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    Snehk's Dreamlands

    1. [12-02-2017: Hotel fragment]

      by , 02-12-2017 at 11:08 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was nearing an evening. I was in my house, it was turned by someone into a five-star hotel just for my family. Sisters were wandering around the building naked. The hotel staff prepared a special bathroom for me.
    2. [28/29-01-2017: 15th & 16th competition night]

      by , 01-29-2017 at 11:12 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      It was evening, I took some clothes and went to bathroom to take a shower. The place looked like before renovation, it was horribly dirty. There was some sewage in bathtub, I opened lid of the toilet seat and saw an utter mess of mud, excretes and random junk, even bread loaves. I flushed the water and it started raising, then abruptly lowered with an ominous gurgle. This acually made me happy, I thought that I've dealt with some problem in a nice way.

      WBTB attempt.


      I recall bits of a dream, a fragment that I can't quite wholly recall. I was in house, probably kitchen, talking with family.


      I heard news reporter talking about air pollution, dangers of smog and how it's built, it was in some city at a dawn. When he spoke about it's built, I was high up in the sky, standing in front of wall of clouds. I could spot individuall cloudy-bricks in it's structure.
    3. [16-11-2016: Ghost in bathroom]

      by , 11-16-2016 at 09:38 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in my bathroom, it was night. There were many towels hanging on a line that was across whole room. I was taking a shower, I turned off water flow and took a towel. I got shivers and felt an evil, ominous presence in the bathroom, staring at me. I wiped myself and left shower cabin, then felt a great danger and almost rushed out of bathroom, but a ghost caught my hand. I couldn't feel anything touching me, but at the same time felt a strong grip on my arm. I struggled to get free but it was stronger than me. Finally it set my hand free and I escaped.
      nightmare , non-lucid
    4. [12-11-2016: Sand mine and transformers, Brushing teeth]

      by , 11-12-2016 at 01:35 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Sand mine and transformers

      It was a warm summer day, I took my car and drove to some hills between forest and a city. My parents and younger sister were already there, they drove there by bikes. I left car and went to them, they were talking about a mine of sand that we purchased and some drainage setup they wanted to implement. For some reason I wanted to drive to a city. I got back into my car and drove closer to railroad crossing, but I couldn't cl cross it. Workers were doing something there, there was also a transformer robot towering above the railroad, it was digging with an enormous shovel.

      Brushing teeth

      It was a spring morning, I went to bathroom. It looked like it was pre renovation. I hastily took a toothbrush and started brushing my teeth, but then I realized that it wasn't my toothbrush. It belonged to my older sister. I washed it under running water and took mine toothbrush from a drawer.
    5. [01-05-2015]

      by , 05-01-2015 at 09:20 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With group of classmates we drove for a week lasting school trip. The first day we were visiting a theme park. There were many attractions, like rollercoasters, gambling stands or punch strike meter. There was also a national park, with tree stands considered to be of ancient origin.

      After the whole day, we went to a hotel and left our stuff in rooms. I had room with two other dudes, one was blond and medium built, and the second had dark hair and weight of a sumo fighter. I went to the bathroom, to take a shower. There were no cabins, only showers standing close. Due to this everyone took shower wearing t-shirts and underwear.

      There were two bathrooms for the floor. I went to another, and saw that there are no cabins too. One of the guys that was going to take a shower told a joke. I can't recall the joke, but it made me laugh. I went back to my room, and checked my things. Then I thought "Have somebody took my phone?"
    6. My sisters and skyscraper

      by , 03-04-2015 at 05:24 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was in Warsaw, evening. I was in some kind of a internet cafe. It was modest, with wooden furniture. I was there with my older sister. She was surfing the net, while with a classmate we were looking through the window. I was looking at a skyscraper. It was gigantic, the tallest building I ever saw. It was all new and modern. On the top there were words "ICAN Institute". I told to the classmate This is where my older sister works. I told it with pride, and awe in my voice. After a while of looking I told him I'll never go up there! How they can be there? Then my older sister arrived, and took us to their home. The whole place was weirdly changed. I saw some asian ornaments, and the place was dark, with antique wooden furniture. I waited until my sister went out of the bathroom, and then entered it. Upon entering my clothes have disappeared, as if I was already naked when entering. The water was pouring from the shower and there was no way to stop it. I took a towel to wipe myself and take clothes on. Then I go out of the bathroom.
    7. ToTM and a bunch of non lucids

      by , 02-24-2015 at 04:52 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      [DILD] ToTM

      Warm evening. Sun gave ererything a bright orange glow. I was in Warsaw. I was waiting on a bus stop. The bus appeared and I went inside. I took off my sweater, as it was really hot. I grabbed the handrails as there were no free sitting places, and the bus drove. Suddenly I realise that it's a dream. As an RC I pressed my fingers on the handrails, and they went through the cold, yellow coloured metal. I saw a small boy walking in the bus. He was making a nose plug RC and smiling to me. I also mad a nose plug RC. Next with slight hesitation, as I was still afraid that this could be reality, I jumped, and phased through the bus's window. I landed on me stomach, on the road. Everything weas darker, but it was still warm. I looked around and saw a mother walking with her son on the sidewalk. Suddenly I saw a car driving straight into me, but it avoided me in the last moment. I somehow couldn't stand up, so I tried to scramble to the sidewalk. Then a blonde woman parked the car right in front of me. She told me that she was looking for me. Then I told her "It's not me! It was that boy! He walked over there!" She then entered the car quickly and drove after that boy. I could stand up finally, so I decided to make another task. I jumped to the rooftops, looking at the sky. It was dark, grim and overcast. I started to fly. When I was halfway to the height of clouds I focused on summoning storm clouds. They quickly covered the whole sky. I summoned the storm cloud in the air, but losing focus on flying made me unable to fly to them. I tried to land somewhere and made it. I have flewn from Warsaw to my home, in the other edge of Poland in few seconds! I landed on the rooftop of my garage. I looked down. There was my father pushing the lift. He said "Come here, and help me push the lift!" I then pointed at it with my index finger, and moved my hand to the entrance of barn. The lift moved as it was in drag-n-drop game. Father immediately went for the lift. He haven't told me where to move it, so I assumed it was right position. I looked at the sky again. The storm clouds disappeared, and the ovarcast, grim sky came back. I tried to summon the clouds again and fly to them. When I was halfway to the clouds I woke up.

      My friend is a bus driver

      With my friend we took a bus to the other village. We came to the front of the bus, and I saw that my another friend was a driver. We drove to my home village. I got out of the bus, but the bus stop was in the edge of a stadium, with river just behind it's edge. I went out of bus, and grabbed handrails. My friend walked through the river, as it was only ankle deep. I saw other people I saw in school, and even some classmates there. It was some kind of a party. Everyone was standing on a small hill. The slope was so high that I couldn't release the handrails, yet no other person gathered there was holding them.

      Sleeping in the bathroom

      I was lying on the floor in the bathroom, and trying to fall asleep. When I couldn't I saw that some clothes appeared there. I listened to a story a weird voice told about a man whose those clothes were. I stood up, and got out of the bathroom.

      Some fragments

      I recall some fragments, but nothing special.
    8. Liberal Crime Squad, False awakening - DILD,

      by , 01-26-2015 at 09:27 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was a Liberal Crime Squad leader. Our goal was to take over the U.S government, and make each law liberal. I have gained more leaders that were responsible for recruitation and other operations. They recruited a few sleeper agents, and we started to build our safehouse. We've bought a press and started Liberal Guardian newspaper.

      False Awakening - DILD

      I woke up in my bed, and went straight to the bathroom. I thought Why It's so dark here? I tried to turn the light on, but the lightswitches haven't worked. Suddenly I realised that it's a false awakening. I did the nose plug RC and went back to kitchen. I thought Well, I've never reached the bathroom in a false awakening before. Tried to turn the kitchen lights on, but lightswitches still weren't working. I clapped my hands, and lightbulb blinked giving a little light. It stopped blinking when I stopped clapping my hands. I pointed my left hand at the light bulb, and made a gesture showing that I grab it. When I've finally got some light, I've lost lucidity, and it all went into a non lucid.

      I was in the bathroom. I was taking a bathe in my t-shirt and underwear, while there were three more persons in the room. I finished taking a bath. My clothes were dry. I went to the living room. My siblings were there. I had to check something on younger sisters PC. I asked why it's turned off. They told me to turn it on. I did it and sat on a wheelchair. Suddenly my teacher arrived there and asked me Hey?! Are you sitting in a hotel room! No! I sat on a nearby sofa, and the teacher sat on a wheelchair. He told me that he has plugged his PC to our, and he had to do something on his PC first. Windows XP intialized. He had a picture of wood as a wallpaper (he's a forestry teacher). I went outside with a wooden piece in my hands. I was hiding it, as if it was something I wasn't supposed to see or have. I went back to home and thought I have my own laptop, why have I wanted to use sisters PC? Dream faded to darkness and I woke up after a while.