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    1. That Sexy Corner

      by , 08-22-2015 at 03:27 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #2??: That Sexy Corner

      I think that I'm still waiting to fall asleep, but I start to get that funny dream feeling and realize that I may have blanked out for a bit. I nose pinch and blow right through, becoming lucid!

      I will my legs to ooze to the floor, then I'm up and out in an OBE-style lucid. It feels dark and a bit faint, so I rub my hands together and say, "I'm out of bodyyyyyyyy!! Oh yeah, out of body!"

      My perspective switches to looking up at the corner where the ceiling meets the walls. This is unexpected, but I just pretend this is what I wanted to look at all along. "Oh yeahh!!" I say. "That sexy corner!"

      This seems to give me my control back, and I walk out into hall, vaulting over the railing and walk downstairs. The dream is much better lit now, and I walk over to the front door to look outside. Wife is standing there and I get the sense that she's going to ask me to take care of some chore, and I mentally remind myself not to get caught up in any distracting pseudo-waking life tasks.

      This loss of concentration somehow snaps me back to lying in bed. I ooze out onto the floor again, and I mutter something about having to go all the way back down now. My grumpiness seems to take me out of the proper mood and
      the dream ends.
      Tags: corner, house, obe, wife
    2. Pinbasketball

      by , 01-30-2015 at 06:10 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #265: Pinbasketball

      I’m lying in bed in a false awakening, frustrated to be tossing and turning instead of lucid dreaming. I get a vague sense of floatiness and decide to roll out OBE-style. I imagine my legs oozing over the side of the bed onto the floor and now I’m on my feet in my bedroom, fully lucid.

      I remember my intent to slow down and take my time, inspired by one of Dreamer’s recent lucid dreams (this amazing one.) I look back at the bed and see Wife still lying there. For some reason I feel a little scared to approach, like this might destabilize things. But no, the whole idea with this dream is not to be afraid of stuff.

      I float up on the bed and stand over Wife. I watch for a moment just appreciating her beauty. I'm attracted to her and fascinated by her realism I don’t feel tempted to engage in sexy shenanigans. Wife opens her eyes a bit and looks at me sleepily. “Poo,” she says firmly. “Poo poo poo poo poo.” I laugh and say something like, “Okay, I’ll let you sleep…”

      I phase through the wall into the night and the dream feels very dark. I don’t worry about it and instead just rub my hands together. They feel numb and distant, so I imagine that I’m wearing thick, leathery gloves, which I peel off. More hand-rubbing, vision returns, and now it looks like early morning on a mix between my street, an amusement park, and the Las Vegas strip. I walk for about 10 minutes or so, just enjoying this, passing opulent hotels, workers sweeping the streets, a stone statue.

      Eventually I wander into a plaza that looks a little like a Disney World food court. I remember my goal of summoning Iokheira and transforming into wolves. :canislucidus: I hold out my right hand and look at the ground, expecting her shadow to form. But instead she bounds into the scene from the right and jumps right in front of me, smiling hugely.

      I give her a hug and ask, “Did you want to do the wolf transformation right away or should we look around first?” She says that she’d “rather play” so we set off, looking around the park. We talk for a bit about lucid dreaming and (I think) video games. I describe how I’m trying to use Dreamer’s method of slowing the dream. I remark that we have “tons of time” and she agrees.

      We wind up in an area filled with carnival games and enter a building that has this cool-looking game that’s a combination of pinball and one of those games where you have to shoot a basketball. In this one you throw the basketball into a hole, where it flies up a ramp, bounces off of a wall, and hurtles toward the basket. We play for a while, and I notice that when I get too into the game, both Iokheira and I forget to give the other person a turn.

      We decide to keep looking around, and as we’re leaving I notice that Iokheira now looks a decade or so older than in waking life and I mention this. As we pass by a line of 5 women waiting in line to buy something, I see that she’s transformed further, and now looks like a completely different person, a woman with short brown hair in her early 50s. The woman looks like she feels ill and asks me to help her. I scoop her up and carry her outside where we crouch on the ground. She apologizes: “I’m sorry that I don’t look right. I don’t think I’m her anymore.” I tell her not to worry and that I’ll help her either way.

      The woman lies down on her left side and vomits loudly onto the plaza stones. I feel enormous compassion, and I sit with her for a while, rubbing her back a bit until she’s able to sit up. She seems shorter now than before but also like she feels okay. She again apologizes for not being Iokheira anymore. I reassure her that “this has been a great lucid” as the dream starts to fade. As I’m pondering my next move,
      the dream ends.

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    3. The Giant Killer

      by , 04-25-2014 at 03:39 PM
      Finally on the board for Task of the Year 2014!!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #206: The Giant Killer

      I sense a transition into the dream state, but just as it begins I hear our dogs start barking downstairs. Wife stirs in the bed next to me and I wonder how much of this is pure dream and how much of it might be sounds and sensations from waking life bleeding over.

      I will myself to roll out of bed OBE-style and I decide to phase downstairs to see what the dogs are on about. I pass through walls and the floor like a ghost and I think to myself that “I’m spirit walking.”

      I pass through one last set of walls and the geometry gets weird for a moment and I wonder if I’m losing this dream. I rake my fingers across the floor but I pass right through. Still, it seems to bring me back into the experience and there in front of me are our 2 dogs laying on the floor panting.

      Their food and water bowls both lay empty and I figure that’s what they were making a fuss about. Even though I’m still floating like a ghost, I’m able to grab the water bowl and sling it across the room and it clangs realistically against the floor. I consider asking Wife the next morning if she heard any of this commotion.

      I head out into the garage, walking like normal now. Rather than phase, for some reason I lift the garage door manually and walk out into the night. I move past the circular driveway to the grass, thinking of the Jack and the Beanstalk Task of the Year. I dig a quick hole and everything’s feeling very vivid now. I do a behind-the-back summon of a seed which feels very half-hearted but fortunately still does yield a tiny seed. I quickly cover it over with dirt.

      For water I move my hands in a little sprinkling motion over the little mound and a few drops of “rain” fall. The plant immediately springs up through the ground and stretches skyward. It looks like a normal vine at first but as it continues up it looks more like a twisting rope bridge that goes all the way up into the clouds.

      I grab the lower rung and start hauling myself up but I feel like I’m getting nowhere and won’t ever be able to tackle all that distance. I decide that the planks are being reeled in from above and are pulling me up toward the clouds. It works! In a couple of spots the planks twist and turn oddly as if they’re trying to throw me off, but I ignore this and before long I’m at the top! I float up over the edge into what looks like a restaurant that’s being prepared for a party.

      Two women standing nearby appear to be in charge of the scurrying wait staff. One of the women, an attractive lady in her early 40s, looks up at me as I walk nearby. She has a streak of her short brown hair bleached almost white. My task is the defeat the giant that lives up here, so I ask, “Where’s the giant?” She points behind me and to my left.

      When I turn, there’s a guy roughly 9-10 feet tall walking through the door of the restaurant. He’s mid-40s with dark hair and a thick, barrel-chested build. “So you’re the giant?” I ask leadingly.

      “That’s right,” he says and immediately takes a swing at me. His punch catches me square in the face but I decide that it will have no effect. I wind up not feeling anything or even falling back and it kind of feels like cheating. I strike at the man, trying what I for some reason think is a “kidney punch” but actually hit him in the side of the gut. He winces a bit but doesn’t move much.

      I follow this up with a kick to the body and the giant clutches at his chest. I feel like this is working but I become paranoid about losing the dream, so I leap up and grab onto the giant’s face. I try to do this thing where I burn him with my hands but it completely fails. The failure makes me kind of vicious and desperate, so I gouge at his left eye with my right thumb and then strike him on the neck with my forearm. He collapses hard to the ground and I go with him. As I’m picking myself up to see what’s next,
      the dream ends.
    4. Wonderful Distractions

      by , 04-02-2014 at 03:43 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #196: Wonderful Distractions

      I’m lying on my side anticipating a lucid dream. I sense the transition into a dream, but my dream body is lying on its side in the same position as my waking life body. I approach this in an OBE style and will myself to roll out of bed onto the floor. I ooze off of the edge of the bed and drift gently to the floor.

      My vision is dark at this point, so I spend a moment chilling out and digging my hands into the carpet to build up my physical sensations of the scene. After everything feels right, I stand up and look out over the bed. Wife has completely buried herself under the comforter. I throw the covers back and she sits up, blinking in the daylight which streams in through the window.

      I’m struck by the clarity of the scene. There’s a slight haze at the edges of my vision, but even though there’s a dreaminess to everything I see, it all looks incredibly realistic. She gets out of bed and I follow her toward our walk-in closet while I try to remember my goals.

      The structure of our closet looks the same as waking life except for the fact that it’s grown much larger. There are two attractive women standing there, an Asian woman and a shorter lady with brown hair, just sort of hanging around and talking to each other. Hanging around three cute DCs makes me forget all other goals and (somewhat complex) sexytime commences.

      After a few moments Wife says, “We forgot to close the bedroom door!” as if she’s afraid that the kids will barge in. I reluctantly leave the closet to go check on this, but find that the door’s already shut tight.

      “Everything’s fine,” I say, and when I turn back to the closet, the other two women have vanished. I’m also surprised to see that it’s night outside now. I look out through the window and see that there’s a tow truck out front hauling off a cute little car that’s shaped like a phone booth. “Hey check this out!” I tell Wife.

      “That’s a shame,” she says. We watch as the tow truck drives off.

      When I turn back toward the bed, I see a freckled woman in her early 20s laying on our bed. She’s wearing shorts and flopped on her stomach, reading some kind of pamphlet. I’m too far gone to think of goals at this point, so this leads to some additional sexytime with Wife and this newest DC.

      Afterward, I get up from the bed and feel the scene darkening. I look at my hands and I can see the light fading from the dream fast. I dig my hands into the carpet, but before long
      I have a false awakening where I hear my father-in-law shout, “3 AM faaaaail!” I'm confused for a moment and then “remember” that a bunch of us are staying at some vacation house and needed to wake up at 3 AM for some reason.

      I walk out of the room, feeling sleepy, and see my cousin SU. “Hey, did you hear? JP Morgan is going under.” I’m astonished to hear this.

      My brother-in-law Muppet says, “This pisses me off so much.”

      “That we’ll wind up bailing out a huge bank?” I ask.

      “No,” Muppet says, and launches into a long, disjointed speech about finance. After a while I realize that this person isn’t even Muppet anymore but some guy I don’t recognize. I wonder how I got so confused and eventually pull myself away from the conversation shortly before
      the dream ends.
    5. Menthol and Marriage, Part Three

      by , 02-26-2014 at 04:36 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #190: Menthol and Marriage, Part Three

      I have another false awakening in bed, but I quickly realize that it's a dream. I hop up immediately and phase out through the wall onto our street. The scene is dark, and after I’ve taken a few steps along the street, it collapses into the void.

      I rub my hands together and keep walking forward. No scene takes shape, so I start thinking of directing where I want to go. For some reason I remember my personal goal of traveling to the Taj Mahal. I imagine that it’s in front of me, but can’t quite seem to get anything to take shape.

      Suddenly, there’s a hard transition and a feeling of backward acceleration like I’ve been yanked back hard by a long cord. I think “Hell yeah” and get excited about where this will take me. But I’m super disappointed to
      find myself back in bed in a false awakening.

      The room looks just like waking life, so I assume that the dream blew up on me. It feels very “obvious” that this is a real waking, but I try a nose pinch reality check “just in case”. I’m shocked and pleased when
      I inhale a rush of air past my pinched nostrils.

      Immediately I start floating upward toward the ceiling, OBE-style. The room seems brightly lit now. I marvel at how convincing this feels, and as I roll over in the air, I see Wife laying in bed right where she’d normally be. She looks really hot to me so I float down to the bed beside her, feeling very amorous. I say something super cheese like “Hey girl, you know what I want.” Even in-dream it dawns on me that I sound like a doofus and I chuckle a little bit.

      Fortunately she’s not repelled by all of this and we get to enjoy a little bit of sexytime before
      the dream ends.
      Tags: obe, phasing, void, wife
      lucid , false awakening
    6. One More Season

      by , 11-12-2013 at 11:42 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #162: One More Season

      I'm lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep. I can hear an episode of Breaking Bad playing somewhere in the room, and after a moment start catching visual flashes of the program itself. Walt and Jesse are driving somewhere, Jesse at the wheel. Hank and Gomez are surveiling them somehow, listening to every word that they say.

      Spoiler for Breaking Bad Spoilers:

      I realize that
      this might all be a dream. I rub my hands together, and audio from the episode continues while I'm laying in the void. Jesse swerves close to a nearby car and a panicked Walt chastises him for being so careless. Hank signals something to Gomez and one other DEA guy. I start up some repetitive motions, mostly swinging my right arm. I do this for a good while, just trying to prepare myself and enjoy the audio as it continues on without a picture. After I've done this for long enough, I feel ready to take some action.

      I will myself to roll out of bed and I stand up as my left leg oozes to the ground. My right leg, unfortunately, remains stuck and I'm unable to walk. I hop forward on my left foot, but my right leg stays clamped to the bed, apparently stretching far enough to allow me to get several feet away from the bed and close to the corner of the room. All the while, I keep hearing audio from the Breaking Bad episode.

      Finally I let go of the idea that my leg is stuck to the bed and generally stop thinking about my leg at all. Now I feel free to move.

      I look in the corner of the bedroom to see a bicycle leaned against the wall where my work desk would normally be. I approach the bike, thinking it might be fun to ride it around the house, but
      the dream ends before I can get there.

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    7. Sleeping Body

      by , 09-14-2013 at 04:49 AM
      This LD was from the morning of 9/12/2013.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #145: Sleeping Body

      I get the sense that a dream may have started, so I will my arm to move downward through the bed. It does, and now I'm floating blind through some sort of substance. It feels a bit like water but less substantial.

      I swim through it for a few moments until I can dimly see that the stuff I'm swimming through is black and wispy. My right hand touches somebody else's who also seems to be swimming next to me. It's apparently Wife, because she says, "Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

      Now I'm back in bed. I can see, but the light's very dim. I roll out in an OBE style and walk toward the bedroom door. Before I leave, I think to look back at the bed to see whether I'm there... and yes, there's Wife on her side, and next to her, rolled on his (its?) side is my sleeping dream body. For some reason my sleeping body isn't covered by the sheets so I can see that it's glowing slightly and is wearing some kind of blue shorts.

      I think about approaching my sleeping body but I decide that I don't want to get too caught up in this. As I'm thinking this, Wife sits up a bit in bed, looks toward me, and says, "What was that?" I wonder whether she's speaking to me or the sleeping body. I sense that this scenario is starting to challenge my lucidity, so I move on.

      I walk toward the closed bedroom door and then hear phase through it, briefly entering the void. I decide that the phase is just taking a long time and (somewhat reluctantly) the hallway scene appears and I'm walking through it. It still looks like my real hallway, but very dark.

      I continue into my son E's room and find that the place is littered with a bunch of huge toys. Near one window stands a four-foot tall plush zebra with plastic wheels. It looks like you're supposed to ride around on it. There are several other big toys as well, but I didn't get as good of a look at them and don't remember them as well.

      I don't see E, and I begin to wonder if he's here. I "sense" that there's a crib nearby and wonder if E is just younger than he was before. This train of thought is starting to distract me, so I move toward the window to phase outside. I
      wake up momentarily and then hold still for DEILD.

      The DEILD once again starts from my bed, and like before, my arm sinks into the bed. I go into the void and float for a while.

      Spoiler for Sexytime:

      I wake up.
    8. Hotel OBE

      by , 09-08-2013 at 02:40 PM
      This is the second lucid from the morning of September 3, 2013.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #142: Hotel OBE

      During my mantra, I find myself staring at the ceiling of the hotel room we're staying in. I know that I'm wearing my sleep mask, though, so I'm positive that this is a dream. I will myself to roll away from my sleeping body, and now I'm on my feet.

      Rather than walking, I'm just sliding around the room. The scene is dark and a little hazy, but everything looks just like I remember it. I don't look back at Wife or the spot where I was sleeping, although I wonder whether I've left a sleeping dream body behind in bed.

      I slide into the adjacent room where the kids are sleeping. Now more things are different. My two kids R and E are each lying in separate cribs, both about two years younger than they are in waking life. R is now almost a newborn and E looks like he's about two. They're both sleeping blissfully on their backs, and I drift past them toward the front door.

      When I phase through the hotel room door, I find myself in a darkened hallway that doesn't look very much like our hotel. I note how realistic the dream began and how quickly it diverged from reality. I want to turn on the lights and check out my environment. I give a grandiose shout of "Let there be light!"

      The hallway is now better lit, but it's still fairly dim. From out of nowhere, I hear Wife's from behind me: "And there waaaaas light!" She follows this up with a mocking trumpet sound like "doo doo doo DOOOOOOO!!"

      I look back, and yep, she's standing there behind me. "Whatcha doing?" she asks.

      "I'm having a lucid dream. This one is an OBE." I'm preparing to explain what that is when I remember that there's no need to explain anything to Wife's DC.

      I jump-phase through the ceiling, my head going right through into the void for a moment. I try this again, and get the same void result. Okay, next time I'll imagine a new scene... too late,
      the dream ends.