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    Going to a play with Cory, and weird morphing bugs

    by , 06-14-2015 at 11:04 AM (303 Views)
    (Ugh, I had such a crappy night last night, the storms kept waking me up and now I can't remember most of my dreams...)

    There was some kind of black jelly-like substance in the grass in small patches. I was there with some other people looking at it, and someone picked up a bit of it and it started moving. We were all kind of freaking out since it was alive, and then it morphed into a crane fly and into a few other bugs, so I guess it was like... a black-coloured Ditto that only copied bugs. I think at one point one of the "Dittos" stuck itself on someone's face and we were all afraid to touch them after that.

    I had tickets to a play, I think it was at the Von Braun Center? But I'm pretty sure it was in Alabama since the weather was very... Alabama-like rather than Wisconsin-like. We never actually went into the auditorium, but the lobby was really sunny and there were lots of windows, I remember being in the doorway looking in, and the door was made of glass. At some point I accidentally upset Cory and he wouldn't listen to my apologizes and ran off. I took off all my jewelry and my sunglasses and put them in the front zipper pocket of my Stefani bag and went after him, and saw him standing there looking at me with the sad puppy eyes and crying. He was talking to me and I remember thinking "Whoa, I never see this guy cry." Seru was there, but I don't remember anything about that, I just remember him standing and I thought that his wings were rather pointy-er than usual. I may or may not have went after him? Because I remember there being a lot in the plot of the dream about him (but it might have been a completely separate dream, haha) But knowing me, I probably did go after him. That might've been why Cory was upset.

    There was a dream I had right before I woke up, it was something happy. When I woke up I wasn't sure if it had been a dream, our just a very vivid thought I had while waking up, so I sort of dismissed it and now I can't remember it.

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    Tags: bugs, cory, seru
    non-lucid , dream fragment