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    Wonderful Distractions

    by , 04-02-2014 at 03:43 PM (814 Views)
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    Lucid #196: Wonderful Distractions

    I’m lying on my side anticipating a lucid dream. I sense the transition into a dream, but my dream body is lying on its side in the same position as my waking life body. I approach this in an OBE style and will myself to roll out of bed onto the floor. I ooze off of the edge of the bed and drift gently to the floor.

    My vision is dark at this point, so I spend a moment chilling out and digging my hands into the carpet to build up my physical sensations of the scene. After everything feels right, I stand up and look out over the bed. Wife has completely buried herself under the comforter. I throw the covers back and she sits up, blinking in the daylight which streams in through the window.

    I’m struck by the clarity of the scene. There’s a slight haze at the edges of my vision, but even though there’s a dreaminess to everything I see, it all looks incredibly realistic. She gets out of bed and I follow her toward our walk-in closet while I try to remember my goals.

    The structure of our closet looks the same as waking life except for the fact that it’s grown much larger. There are two attractive women standing there, an Asian woman and a shorter lady with brown hair, just sort of hanging around and talking to each other. Hanging around three cute DCs makes me forget all other goals and (somewhat complex) sexytime commences.

    After a few moments Wife says, “We forgot to close the bedroom door!” as if she’s afraid that the kids will barge in. I reluctantly leave the closet to go check on this, but find that the door’s already shut tight.

    “Everything’s fine,” I say, and when I turn back to the closet, the other two women have vanished. I’m also surprised to see that it’s night outside now. I look out through the window and see that there’s a tow truck out front hauling off a cute little car that’s shaped like a phone booth. “Hey check this out!” I tell Wife.

    “That’s a shame,” she says. We watch as the tow truck drives off.

    When I turn back toward the bed, I see a freckled woman in her early 20s laying on our bed. She’s wearing shorts and flopped on her stomach, reading some kind of pamphlet. I’m too far gone to think of goals at this point, so this leads to some additional sexytime with Wife and this newest DC.

    Afterward, I get up from the bed and feel the scene darkening. I look at my hands and I can see the light fading from the dream fast. I dig my hands into the carpet, but before long
    I have a false awakening where I hear my father-in-law shout, “3 AM faaaaail!” I'm confused for a moment and then “remember” that a bunch of us are staying at some vacation house and needed to wake up at 3 AM for some reason.

    I walk out of the room, feeling sleepy, and see my cousin SU. “Hey, did you hear? JP Morgan is going under.” I’m astonished to hear this.

    My brother-in-law Muppet says, “This pisses me off so much.”

    “That we’ll wind up bailing out a huge bank?” I ask.

    “No,” Muppet says, and launches into a long, disjointed speech about finance. After a while I realize that this person isn’t even Muppet anymore but some guy I don’t recognize. I wonder how I got so confused and eventually pull myself away from the conversation shortly before
    the dream ends.
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    1. Highlander's Avatar
      Congratulations on your lucid adventures.

      The transition/OBE-like dreams always intrigue me in that they can be quite 'real' if that is the correct word.

      I must admit I haven't had one for a little while although I was very close in the middle of this week, one early morning.

      I was wondering when you are resting (or half-asleep, say post-WBTB) do you ever/or have ever had noise/pressure-type sensations in the head when you are near transition?
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      Updated 04-03-2014 at 04:58 PM by Highlander
    2. NyxCC's Avatar
      Congrats on the lds and the (complex) entertainment you had!

      Also, I'll be sure to stay away from any JPM investments.
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    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      @Highlander - Agreed. When you fall into the dream with your waking life room still on your mind, you can get some freaky-accurate representations of your actual living space. It's really amazing, and you can see why it's just so easy to fall for a good false awakening.

      Quote Originally Posted by Highlander
      I was wondering when you are resting (or half-asleep, say post-WBTB) do you ever/or have ever had noise/pressure-type sensations in the head when you are near transition?
      Yeah, I'd say that 80-85% of my WILD transitions are peaceful and maybe have some minor noise that's similar to my head gently going underwater. Sound kind of fading into a very dull, low rumble sort of like white noise.

      But then a smaller subset of them are very abrupt and have the sensation of motion and noises like a big crackle of electricity. I actually thought I never got noise during WILDs until I experienced it a few months back.

      @NyxCC - Thanks! And you know I am always happy to provide (free of charge) all of the stellar investment gibberish given to me in the dreamworld. Still waiting to be given some Dream Lottery Numbers!
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    4. Highlander's Avatar
      @ CL.
      I've only had the stronger sensations a couple or so times after galantamine myself which was a bit of an experience!

      On thinking about it I get a 'chill' sensation down my body if I try not to move after about 5 minutes.
      I first put it down to being cold, but now I'm not too sure, plus I always notice it especially after taking galantamine post-WBTB.
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