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    A Long Strange Trip... into Ashraen's Twisted Psyche

    Slaying the Beast in the Forest of Denn and taming Chomper

    by , 11-09-2011 at 12:33 AM (751 Views)
    Serial RPG

    I was playing football with some family/friends outside my grandparents' house, when I got poked in the eye and couldn't see. I went into the house to wash my eye out, but when I looked in the mirror, there was nothing wrong with my eye and I could suddenly see perfectly out of it.. so I realized I must be dreaming. I looked over at the hand towel and tried to levitate it.. it worked.. lucid

    I walked outside and proclaimed loudly to all the DCs in the area that I was lucid dreaming. They seemed unimpressed, so I took to the air to fly around and figure out what to do. I flew away from my grandparents' house and began to throw fireballs at the surrounding landscape. I hadn't done this in awhile (lucid drought), so it took some practice to get back in the groove. As I continued to manipulate the fire with my mind, I realized I had flown to a forest.. in fact, it was the Forest of Denn!

    I landed and checked out my surroundings. I appeared to be near a clearing in the forest where there was a small lake, covered in fog. I walked toward the lake and noticed a giant dragon worm. It rose up out of the lake, with the body of a giant worm, about 15 feet wide and rising about 35 feet out of the water. I call it a dragon worm, because the head was shaped like a dragon's, with a lizard tongue that was slashing about and hissing as it oscillated slowly back and forth, as if dancing. I recalled my current task to slay a beast and began to charge the dragon worm with a snarl growing in my throat.

    I reached the edge of the lake and jumped/flew into the dragon, colliding with the side of the massive beast and latching onto its leathery skin. I forgot completely about the armor I had bought previously, and was solely focusing on the attack. It quickly became apparent that I *would* need my weapon, so I closed my eyes and visualized my glowing orange shardblade in my hands. As soon as I felt the grip in my fingers, I opened my eyes and began slashing at the worm while still holding on with my left hand and legs.

    Even tho I was making gashes in the thick skin, the worm didn't seem to even notice. It continued to sway, but now started spinning around, as if trying to sling me off. I realized that I needed to attack it at a weak point. From where I was latched on, I could see a small hollow at the base of its throat which appeared to be a good place to start, but it was out of my reach, and the worm was spinning and swaying too violently for me to climb up to it. Then, I had an idea..

    I collected myself as the monster continued to gyrate, and then let go, allowing myself to be slung free from its body. As I did, I turned and locked my eyes on the hollow of the throat. When I reached the apex of my flight - before I started to fall down to the lake - I launched myself straight at the beast, sword outstretched and focused intently on the hollow of the throat.

    When I reached the body, my sword thrust deep into the throat with a slurping sound. The worm began to gurgle and flop around even more frantically.. then it slowed and hissed as it fell away into the lake. I jumped from the body and hovered over the lake as it fell and watched it slap the water's surface and sink down. Something caught my attention and I glanced at the shore. A very small dragon was flying over to inspect the drowning worm. It's head was identical to the beast's I had just slain, but it had a full dragon body and not that of a worm. It flapped it tiny wings rapidly as it cocked its head from side to side, a puzzled look on it's face. It hit me that this must be the giant dragon worm's offspring.

    I remembered that my next task was to tame a beast... so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do just that. I flew closer to the little dragon and it backed away, seeming to notice me for the first time. "What's your name, cowboy?" I asked. Suddenly the word 'Chomper' was spoken in my mind - a high-pitched but masculine voice resonating - as the dragon cocked its head.

    "Ok, Chomper, I think we should be friends.." I said, as I moved closer. The dragon seemed unsure, but didn't pull back. As I got close enough to touch Chomper, he shot some fire breath at my hand. I jerked back reflexively, but then moved forward again. He put out a continuous gout of flame at my hand, a hint of frustration in his eyes. As my hand began to touch the flame, I slowly caused the fire to fizzle and disperse, until there was no fire left and my hand was up against Chomper's nose. He cocked his head and stared at me incredulously as I stroked his nose.. then he began to giggle and laughed out loud, showing all his teeth in a large smile.

    Chomper flew over and alit on my shoulder, playfully expelling a puff of flame that singed my eyebrows. I flew over to the lake shore and dropped to my feet. Chomper hopped down as well. I felt confident that I had my new companion, but he sure was small for battling monsters and the like, so I decided to try something.. "Chomper, GROW!" I said out loud. And he did. As I continued to look at him, I willed him to grow to about 3 times my size.

    I looked around for something for us to fight. There was nothing. Wait... There was something down the shoreline crouching low behind a tree. It looked like a panther laying in wait for an ambush.. I stared straight at the animal and said
    "Chomper, BURN!" He then let out a burst of flame that took out half of the shoreline of trees in the direction I was looking. I couldn't help laughing out loud. I walked over to where the panther had been to find everything - including the panther - charred and smoldering. Chomper seemed quite pleased with himself.

    I was about to feed the roast panther to Chomper when the dream started to fade.. and I decided to just let it

    This was the most fun LD I've had in awhile. I had been in a drought for the last couple of weeks, but this was the 2nd in 3 days, so hopefully it will put me back in the groove

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    1. Taffy's Avatar
      Wow, that was awesome. Sounds like really epic dream.
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