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    Stuck in prison

    by , 09-05-2013 at 01:13 AM (302 Views)
    (This is from August 30.)

    It was my first day in prison, I'm not sure why I was there though. The prison cells were the old-fashioned cages with metal bars, it was very depressing. In the cell next to mine was a little girl who was covered in dirt and would lay on her bed and cry on the phone to her older brother. She'd always talk about how dirty she was and how they wouldn't let her shower or eat. It turned out that she was framed by her older brother because he didn't want to go to jail, but she didn't know that and would cry to him. He'd always feel guilty about it every time she called, but not enough to turn himself in. In the cell next to the girl's, was an old woman who'd been in jail for decades. She was hopeful she would get out soon, but one night she overheard the little girl talking on the phone, saying "I don't want to be stuck in here forever like them!" and the girl pointed to her. She got really upset and lost hope she would ever be let out after hearing that. Late at night, I went out into the prison yard and saw two shadowy figures on the other side run into a building. I followed them inside, and saw them both, two prisoners, laying on a big comfy bed and watching Doctor Who on a TV. They were annoyed that I'd followed them, but they couldn't make me leave because technically none of us were supposed to be out that late. I laid on the edge of the bed and watched Doctor Who, and they kept grumbling and pushing me because I couldn't stop moving around. Later on, a guard came and escorted us to a big room with desks, and said it was time for an exam. I didn't know what he was talking about because I was new, but I saw everyone pull out half-finished puzzles and start putting them together. So I looked through the shelves and found an abandoned half-finished puzzle and sat down, but the puzzle pieces were super sticky and kept sticking to my fingers, so I wasn't able to finish it in the time limit.

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