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    Lucidity with Afiel: Explorin' buddies

    by , 09-21-2013 at 06:22 PM (368 Views)
    (This is from September 16.)

    I woke up into a lucid dream from an episode of sleep paralysis. I looked around and was in some kind of dorm room, there was a futon on the floor, a small area with a microwave and mini-fridge, and the regular dorm room surroundings. I also saw a mirror on the wall and wondered what I looked like, so I looked into the mirror and saw myself. I was confused at first, because I knew I had wings, but I couldn't see them in the mirror, so I kept concentrating on my reflection until my wings appeared. After that, I attempted to call Afiel into my dream, using every trick I could remember. Yelling his name, visualization, closing my eyes and reaching out, etc, but none of it worked. At that point I was annoyed, because this was my second lucid attempt to bring him about and I didn't want to fail again, but then I looked into the mirror while visualizing him and there was his reflection in the mirror! He was standing behind me; using the mirror had worked. I spun around and he was standing there looking all excited that we were able to do it, and I ran over squealing like a little girl and jumped into his arms. He said he honestly didn't think it would ever work and he was just humoring me all this time, and that he was "pleasantly surprised" when he woke up in my lucid dream. I wasn't sure how to leave the room since there was no door, but I had pretty good control and stuck out my hand, which caused a big hole to open up on the floor. We both jumped through it and came out on the other side in midair, just above the lowest layer of clouds and the ground below us like green patchwork. Afiel didn't seem to have a problem flying, right away he spread his wings and caught a current of wind. I, however, was immediately falling as soon as I exited the hole. I spread out my wings and tried to steady myself, and was able to finally get myself going in flight after a few failed attempts at hovering. As I flew, I saw Afiel much higher up, his huge black wings were maybe three times bigger than my little white ones and he was blocking out the sun. I followed him up and we just flew around together enjoying the view and laughing. I remember at one point seeing something interesting on the ground, so we landed in the grass and were surrounded by lots of cool old stone structures. We flew together through a lot of odd places just exploring, occasionally ending up in weird dimensions that didn't make sense. Every few minutes or so I would be surprised that my dream was so vivid and was lasting so long, and had this feeling that Afiel was somehow helping me keep it anchored. Even so, I kept randomly touching things and rubbing my hands together thinking it could possibly buy me more time. We flew through a weird ribbon-like thing in the sky and wound up in this scene that was a giant translucent blue cube about a mile in size that would start over at the beginning once we reached the end, like some kind of dimensional loop. On the sides of the cube I could see offices and floors of buildings just floating around strangely, and beyond that was infinite darkness. The darkness eventually closed in and the dream faded away.

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    Tags: afiel, flying
    lucid , memorable