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    A Long Strange Trip... into Ashraen's Twisted Psyche

    Trick or Treat! (TOTM) and Advanced Task Fail

    by , 10-05-2011 at 04:47 PM (381 Views)

    I woke up in my bed at the hotel.. only there was a girl in my room (thought it was the maid at first) walking toward my bed. She actually got onto the bed and kissed me on the forehead.. at which point I thought 'this might be a dream,' but I wasn't convinced yet. I looked at the door and noticed some weird, round things mounted on the wall where the light switch should be. They weren't clocks, but they had digital displays.. I tried to make the numbers on the display change.. it worked- lucid.

    I remembered the TOTM was to Trick or Treat, and I figured this would be easy since I was in my room at the hotel. I went outside and knocked on the door 1 room over where my co-worker Chad was staying. When he opened the door, I yelled 'Trick or Treat!' He asked me 'What flavor?' I was confused for a minute, but then I replied 'Chocolate.' He then gave me a bag of chocolate-covered doughnuts that were sitting on his desk.

    After he closed the door, I walked about in the common area between the hotel rooms, munching on my doughnuts (which tasted quite delicious, btw). I decided to try the advanced TOTM, becoming one of the gods. I was going to be Zeus. I started by trying to make myself much bigger than my surroundings (not strictly necessary to complete the task, but it's how I wanted to do it). This scaling is something I have done quite often, but this time I couldn't seem to make it happen.

    After trying for a good bit (probably should have stabilized at this point, but I did not), I just flew up on the rooftop to relax and enjoy the lucidity. The dream faded as I was sitting on high, watching people swim in the hotel pool below.

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