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    Jungle to Ice Pit

    by , 09-20-2011 at 08:25 PM (559 Views)
    NOTE: Replaced the names of my siblings with just the first letter of their names/nicknames.

    Jungle to Ice pit (Non-lucid)


    So this dream has many pieces that I recall, but they are scattered throughout. Meaning, I caught many pieces of the dream, but they do not exactly flow smoothly.

    It was N, B, and I exploring in dad's dodge. N and I were in the bed, standing up, as B drove. Our current location was in what seemed like a more open jungle. There were areas with tall trees, and areas where the trees only reached up to around the top of the cab. The land was prety bumpy, and it was slow going, but the nice weather and warm temperature made up for the lack of progress.

    We were looking for the tree, the huge tree that housed 1000's of sentient apes. We had been there before, and I could recall certain areas and shops located on various branches of the tree. In fact, the tree was so huge that I recalled I would often forget I was even on a tree. it had primitive elevators, stores, places to stay, and anything that was expected of a somewhat primitive civilization. Since there was absolutely no human settlements or towns, this was our only hope. However, we were having trouble finding it.

    At one point, we catch a glimpse of it in the distance over the shorter trees, but the thick jungle blocked our passage and so we turn around to find another rout. B speeds up a bit, making the ride rather bumpy and is driving around trying to find which direction the tree was in, but we lost it a while ago and can no longer find it.

    We recall that the apes view of humans has changed, and so we would be unwelcome and likely thrown out once we were spotted. With this in mind, we think of this ice cave underground that leads directly to the tree. If we could get inside without them noticing at first, then perhaps those who remembered us from our last visit could help us out.

    At this point there is now snow on the ground, and N and I are the ones trying to enter the cave. We start scaling down this huge hole, about 100ft in diameter, walled by ice and snow shelves, descending 100's of more feet below. At the base is a tunnel walled with ice that goes underground right to the tree. N and I both land on this snow-ledge, probably around 30-40ft below the top. The edge starts to crack, and suddenly breaks as we both plummet downwards.

    At this point, I know there is no way we will survive the fall, and it is going to be certain death. I decide I will simply enjoy the fall since it is the last thin I will experience. I can feel my speed increasing, the woosh of the air, and the pressure building up around my body. Even though I was plummeting to my death, it was a really cool feeling. I see the ground, hear a loud "thump" and everything goes gray.

    I "wake up" and pop out of the snow. I am still at the bottom of the hole, and there is now a man there with me.
    This man apparently was supposed to be N, and in the dream it changed so we had been working together forever and the army sent us. Even so, the mission to find the apes was the same, and consisted of the same reasoning. The man informs me that we were preserved in the cold snow, because it froze us. He also tells me that we have been unconscious for close to 8,000 years. I am extremely startled at this news, and he also showed me this alarm clock-like device that went off, waking him up by mistake. Lucky break. I ask about the apes, and he explains that they populated so much, and refused to expand from the tree, so the tree eventually broke and tipped over killing every single one of them. As a result, apes didn't exist on the planet at all anymore.

    At some point, I actually enter the cave, which turns out to be full of death traps and mechanical devices that try to prohibit progress.
    I don't remember much of this, so I will stop there.

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