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    Riots and Mirror Universes

    by , 05-08-2022 at 08:58 PM (270 Views)
    I dreamt about a price-gouging resort that had a bunch of computers, it also had its own currency (like "limbra pounds", "lú") eventually after getting into a spat about fall damage with the owner, I started a revolution and riot with the unhappy guests. There was also a lot of computers lying about, a lot of them had old windows 95 games on them. There was also one of my friends being possesed by a shapeshifting reptillian, and a vending machine that dispensed old grape fanta that had a promotion from the 2000s on them.

    I also dreamt about Deltarune, there was a "Mirror" universe everyone found themselves in. Everything was flipped, and after the party found themselves in trouble, they found Frisk, who appeared to be able to shapeshift in and out of a goat form, as well as conjure objects.

    I also remember taking a shopping cart from one world to another, and seeing alternate versions of my family.

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