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    1. #220: Stunned

      by , 11-30-2016 at 12:23 PM
      I'm inside a building (my own room?). I'm near the coast. I can see the coastline, though the beach doesn't exactly look appealing. There's a fence and some industrial activity. This is supposedly somewhere in east Indonesia. I'm talking to a guy (a friend of mine perhaps) who is sitting atop a building somewhere which is under construction. It's a building not too far away, but far enough away that realistically speaking, I shouldn't be able to hear him. He's sitting on the edge of what is currently the roof. He's giving me some advice about ways to continue my travel. One of his suggestions is to fly back to Jakarta and to then fly to some far away island in the east. It would seem not to be the most logical route, however it is apparently the cheapest way to get there.

      A bit later my friend Mark is at my door. He's presenting me with two gifts. At first I'm reluctant to accept them, but he insists. One of them is some MYR - not sure why's he giving that to me. Another is a stun gun or similar stunning device. I put them in my room. Not much later we see a man who is dressed similar to an anti-terror unit - all black. We assume there to be a whole team out there. At first I want to use the stun gun, but I fear going out there with a gun shaped object is not the brightest idea. Mark wants to have the gun, but I believe I tell him no. I then proceed to lock myself in the bathroom. Perhaps they won't look in here? Small chance. I really don't want to get shot by a stun dart though. It's gonna hurt. I consider coming out with my hands in the air. Would that work?
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    2. #195: Beach / FA

      by , 08-22-2016 at 05:11 AM
      Just a fragment of what happened. Iím at a mall I believe. Iím in a different city in Indonesia. Iím with the motorcycle, outside and with two female Indonesian friends. One of them is on the back of my motor, the other is driving a different motor. We drive whatís supposed to be an hour to the beach Pangandaran, but taking mere seconds. We donít have that much time so we just take a quick look, not even getting of our motors and making a u turn. I remember there being something to the right that I wanted to explore, but at that moment I already couldnít remember what it was, so I just let it go. On the beach are two of my friendu. There is quite some fog, but there is something spectacular to see, though I canít recall what exactly. On the way back I see my friend that was riding with me from the back. Sheís wearing a blue/green hijab. She looks pretty.

      Had a FA where I was sitting at a table with an Indonesian and an American friend. My Indonesian friend had her Macbook out, so I decided to take it for a moment to take notes of the previous dream in Dutch. I did it in Dutch on purpose so that no one would understand. There were some key phrases that allowed my American friend to properly guess the story line.
    3. #74: Beach / Raid

      by , 01-22-2016 at 09:23 AM
      Went to bed a bit before 00:00. Woke up around 08:00, tried to sleep again but I couldn't. It's now 09:00.

      Ľ A friend from Indonesia who is now here replies to a message of mine on whatsapp. I can't recall what, but her message showed that she didn't understand me / the situation.

      Ľ I'm at the corner of the street, close to my home. I'm lying/leaning on an object, perhaps made out of stone. I got my phone in my hand and I'm looking at some porn. I quickly look behind me to see if anyone is approaching. The streets are all empty. It's also still mildly dark outside. I turn my brightness down.

      I'm at what appears to be a beach with my friends TD and Lin, as well as some others. TD is naming Southeast Asian countries, though I can't recall why. Once she mentions Indonesia I give a slight cheer. Somewhere a few metres behind me she spots her nephew Sam. She calls out to him a few times, but I don't remember if he heard her. He's with his dad / her brother, so we pick up our stuff to move places. Some 50 metres further perhaps a row of people is sitting. One of them is my cousin. We order some food. I don't remember exactly what I got, but it had a lot of meat in it. I wasn't happy with the food I got. If I had known.... [I'm a veggie].

      There's some type of raid going on on a rundown warehouse. It is used by a group of bald white men, similar to the ones in Mad Max. I'm partially participating, partially observing. It's mostly fragments that I remember.

      At some point someone uses a kind of fireballthrower to shoot at one of the baldies who is at the end of the hallway. The baldie makes fun of it by repeatedly ducking just around the corner, until one of the fireballs ricochets off the wall and hits him.

      At the second floor there's also some kind of device that will end all this, though I don't remember how. Two, perhaps three different groups are after it. I'm in the same room as the device, but I don't know what I'm looking for. One of the baldies enters the room without seeing me.

      I'm no longer in the room. I've got a notebook which I'm frantically flipping through to find the right notes about the device, because I can't recall how to get into the room.

      A car is parked in my street, close to the 'porn corner'. There's a guy behind the steering wheel who just woke up. Though I can't remember, something tells me it was a big black guy. I do remember that his name was Zeus. He had handcuffs or something alike. Someone comes up to him to check. He pretends he's still cuffed, even though he's gotten loose already.
    4. #50: Cousin Jesus / Robe change / Joke ruined / Out-handsomed

      by , 12-06-2015 at 10:48 AM
      Couldn't fall asleep again. I also was too lazy to get out of my hammock after I woke up.

      Ľ It's night. I'm on a deserted beach with perhaps 2 friends. There are some very big rocks laying about. Not too far away is another island. It's Lombok. For some reason I'm under the impression that I'm in or close to Thailand. I think there were also 2 girls somewhere.

      Ľ The only thing I recall is someone talking to me and using the Indonesian word for 'news'.

      Cousin Jesus
      It's daytime and I'm standing with my cousin on bridge in some small city. We're playing around with a couple of tennis balls. A few times one of them falls into the water. One time I parkour my way down some walls to the wateredge and grab the ball out. Another time it's too far from the edge for me to grab, so I consider letting it just float to the other side so I can grab it there. My cousin does something else: he just runs across the water to grab a ball. How the hell did he do that? Or is the water so shallow that it only looks as if he's running on water? I'm considering doing it too. I can see him shaking his foot once he's standing on the grass again, cause his shoe got a bit wet.

      Robe change
      I'm chilling with my friend TD in a living room. We're not doing much. Just eating chips and what not. I feel like it might be getting a bit late, like 10pm. She says that we should go out to buy some more chips. I'm wondering whether she really wants to buy some chips or whether she is just trying to get me to leave.

      I'm standing in the hallway at the frontdoor. TD has turned into Anggie. There's a table standing in between me and the frontdoor. The frontdoor is open and Anggie is peeking outside. She is wearing a sort of nightgown-ish dress with something over it. Suddenly it's a shirt she's wearing. She takes it off. She's just standing in her bra now and I take a quick peek. Next she takes her bra off. I take another peek. She is very casually changing clothes, not caring about me being present. Somewhere along this moment I was shirtless as well and fumbling to get my shirt on. I had my shirt and my backpack on the table.

      Joke ruined
      It's daytime and I'm somewhere outside in a city with my best friend. A streetsales person comes up to us. First it was to talk to my friend about something non-sales related. I look away from the guy and look at him again and suddenly he's got his notepad and what not to write down our info. Yeah that's not gonna happen. The guy says something about a cinema. My friend isn't sure of which cinema he's referring to and I tell her it's the one we went to together a while ago.

      I'm walking with my friend. This salesguy is semi-following us on his moped. We decide to take a left to shake him off while he's not looking. We continue through an overpass tunnel. In the mean time I'm telling my friend about Anggie getting undressed in front of me. She says something and I try to say something along the lines of: "hey if God wants me to look at boobs, who am I to look away?" But I fumble with the words. Joke ruined.

      I'm in a house with a garden. The house is so big that it may have actually been a public building. At three different moments three handsome looking actors walk in, looking their finest in their suits; Matthew McConaughey, Iain Glen and I can't recall the first one to come in. I feel some envy: I wanna look that good! Iain Glen strikes up a conversation with a slender black woman. I'm standing in the garden, watching as Jordy starts talking to a German guy who looks very much like him. They are talking in English. It turns out to be his boyfriend. There was some trouble between them, but it's all cleared now. I walk from the garden to the kitchen and I pass the place where Iain Glen was talking to the black woman. They aren't there anymore. I bet they are somewhere private. In the kitchen is my family: my mom, grandma, aunt, perhaps another aunt... My aunt makes a comment about me doing the dishes. Yeah yeah, but first I gotta find [can't remember]. I use it as an excuse not to do the dishes. I don't like the way my aunt tried to get me to do the dishes.
    5. #9

      by , 10-13-2015 at 07:49 AM

      Dream 1
      It's daytime and I'm standing outside somewhere. In traffic I believe but close to an escalator. I call my old boss from the time I worked at Telfort. Not entirely sure what we talked about, but he's on his way. Somehow it feels like he's coming by motorcycle, which he doesn't have.

      I enter the Telfort shop and one of my old colleagues is standing there. We talk for a bit. I remember me mentioning Vodafone, a competitor.

      I am standing in my mom's kitchen, which is the backoffice for the Telfort shop. I'm with the earlier mentioned former colleague and someone else walks in. He started working there after I left, so he doesn't know me. We talk for a bit, but I feel some slight tension. Not too fond of the guy.

      Dream 2
      I am watching what seems like a documentary, which happens in 'full view'. It looks like a high-school toilet area, with a tile floor. The camera is positioned low, so that I have a sideways view of two teenagers laying on the ground. Documentary style, their names and ages are shown with white letters. I forgot their names, but the guy was 17 and the girl 16. While you can't actually see any of the action, it becomes obvious that they are having sex, right there in the middle of the toilet area, not even in the stalls. I think it's slightly odd that this is being aired. Is this even legal? The guy asks for another drink and grabs a bottle with a dark fluid from the wall (as if there was a shelf there, except there wasn't). The girl becomes mad that he needs to be drunk for this and can't do without.

      It's now the hallway just outside the toilet area. The girl is claiming that she got assaulted by the guy, who is still in there. A teacher tries to get the guy to come out. He goes into the toilets but doesn't see anyone. I mention that the guy might be in one of the stalls, with his feet on the toilet so that you can't tell he's in there.

      We are in a large room with some office desks. We (= one other guy and I) are trying to identify who the guy in the toilets is. It feels as if we are cops now. We look at stuff on the computer, such as old records and what not, but come up empty. The one guy that looks like the guy in the stalls is an adult man around his 40's. In looks he reminds me slightly of Vincent van Gogh or Louis CK. To our right, just next to the desk is a group of presumably teenagers standing, whom are very interested in what we're doing. To the left the girl in question walks by. We ask her some questions to help us out. What she tells us doesn't add up. She gives us a description of the guy which includes something about his hair length, which is way off.

      I am now in cuffs. It's not certain yet that I've done something wrong, but just as a precaution. We seamlessly move from the office area to an outside area. It's already dark. The person that is handling me is Paul from Spin City. Can we at least put a jacket or something over me so that not everyone has to see that I'm cuffed? I start to think about how I would act if I was on the run from the police. How far would I come?

      Exactly that happens. I am running. I don't recall my hands still being tied. While running I think about how I would contact my mom. Obviously I'd throw my own phone and simcard away, or else the police would trace it. I could send a message from a new phone and simcard, but my mom's phone might be tapped. I would have to ask a stranger to use his... but then they would know that stranger's location and thus also that I'm in the vicinity. Apparently that vicinity is in the southern part of the Netherlands. Ok I got it: that stranger needs to text a friend in the northern part of the Netherlands to text my mom. That will throw the cops of my trail. I'm running across still standing traffic. I run in between two cars and perform an aerial [freerunning move] to get by them, though that wasn't really necessary. Sweet! I can do that. Never nailed an aerial before. I'm not sure what I did, but I end up running back to where I came from. I perform another aerial, but from a less optimal position. I land, but need to touch a car with my hand for a moment for balance. I think it might've been an orange car. I continue running and put my hand on the rearlight for a moment for an extra push.

      Dream 3
      I meet up with my dreadlock artist from Indonesia. I think it might be a beach. Wow, his hair has become really long! How has it grown so much and has mine only grown a little bit? Then I notice that his dreads are thinner than they used to be and that halfway they have a different colour. Blond? He's using extensions! It feels weird that he of all people is using extensions, as if he is cheating.

      Still on the beach, I am with my first girlfriend and her parents. We're talking about ordering drinks.

      Dream 4
      I'm talking to a freerunner I know, who is also a filmmaker. We are talking about healthy food and he tells me how difficult it is to find healthy food in Groningen. No it's not man, you just gotta stay away from the candy and all that stuff. While this conversation plays in my mind I see a totally different image. I see a trippy freerunning sequence for a videoclip. The image is turned 90į at one point.

      Dream 5
      I'm supposed to use a syringe to draw some blood from myself. It's supposed to go into my belly, next to my belly button. I'm quite nervous about it. The only syringe I have left is one I already used once. That's not really hygienic is it... I decide to risk it. I start to look for a good spot on my belly. There are still some marks from the other syringes I used a while back. Don't wanna get too close to that. I start taking deep breaths, which causing my belly to also move in and out. This in turn causes me to accidentally insert the syringe already to the left side of my belly. I decide to roll with it and push it further in. Man this feels weird. It kinda hurts a bit.

      A few months ago I had to do this daily for 30 days, except I had to inject myself instead of drawing blood.

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