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    1. John F Kennedy Dies.

      by , 03-31-2022 at 11:50 AM
      Dream From Mar 29 '22:
      Am in a room, a bedroom, at someone's house.
      Am standing in the room, the door is to my right, a bit behind me.
      I do pace around a little bit.
      In front of me, is a double bed, with a wooden frame, and some blankets.
      The blankets, the frame, and the pillow are all brown.
      Lying in the bed, is former US President John F Kennedy.
      He is lying on his back, reclined a up a little bit, with an upside down v shaped pillow.
      He is sleeping, or trying to, though not restless.
      Although he doesn't look old, he does look as though he may be about to breathe his last breath sometime soon.
      He looks content.
      Not sure he knows he is about to die.
      So, i ask him what he reckons, and, i don't give him a topic.
      He reckons, he wants his heart to fall asleep.
      So i pace a bit more, and then look at him.
      I see him, still lying on his back, a little to his left.
      He is lying rather close to his right side edge of the bed.
      So, i check his pulse, with my right palm, on the right side of his neck.
      There is no pulse, but that's ok, probably expected.
      So, i leave the room, and then enter a kitchen, which is behind his room.
      To my left, are three people, who are standing close together, front to back, not shoulder to shoulder.
      All three could be men, or one of them, is a woman.
      They are looking at something to their right, which i don't turn, to see.
      The man closest to me, is James Norton; he is wearing a grey short sleeved tee.
      Not wanting to disturb them too much, or not wanting to upset them, i ask them to check the pulse of the former President.
      So i follow them into the room.
      The former president is still lying close to the edge of the bed.
      Im pretty sure one of the three is a woman, but i don't know who she is.
      So the other man, stands behind Mr Kennedy, and crouches down next to him.
      He puts his hand to Kennedy's neck, to check his pulse.
      The man says something "he's gone" to confirm that Kennedy has indeed died.
      Well, no one is surprised that Kennedy has died.
      His death must have been expected.
      Then the dream ends.

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