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    Vague Recollection of a FNaF game

    by , 04-11-2022 at 11:45 AM (239 Views)
    Vaguely recall a FNaF game with the following mechanics

    • Security Breach's Exploration, mixed with the classic confinement to a certain locale
    • The whole location was themed around hot-dogs, and was an in-universe knock off.
    • Multiple phases/waves where the player had to do different things, some phases were triggered by not attending to/activating certain animations.
    • Music Man's activation depended on your physical microphone levels, something absolutely perfect in retrospect for LPs
    • There was a segment with hand puppets of the animatronics, and one of them resembled withered bonnie, in that it had a ring with painted teeth at the bottom and eats on the top.
    • each of the anamatronics were voice acted, and sounded similar to those from showbiz pizza.
    • eventually, the game ended with a jump rope minigame where the voice clip that played telegraphed the dodging position. it got stuck on a loop with a voice clip of "doubledoor doorslam" playing over and over.

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