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    Whirlwind of Dreams

    July 14, 2010

    by , 07-16-2010 at 04:06 AM (3197 Views)
    Becoming Canadian:
    I was becoming a canadian citizen. I was in some class and they were teaching us what to say and preparing us for the ceremony. Next thing I know, we are at the ceremony. We were with some kids and then each one of us took a kid's hand and walked by themselves. The hall was big and I think we were going to the stage or at least to the seats.

    There was a lot of people and a song that went like: "This time will be happy", "This time will be of joy".

    Weather Changing and Modifying Elements:
    I was at work and the weather seemed to be changing quite rapidly. It was very bright, likely hot and was pretty calm outside. Next minute, it's pretty dark and getting to be stormy.

    Looking outside the large windows from the counter, I notice what appears to be kids in a far away building screaming, happy that there is a storm coming. I see a couple outside the store and they are running to the sidewalk. I think "Good thing they are near the store". The dream skips and I am sitting with some workers who I don't recognize from RL. They seem to be eating cupcakes and are sitting near the door of the room. I inquire about the cupcakes and they say that they were given to them and that I shouldn't take one of the pink-iced cupcakes from the stack across the room.

    Dream skips again and I recall being in my bedroom. I might have just woken up and I notice the dark, stormy weather outside from my window. I am already lucid and I decide to exit my room and go to see myself in the washroom. I walk out of my bedroom and into the washroom. I face the mirror and turn on the lights. I see a quick glimpse of myself before the lights go off. Once again, I turn them back on and they go off again. I turn them on for a third time and this time, they stay on. I looked pretty normal in my reflection aside from my really messy hair. I didn't get a good look at what I was wearing or how the washroom looked, although from what I recall, it looked pretty similar to RL. I didn't want to spend all my time infront of the mirror, so, I continued my way down the stairs. Some lady came up the stairs and I dealt with her. I continued my descent down the stairs to our dark living room. I was still on the stairs when I heard my little brother yell out as if someone was bugging him. It looked like he was sleeping on the mattress in the living room and was having some kind of a dream about someone bugging him. My sister suddenly appears and is running down the stairs. I remember wanting to make her lucid as a recent goal of mine and tell her she is, but, she just dismisses it and run towards my brother. As soon as she is within the range of the mattress, she jumps onto the mattress as he sleeps on it. Of course, he yells for her to get off. I ignored them and wasn't too fond of the dark atmosphere and environment. I thought that if I step out, I might have to fight some monster, so, I imagined a green meadow that stretched for miles with the bright yellow sun shining overhead.

    I proceeded to open the door and decided to step outside. I didn't have shoes on and was worried about stepping into some glass on the sidewalk, but, I dismissed this concern because this was a dream, so, I just had to create some kind of barrier beneath my feet to prevent such accidents. I imagined a silver sheet underneath both feet and when I felt pretty confident of my success, I stepped outside. The neighbourhood looked pretty similar to mine in RL and I was able to walk easily on the sidewalk, not feeling any terrain from what I recall, rather the sidewalks felt pretty smooth. It was lovely weather outside as well. I saw a really small rusted airplane in one of my neighbour's yards which would fit one person inside. I walked over to it to look at it and it reminded me of the airplanes one flies in the BF1942 game. I couldn't make out what was written on it, it was a blur and I didn't think about increasing clarity. It didn't have a tail, just some small wings and I couldn't see the head of it.

    A guy came by on some contraption on the sidewalk and a truck just entered my neighbourhood and was about to drive past me. I ended up freezing the guy by pointing my finger at him and I decided to drop a cage on the truck. I think I originally wanted to drop a cage on him as well. Whether the cage actually dropped on the truck, I would never know since I directed my attention towards the plane, but, on the other hand, the guy was frozen in time and was only moving his eyes. I was standing behind the plane's two exhaust pipes which looked similar to a rockets' and decided to repair it to use it to fly. I pointed my finger at it thinking about it getting repaired and both exhaust pipes turned brown to signal that the repair is in progress. I wanted it done and didn't want to wait any longer, so, I decided that by the time I finish my count starting at 5 and going down to 0, it would be repaired. When the counting was done, the pipes turned back to the black color they once were and it looked to be in working condition. I wanted to pilot it and was planning to get in. I might have even gotten in because next thing I know, I am awake in bed with my eyes closed and I was thinking about piloting it.

    Thoughts: Finally, I have had another lucid. I couldn't recall how I became lucid, but, possibly awareness and my meditation last night might have helped. It wasn't my shortest or longest either. Would be nice to get another one tonight or within this week with greater lucidity First dream wasn't too bad, wish I got the rest of the song though. It does seem to be quite catchy as well

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
    2. BigFan's Avatar
      Thank you, I would have loved to be a bit more lucid(more conscious), but, I'll take any LD I can get
    3. juroara's Avatar
      Congrats on your last lucid! I've got a question about that green meadow of yours. I've tried to talk about this strange phenomenon before on DVs, but no one seemed to understand what I was saying.

      So you imagined a green meadow before you stepped outside right? And when you went outside, it was suburbia right? Not exactly what you imagined right?

      Don't you think it's kinda weird? That in a dream you can 'imagine' something. And what you're imagining, it feels like it's IN your head. Just like in waking life if you were to imagine something right now, it's there in the back of your head. But the rest of the dream doesn't feel like it's in the back of your head, it's AROUND you! Yet both are supposed to be happening in your head.

      I remember I had a weird moment like that in a lucid a few years ago. I was stumped in the lucid, I couldn't figure out the duality. Why I can still have imagination in my lucid dream, without it necessarily manifesting as an environment!
    4. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Good job BigFan!!!
    5. BigFan's Avatar
      Thanks for the comments guys. Really appreciate someone reading my DJ, it was also nice to finally have that LD after about a month+ of no LDs
      @juroara Thanks I think I see your point. Yes, you are indeed correct, not exactly what I imagined. Having said that, my main purpose when I tried to imagine the meadow was to focus on the atmosphere, as in get the sun coming out instead of the storm clouds that were present at that moment and not to create the meadow outside my house, so, maybe that's why it didn't manifest? I also experienced the back of your head thing, I mean I saw the meadow in my head yet the dream was around me the entire time. As for your duality in a previous LD, my guess is that you have to really intend for said environment to manifest and if your intent isn't strong enough, it might not. Crazy thoughts though, thanks
      @PercyLucid Thanks, would be nice to get another LD now but gotta fix up my dream recall, seems meditation likes to mess it up for me