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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    1. Early LD

      by , 10-27-2020 at 12:59 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #542 DILD 9PM

      I'm not putting this on my count but it's interesting and worth posting. Fuck it. A lucid is a lucid.

      I am feeling lost in a large building. Reminds me of some large church I visited in the past and so that's what I think it is. The rooms are really dark and I feel like I may have drank too much. The more I worry about it the more drunk I feel. I think I really just need to get out of here and go home. Then something about how unstable the dream is and the way the rooms just keep turning into large a maze-like labyrinth triggers lucidity. I start laughing out loud. Party because of relief and partly because I am mildly lucid.

      Now I am laughing while laying in bed. I wonder if my wife can hear me but I also feel like maybe I am still dreaming. I am not sure so I laugh out loud some more. I note how odd it sounds and start to realize but I am suddenly awake. I lay there for a bit to try DEILD but I start to get excited thinking about it and wake up.

      I was shocked to realize I had only been in bed for 30min!
    2. Hyenas

      by , 02-08-2015 at 09:51 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #407 - DILD? - 3:08AM (pre-WBTB)

      I am in some public restroom. My wife(?), son, and someone I know is sitting at a table in one corner. At the urinals I see some young girls peeing. I wonder how this is possible and suppose they are using a shewee. Then, I realize that is highly improbable and I continue this continues to boggle my mind. I point and say, "What the fuck!?"
      My son chimes in and replies, "...it's like a dick." I am even more surprised at my son's remark.

      I am getting into bed with my wife and tell her about what my son said. I make some remark about how weird it is that I watched little girls peeing. I assure I wasn't trying to be a creeper; they just went in front of me. My son won't stay in bed and is running around and keeps pull out stuff to play with. Something about a movie that came with a bullet. He wants to shoot it but I tell him it's late and I really need to sleep (I want to have my G night).

      I have a FA and I find myself in a house with three wild hyenas. I try to stay on top of counters and furniture but they jump up at me and scratch with cat claws. I notice that as the jump and scratch they seem to momentarily transform into Raccoon dogs. There is some pain, but it doesn't feel unbearable. I continue to try to avoid the hyenas, but they seem to be learning and adapting to my strategy. I have a high amount of fear as I fight them off with fists. At one point I watch one hyena on the ground as it seems to be studying me. Then I realize it's watching something behind me. I know I am about to get pounced from behind, but I can't make myself move.

      Something strange happens here. Maybe it's a dream transition or a very slight awakening, but everything collapses and I wonder why I didn't just fly away or phase out of a window in the dream. As I am thinking this is see a garage door open and I rush outside into the night. I worry that the hyenas got out too but I try not to think about it. I see a parked car and I jump on top of the roof. "Try to get me now, bitches!", I shout at things that were after me. I begin to wonder why I am having such a terrible nightmare. I usually don't get nightmares, but tend to enjoy a little fright. As I think this, the dream fades to darkness. At this, I regain lucidity and focus on vision to bring it back.

      I see a white boxy type of car parked in the driveway now. It has some sort of metallic purple window tinting and I find it interesting. I still feel a need to escape so I attempt to get inside. I notice there are no doors so I instinctively lift the small cabin up and off like a shoe box. I look inside the top but can't see out the purple windshield. I will this to happen and the purple dissolves to show a view at the ground. I lose interest in this this vehicle quickly as everything seems to be really crappy and fake now.

      I spot a better looking car next to me; a red sporty coupe. As I move to the car I worry about the hyenas again. I tell myself not to think about it and the fear subsides, but my actions are still rushed. For some reason both doors want to stay open and the worry increases. I look out and see a bear with a hyena looking at me from down the road. I quickly get the doors closed and start to back out. I stop when I hear a terrible sound. They white, boxy car is now a small red truck. It's lurching backward and quickly halting as the tires are locked up. For some reason, I feel the need to take care of this and hop out of the car to the truck. The hyena fear returns and this time I really force it out of my mind as I remind myself that I control this dream. The truck stopped doing whatever it was doing and I suddenly become really curious what the engine would look like. I lift up the hood and notice how clean, new and high tech it looks. I begin guessing at various components naming them off. I am particularly interested in what I think might be the nitrous oxide containment. I get bored with this after a moment and begin to try to recall my goal for the night. It's on the tip of my brain, but the more I think about it, the more I wake up. The dream fades and I see some guy say something about waking up then a sheet of ice forms over my vision. I hear a loud cracking sound as I wake up.
    3. Fire And Ice

      by , 10-25-2014 at 05:47 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #373 - DILD - 12:11AM

      I went to bed around 10pm after watching Grimm and Constantine so I was really prepared to enjoy some crazy dreams and hoped for a DILD ( I think this dream was more inspired by "The Last Airbender"). I was a little shocked how early this LD happened, though this seems to happen a lot, it's just a matter of recall. Unfortunately, my recall is full of holes and lucidity was low for the most part. Some possible chemical influences: I enjoyed a 40 oz of Mickey's stretched throughout the evening. I also took a Zyrtec and used some Veramyst nasal spray for my horrendous allergy problem that I currently experiencing. gahhhh!

      Another thing to explain the content of the dream is that I have been doing some recreational reading on erowid.

      I have taken an abusive but fairly low dose of Dextromethorphan Hbr (100mg). I see what I think of as tracers and some mild distortions of reality. The experience is fairly enjoyable but I have some nervous twitches and body jerks that I try to hide and only allow myself to experience when I am alone. I have some conversation with a dream character and wonder off.

      I begin to feel really sleepy now and almost consider taking another dose of DXM but decide that would be really dangerous. I eventually lay down someplace and fall asleep.

      I have a dream inside the dream. This is were my memory has gaps. I am involved in some story line about a young man that has ice powers. I see him and my son on a carpet gliding over a snowy landscape and seamlessly crossing over land water/ice. They seem to be in awe but this is nothing new to me.

      I have a moment of lucidity here. I show some female DC how they are gliding over water and ice. I walk out into the ice but it breaks. It feel cold at first but I generate some heat in my body to feel warm. Then I use some ice power to re-freeze the water. I step on it but it breaks right away. The young man (who looks a lot like the helper in "Waterbending #2) comes to aid me. He freezes the water while I am in it and then pulls me out. I have ice encases on my legs and it looks like knee-high boots made of ice. I marvel at this for a moment and then feel the dream slipping away. I am not sure what to do other than look at the boy and focus on him visually. My concentration wavers.

      Now I am talking to my wife like it was all a movie or TV series that we have been watching. I spoke as if it was my story but portrayed by actors. I mention something how they stuck really close to what actually happened. I told her that I might really be "The Drac", meaning the dragon. I talk about how ice doesn't bother me and I can generate high amounts of heat with Chi energy.

      *huge memory gap*

      I am somehow lucid again and talking to the DreamGuide/Avatar. I can't recall the actual conversation but I have a gist of what was said. I talked about our powers. I ask him something... I think I wanted his name. He says something and I respond, "This IS a dream but go on."
      He says something really profound but in a confusing way. I sum up what he was trying to say in one sentence. He responded like he was impressed with me but also annoyed. I worry that I will forget what he said but I feel confident that I will remember my summary of it so I let it go. I am really excited about whatever he told me and anxious to write it all down.(I am so pissed I don't remember this! )

      We enjoy some using some fire and ice magic together though I don't recall much of this. My fire magic never produced flame; just high amounts of heat that melted ice. I should explore this again.

      *memory gap* (or just non lucid)

      Lucid again. Trying to focus on the dream so I won't wake up. I wake up.