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    The weird dreams of Appe96

    The minecraft fan event.

    by , 03-20-2011 at 09:52 AM (545 Views)
    Type: non-lucid.
    Vivid: medium.

    Notes Dream Lucid

    This is a dream about a guy on youtube that makes minecraft videos.

    I am standing in a line with alot of people.(Like how you stand in the military.)In front of us stands the youtuber.(That I told you about earlier.)He is teaching us about flying. He told us that we should position our palms pointing at the ground. I where thinking that i could use this technique in a dream when I becomes lucid(Why didn't i do a RC?!)I started tho fly around the minecraft world that I where standing in. One of my classmates told me that she where going to find spawn. I followed AK(the youtuber.)to a room made of iron blocks. Whe where going to use our hands to destroy some obsidian blocks. It worked pretty well, I destroyed it in two seconds. One of my classmates couldn't fly so we where going to use the minerals from the obsidian block to make her fly.(wtf?)

    I woke up in my bed and started to write this down

    PS: Sorry for bad english.

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