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    Spiders, Hot Wheels, and a girl named Abigail

    by , 08-20-2013 at 12:34 PM (518 Views)
    I was laying in my bed alone and it was morning, so I got up and walked over to the dresser when out of the corner of my eye I see movement on my bed. It turns out there were thousands of spiders crawling all over the bed sheets, and I went into a panic feeling myself all over making sure there were none on me. Then I noticed that they were all over the floor as well, and all along my walls! Just tons of them, of all different types. Little ones, big ones, poisonous ones like Black Widows and Brown Recluses... I had to just stand there without moving my feet because I was barefoot and afraid I would step on one and get bitten, and at that point I became lucid and I realized the whole thing was a dream and it would be impossible for so many spiders to be in my house. Unfortunately, I didn't have any control over the dream and couldn't will the spiders away, so instead I tried to reach for my shoes so I could walk over the spiders and out of the room. When I looked in my shoes there were spiders already with webs hanging out in them, and no matter what pair of shoes I picked up they all had webs and spiders in them. There were also webs all over my room now, in all the corners of the wall, in my bookcases, around my dresser and on my bike, and even under the bed! It was absolutely terrifying. So the whole dream I just stood there still waiting for it to end.
    (Note: My fiance and I went hiking earlier yesterday only to discover spiders in webs all over the path because apparently they come out in force after a rain! We had to turn around early: hike cancelled on account of spiders. I think that caused this dream/nightmare.)

    I had just transferred to a new school but nobody in my class wanted to help me get caught up on the assignments, until I sat down next to this nice girl. We both sat in the front row, near the middle. I think her name was Abigail, or Agatha, something like that, and she had blonde hair in braids and was really white like she never went out in the sun. She also wore an old-fashioned light blue dress that reminded me of Little House on the Prairie. She was really helpful and would let me borrow her notes and supplies I needed for the coursework. She was always smiling and I kinda had a little crush on her. The next day I sat down and she wasn't there, apparently she was running late. The professor had us work on an art project the class had started before I transferred, so I didn't have anything to work on. The project involved making an intricate picture out of string. Since Abigail wasn't there to loan me any string, I went over to the storage drawers to see if there was any extra laying around. I opened one of the drawers and someone's string art slid out and became tangled, I think it was a picture of a building made with red string. The guy came stomping over and was pissed at me, so I lied and said it was like that when I found it, but he didn't believe me so I went away from him and sat back down. He kept glaring at me the whole time, though. Soon Abigail came in and we discussed what we were going to wear on Halloween, and we left the room together and walked down the hall still talking about it. As we walked, the hallway transformed and soon we were walking in a vast snowy field at night, but it wasn't too dark because of a full moon. Abigail also transformed as we walked, she became a short old Inuit man, but for some reason I didn't think that was unusual at all. We sat down in the snow and the man made a fire and told me depressing things about how hard it was to keep food on the table for his wife and children.

    I was in a library with a big collection of Hot Wheels cars, and I was sitting at a long wooden table going through one of those old-fashioned card catalogs. I wanted to find out how much my Hot Wheels were worth so I was looking for price guides. The collection was pretty big so I couldn't finish pricing it before the library closed, so I came back the next day. When I got there the library wasn't open yet and apparently wasn't going to open all day for some reason, so I sat there at the door hoping they'd open anyway. The library itself looked like a giant church, almost exactly like the Chapel of Loretto, and was out in the middle of wilderness, with no civilization around for miles. It was wintry outside, but not too cold, and there was a little bit of snow on the ground. Eventually I got annoyed and gave up, and started walking away, past some bare trees and over some hills.

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