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    1. DILD-Task of the Month and improvement of visual quality of dream

      , 12-03-2014 at 10:32 AM
      go to sleep 3 AM
      wake to WC 5 AM
      wake 9:40 AM
      Lucidity : good
      Acces to memory : good
      Control: little above avrege
      Logic of thought: good
      Data from the subconscious:
      Lenght of LD 7min 42s , LD part 4min 27s
      Time of LD around 8:20h
      Memory of the dream 6,7%
      Memory of the second dream 42% (4min before awake)
      Before sllep i work on disinhibition of LD by finaly complete some porgrams/proses in my subconscious it work only partily when i woke up in 5AM i foud lots of errors and other mesages about programs and give intention to slove them.

      chnance to LD : last 7 day

      (whole night average)
      27% (today)

      before sleep 79%
      first part 3-5AM 0,03% (errors)
      second part 47% (to solve : 27 Err ,342 notice, 1262info )


      Interesting parts :

      Try to imporve quality of dream scene by Saying intent or pure intent . I gain more visual detail and after i try change color contrast dream become more "live like" in one part a little overdid it and color and contrast were unnatural. I also try change size of my visual field it work but i dount remember details if field actualy become bigger or if i can only better previve by peripheral vision.

      I try some fireballs

      I try summon one beaing (didind work but i try only one time without too strong intention or special method)

      Go trought some old house from garden and try to get to some civilization.

      I went down the street to small square and in front of one store i saw some girl and i remember dream task i read before sleep here in forum "Basic Task i - Hit a DC with a snowball and report their reaction - (kilham)" I give it a try , no snow in dream scene so i materialize snow ball directly . Reaction of DC when i hit her with snowball was: What are you doing . From the next part of dream i remember only small pieces. I know that I have tried to materialize another snowballs and try them on other people, also something with telekinesis and teleportation of a snowballs.

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      lucid , dream fragment , task of the month