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    Scionox's Journal of Dreams

    1. 31st Oct 2013 Fragments

      by , 10-31-2013 at 03:02 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's WBTB/naps. Apparently i keep having dreams about competition, haha.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      There was something about a professor researching HH in some lab.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was updating competition and noticed dream in which dragonmaster got dragon wings, then suddenly there were various dragon images in every post in thread.

      Dream 3(fragment):

      I was in bed and random bee was distracting me.

      Dream 4(fragments):

      There was some discussion about the cost of something.
    2. 23rd Oct 2013 Science and stuff

      by , 10-24-2013 at 03:07 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      First dream was pretty long, sadly can't remember most of it.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was in some lab, kinda like scientist, and i was searching something specific. Lab looked kinda old-ish but had multiple floors, alot of tech and teleporters. Then there was something about experiments and then some agents came and were interrupting us, one of them had ability related to ice. Then there was problem with our leader so we were trying to figure it out.

      Dream 2:

      There was a story about a soldier returning from the war only to find out that government did changed and does bad things. There was some religious announcer shouting things on the street. Then soldier started talking to mayor about this and while talking noticed ice in one of houses, which he thought was left by an hiding enemy, he found a nice looking sword in the house.
    3. 3rd Sep 2013 Video games, Lab, Midgets, Yogscast

      by , 09-03-2013 at 03:42 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's WBTB/naps. No lucids for some reason(Maybe schedule), but decent recall anyways.

      Dream 1:

      I was in some weird FPS video game, i was coop with somebody and we were going through weird maroon-colored passage and shooting some zombie-like enemies. Passage was fairly dark but the later part had more lighting. Soon we reached part where we weren't been able to progress because next passage was too high. I heard some heavy machinery sound behind and looked back into tunnel. Crazy laughter followed that and shortly some kind of weird truck-like thing came out of the tunnel and stopped nearby. It was a weapon shop and the merchant was apparently Grigori from half-life 2. He talked about something with my coop partner and in that talk called me a dragon.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      There was something about some girl in research lab, she was doing various stuff and she really wanted to return dragons and was talking about some kind of dimensional travel.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was at home and there was something going on at the streets, a group of midgets were filming something and one of them had a cane that could fire bullets and even had a silencer and laser aim included.

      Dream 4:

      I was watching some minecraft video of some let's player. He was playing multiplayer with somebody and he was saying that he haven't played it for years and was reacting surprised to new stuff. Then they got swarmed by creepers and spiders and he had to escape through some cobweb place. Then suddenly video was about yogscast and they were exploring some level that looked like some alien place. They were playing normally at first and reached some cave area with lava, but then they started talking about some party and decided to turn the level into fireworks by using lots of TNT.
    4. 23rd Aug 2013 Fragments

      by , 08-23-2013 at 11:26 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Had much better recall of two of dreams, but ended up accidentally falling asleep while recalling...

      Dream 1(fragments):

      There was something about some tech/lab place.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was in some variations of some places i've been to IWL, such as certain park.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      There was something about islands and something dragon related.

      Dream 4(fragments):

      I was playing two platformer video games and there was location in the sky in one of them.

      Dream 5:

      I was playing minecraft with some LPer(Can't recall who) and we were playing some super hostile map(Which resembled none from actual ones). The starting location was on branch of one of trees in the area surrounded by cliffs, there was a chest and the ground level was filled with mobs. We have done some starting stuff and eventually made way to some underwater passage, which had obstacles in form of some kind of blocks of leaves that also were dealing damage on touch, beyond passage there were some additional supplies, and after picking them up we went back.
      When we got back it was now completely different area, some kind of sunny flat grassland with river and blocks tiling up into some pixel pictures. We ended up talking about various stuff for a while and there was something about log blocks.
    5. 22nd Aug 2013 Factions, Futuristic city, Powerful abilities, Experiments

      by , 08-22-2013 at 11:38 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I think recall is getting better.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      There was some vehicle warfare and tanks.

      Dream 2:

      Some factions were fighting for something and i was kinda in between, not belonging to any, i've had some powerful abilities and i was watching a few battles.
      Then later at one point i was on some small island and i was talking to someone about the forces coming, and they indeed came, from one side a huge amount of futuristic ships/spaceships including one really big one that barely fit in the entire view. Then from the other side just as huge another armada appeared, made in more steampunk-ish style with airships. I've made a boat and left the area before forces collided.
      I've had planned stuff to do, so i went to one of nearest cities, it looked huge and futuristic and it was kinda split between people with different ideals, so each section of it was having different main color and was made in slightly different style. Majority of city was section with buildings decorated with cyan lines, they were pretty glowy and it was getting nighttime, so it was a pretty view. that part of the city was controlled by some people who believed into some kind of scientific god or something like that and there were tons of labs and other science related buildings.
      There i started with my plan, i secretly gotten into one of the labs, found some person that was really important and kidnapped him and he was unconscious. On the way out i used ability that drained his life force, for some kind of important experiment related to awaking some sort of power in specific people, then i was stealthing through the streets while carrying him and moving very quickly. A bit later i figured that experiment failed since person was nearly dying, so it's probably not who i was searching for. Then out of nowhere some old man in black suit appeared, which apparently was the leader of this faction. He had some abilities as well, but he didn't used them, we talked for a bit, before i used my powers and literally teleported his heart out of his body. The leader didn't died and said that he has nine more hearts, and that in fact he lets me take that for that person and that his abilities were linked to his hearts, which suddenly interested me more, i used powers to scan the heart and figured that the ability it had was some kind of energy burst. The leader disappeared shortly and i ended up transferring life energy from that heart to that person, so in the end he survived.
    6. 10th Mar 2013 Dreaming related game, Martial arts dude, Space game, Museum, Unsealing Rirual

      by , 03-10-2013 at 07:19 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Pretty fragmented, but still.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      There was game of come kind, that had this 'virtuality' style with grids and geometry and it was somehow related to lucid dreaming. There was some sort of lab and there was professor of dreaming doing some research and telling me that i am doing something wrong in game, and a bit later he was showing me room where bunch of people were playing some game with super bouncy spheres(they bounced only on specific surfaces though).

      Dream 2:

      Don't remember much of dream start, there was some story about some martial arts dude that could also use some form magic and he could get sealed souls onto his side. Then there was rebellion of some kind.
      Then there was one scene where some child was getting annoyed and was attacking everyone including me by ramming, then after we got him to calm down there was discussion going on and that martial arts dude was showing up again.
      Then i was at home, which looked almost entirely different from IWL and more eastern styled, and there was some discussion about some game, and in a bit i was in that game. It was about something in space, i was in some sort of spaceship or space station, there were 10 space races that got to get some unity agreement of sorts, that included humans and i was apparently representative of them(sadly can't recall how any of them looked).
      Then i was in some sort of museum, apparently searching for some information for that martial arts dude. There were some really big rooms and also one of guards was apparently a blue chinese dragon that wasn't really good at disguise and also he was playing in the pool whenever nobody seen him. Later on i got information i needed and i was just annoying other guards and then being chased by them.
      I was at home that still looked different and eastern styled, martial arts dude was there preparing for something, i went to balcony and there were some mosquitoes annoying me, so i tried to lock balcony door by bending some iron bars with bare hands so it couldn't be opened. Then that dude started some form of ritual over the book with weird seal. The seal was apparently locking some soul inside a book and he was unsealing it and moving it to his own book, there was also agreement between them so it was not forced. It looked like some blue particles and dust were moving from one book to another. The ritual almost failed due to random book falling from the bookshelf and interrupting the particle stream, but he managed to regain control of it and finish it.
      Later on i discovered that my home was apparently in a castle on a flying island and there was some other dude that accidentally fell off it.
    7. 15th Jan 2013 Some sort of lab and some Warzone 2100

      by , 01-15-2013 at 09:01 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall fails me again, so i only remember stuff near the dream end.

      I was in some sort of the castle, there were some sort of outside part of a castle which had lab on it. It was connected to the castle with sort of drawbridge. When i got into it the viewpoint switched and i was controlling some other character with Resident Evil 4 like controls, i remember killing a few zombies then viewpoint got back to first person. I grabbed something from the lab and went back to the castle.
      In some other room in the castle there was PC, i played some Warzone 2100 on it, apparently it worked somewhat different then original, scavengers were more overpowered and i apparently had view over the whole map. After a while all the bases turned into something like scavenger base and the graphics were glitched, unit models were getting occasionally replaced by building models, also i was building random walls in some places for no reason.
      Don't remember if i won or lost, but i went back to the lab. I collected some items: some sort of pill from the pile of pills, big sort of beaker which was hidden under some boxes and some sort of solid brown liquid/jello thingie which was hidden in one of boxes. Also i moved some really huge beaker to the entrance to block it off, but some sort of girl apparently managed to jump through window. She was interested in what i was doing and i decided to tell her about what i was doing(don't remember what exactly but it was related to sleeping or putting someone to sleep). I was doing some stuff with items i got, also i did noticed that there are some beds scattered around the lab. Dream ends.