by , 01-03-2013 at 01:40 AM
      Dream 1:

      Jeff and I were at this place where they had all these babies. They were being raised without parents. A lady that worked there came to us with this baby and told us that she would help us smuggle the baby out.

      So for the rest of the dream were were on the run with this little baby. I remember trying to look at a map. We were supposed to be in California, but the map looked like a different place. There were only a few main highways to choose from.

      This dream was very long and involved, but I no longer remember the details.

      Dream 2:

      I was at a friend's wedding. I was supposed to do a musical number I was so confused at what was going on. We were supposed to be having a rehersal, but I had no idea when I was supposed to be doing the song. Then I was told the wedding was actually in this city a few hours drive away. The people wearing red dresses were going to be going together. I looked and saw that I was wearing green. No one had told me I should be wearing red. I had no idea where I was supposed to go or how I would get there.
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    10. LD: Flying Topless...Again

      by , 10-26-2012 at 04:26 PM
      WBTB into a Lucid Dream

      I was laying in bed thinking about things when I suddenly heard an ice cream truck. It sounded really close. I glanced over toward the front of the house. I had no view of a front window to see out on the street. But suddenly I could see the truck anyway. I realized that is was traveling down the hallway of the house. That seemed really strange. I wondered if this were a dream. I decided to climb out fof bed and test it. So I jumped up. I hovered just slightly longer than I would have in real life. I then was sure. I decided to find a window and fly out. I ran to a large room and flew out an open window. There was a deck or patio outside the window. I could see several people, including Jeff sitting at a table eating. I didn't pay them any attention, but kept on flying. I suddenly realized that it felt like I had not shirt on. I looked down and saw that I was indeed topless. It was no surprise since my dream self seems to be happier when I have my shirt off. I touched my breasts to see what it felt like.
      Tags: flying, jeff, topless, wbtb
    11. LD: Flying Over the City with Jeff

      by , 10-18-2012 at 12:59 PM

      Lucid Dream:

      I was flying over the city by my Grandparents' house. I was aware that I was going much faster than normal. I then noticed that Jeff was with me holding my hand. I was also talking on the phone to Sherri telling her that this was the best flying lucid dream ever. The wind and motion felt very real and very good.
    12. LD: Using all Five Senses...and Unstable Clocks

      by , 10-18-2012 at 12:35 PM

      Lucid Dream:

      I was in this room with a friend. It looked like a bank. My friend went to stand in line. I walked to the back of the room to wait. On the way I slipped and fell on the floor. I sat there for a moment, then noticed that I was starting to spin. I found this strange and just let it happen.

      I then became lucid. I jumped up and flew over the line of waiting people. In the next room I tried to remember the tasks. I remembered two. One was to look at a clock. I looked around the room and saw a digital clock sitting on a cluttered shelf. It said 7:42...or was it 7:34...no, it was 7:47. I really tried to focus and stablize it, but the clock was a blur of numbers that changed everytime I tried to focus. I remembered people saying that time changed, but I hadn't realized that it was quite this unstable. I wondered why that was.

      I then remembered that I needed to use my five senses. I had already been seeing and hearing things, so I decided to focus on "touch". I reached out and felt the solidness of a rail in front of me.

      I then decided to find something to taste. But before I had gone anywhere I realized that I had already been eating. I had a bowl of macaroni and cheese. I could taste the cheesey flavor and feel the pieces of partly chewed noodles in my mouth.

      I decided to move on to smell.

      I flew around and saw Jeff. I told him that I needed to find something to smell. I couldn't see anything that would have a smell to it. I then looked at him and asked, "Have you been working out? Maybe you'll smell sweaty?" But as I leaned toward him and couldn't smell anything.

      I started flying out of the building. I then saw next to the door a styrofoam container of food that somone had brought back from a restaurant. I openind it and saw leftover green peppers. I knew that they would have a smell. I put my nose right to them and took a big whiff. I could smell a very faint pepper smell. I was disappointed that my dream nose wasn't better. As I pulled my nose back I realized that my nose had touched the peppers and that the peppers had little prickly thorns on them and some of the thorns had stuck in my nose. They were painful to pull out. Jeff thought it was funny that I had let that happen, as if I should have known better than to put my nose up to peppers.

      I followed Jeff into the parking lot. He got into a large white pickup truck. I started to get in too. Then I had an idea. I told him to just start driving and not to worry about what I was doing. I then rolled the window down and stood outside the truck and reached in and grabbed the handle above the window. As the truck started to move I was carried away, floating beside the truck. It was a wonderfully exhilerating feeling. I told myself that I would have to remember to try that again in future LD.

      Jeff stopped the truck too soon and started talking to someone. I got back in the truck and waited. I saw a baseball glove on the seat. I ran my fingers over the soft leather, then picked it up to smell it. It had a faint leathery smell. I then started touching other parts of the car so I could say that I really did the task thoroughly.

      My dream faded and I thought I had woken up. But then I forced myself to relax and drift back into the dream.

      I was now in a building with Marie. There was a bad guy we were having to get away from him. We locked outselves in a bathroom. I felt quite nervous. But then I told Marie that if it got too scary then I would just let myself wake up.
      And that's all I remember.
    13. LD: Flying, Falling, and Kissing

      by , 10-16-2012 at 03:38 PM

      Lucid Dream:I'm trying to read my very messy notes here.

      I was lucid and flying. I was trying to fly up and through the clouds. I kept flying through the clouds but never managed to break through the other side which was the goal.

      I also had a point where I was trying to fly up and had the typical "powerline" experience. I couldn't believe I was having problems with this again.
      I also remember at some point in this dream I had flown to the top of a really high building. I walked to the edge. I told myself that I knew 100% that I was dreaming, yet it still made me nervous to walk to the edge. I usually fall off building backwards (by choice) but this time I decided to be brave and look straight down as I leaned off the edge.

      I don't remember what the fall was like, but I remember feeling disappointed. I ended up back at the top of the building and this time I let myself fall backwards like I had wanted to do. I enjoyed the feeling as I fell. I fell and kept falling long after I should have hit bottom. I remembered this from past Lds, and told myself I could fall as long as I wanted--there was no reason I had to hit the bottom if I didn't want to. I was falling between to very tall buildings and I remember watching the buildings pass me as I stared up at them (I was laying on my back as I fell). I also remember passing a bridge that connected the two buildings, and watching theat disappear above me as I continued to fall.

      The next thing I remember is seeing Ed. I remember wondering what it would be like to kiss him (I guess I had forgotten that I had kissed him in real life a long time ago). I leaned in and started to kiss him. But he had gum in his mouth. And then I found that I also had gum in my mouth. It turned me off to kissing so I stopped trying.

      I then remember finding Jeff and asking him if he wanted to fly with me. I think I woke up not long after that.
    14. LD: A Friend's Death

      by , 08-01-2012 at 06:05 AM

      I had an interesting dream last night. I'm calling it a Lucid Dream because in the dream I realized that I was dreaming. Yet, the dream had such a hold of me that I didn't reach full lucidity and the dream pulled me back in. I'm not sure where to end the blue....

      Lucid Dream:

      I was in a store that supposedly belonged to my friend Jim. I was the only one in the store. I had somehow let myself in while it was closed. I walked to toward the front of the store and saw that there was a mess on the floor. A soda had spilled and there were torn newspapers.

      I decided that I would clean them up. I didn't want Jim to have to deal with that when he came in.

      When I was just finishing cleaning up, I heard the front door of the store open. A guy that I supposedly recognized because he worked in the next store over, and a lady I know (Elaine) walked in.

      I apologized that the store wasn't really open and that I should have made sure the door was locked. Elaine looked at me very seriously. I knew something was wrong.

      I asked her if something was wrong, and she knodded. She told me that there had been a lot of ambulances and emergency vehicles in front of Jim's house earlier. That there had been gunshots heard.

      I asked if Jim was alright. She slowly shook her head and said, "No....Jim is dead."

      I remember standing there in shock, then falling to my knees. I put my hands over my face and I started to sob. Jim had been my good freind. He was about to get married next Spring. He was so happy. What was Kim, his fiancee, going to do now? All their hopes shattered. I needed to talk to Kim.

      Then a funny thought went through my head. Jim lived in Rhode Island. I wasn't in Rhode Island. How could Elaine have just driven by Jim's house? This didn't make sense. Then it hit me. This must be a dream. It would be so wonderful it it was a dream. If this was a dream, then it probably meant that Jim wasn't dead. I stood up and took off flying. Yes..this was a dream.

      I was so happy that this was a dream that I started to sing as I flew around the store. I sung about how everything was going to be alright now. I thought I did a great job with the song and even remember that I was making it all rhyme.

      But as I landed I started doubting. I knew that I was dreaming. But I didn't know if this for sure meant that Jim was okay.

      I can't remember all the details of what happened next. I do remember my mom called me and did confirm that there were ambulances in front of Jim's house ealier. I started feeling upset again. If my mom saw the ambulances, it had to be real didn't it?

      I decided that the only was to find out for sure was to drive by Jim's house and see.

      Things get fuzzy again. I remember being in the car with Jeff and we were passing these big sequoia trees. I saw one house that had built its living room around the tree. I thought that would be so cool to have a tree in the house. I don't remember getting to Jim's house. And at this point there was no lucidity left.
    15. LD: DV Member/Flying in Space

      by , 08-01-2012 at 05:43 AM
      Old dream from 12-26-07

      LUCID DREAM 1:

      I was in line waiting for a movie or concert or something that was supposed to be really cool. I was with a girl that reminded me of Cloe from Smallville.

      We finally get to the part where we buy our tickets. I see Burns there. I give Burns my money and she hands me a ticket. I look at the ticket and there is something brown on it. I looke closer and see that it's dried up dog poop. I show it to Burns and she apologizes and gives me another ticket. This ticket also had dog poop on it. I ask her if I could have another one. She is embarrassed and this time gives me a special big ticket. This one is about the size and texture of a mouse pad. It has pictures on it. I realize that this special ticket is kind of like a back stage pass. I'm happy to have it. I thanks Burns and move on.

      The next part is fuzzy. My notes don't help. They just say: " line, gym, hiding, lose ticket". I do remember the "lose ticket" part. I remember looking aound in that huge group of people and not being able to see my lost ticket. I then remember saying to myself," If I could fly I could find my ticket easier.....and if I fly, that will mean I'm dreaming."

      I suddenly took off flying above the heads of all the people. I started looking for the ticket. Then I thought, "If I'm dreaming, the ticket is not important". It took a moment for me to pull myself away from that task of looking for the ticket. But I then decided to fly out the door. I saw a double door that stood open. I swooped over the heads of the people and out the door. I saw Jeff sitting at a desk outside the door. I kept going. I flew over the buildings and tried to gain altitude so I could look down and see the whole city. But as soon as I tired this the dream started to fade.

      I made myself focus. I made everything clear again. i decided that I did most of the tasks I had in mind to do in the last LD. But then I remembered that I needed to go to space again. So I started to fly up. Before I knew it I saw that I was indeed in the darkness of space. I saw stars around me. I made myself go faster so I had the cool effect of the stars all passing me. The I realized that I really really wanted to find a space ship and go board. I start looking around and see lots of object all around me. Some are planets and some are space ships. I find a space ship that is rather close and head toward it. But before I reach it I wake up.
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