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    my first time in the USA

    by , 08-20-2013 at 04:33 PM (545 Views)

    I am in a hotel room in some foreign country. I somehow have this feeling that I am in Canada very close to the US border so after having some smalltalk with my parents I decide to take the car and drive across the border just to get an idea of what things are like "on the other side". My mum told me to get a map so that they can go hiking later. So as soon as I cross the border without any problems I encounter a sign on the side of the road which limits the speed to 77 km/h. I notice this, start to brake and wonder... 77? Very strange speed limit. However my subconscious reacts immidiately as if not wanting me to become lucid and puts another speed limit sign 100 meters further down the road which says 60km/h (~ 37 miles/h) which makes a lot more sense than 77. After a while I see that some parts of the road are cobbled so now it makes total sense to limit the speed... my awareness seems to be satisfied and doesn't question the dream anymore (sadly). I encounter a few tractors since this is quite a rural area.

    After a while I arrive at a small town. I stop at the next petrol station which also has quite a large supermarket in it. Somehow a friend of mine appears so we go inside together. I really want to get some American sweets and try them so I buy some sort of marshmallow cookies/waffles with chocolate (strawberry and hazlenut flavour), the map my mum wanted me to get and some other cool things. I also wanted to buy some things from the deep freezer, but I don't want them to melt in the car so I leave them where they are, however I marvel at some of the ice crystals in the deep freezer because they are extremly large and have a beautiful blue tint.
    After putting all those things in my shopping basket and going towards the cashier's desk I notice that I only have 75€ in my wallet. I ask the cashier (in English of course. Before this I was talking in German the whole time) if he was able to change 15€ into US$. He says that this was no problem. However I think that 15€ are not enough so I give him another 10€ that he should change into US$ as well. For some reason I tell him how many US$ I get and that he still needs to scan the things in my shopping basket. He replies: "Oh calm down. I'm good at math". I then reply "How am I supposed to know? I just wanted to make sure that you do everything correctly.". It takes him quite a while to do all those things which is why quite a long queue builds up.
    However I soon leave the store with my friend and some really luxurious cars are driving by. We note that there must be some VIPs in those cars. We decide to leave our car where it is and go for a walk towards the city centre.
    The town is really pretty and for some reason I am extremly happy and totally delighted. Everything I see makes me happy. That is probably the case because I absolutely adore travelling. We cross a few streets, turn right and find my mum, a good friend of mine and her mum walking on the pavement. I don't question how they got there; instead I'm happy to meet them and we stroll along the streets towards the city centre where we can see skyscrapers in the distance (quite strange for a small town) as the dream fades away and I wake up at 5:55am 5minutes before my alarm is supposed to go off.
    __________________________________________________ ______________

    All in all, quite a long, extremly vivid and lovely dream. I can even remember some scents and many sounds (which not so usual in my dreams since the sounds are always a bit off or the background noise is missing). Nothing exciting or crazy happened, but however I am still very happy with this dream as I really enjoyed its atmosphere.

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    1. beijaflor's Avatar
      sounds like a very cool dream, bro !
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    2. benni's Avatar
      Yea, actually one of my Top10 of all time ;D