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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    1. Look at me Alyssa Millano!

      by , 11-08-2020 at 04:31 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #543 - DEILD (2x chain) - 4:30AM

      I took 400mcg Huperzine-A with 600mg Choline during WBTB

      I tried I WILD and catch myself after having dosed off. I relax into the vibrations and then roll out of my body. I am blind and I make my way out the back door. The air feels cool but I still cant see so I crawl around. Then my dream eyes actually open but I am fooled into a sort of FA. I am starting at some grass growing in the driveway and I think I am actually sleepwalking. I feel embarrassed and look around to see if the neighbors noticed me. I heading inside and see both my dogs are running around lose so I let them in the house. I lay back down in bed and my wifes family show up. I'm like wtf guys I'm sleeping. They just got back from a trip and want to show my wife stuff they bought. I am super pissed off that they are ruining my sleep. I am trying to lucid dream and it's 3am and they have the light on just talking loud. I say some really meant things until they finally leave. I start to worry that I made them too mad. I said I should have just taken what happened and been calm about it. Then I remember it's ok because none of this really happened. I remember this is actually a typical dream after WBTB and LDS. That thought wakes me a bit.

      I DEILD again. Vibrations. This time I shoot straight up like a rocket. I enjoy floating in the darkness for a second then I ground myself. My dream eyes open again. I see a green field with trees but its a low res video game. I think I must be looking at a TV screen in waking life. Maybe I actually opened my eyes. I close them.Then I remember the last dream. I remember that sometimes opening my eyes in the dream state feels physical but its not. Plus its getting me out of the darkness. I open my eyes again noting how how physical is seems but I trust myself and just do it. I am back in the video game. I start walking forward. Since I am in a video game I decide to look at my hand like I do in VR. They look dark and undefined. Ok whatever. There are some hooded figures that look like they are casting spells at me. None of this scene is particularly interesting so I just rush forward until it all goes away. I don't even notice the scene fading out.

      I am in a large open area but it really dark. There is a floating female head in front of me (think Gorn). Her face is attractive so I kiss her quickly on the lips. She smiles. Then another appears more on my left. I kiss her too but then she bites my chin. I am shocked and pull her bottom jaw open. Her jaw splits in two. I say eew and toss it away. The first head moves to my right side and now I am standing in a restaurant. I see Alyssa Millano sitting at a table having a conversation. She wont look at me so I do something to get her attention. I see an empty dinner plate on the table. I notice its a deep blue color. I put it on my head and balance it. I say look I am balancing a plate on my head look. Alyssa continues to ignore. The floating head laughs. The plate falls off on a table full with a group of people on my right. The plate rolls of and hits the window but nothing breaks. Alyssa ignore me still so I sit next to her and put my arm around her. Nothing. She is just talking way to some woman across the table. I poke her ribs. She jumps a bit and her voice cuts off for second but she still continues to ignore me. I poke her a few more times noticing how real it all feels. She still wont even look at me so I grab her face with both hands and force her to look at me. I ask her something I don't recall. Her answer is gibberish but I feel satisfied I got some response. I move on. The floating head now a permanent companion follows me.

      I see something strange on a mans table. I ask the floating head what is THAT? It look like octopus tentacle with bits of blue and green. When I get closer is changes to some sort of raw meat that doesn't look all that odd. It's package like it was just purchased from a grocery store but its warm and looks like it's going bad. I apologize to the man and tell him it looked like he had something crazy on his plate. I wake up.

      I make a DJ entry and use the bathroom. I WILD a few times but at soon as I latch onto the start of the dream I lose it all. I finally give up and sleep the rest of the morning uneventfully.
    2. Star Wars Droid Smash

      by , 12-16-2014 at 03:28 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #389 - DILD - 11:39PM

      Bedtime: 9:30-10:00PM

      I was surprised by an early night lucid last night. I don't have much for the entry because I nearly forgot it. I did my best to recall upon awaking but I was so tired that I quickly fell back into a non lucid dream before I could make and entry.

      I should note that I was trying to get lucid prebed. I simply fell asleep being totally aware of all body sensations similar to an SSILD short cut.

      I find myself lucid talking with some woman. I am having a hard time understanding and retaining what she is saying but I feel like the information is important. I tell her that I can't understand her and the word appear in a font on a wall from something like and overhead projector. I start reading but my words sound like gibberish and I quickly realize the words are just random letters or something like a foreign language. I shout about how nothing is making any sense.

      I have an FA and tell Rex about a lucid dream that involved the three stooges. For some reason I have trouble pronouncing 'stooges'.

      I am in a field hiding behind a log having a bow and arrow shootout. I am loosing and shout at a woman to help. I call her by my wife's name. I know this is the wrong name but I just go with it. I look over the log and see a guy running up on my. I shoot him with an arrow but there is no tip and it looks bent a broken. I only hope the close range does some damage. As I release the arrow I shout, "Die mother fucker!"

      Since my LD was so weak, I decide to go ahead and do my WBTB. After a period abstinence the day before, I have 1/2 a bottle frappuccino (about 6-7oz.) at WBTB. I was really tired and didn't stay up longer than a few minutes of trying to rouse myself in the kitchen. I feel asleep once again focused on body sensations and repeating goals as a mantra. I didn't get lucid but I had some very vivid and cool dreams.


      I am extremely late for work at my parents old house. I try to put a lunch together. I look in the fridge but nothing looks good or right.

      4:03AM (Star Wars KOTOR style)

      I am walking through a starship with some battle companions. There are large orbital droids with blue force fields attacking us. I fight back with a red light saber and force push powers. The lightsaber hilt resembles a blue baseball bat handle. I find it looks odd but feels very nice in my hand and gives me great maneuverability. I make a lot fancy movements putting my weapon into a blur of red as I spin and slash through my enemies. My force push shows some light faint blue energy from my hands as the droids smash into walls and shatter. At one point I lose focus and miss a droid with my lightsaber. I think to throw my lightsaber but fear it wont return. The droid glides over my head and behind me. I try force pushing behind my back but it misses. I do a backwards thrust with my lightsaber and cut the droid in half without looking. At one point I assist my friend with a blue lightsaber by trusting my lightsaber to the hilt into a larger droid. I watch as the metal turns molten.

      I am now separated from my companions but I think I see the one with the blue lightsaber enter something like steel elevator doors. I follow and cautiously peer into a small corridor with gold shimmering beams of light along the walls. I can sense danger and I decide to pause. As I step back I see a new type of ominous looking droid materialize before me. I dodge a red streak of blaster fire as the doors close. I consider reentering to attack but my lightsaber is now acting crazy. There seems to be some red light poking out of the butt of the bat handle and the lightsaber and I am able to use my finger to push it back in. It doesn't hurt me and when I look back at the other end, I see that the beam of hot red death is now a harmless balloon. As I run away from battle I notice that I can hear air hissing into the balloon causing it to enlarge into an irregular shape. I try to hold back the air but the balloon continues to grow. I panic that I will be without a weapon and pat my side for a blaster. Then I remember that I can use the force and I drop the now useless lightsaber with new confidence.

      I come to the end of a metallic corridor and find a large air duct. I recall that this was the way I sneaked in but I sort of feel that I am just making this all up now. I find the space is much smaller than I thought and as I try to squeeze in, I become super claustrophobic. I look for another way out and see Darleen from work exiting the corridor through a side door. I follow after her and wake up.

      5:19AM (Snooze alarm)

      I am at work and see there isn't much to do. I ask Darleen what the deal was and she said there was a problem in Engineering. She tells me that when is all resolved she will be "dancing with joy."
      I jokingly ask, "Who is this Joy person?" Everyone laughs.

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    3. Last Minute WILD

      by , 11-02-2014 at 09:41 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #377 - WILD - 9:29AM (3 of 3)

      I try to squeeze another hour of sleep late this morning to try to make up for the periods of wakefulness I dealt with through the night. My son wakes up and I hear mild sounds of him taking a bath causing my to have a short period of light sleep.

      I wake fully with no dream recall but I say focused on my body. For some reason I think it is my mother who is giving my son a bath. I have some visuals of this and then I notice some vibrations. I open my eyes but this time, I am certain I have opened my physical eyes. I close them and try again without making the movement. I am not sure what is what but I can see in the dream now. The transition to move my body is a bit more difficult this time but after a few seconds, I manage to get out.

      The bedroom door opens as if it is the front door to the house in Texas. I always have a strong connection to this place and though I don't understand it, I just let it be. There is the church on the other side of the yard plus and extra building with gray stucco. I don't have any goal in mind so I wander closer. I think about phasing into the wall to see what I will find but I worry about destabilizing the dream.

      Around the side, I seemy neighbors ugly truck parked in the grass. It annoys me so I decide to reach into it and see whats in the engine compartment. My hand phases through the grill and I smile at the visuals and the sensation. I reach around inside and feel a tangle of hoses and wires. I grab a handful and pull them out. I can now see the engine and put my hand on an odd looking spark plug. I say something like, "You will cause problems." I hope to affect waking life as a type of curse on the vehicle. I think about taking anger out and slashing the tires for fun but I stop myself right here. This is totally stupid. I think that I should just let this go and do something else. As I turn away, my wife comes in the room waking me up.
    4. A Noisy Oven

      by , 11-02-2014 at 09:21 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #376 - DILD - 5:02AM (2 of 3)

      I am at Wal-Mart looking for some vitamins. I wander around and realize its all a dream but for some reason I continue walking around looking for the vitamins.

      I have and FA and try to record my dream but I can't see clearly and my hands feel numb and clumsy. I put my journal way thinking something is off. My wife gets up and goes to the bathroom. I try again to record the dream fumbling clumsily. As my wife comes back into the room I decide to nose plug just in case. AH! It's a dream.

      I get up and enter the living room. It's really dark in there so I try the light closest light switch by the kitchen entrance. It doesn't work and I begin to hear this odd metallic groaning sound. I am intrigued at first but then I think maybe i should be scared. Fear gets the best of me for just a second but I allow anger to override that emotion. I continue to hear that creepy sound and it seems to be coming from the oven.

      The room seems to have lit up some so investigate. The oven looks like some bulky white antique looking thing. I note the oddity but I am not concerned with that right now. I yell things at the oven thinking something evil must be inside. The sound continues. "Shut-up! Shut-up and come out of that oven! I dare you!" After a moment I decide to open the oven. I am really worried that I'll have to confront some twisted hell spawn but to my relief there is nothing inside. I decide to just ignore this whole thing and go do other things, but at that moment I wake up.

      Lucid Fragment

      I also recall a lucid fragment where I was caught up in some Dr Who. trivia on the TV. I was using at a large touch screen but the trivia turned into some 60's and 70's sitcom trivia with video snippets. There was some show called "The Strangers" about a cab driver.

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    5. The Mystery Van

      by , 11-02-2014 at 08:49 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #375 - WILD - 3:55AM (1 of 3)

      The usual dreamamins dose. A little DMAE to mix things up. No menthol. 60 min WBTB playing a phone game "Out There" and a whole lot of WILD determination.

      I almost lose awareness and have some deep visual of a dream. I pull myself back to full lucidity and notice vibrations. I feel that I am far enough in the dream to go ahead and open my eyes. The room is dimly lit and I see the ceiling. I have my right hand in the air. Suddenly, I feel a sinking sensation and watch as the dream reality stretches and skews. After sinking what feels like 10 or so feet, I decide to move on.

      I make effort to get up and everything bounces back to something more normal. I don't recall making my way to the front door; Perhaps I just teleport unaware. Outside, I expect to feel cold air but it's neither hot nor cold. I remember that I want to find this mysterious dream guide that has been showing up lately and I look around. A strange looking, beefy maroon-orange van pulls up into the driveway. It has a very futuristic/spaceship look to it with glass tinted so dark it looks black. I become excited because I just know my guy is in there. There is still some mild instability to the dream and I somewhat clumsily open the passenger side door. To my surprise, there is no one in there. The interior is super plush and clean like some high dollar luxury car. I'm not sure what this is all about but I go ahead and move over to the driver seat. I use the van to drive around in search of my dream guide.

      As I pull out of the driveway I notice some kids and other people down the street milling about. I hope to find him there but for some reason the van malfunctions and stay stuck in reverse. This has never happened before and I find it very annoying. After a few seconds I am able to fiddle with some sort of gear shift and manage to drive normally. I make my way back to where to people were earlier but everyone is gone now. I continue to slowly drive around familiar streets in search of someone or anyone but I have no luck.

      I feel something touch my mouth and I almost absentmindedly bite it. Is that the steering wheel? I pull my head back and see something black. It's a part of the dash that has somehow grown some sort of lump in it. I say out loud, "What the crap?", as I try to push it down. My hand only wants to phase through so I just let it be. However, it's really annoying because it is obstructing my vision. I decide I really don't need the van so I step to the side phasing out onto the street as I let the van dissolve away into nothing. I can feel it sort of fizzle to nothing behind me like one of those effervescent tablets in water. I always get a rush when I do that!

      I continue walking down the street looking down for stability. For some reason phasing the van was slightly disorienting. I notice my shoes and really like the brown and blue design. I hope to find something like that in the waking world. It's so cool how creative my dreaming mind is! I look up and see some white car coming down an adjacent street. I start to head over to check it out but my physical hand randomly clenches into a fist waking me up.

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