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    1. Fraud And Panorama Booklet ..

      by , 08-19-2021 at 10:59 AM
      Dream From Aug 19 '21:
      Am with a mate, and we are visiting a newsagent in a shopping centre, somewhere.
      We are there to buy an item, be it a newspaper, perhaps a drink, or perhaps an item of stationary.
      Instead of buying anything, one of the young female staff gives me, or both of us, a long rectangular booklet.
      It's a lottery like book, supposedly worth a lot of money, upwards of $100,000.
      The design, is similar to that panorama bible study book, that i bought from Newcastle Koorong some years ago.
      We leave the newsagent, and visit another one.
      It's at this second one, that we discover the booklet contains a fraudulent prize, and/or information about the fraudulent prize.
      Then we visit a third newsagent, which by now, the staff knows what we are there for.
      And then we visit another two or three newsagents.
      The staff are unhappy that we know about this fraudulent lottery book.
      Then, i stand out front of the last newsagent, as though on the west side of the shops in Stockland Glendale, near woolies.
      i look south, so that woolies and those other shops are to my right.
      i wait out front while my mate goes inside to ask.
      while i wait, i think about having to get back to dad, so he can get me to the train station, for me to get train back to Newcastle.
      dream ends.

      Any questions or comments?

      The book looks something like this, not necessarily the exact same one:
    2. NCIS And Train

      by , 07-14-2021 at 10:48 AM
      Dream From April 1 '14:
      the location is a restaurant, probably somewhere in the United States of America.
      apparently the restaurant has been built on top of an underground train station platform.
      the actor who plays Vance in NCIS, is sitting at a diner booth, with seat going around the table.
      not sure im sitting opposite vance, but i do see his face fairly clearly, and close.
      he maybe on a lunch break or having dinner, while his colleagues investigate a case.
      the time in this is not known.
      building a restaurant on top of an underground train platform, seems a smart idea.
      next thing i know, a train has arrived, thanks the vibration sensation through the floor; that would be a "first" for any of my dreams.
      the arrival of the train seems rather impromptu or inappropriate.
      was the train supposed to arrive later?
      vance stand up and leaves the booth, walking away from me to my left, past me.
      he goes out the door of the restaurant, and down a set of steps to the ground floor level.
      the steps have a short concrete wall and handrail.
      vance, who now looks like gibbs, is going down, to the left, to talk to vance, to find out what has happened.
      apparently, upon arrival, the train was supposed to
      1: explode at the platform, causing however much damage and possibly the collapse of the restaurant floor, despite being a first floor or higher.
      2: cause an explosion.
      3: trigger an explosion.
      so, the train was being used as a weapon, by someone, or a group.
      as for the train itself, i only feel arriving, and don't see it or can't see it, from where i am in the restaurant.
      so, because the explosion hasn't happened, vance has to leave the restaurant, to find out why.
      going by the look of vance's facial expression, something has gone wrong that shouldn't have, or something else has happened, that shouldn't have.
      before vance stands up and leaves, and without him saying anything, i seem to know that an old man, or an elderly man has been injured, or killed, by the train.
      not sure the man is killed by the train itself, or whether he was in or near the tunnel, when he wasn't meant to be there.
      or, the man was meant to be there.
      and the ncis got their info wrong, or were given info that was not correct.
      my guess is that the old man wasn't mean to die.
      so, ncis was waiting for an explosion, that didn't happen.

      any comments or questions ?
    3. CT Scanner ..

      by , 07-14-2021 at 05:59 AM
      Dream From Mar 8 '14:
      Am reading a newspaper article, that features one of the male staff from the local Christian radio station, in Newcastle.
      he is shown in a black and white photo, which looks like it was taken 50 years ago.
      the man is sitting on a bench, like that of a weights bench or a chiropractic bench, and facing a device like that of a CT Scanner.
      that device is to my right, and yet im not entirely sure what it is, even though it looks very much like a ct scanner.
      the mans name is under the picture.
      as for the text under the picture, i don't quite read it all, and im not sure what is written about the man.
      because of the photo angle, he is sitting front on/side on, and i see his right side.
      he could be operating the device, or waiting for the device to finish its cycle, when the photo is taken.
      dream ends.

      any comments or questions ?
    4. Young Woman In Back Seat ...

      by , 07-14-2021 at 05:53 AM
      Dream From Feb 15 '14:
      it is day.
      the location is the driveway of the Westdale house.
      not sure i have done anything inside, to then step out the front door, but i see myself on the front path, at the front door, which is where i see the dream continue from.
      from the door, i step to my left, to the driveway.
      there is a vehicle parked on the driveway, the front of car facing the backyard.
      the vehicle is a four door sedan, which is, or could be red.
      the rear left passenger door is open, or i open it.
      the occupants are female.
      the front two occupants, or the driver, is facing the backyard, like that of a character is a computer game.
      from the path, i take a step to the rear left passenger door, without stepping onto the driveway.
      my right knee goes into the car, and onto the backseat.
      and i put both hands on the seat, to support myself.
      my left leg is stretched, behind me, with left foot on path.
      while i'm doing that, i see the occupant who is in the backseat.
      the occupant is a young woman.
      she is sitting on the rear right, turned a little to her left.
      i can see her face, but she otherwise not known to me.
      so i sit on the seat behind the front passenger, on the path side of the car.
      either, the young woman offers me her right hand, or i gently grab hold of her right hand.
      well, whether she offers her hand or not, im holding it.
      its when i hold her hands, that i there is a white ring on her middle finger, that has a tiny fake round ball at the top of it.
      its fake, because it doesn't reflect light.
      with her body turned slightly to her left, her right shoe/foot is pointed to me.
      her shoes are pink and white sneakers, which could be nike, or another brand.
      she is wearing black trousers or slacks, and, is wearing a white singlet/tank top.
      seeing that her hand, is flat in my hand, i kiss her hand gently with my lips, the top or outside of it.
      her hair is shoulder length and brown.
      this unknown woman, is caucasian, and could be a little bit freckled.
      then i look to my right, and out the back window, and see the front lawn of the neighbours house, on the east side.
      not sure why it is i look, nothing there to see that i know.
      or maybe to distract myself a little bit, from this woman.
      or perhaps to pace myself, so i can ask her the next question.
      and my question to her is, what is her age.
      this woman says she is 17.
      oh what?!
      although she does speak to me, i don't hear her voice.
      going by that info, that she is 17, i steadily get out of the car.
      an attractive woman, like her, is 17.
      how is that possible?
      and then the dream ends.

      any comments or questions ?
    5. Reversing Opposite Gran's Old Place ..

      by , 07-14-2021 at 05:45 AM
      Dream From Mar 8 '14:
      it is day.
      am in my car, and in Brisbane Street, on the north side.
      gran's old place in brisbane street, is on the south side.
      am trying to reverse my car, to the kerb on the north side.
      instead of reversing so that front of car, is to my left, the front of the car is to my right.
      and the front of the car, is pointing to gran's place, which about two houses to my right.
      Rawson Ave is to my left, about one or two metres away.
      im parked, about in line with gran's former neighbour, who was an architect.
      my front windscreen is dirty due to dust, or there are grey clouds in the sky overhead.
      and i don't look in the rear view mirror, to reverse the car.

      any comments or questions ?

      Dreamscape gonna be gone for a while...-img_2772-windscreen-dream.jpg
    6. Salvo's Garage ..

      by , 07-14-2021 at 05:40 AM
      Dream From Feb 15 '14:
      it is day.
      the location is the driveway of the rear hall of the Belmore Street Salvos.
      im opposite the rear hall, with the carpark fence behind me.
      i look to my left and see the old garage.
      the garage has two roller doors, even though it may actually only have one.
      the roller door on my side is shut, and in its position.
      the roller door on the yard side of the garage is pushed back and has a flat concrete square verandah in front of it.
      there are chairs and tables, from a cafe, on the verandah.
      the verandah is fenced.
      people could be playing on the grass.

      any comments or questions ?

      Hello to all-img_20150122_185112_725.jpg
    7. 322 Bus, Mum And Woman Sitting On Bench Seat ..

      by , 07-14-2021 at 05:26 AM
      Dream From Jan 17 '14:
      it is day.
      the location is Dowe Street in Tamworth.
      am at a bus stop on the west side of the street.
      the bus shelter is behind me, about one metre away.
      the bus stop doesn't actually exist.
      the driveway of the bottle-o is on the east side.
      there is medical place on my side, or something like a medical practice, and its to my right.
      it may not actually exist as a medical practice.
      i step forward to the bus stop, from the shelter.
      the bus stop sign, is similar to the Newcastle bus ones.
      so, i wait for a Newcastle bus to arrive.
      the bus route number is 322.
      to my right, in the distance, is bridge street, and that new shopping complex.
      the bus should arrive any minute.
      bourke street is to my left, a few metres away.
      there could be another person at this bus stop with me.
      the person could be a woman, who is older.
      she is to my left and behind me.
      what i know is that something is amiss with this bus stop and bus.
      well, the bus won't be coming this way, and would have to fit in dowe street anyway.
      dowe street is enough for cars to park along it, on both sides of street, but not all the way along.
      plus, the bus may have to turn right from brisbane street, and go over the median strip.
      doing that would be illegal and would interrupt traffic flow.
      and, i look back at the shelter, to make sure i have all my personal belongings with me.
      the bench seat, is a wooden seat, or like a shelf from a wooden bookshelf.
      the three walls of the shelter, being the back of it, and the two ends, are made of corrugated iron, which are white.
      the bus stop certainly isn't fancy.
      so then, i walk away and still make sure i have everything of mine, which i do.
      so i go for a walk, to find mum, because she will know where the bus stop is.
      mum will be somewhere in peel street, so i walk there, via bourke street, which is to my left, from that bus stop in dowe street.
      then in peel street, on the east side, outside the coles complex, i walk away from coles, and see mum sitting on a wooden bench seat.
      the bench seat is set, so that mum is sitting, facing peel street.
      the seat isn't attached to, or part of a table, for people to sit at.
      to her left, being my right, is a young woman.
      so i step to my and approach mum.
      mum and the woman, are sitting on the bench seat, which is near the middle pedestrian crossing in this section of peel street, between bridge street and fitzroy street on the east side.
      they are on the north side of the pedestrian crossing, by one or two metres.
      i have walked to them and there is no traffic that i know of.
      as i approach mum and the woman, i look at the woman.
      the woman looks at me as well.
      she is wearing a full length red dress that has thin shoulder straps; its a bodycon dress.
      it may have a black flower pattern on it.
      her physique is probably similar to that of mel b from the spice girls.
      can see her face.
      her eyes are brown, as is her hair.
      her hair is about shoulder length.
      this woman isn't known to me, as in being familiar to me, and i haven't seen her before.
      she isn't smiling, which is fine.
      her head is almost oval shape, not quite rectangular.
      her skin colour isn't dark as such, but perhaps a dark shade of tan.
      and not that im going to, but i wont touch the woman, while mum is there.
      well i won't because i don't know the woman; i would have to know the woman fairly well, to know that she would want me to touch her.
      so i talk to mum, not that i hear what is said.
      whether mum has spoken to the woman, or not, i don't know.
      and then the dream ends.

      any comments or questions?

      Something lighthearted about life after death-img_20150122_195629_209.jpg

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    8. Seeing Women In Their Units ..

      by , 07-14-2021 at 05:21 AM
      Dream From Jan 6 '14:
      it is day, though overcast.
      that's not odd for January, but Newcastle can be tropical.
      the location is the public housing units in Hamilton South, in Fowler Street, at the Beaumont Street end.
      im outside, at the letterbox, or near the steps that lead to unit 1, and the other units in block 6.
      the weather, being overcast, is like that of winter, in the middle of summer.
      in the ground, between the block of where unit 1 is, and the block where my unit is, there is a garden.
      the garden is parallel to fowler street.
      looking at the garden, the design of it, is like an iced vovo biscuit.
      as i look west, fowler street is to my left, and beaumont street is behind me.
      there are flowers, vegies, or something else growing in the garden.
      as for the garden bed, i can't see it.
      there is a soaker hose to my right, and there is water from it, going onto the garden towards fowler.
      although im standing away from the garden, at the east end of it, the garden doesn't get my attention.
      the hose gets my attention.
      there could be a thin/narrow concrete path, between the two rows of the garden.
      as for what is being grown in the garden, it could be flowers or vegie, or something else, but not sure what.
      where i am, im out the front of unit 13.
      although overcast, im not really sure why the hose is on, and watering the garden.
      as for who put the hose there and turned it on, i don't know; it wasn't me.
      what i do know, is that i want to run through the water.
      as for any drizzle, i can't smell any, nor do i feel any.
      well, i don't run through the water, because my cell phone could in my left hand, though i could put it away or turn it.
      something is in my left hand.
      well, i have something separately, in both hands.
      there is a basketball in my right hand, and i grip it like that of the NBA.
      because of the two items, i don't want to run through the water, and get my phone wet.
      well, i may end up going through the water, to get it out of my system, though i don't recall doing that.
      and i don't recall getting wet.
      regardless, i do see the garden from unit 13.
      so, i raise my right hand, and see the basketball there, attached to my fingertips.
      and then i decide to check out the other unit blocks.
      so, i go past block 6, towards darling street, which is to my right, and north.
      to my right, is a section of grass that leads towards darling street.
      the grass is like that of a corridor between buildings, and is about 10 metres long, by 2 metres wide, going away from me.
      so, while walking the corridor, i bounce the basketball.
      while doing so, i do a left handed lay up, against one of the brick walls of either building.
      "oh well" for anyone who is bothered by me doing that.
      after the lay up, i look into a unit, to my left, along this corridor.
      the unit is ground floor.
      not sure a door is open, or whether a window is open, because i can see a young woman in her bed, with a blanket or quilt over her.
      can only see the back of her, and she is on her right side.
      her light is off, but seeing her in bed, is odd, due to the time.
      and i can't hear her sleeping.
      the woman is not known to me.
      the quilt or blanket design, looks like a blue pattern.
      given the lack of light, i can see her quite well.
      maybe she is sick, or sleeping it off.
      so it must be that i have accidently seen her.
      her mattress is in a frame.
      she is a few metres from me, but close enough.
      so i continue walking.
      in another unit, to my left, which i can see inside, because another door or window is open.
      there is another young woman, sitting on her bed, studying, with her feet on the floor.
      a bedside table light is on, which is to her left.
      she is, or could be studying with a laptop, on a small wheeled table.
      she is of course, sitting, facing to my right, though i see her right side and almost the front of her.
      could be wearing pjs.
      she is a few metres from me, but close enough.
      the woman doesn't see me, or wouldn't know that im outside and can see her.
      and so, i keep going.
      and i can see inside another unit, which is like the one im in.
      there is mattress like mine.
      there is no bed sheet on it, but there is a pillow, at the head end.
      a blanket or quilt is on it, but as a pile.
      perhaps the bed is not made properly by the tenant.
      looking to my right there is a bed side table or a chest of drawers.
      the mattress though has my attention, as to why the bedsheet isn't under the pillow.
      then i leave from there, and away from the direction of darling street, back towards my unit.
      as i step back along this corridor, from that mattress unit, i see there is a stove on the grass.
      the stove is upright, and on an angle.
      its to my right as i go past it.
      according to the top switches, the red light is on and one of the hot plates is on.
      strangely none of the flour hotplates are one, nor are the covers.
      and there is no smell.
      the grill and oven are both shut.
      somehow, this stove is plugged into a lead outside from somewhere.
      thats a puzzling.
      why is a stove outside, and why is it plugged in, to a power lead?
      and im the only person who can see this, so i can't ask anyone.
      there is a brick wall of a unit, to my left.
      i dont take another step back towards my unit, because the scene changes.
      next, im fishing over a concrete pipe, in a small creek near a small bridge.
      it is day.
      this could at the Peel river, along Scott Road, near the velodrome.
      using a rod, i bring up a small muddy looking eel.
      the eel is about the length of my hand.
      then i see that im in dad's boat, with him.
      it is day.
      we are both near the front hull.
      dad is to my left, and im facing left.
      we are sitting, almost hip to hip.
      the seat could be a bench seat.
      my legs aren't crossed.
      the water where we are, is clear, with a green tinge.
      where we are, is not known, nor is the depth of the water.
      im holding a fishing rod, which is red, and regular length.
      so i let the line down into the water, as i hold the spool piece.
      on my line, or on the hook, is a really small caramel coloured cube with the yy pattern on it.
      dad has already lowered his line in, which i don't see him do.
      so i hold the line with my finger, at the spool.
      i let the line go down further, before bringing it back up.
      the water depth is still not known.
      so i lower the line again.
      with his left hand, dad helps me with the spool.
      what, like i don't know how?
      i say to him "you teach me, surprisingly!"
      then i lower the line again.
      this time im puzzled.
      either, my bike is on the line as i let the line down, or bring the line back up, with the bike attached to the hook.
      it attached via a cable between the seat and the handle bar.
      so, i turn the rod to my left, and lower the bike into the boat, like that of netting a fish.
      and do so in front of dad, who doesn't object to me doing that.
      how does the bike fit in the boat?
      dream ends.

      any comments or questions ?
    9. Rhema Prize, And Madison Drive Intersection ..

      by , 07-03-2021 at 12:28 PM
      Dream From Oct 12 '14:
      Despite not entering a comp, or even knowing what the comp is, i have won a CD from Rhema Newcastle.
      Although i can or am due to collect the prize from the station, the CD seems to be in the right leg pocket of my cargo shorts already.
      That's before or after i see the CD my hands.
      It looks like the Killing Heidi ep cover, which is blue.
      And, i see that im in Adamstown Heights along the Pacific Highway, because Ocean View Street is to my left, during the day (?)
      Next, and daytime.
      Am at the Nioke Place and Madison Drive intersection, there in Adamstown Heights.
      Im on the south side of that intersection, being at Nioke Place.
      Im standing on the corner of Nioke, looking at the road of the Pacific Highway, with Nioke to my right.
      Im standing on that corner, ready to cross the road, over to Madison Drive.
      In the path or kerb where i am, there is a dip, to use for a traffic light pedestrian crossing.
      To my left, is the pole and button, to press, for pedestrians to use the crossing.
      There are people over on the north side, at the Madison Drive corner, so i don't press the button to cross.
      As for the Pacific Highway, there are two Newcastle bound lanes, of cars.
      The cars have stopped at the traffic light, which i see on the west side, and are Newcastle bound.
      One lead car, is a white sedan, which i see the driver side of.
      Although the pedestrian crossing light is red, i see my former TAFE teacher, for carpentary, cross the road to halfway, from north to south, while its a red pedestrian light.
      He is a Christian, with a moustache.
      His car rego when he was my teacher, was his personalised number plate.
      His name is David, but his surname starting with M, escapes me.
      His car was a brown Volvo station wagon.
      I step to my right, into the kerb gutter.
      I would cross on the red, but i wait for the green, so i can cross "legally".
      In my hands are one or two pages of a4 paper.
      Its folded, with the paper edge in my hands and the fold part away from hands.
      As i cross, i try to unfold it, but i either refrain, or simply can't unfold it.
      Looking at the paper, there is some text typed on it.
      One word near the fold is upside down and i can't quite read what it says.
      Is it a prescription for headache tablets or other medication.
      Is it a typed referral letter ?
      I look at it as i cross and don't see Mr DM or other people.
      The dream ends, when my alarm for church wakes me.

      here is a link for the video.


      any comments or questions ?
    10. Question After Waking ..

      by , 06-26-2021 at 05:23 AM
      Dream From Dec 26 '14:
      the location is a parking lot, like a ground level carpark, with multiple spaces.
      or, its a set of rear to kerb parking spaces in a main street somewhere; possibly like that of Warners Bay, on the east side of the esplanade, facing Lake Macquarie.
      its where the shops are.
      my back is to the screen, and im looking south.
      the cars are parked a few metres from me.
      they are parked at 45 degree angles, rear to kerb.
      i see the front left of a white car, parked between a van and another vehicle.
      the white vehicle, is a two, or four door.
      Jula's daughter, Angel, is standing, then crouching, at the drivers door of the white sedan.
      her face is clear to me, but not close, though i know its her.
      the driver door is open, or is opened so she can talk to the driver.
      angel wants to know about a horse.
      she may ask about the horse, or a horse, up to two times.
      i don't hear her ask the question, but i know she is asking about a horse.
      the driver doesn't answer, nor does anyone else.
      i envisage the horse as being in a paddock, and not as a race horse; it maybe a retired race horse.
      the horse is grey, or white.
      so, since she doesn't get an answer to her question, i want to help her.
      i don't approach her, but stay where i am.
      i want to approach, or i would have to, to ask her my question, because i don't want to shout from where i am.
      im about to take a step to approach her when the dream suddenly ends.
      im still in dream mode, but awake when i ask her my question.
      so, i whisper the question, which is "what do you want to know?"

      any comments or questions ?

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    11. Orbiter ..

      by , 06-23-2021 at 05:31 AM
      Dream From Nov 25 '14:
      this starts with me having left an office like room.
      i have left the office after completing a mission as an astronaut.
      the US Government had chosen me to complete the mission.
      im walking with Nick Stahl, who is to my left, towards an elevator.
      we have the choice of two elevators.
      its from here onwards, that i see what occurs.
      he presses the button for us, to go down, to ground level.
      where the buttons are for the elevator, i lean against the wall with my back to the wall.
      the elevator to my left, opens a split second before the one to my right does.
      as i get in the elevator, Nick asks me do i want to catch up for dinner or something.
      as the door closes, i say that ill consider.
      and then it closes.
      then i lean against the wall with buttons on it, but against the handrail on the wall.
      the door is to my left.
      on the inside of the door is a pattern, like a pipe screensaver.
      its gold, and it something like the pattern.
      then i tilt my head, to deal with vertigo, and close my eyes a couple of times to do so.
      although an elevator, i don't feel the sensation of going down.
      im not stuck, but the sensation seem implied.
      as i look in front of me, at the opposite wall, i see a floor to ceiling window.
      there is no frame, and its all one piece.
      and i still keep my head tilted.
      the elevator now seems tilted to my right, hence the tilt of my head.
      although in an elevator, its no longer one of those.
      and i don't even really know what is happening.
      seems a subtle change has occured, so subtle, that i don't notice.
      i can see outside this window, and it is day.
      well, it seems im in a NASA space orbiter, flying above the water surface of what could be the Hunter River, there in Hexham, going south to Newcastle.
      and, there is another orbiter next to mine, to the left of mine, but a few millimetres behind mine.
      that is so peculiar.
      they must be tilted down slightly, at the front.
      and thats what is causing my vertigo, while im standing.
      i can see some grass, on the other side of the orbiter.
      we are of course, flying from my left, to my right.
      the speed isn't "flat chat" but fast all the same.
      its not like that of 60 in a 60km zone, nor 100 in a 60km zone.
      the orbiters are probably one to two feet off the water surface.
      wow, and it seems so "normal" for that to occur.
      we could be going back to the NASA base, like that of a return to earth briefing.
      thats a guess.
      next, and daytime.
      i see im in a jeep like vehicle (a military one), and with soldiers.
      there is a jeep in front of me as well.
      we are one a two way highway, which curved subtley to my right.
      its about 3 degrees off centre from a 90 degree angle.
      we are travelling south that i know of.
      then i see an orange chevy camaro convertible overtake us on unbroken white lines.
      its Liam from room 3. (Catherine Street, Waratah West)
      he has apparently gone rogue.
      he gets a few metres in front of the jeep thats in front of me.
      as he overtakes, he may fire guns at us from guns under his car.
      or he does that from in front of us.
      either way, he shoots at us.
      the screen follows him like a low fly over.
      the guns are automatic, with the long necks.
      not sure he hits the vehicles.
      he may get some soldiers.
      not sure i get shot in the arm.
      then Liam stops on the left side of road.
      the jeep disappears.
      i join Liam on the side of the road, but down a short enbankment, which i step down.
      he is out of his vehicle, on the side of road, just above me.
      the enbankment is covered by old trees, which i am surrounded by.
      the ground is white, but not snow.
      its like marble, but could be sandy or sandstone, but certainly not quicksand.
      there is some grass, and some dirt.
      i step around some of the trees.
      i see Liam, to my left.
      i want to chat to him or talk to him, like that of a negotiation.
      why that is, i don't know.
      i stand next to one tree to protect/guard myself from him, not that he's gonna do anything.
      seems he won't do anything, and he seems fine anyway.
      not sure he has a handgun.
      then Gibbo arrives.
      he steps down the enbankment towards me, but not straight away.
      he isn't aggressive, but he does want to hit me.
      so i stand with tree in front of me.
      Gibbo approaches me as i see him from behind the tree.
      he lifts his shorts up, because he is such a large sized man.
      he does have a beard and moustache.
      i say to Gibbo, that he can hit me all he likes but i want to protect myself.
      and, i wake before he gets to hit me.

      any comments or questions?
    12. Philippians 4 v 8 ...

      by , 06-22-2021 at 06:37 AM
      Dream From Oct 14 '14:
      its night time.
      the location is a house, which im inside.
      either im renting, or im paying it off, as my own.
      the time is after 21:00/9pm.
      the night time could be a bit cool; nights here in Newcastle can be cool in spring, towards summer.
      the inside lights are dim, though i can see a bit of inside.
      then, i decide to go outside, to do one or two things.
      the front door, is parallel to the street i live in.
      it must be a suburban street.
      so, i go out the front, and stand on the lawn.
      so, i stand on the front path, which leads out to the mailbox.
      as i stand outside, the front security light turns on.
      there are steps to the front door like that of (my Catherine Street address)
      the lawn may've been mown recently.
      to my left, is a two path driveway.
      the front light is shining over the rear of it.
      to my right, is the rest of the lawn.
      one room is protruding forward from the house.
      although the light is not getting past that wall onto the lawn, im pretty sure the wall is weatherboard.
      i think i want to check the mail, and the power box, which, is on the not driveway side of the house
      but i stay standing and looking at doorway, though the light is getting my attention.
      as i think about what to do, a young woman appears from the dark side of the house.
      she is Winsome D's daughter.
      i know its the daughter, by her physique.
      she doesn't even startle me.
      she doesn't say anything, she just appears.
      and then i see that we are both inside.
      we are in the hallway of the house, which is wide enough for two people.
      its like pop's in Arinya Street, where it starts at the front door, goes straight for a metres, and then turns right, to go to kitchen.
      this one thought, doesn't turn right.
      the lights inside are on, but are rather dim.
      its almost a black and white scene, with some colour light.
      near the front door, but on my left side as i walk away from front door to go further inside, is a buffet like mine.
      she is wearing a white buttoned blouse, with an unbuttoned red cardigan over it.
      i can only see the shoulder part of her upper arms and just below her neck.
      her blouse us buttoned, all the way up to the collar.
      surprisingly, i don't see her face, yet.
      she has two small packages.
      they are plastic, with a gold pattern on them*
      in these two packs are plain white square envelopes.
      she puts them on the buffet and steps past me.
      the two packs, are one on top of the other, flat.
      she is at other end of the hallway standing, but not looking at me.
      is she looking at a mirror?
      is she simply having a look around?
      i go over to the buffet and lift the top package up with its left edge on bottom pack.
      i look for her name on bottom side of top pack.
      she sees me do this and says "hey!" and i put it back down.
      then i see us in what could be the living room.
      going by the drawing, it would be where the kitchen was, in pop' Arinya address.
      im standing in front of a corner piece of furniture; is it another buffet?
      there seems to be more than one in this place.
      my back is to the corner and i see her to my right, heading towards me.
      the light is on, and i see her face, a bit clearer.
      she steps towards me, as though she used to live here.
      her body language gives me that vibe.
      is she visiting, to see what the place looks like?
      she stands to my right as i face the corner.
      i get to the point.
      i ask her "ok, what is your name, and what is your age?"
      wearing what appears to be a skirt, her answer is "well, Philippians 4:8".
      so i jokingly say to her "is that your age?"
      she snorts, like that of a laugh.
      what i don't do, is look at her as i talk to her.
      and thats not avoidance, its so i can concentrate.
      well, i hear her voice, so thats a plus.
      dream ends.

      any comments or questions ?

      *Suicidal thoughts-clear-plastic-package.jpg
    13. Woman And Light Stand ..

      by , 06-21-2021 at 05:17 AM
      Dream From Dec 21 '14:
      seeing a woman, sitting on a two seater lounge.
      she is sitting upright, and on the left side of the seat.
      i am standing behind her, and look down to her.
      she is wearing a green tee.
      i only see the back of her, so i don't know who she is.
      her hair is short and black.
      to her right is a three legged wooden light stand.
      the cover of the light is like a plastic bowl.
      the lampstand is about 1.5 metres high.
      its upside down, with the light at the floor, and the feet above the woman's head.
      im not sure a power lead is attached to it.
      i see the stand like that, so im guessing the woman didn't turn it upside down.
      ah yes, apparently the lightstand wants to get into forensics.
      or, does this mean the woman wants to get into forensics?

      any comments or questions ?
    14. AFL, Seagulls, And Wooden Spoon ..

      by , 06-21-2021 at 05:15 AM
      Dream From Dec 21 '14:
      it is daytime.
      it could be winter.
      im sitting in the grandstand in an AFL Stadium, for an AFL game.
      it could be winter, because on the ground, to my right, half of the stadium or half the ground is in shade.
      to my left, in front of me, is sunshine on the ground.
      there is a big crowd.
      am with dad, close to ground level.
      as for an AFL game being played, not sure of that.
      i can't or don't see any players.
      however, im guessing that the Hawthorn Hawks are playing.
      it could be like the 2014 AFL Grand Final, when they played the Swans.
      well, there may not be a game being played.
      anyway, i turn to my left, and look up the grandstand.
      flying above the ground, and some rows up, is a flock of seagulls.
      for whatever reason, the Pelicans NBA team comes to mind.
      the birds are definitely seagulls and not pelicans.
      they are flying, like that of being at an AFL game.
      not sure what they are after, because dad and i don't have chips.
      then, thinking out loudly i jokingly say that "they'll win the next thousand wooden spoons (in the AFL)".
      i know its the seagulls because of the Manly NRL team.
      then, i turn around to my right.
      a few rows behind me, i see a woman, and i think her folks.
      they are all a bit vague to see, especially her.
      she does look like the woman who sat next to NZ Warriors coach Daniel Anderson, in the 2002 NRL Grand Final.
      is this woman, my lady?
      dream ends.

      any comments or questions ?
    15. Talking In Shopping World

      by , 06-21-2021 at 05:10 AM
      Dream From Dec 10 '14:
      the location is similar to that of shopping world in tamworth.
      i don't see myself enter the complex from the front entrance, from the carpark, or from any side entrance.
      i do see myself enter big w, at the main entrance and not at the checkouts.
      the lights are on.
      the checkouts are on the front carpark side.
      and the main entrance is on the shops side.
      where i came from, may have been the carpark, because i turn left, to enter big w.
      what i do know, is that i don't know why im even going to big w.
      i have no plan, no intention, or thought to buy anything from there.
      all i know, is that i enter the store.
      i get as far as the first few steps inside.
      the customer service counter is to my left.
      the perfumes and women's products are to my right.
      the floor isn't tiles that i know of, but its shiny or polished.
      well, i only get about two steps inside when a swarm, mob perhaps of young people gather around and in front of me.
      there are hundred's possibly thousands of people gathered in front of me.
      ok, maybe not that many, but a lot have flocked to be in front of me.
      they stand in a semi - circle and they are one metre from me, which is good because the space is necessary.
      i think most are teens, boys and girls.
      as for who any of them are, i have no idea, but they seem to know me.
      some of them maybe wearing school uniforms; could be the Kotara sports uniform, which is worn on Wednesday.
      these people have gathered of their own choice.
      i havent done the Fonzie "finger click" and everyone gathers.
      and i haven't demanded for them to gather in front of me.
      i have done absolutely nothing, for them to gather in front of me.
      all ive done is step inside the shop.
      its as though my influence or something about me, has drawn them to me.
      thats a first.
      anyway, i say something to them.
      my voice is like that of a young male, used in a computer game, or in an XBOX game.
      my voice sounds funky, and could be from a motorbike game.
      so, i speak to them, and, they do listen, but they don't question me.
      i stretch my arm out in front of me, flat, to them, with my fingers pointing to them.
      and i speak to them.
      what i say to them, is not something i would say regularly to them.
      its something, that i can only speak to them, just once.
      im not a teacher, or someone of authority who interacts with them on a daily basis.
      its not prophetic as such, but like that.
      what i say, which i do hear but don't recall, is both effective for their response and their reaction to me.
      instead of grumbling, they all smile, maybe nod, and decide there and then, to rectify what they have done in store, and/or to each other.
      its as though i have spoken to their hearts.
      and then i leave.
      so i leave, and walk towards the corridor, towards the Woolworths end.
      that walkway to the undercover carpark, is to my right.
      again, there are some teens, possibly students from Kotara.
      again, i point at them, not rudely, but with that influence.
      i see one male, side on, right side.
      he could be facing his girlfriend.
      he is with 10 or more other people.
      i say to him "you haven't paid for your food".
      i thought he would've paid for it as he ordered it, and not after.
      my voice is like an excited or enthused game show host.
      he looks at me, smiles, rolls his eyes, and then proceeds to pay for his food.
      that seems to trigger his mates to do the same.
      not that i stay to watch it occur.
      i don't recall going along the walkway but i may see woolies from about the donut shop, before the escalators at that end of the complex.
      i don't recall pointing with all my fingers at anyone or a group of people.
      i only see the takeaway shop, the one time.
      as for big w, i may go inside, up to 3 times.
      not sure i point to people in the complex and speak to them.
      the words that i speak, aren't mine, so it must be the H.S speaking through me.
      as for what i say, i don't recall everything that is spoken.
      i guess its prophetic.
      its stuff like "treat her right", "tuck your shirt in" etc.
      it seems so basic and yet it has a profound effect on people.
      i enter big w one final time, and see joseph at the doorway, near customer service.
      people are gathered.
      its like im a rockstar or someone.
      Joseph is to my left.
      he looks like that boy, who at age 3 or 4, was trained by his father, to do body building.
      i see that Joseph is young, and has thin arms.
      i jokingly say to him "i want you to do 20 billions push ups" on the spot.
      i almost stumble or say another word when i say billion.
      i say that, because joseph may have irritated a friend of his, which i didn't see.
      i say it, as i think it up as i go along.
      well, 20 billion pushups is way too many and would take a lot of time.
      and i dont have time to watch.
      and, im sure Joseph's arms arent up to it.
      so, i get him to do ten instead.
      he could do more and looks keen to do a lot, but 10 should do.
      as for what i say, it was to the solution, and not to the fault.

      any comments or questions ?
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