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    Side Notes

    1. Motivational dream :) May 24th 2012

      by , 05-24-2012 at 06:06 AM (The weird dreams of Appe96)
      Notes Dream Lucid

      Dream 1: Someone called "Micke" had called me and some dude on skype. He asked what we have done while he was gone, and we told him that we hosted a livestream. I thought to myself that Micke gott a really highpitch voice, and when I say really I mean REALLY :O.

      He asked us if we could play team fortress 2, and we was like "Yeah sure". He told us to play on the map called crossroads, because that was the only map that his computer could handle.

      We played TF2 for a while, and I got a pretty good gameplay. This was something that I really braged about

      I wake up somewhere around here.

      Dream 2: I were going to start jogging after school to become fitt to race that my school will host. I told it to my sister, and she showed me a technique wich makes me run faster, every time I'm running. I mentioned that I usually se Pontus near the route that I was supposed to take when I jogged. She told me that somehow cheats when he is jogging.

      I took the buss to Uppsala, a city close to where I live. The buss stopped close to a forest, wich was the forest that I were going to.

      I wake up somewhere around here. Somehow this dream made me realize that I have to start exercising
    2. Hungergames? :O May 15th 2012

      by , 05-15-2012 at 06:19 AM (The weird dreams of Appe96)
      Notes Dream Lucid

      Fragment 1: I was in this hotel, talking to some ladies. It seems that they got their style from 1940 or something.We were talking about hypnosis and some animals, I think :S

      Dream 1:I was in a forest, with a group of people. We were returning home after, we had accomplished a goal/objective. "Home" was the place that we spent the time waiting for objectives.It actually kind of looked like my classroom :S There was a vote on who would get killed, and it happend to be my Patrik, my classmate . He was the "Captain" of our team, wich means that he was the leader of the group.

      The fact that he got killed meant, that we had to get a new leader. Our techer would choose one while we was asleep, and then get the news ay dawn. Guess who became the captain?

      When I got the news, I actually got kind of shocked. I said: "I can't be a leader, I'm bad at leading people!" but my teacher said that it was to late to switch captain.

      We got our objective, wich was running throu the forest, and past all obsticals. We started to run the designated path.
      It's around here were I wake up.

      Dream 2: I had missed the buss, so I was walking to the next busstop. When I finally reached the busstop, I saw Sofia and Sara. One of them is my neighbour, and one of them is my classmate. They were waiting on the buss, but debated if they would take the buss that goes in 5 minutes, or the next one.

      Finally me and them got on to the buss, that were coming in 5 minutes. The thing is tho that they kind of dissapeard. Now I saw Patrik and a 5 years old on the buss. He was telling the kid that it was childish to eat bananaskidz( a type of candy)
      This is where the dream ends.
    3. I'm back! Maj 14th 2012.

      by , 05-14-2012 at 03:49 PM (The weird dreams of Appe96)
      Dreams: Non-lucid, fragment.
      Vivid: Nah
      Dreamsigns: Don't know my dreamsigns yet. Maybe that the booth dream was kind of shining gray/white?
      Notes Dream Lucid

      Fragment 1, around 2 AM - 2.30 AM: I was a bussniesman, and I talked to somone. The conversation was about a stolen bike that I sold. I guess that this took place in my store, but I'm not sure.

      Dream 1, around 6 AM: I played World in conflict(or something similar). The odd thing was, that it was a map that I haven't played on before. The battle took place in a factory, and my team was winning. We all used our reinforementpoints, like crazy because the enemy didn't give a inch. The whole dream ended when my team, finally took the last controllpoint.

      I gotta work on my dreamrecall :/
    4. Lucid 5 the gigant teddybear.

      by , 07-01-2011 at 08:56 AM (The weird dreams of Appe96)
      Type: Lucid, Fragment
      Vivid: Short

      Notes: I haven't been active for a while but now I guess I'm back

      Fragment 1: I was standing outside my house with my friend and a gigant teddybear. I don't remember what I was doing but I remember that I suddenly thought; "Wait a minut, I had a dream about this teddybear before". So I checked if my hand looked normal, and noticed that my hand was kind of shimery. I was not sure what that meant, so I plugged my nose and tried to breath. I could feel the air running through my nose, and I started to scream; "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming"! I wanted to try to teleport myself to another location, so I tried to think about the location

      Fragment 2: I was in the location I thought about (I think.) Something happens but I dont remember what. I wake up
    5. 3 dreams, one night :)

      by , 04-12-2011 at 03:17 PM (The weird dreams of Appe96)
      Note: I went to bed dead tired last night, so I got a terrible dream recall.


      1: My english teacher told my class about the new grades( Sweden will introduce a new grade system this year IRL but I will get those grades in 1½ year.) She told us that my class would get them today. She also told us that it was hard to get high grades. Even the ones that have got an A in the old grades would get an D. She told me later that I was about to get an E.

      2: I fucked a girl in a classroom. After a while someone came in, and told me that the girl that I fucked was older than me, and that she will get charge for rape.

      3: I was in a classroom and had a lesson. Suddenly I see my firend who look realy badass(In the dream.) She introduce me to her twin( She dosen't have a twin IRL.)
    6. Suicide

      by , 03-29-2011 at 06:00 AM (The weird dreams of Appe96)
      Well I will write this down eveon though it is only a fragmen, and because it is the first dream in five days that i remember.

      I follow a teacher to the headmaster office( or something) The teacher wants to show me that my headmaster is suicidal(wf?!)

      I find myself standing outside the door. My sister comes to me, and tells me that she also want to see that the headmaster is suicidal. I open the door and see that the headmaster has a rope around her neck. Both my sister, my teacher and I laughs until she commits suicide. After she's dead we laugh even more.

      I wake up.
    7. When Björkliinge attacks.

      by , 03-21-2011 at 07:10 AM (The weird dreams of Appe96)
      Type: Action/Strategi/Non-lucid
      Vividnes: Long
      Dreamrecall: Fragments

      Notes: "Björklinge" is a city 10 kilometers away from my village.
      I am not sure how the dream started.
      Yes i did dream this.

      I am a General in a battle. I check my map to see the enemies position. I notice that the green dots are the enemy, and that they are advancing on our left flank. I jump in my car wich kinda looks like this:

      My driver drives me to the front, so i can see how it's like there (the terrain.) The enemy starts to attack the HQ, and I can see how our flag slowley goes down(like in battlefield 2.) We get's reinforcement, and starts to drive the soldiers of "Björklinge" back to where they belong . MY drive starts to chase a motorcykel from the enemy team, and starts shooting at him. The motorcykel starts to hide behind a hill, so we can't find him for a while. Later on we finds him because i used something called "chakra" to find his energy :O

      The only thing that i remember after that is that we burned down "Björklinge".

      I wake up, a bit confused, and starts to write this dream down in my DJ.
    8. The minecraft fan event.

      by , 03-20-2011 at 09:52 AM (The weird dreams of Appe96)
      Type: non-lucid.
      Vivid: medium.

      Notes Dream Lucid

      This is a dream about a guy on youtube that makes minecraft videos.

      I am standing in a line with alot of people.(Like how you stand in the military.)In front of us stands the youtuber.(That I told you about earlier.)He is teaching us about flying. He told us that we should position our palms pointing at the ground. I where thinking that i could use this technique in a dream when I becomes lucid(Why didn't i do a RC?!)I started tho fly around the minecraft world that I where standing in. One of my classmates told me that she where going to find spawn. I followed AK(the youtuber.)to a room made of iron blocks. Whe where going to use our hands to destroy some obsidian blocks. It worked pretty well, I destroyed it in two seconds. One of my classmates couldn't fly so we where going to use the minerals from the obsidian block to make her fly.(wtf?)

      I woke up in my bed and started to write this down

      PS: Sorry for bad english.