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    23rd Oct 2013 Science and stuff

    by , 10-24-2013 at 03:07 PM (452 Views)
    First dream was pretty long, sadly can't remember most of it.

    Dream 1(fragments):

    I was in some lab, kinda like scientist, and i was searching something specific. Lab looked kinda old-ish but had multiple floors, alot of tech and teleporters. Then there was something about experiments and then some agents came and were interrupting us, one of them had ability related to ice. Then there was problem with our leader so we were trying to figure it out.

    Dream 2:

    There was a story about a soldier returning from the war only to find out that government did changed and does bad things. There was some religious announcer shouting things on the street. Then soldier started talking to mayor about this and while talking noticed ice in one of houses, which he thought was left by an hiding enemy, he found a nice looking sword in the house.

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