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    hard to decide what to put here, as i cannot begin to describe myself in a little text box.. so i'll mention a few things in which i believe:

    i believe you are the same as me, just on a different trip
    i believe the only thing i can ever truly KNOW is what i feel right now
    i believe in the power of belief
    i believe in love
    i believe happiness is a choice

    i like to learn new things, and i like the way other people's eyes light up when they talk about things they like.

    i will close this bio with a quote from my buddy... spoken to me with a mason jar full of dos equis in each hand: 'they tell me life is hard, and i say, compared to what?'
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    music, golf, computers, learning new things
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    LD Count reset on 7.20.2011 | LD count from previous experience: 100+
    dream goals/focus points: WILD [3] | DC interaction [in progress (iP)] | flying mounts [x] | water-walking [x ] | explore Dream World Academy [x] | superfast movement (nonflying) [x] | shared dreaming [ ] | passive control [iP] | shapeshifting [iP] | portals [x] | dream mapping [ ]


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    Slaying the Beast in the Forest of Denn and taming Chomper

    by ashraen on 11-09-2011 at 12:33 AM
    Serial RPG

    I was playing football with some family/friends outside my grandparents' house, when I got poked in the eye and couldn't see. I went into the house to wash my eye out, but when I looked in the mirror, there was nothing wrong with my eye and I could suddenly see perfectly out of it.. so I realized I must be dreaming. I looked over at the hand towel and tried to levitate it.. it worked.. lucid

    I walked outside and proclaimed loudly to all the DCs in the area that I was lucid dreaming. They seemed unimpressed, so I took to the air to fly around and figure out what to do. I flew away from my grandparents' house and began to throw fireballs at the surrounding landscape. I hadn't done this in awhile (lucid drought), so it took some practice to get back in the groove. As I continued to manipulate the fire with my mind, I realized I had flown to a forest.. in fact, it was the Forest of Denn!

    I landed and checked out my surroundings. I appeared to be near a clearing in the forest where there was a small lake, covered in fog. I walked toward the lake and noticed a giant dragon worm. It rose up out of the lake, with the body of a giant worm, about 15 feet wide and rising about 35 feet out of the water. I call it a dragon worm, because the head was shaped like a dragon's, with a lizard tongue that was slashing about and hissing as it oscillated slowly back and forth, as if dancing. I recalled my current task to slay a beast and began to charge the dragon worm with a snarl growing in my throat.

    I reached the edge of the lake and jumped/flew into the dragon, colliding with the side of the massive beast and latching onto its leathery skin. I forgot completely about the armor I had bought previously, and was solely focusing on the attack. It quickly became apparent that I *would* need my weapon, so I closed my eyes and visualized my glowing orange shardblade in my hands. As soon as I felt the grip in my fingers, I opened my eyes and began slashing at the worm while still holding on with my left hand and legs.

    Even tho I was making gashes in the thick skin, the worm didn't seem to even notice. It continued to sway, but now started spinning around, as if trying to sling me off. I realized that I needed to attack it at a weak point. From where I was latched on, I could see a small hollow at the base of its throat which appeared to be a good place to start, but it was out of my reach, and the worm was spinning and swaying too violently for me to climb up to it. Then, I had an idea..

    I collected myself as the monster continued to gyrate, and then let go, allowing myself to be slung free from its body. As I did, I turned and locked my eyes on the hollow of the throat. When I reached the apex of my flight - before I started to fall down to the lake - I launched myself straight at the beast, sword outstretched and focused intently on the hollow of the throat.

    When I reached the body, my sword thrust deep into the throat with a slurping sound. The worm began to gurgle and flop around even more frantically.. then it slowed and hissed as it fell away into the lake. I jumped from the body and hovered over the lake as it fell and watched it slap the water's surface and sink down. Something caught my attention and I glanced at the shore. A very small dragon was flying over to inspect the drowning worm. It's head was identical to the beast's I had just slain, but it had a full dragon body and not that of a worm. It flapped it tiny wings rapidly as it cocked its head from side to side, a puzzled look on it's face. It hit me that this must be the giant dragon worm's offspring.

    I remembered that my next task was to tame a beast... so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do just that. I flew closer to the little dragon and it backed away, seeming to notice me for the first time. "What's your name, cowboy?" I asked. Suddenly the word 'Chomper' was spoken in my mind - a high-pitched but masculine voice resonating - as the dragon cocked its head.

    "Ok, Chomper, I think we should be friends.." I said, as I moved closer. The dragon seemed unsure, but didn't pull back. As I got close enough to touch Chomper, he shot some fire breath at my hand. I jerked back reflexively, but then moved forward again. He put out a continuous gout of flame at my hand, a hint of frustration in his eyes. As my hand began to touch the flame, I slowly caused the fire to fizzle and disperse, until there was no fire left and my hand was up against Chomper's nose. He cocked his head and stared at me incredulously as I stroked his nose.. then he began to giggle and laughed out loud, showing all his teeth in a large smile.

    Chomper flew over and alit on my shoulder, playfully expelling a puff of flame that singed my eyebrows. I flew over to the lake shore and dropped to my feet. Chomper hopped down as well. I felt confident that I had my new companion, but he sure was small for battling monsters and the like, so I decided to try something.. "Chomper, GROW!" I said out loud. And he did. As I continued to look at him, I willed him to grow to about 3 times my size.

    I looked around for something for us to fight. There was nothing. Wait... There was something down the shoreline crouching low behind a tree. It looked like a panther laying in wait for an ambush.. I stared straight at the animal and said
    "Chomper, BURN!" He then let out a burst of flame that took out half of the shoreline of trees in the direction I was looking. I couldn't help laughing out loud. I walked over to where the panther had been to find everything - including the panther - charred and smoldering. Chomper seemed quite pleased with himself.

    I was about to feed the roast panther to Chomper when the dream started to fade.. and I decided to just let it

    This was the most fun LD I've had in awhile. I had been in a drought for the last couple of weeks, but this was the 2nd in 3 days, so hopefully it will put me back in the groove

    Updated 11-09-2011 at 12:36 AM by ashraen

    lucid , memorable

    Trick or Treat! (TOTM) and Advanced Task Fail

    by ashraen on 10-05-2011 at 04:47 PM

    I woke up in my bed at the hotel.. only there was a girl in my room (thought it was the maid at first) walking toward my bed. She actually got onto the bed and kissed me on the forehead.. at which point I thought 'this might be a dream,' but I wasn't convinced yet. I looked at the door and noticed some weird, round things mounted on the wall where the light switch should be. They weren't clocks, but they had digital displays.. I tried to make the numbers on the display change.. it worked- lucid.

    I remembered the TOTM was to Trick or Treat, and I figured this would be easy since I was in my room at the hotel. I went outside and knocked on the door 1 room over where my co-worker Chad was staying. When he opened the door, I yelled 'Trick or Treat!' He asked me 'What flavor?' I was confused for a minute, but then I replied 'Chocolate.' He then gave me a bag of chocolate-covered doughnuts that were sitting on his desk.

    After he closed the door, I walked about in the common area between the hotel rooms, munching on my doughnuts (which tasted quite delicious, btw). I decided to try the advanced TOTM, becoming one of the gods. I was going to be Zeus. I started by trying to make myself much bigger than my surroundings (not strictly necessary to complete the task, but it's how I wanted to do it). This scaling is something I have done quite often, but this time I couldn't seem to make it happen.

    After trying for a good bit (probably should have stabilized at this point, but I did not), I just flew up on the rooftop to relax and enjoy the lucidity. The dream faded as I was sitting on high, watching people swim in the hotel pool below.

    Successful Waterwalking (FINALLY!)

    by ashraen on 09-17-2011 at 04:38 PM

    I am at a party where there is dancing and music. The guest of honor is announced as 'Adam Sandler,' but it's really my old soccer coach Joe, who actually looks alot like Adam. The spotlight is put on him, and he's trying to take a nap, which everyone thinks is hilarious. I am swordfighting with some people with long balloon swords.

    I walk outside to get some fresh air, and it's dark. There are some people here and there, milling about, doing the types of things that people generally duck outside of a party to do, and I decide to start walking home. Suddenly, it's morning and I am driving down the road. There is a limo pulling out, and I slow down in order to let them on the road.. but the driver waves me on. As I pass the limo, I see that Mayor Royce from The Wire is riding in it, wearing a tuxedo with the tie undone and all disheveled looking.

    When I see my turn off the road, I start to slow down, but I realize I'm not slowing down fast enough to make the turn. I try to slow down more, but it doesn't seem to work. This type of thing is common in my dreams, and it hits me that I might be dreaming. I quit trying to slow down and try to fly instead... the car lifts off the ground and I become lucid

    I shed the car and keep flying for awhile, passing farmhouses and livestock, streams, hills, and fields. I'm looking for something but I don't seem to know what. I see a tall white tower on the side of a hill which looks very out of place, so I fly down to check it out. When I land on the roof, it becomes clear that the tower is very small - on a different scale than me. I am far too big to actually go inside.

    I try to scale myself down - and it's working - but I can't seem to get quite small enough to actually go inside. The building seems to be scaling down a little as I do, altho I'm definitely getting smaller faster (in other words, the building was shrinking, but not as fast as I was). I decide to give up on this little adventure and find something else to do.

    I fly over to to a large tree stump where a hispanic guy with a hat and sunglasses is sitting. I say 'Hola amigo, como estas?' He looks at me and says 'You must finish the quest.' I am confused by this.

    NOTE: Upon waking, I realized this was my subconscious telling me to finish the quest I started the night before in the Serial Dream RPG. I even went to bed trying to incubate this... but sadly I didn't realize it in this lucid.

    I look over and see a small pond with a rail fence around half of it. I have been trying (and failing) to walk on water for several attempts over a few months, so I decide I should walk on the water. Successfully this time. I fly over to the water, wave my hand to send a couple of sheep flying off in the distance (this is almost force of habit now. If I have a DC - human or animal - near me while I'm about to attempt something, I dismissively send them flying away from me immediately).

    I had an idea of how to make the water walking work while in the waking world. I'm good at flying/floating, so I figured I would start by floating on the top of the water, then try walking. I grabbed the rail fence and stepped onto the water, keeping myself hovering over it. I lowered myself until I could feel the water touching my feet, then I let go of the fence and started to walk.. It was working! Finally!

    As I crossed the pond, I began to every-so-slowly sink into the water a bit. I focused on levitating myself up a couple of inches, and continued to walk until I crossed the pond. At the other side, I took a deep breath, stabilized, and repeated the process. This time I made it back across without a hitch. I was so excited that the dream started to fade... I sat patiently, telling myself that it would come back as my world faded to black..


    I was now awake, laying in bed, but I still hadn't moved or opened my eyes from the previous LD. I knew if I was patient, the dream would return. I began to hear sounds in the distance, and a dreamscape (my room) began to form out of the darkness. I got up, levitated the fan on the desk in my room just to be sure I was dreaming (it worked), and walked to my door. I decided to walk through the door instead of opening it (sometimes I can do this easily, sometimes not). As I pressed against the door, the door resisted and I felt my dream fading. I stubbornly kept trying to force myself through the door... and I woke up.

    Take that water walking!! I was so sick of mastering all kinds of crazy dream powers (even successfully made a portal the other night) and not be able to do this one simple thing.. but now I've done it and I have the confidence of knowing that I can. DEILD chained me into a very short LD unfortunately, but that was because of my stubbornness with the door. If I had stopped and stabilized, it would have extended. All in all, good morning of dreaming

    Updated 09-17-2011 at 05:01 PM by ashraen

    lucid , memorable , task of the month

    Successful Portal + Failed Waterwalking + Weirdness in the Market of Denn

    by ashraen on 09-17-2011 at 02:57 AM

    I was in a restaurant with my family eating. It was time to leave, and I left in my car with my mom driving. The parking lot was crowded, and my mom was squeezing over to the side to get by some cars. There was a large tree overhanging into the parking lot, and I was worried that we would wreck. Instead, we just drove right THRU the tree. I thought 'that was weird,' and as we got onto the highway, I tried to levitate the whole car into the air (a little RC I've been doing on my looooong weekend trips for work). It worked, confirming my suspicion that I was lucid dreaming

    I moved thru the car door (without opening it) to the road and stood there for a minute, stabilizing. The road stretched out ahead of me, and the sky was a beautiful pink-orange, so I started running down the road, trying for super-speed. It wasn't working, when I remembered that it was much harder for me to do if I was actually moving my legs. So, I started floating forward, imagining the world moving quickly past me, and I began to pick up speed until I was cruising very fast!

    After a bit of this, I stopped and thought about what to do next. I was standing on the road, with scrub land spreading out all around me. I decided to try to make a portal. I have tried this before with no luck, but I tried to eliminate doubt and expect it to work. I wanted to continue my quest in the Land of Aud, so I attempted to make a portal that would take me to the Market in Denn.

    As I watched, a blue mist began to materialize before me in the air, expanding into a circle about 4 feet in diameter. I closed my eyes and backed through the portal (for some reason, at the time this method of entering seemed like the most promising for success )

    It worked! When I backed through the portal, the sounds around me changed, the temperature changed, and when I opened my eyes, I was in the marketplace in Denn! The sky went from clear and pink-orange to cloudy and purple. There were small shops criss-crossed by dirt paths, with small rectangular pools of water smattered about. I walked over to a pool and looked at my reflection. I wasn't in character, so I changed into my brown wide-brimmed hat, white linen shirt, and brown leather pants. It's getting much easier to do this

    Because I've been having a tough time walking on water (made 2 attempts even before it was the TOTM), I decided to give it a quick go while I was staring at some... and failed. and failed. and then said screw it!

    Now, I needed some armor and a weapon. I ducked down an alley and found several aisles of armor. I walked down a couple of them, surveying the selection. There was mail, plate, boiled leather, and things I had never seen before, all in crazy colors (even polka dot). I found some burnt-orange colored armor that looked interesting. It looked almost like a robotic suit of armor, but lightweight.

    As I slipped my legs into the bottom part, they snapped tightly around my legs, forming to the contours and glowing slightly. They were lightweight but felt very sturdy. I still had great flexibility. I put on the breastplate and gauntlets (this was all hanging together as one suit), and began to jump around and move, testing the armor. I was able to move like I had nothing on, but I felt incredibly well-protected, and everything was lightly glowing a dark orange. There was a helmet but I decided I didn't need it

    I remembered that I needed a weapon. I realized that the armor I was wearing resembled the 'shardplate' armor suits that I had read about in The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. In that book, shard bearers (those wearing the shardplate) were able to summon a shardblade with their minds. I closed my eyes, took three slow breaths (actually, I think it takes 10 breaths in the books, but this didn't deter me at the time), and opened my eyes as I felt something in my right hand.

    I was holding the grip of a brilliant orange sword, glowing. The blade came out of the grip and curved around my hand and out in front of me. It was about 3.5 feet long and looked kinda like the sword from Halo. I took a few practice swipes, and it whistled as it sliced through the air. I just stood there for a few minutes, sort of in awe at the whole situation.. feeling pretty invincible

    It was time to find a beast to slay! I took off back up the alley I had ducked into to find the armor. When I reached the place where the broad street had been before, it was now a stream bordered on the other side by a forest. I headed in a trot and made a flying leap to cross the stream.. and woke up.. d'oh!

    This was really fun. I'm so glad I found this site, because I was pretty bored with my lucid dreaming when I last focused on it (a few years ago). The creative adventures of the peeps on this board have given me all kinds of new ideas, and I have developed dream powers I had never even thought of in the brief couple of months I have been a member. Damn that water walking tho.. I'm gonna get that one eventually!

    Updated 09-21-2011 at 05:32 PM by ashraen

    lucid , memorable

    Advanced TOTM (elemental control) Destroyed!

    by ashraen on 09-10-2011 at 06:16 PM

    Actually had this dream Thursday night, just now getting the chance to journal it here.

    I was riding in a van to my grandparents house. My grandfather (who died a few months ago) was driving, and my cousin was in the passenger seat, although he looked like my granddad. There wasn't really anything that triggered my lucidity- not even the fact that my grandfather is dead- but I suddenly realized that I was dreaming. I didn't even need an RC, because once I *did* realize it, I looked at grandaddy, and knowing he had passed was RC enough.

    I told him to stop the van, and I got out, smelling the air, stabilizing, and deciding what to do. I was at a corner near my grandparent's house, where there was a drive-thru burger joint and a small clear pond surrounded by trees. I decided to do the TOTM. I have had trouble before walking on water, so I decided to go straight to the advanced.

    I began by summoning some wind, feeling it pick up around me. I started to make it swirl in a giant cyclone around the pond. I jumped into it and let it buffet me upward, riding the cyclone in a circle to the top. I caused it to become more of a whirlpool and let it suck me down to the water, then made it buffet me back up.

    As I rode along the top of the cyclone, I began shooting fireballs from my hands. At first they were small and hard to see, but slowly I focused on making bigger and bigger fireballs, setting the trees that ringed the pond on fire, continuing to ride around the circumference of the cyclone. I began to manipulate the existing fires in the trees, causing them to grow and jump at my command.

    After awhile, I floated back down and let the cyclone subside. I know I had done 2 elements, but I had planned to go ahead and do all 4 while I was at it, so I went for earth. I walked over to the burger joint drive thru, and saw some cracks in the asphalt. I caused the cracks to widen, and the earth to split apart. I did this several times, including some cracks in front of a car in the drive thru. I opened a large hole underneath the car and caused it (and its occupants, who screamed in terror) to to fall into the earth, closing the hole back up over the top.

    There was a sexy girl standing at the drive thru, so I took a timeout to make some dream lovin

    Then I walked back over to the pond, which was rippling as the wind was still blowing fairly strongly. I stilled the waters, which allowed me to see a fish. I tried to send a lightning bolt at the fish (something I have never done) with no luck. I caused the waters to become rough again, splashing and swirling. I figured I might as well try to walk on it... I couldn't. So I froze the water and rolled a ball across the surface in hopes of helping me believe I could walk on it. It rolled for a bit, but then fell in, which wasn't ideal. I tried to walk on the the frozen part, but I fell through. D'oh! I swear I'm gonna do this one one day!

    Then I woke up.

    That was a REALLY fun lucid! Destroyed the advanced task, but still can't walk on water. I can fly, morph, send objects flying through the air, shoot fireballs, create cyclones that lift me up, open holes in the ground, walk through walls, and yet I can't seem to friggin walk on water! Gotta love dream control